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A picture is worth a thousand angry words

The Kentucky Kernel’s Aaron Smith has a good breakdown of the final play from last night’s overtime and where it broke down, which includes this heartbreaking picture.  Josh Harrellson.  Wide open.  The type of wide open that makes Karen Sypher’s thighs look at each other and go, “Damn, now that is wide open!”  Still, not even a look from DeAndre Liggins.  When you draw up that play, you tell the screener to slip and get to the basket.  Harrellson did it perfectly. 


Article written by Thomas Beisner

98 responses to “A picture is worth a thousand angry words”

  1. ukabiggestfan


  2. NotTheSlickistRick


  3. ukbill

    aaaaaaggghhhhh RATFARTS!!

  4. HiMyNameIs

    everone knew knight was going to have the rock. Why not use him as a decoy and try and get someone else a good look at a shot? I think Cal told Knight to take the last shot so Knight didn’t even have passing to Harrellson on his mind

  5. knightynight

    4) 1.8 secs

  6. Brian

    he might be open, but there are two defenders right next to him, and I don’t consider Josh the agile, athletic type to quickly turn, maneuver around defenders and get a shot up in 1.8 seconds.

  7. Hambone

    DeAndre Liggins (DUH) enough said.

  8. BigBluDrew


  9. bald

    Finally, someone realizes it wasn’t the refs fault we lost the game…We had plenty of chances to win the game and did not execute. Take the Technical out and the foul on a three pointer, we win the game. Take the 2 chances at the end of regulation with Knight shooting the threes, if he hits one…we win the game. And I would take him shooting both of those again. The call at the end of OT was a great call by Cal, he was just wrong in how Arkansas would react. Cal thought Arkansas would pack the middle because of our size for an easy shot to win the game, and Knight would be wide open to hit a two to win it (good decision for knight to get another chance, he would be wide open, and he would redeem himself), but lucky Pelphry (or genius) decides to buck the trend and play Knight, and leave the middle wide open, were if Liggins would have had enough sense to realize how things unfolded he would have noticed Jorts all alone under the basket for an easy 2 that would have won the game. We lost that game, Arkansas or the refs did not take it from us, saying so is just making excuses. We are KY, we do not make excuses, we should have won regardless.

  10. Dragonophile

    He’s open at this point but Knight ALREADY has the ball. You would need to see where everyone was when Liggins had the ball out of bounds.

  11. Sammydog

    #4 Cal has said repeatedly he called the play for Josh. Liggins never even looked at Josh and threw it to Knight. Cal called the proper play. They did not execute it.

  12. pk4


  13. Bobby

    4 PLAYERS in that pic?!?!? What genius drew that play up?

  14. Scared to be a fan

    13 – other player is Jones too. Most athletic on the team!

  15. Gringo

    #13 lol, good point. What’s up with that?

  16. Smackwater Jack

    Nice comment Hambone. Very constructive. True fan, eh? But not of UK…


    Thrown to JOSH, THEN A WHIP AROUND PASS TO JONES…… DUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kantplay

    Terrible play call by Cal either way. You really want harrelson shooting the game winner? Give it to lamb or another one and doner.

  19. knightynight

    13-15) You guys ever played basketball before? It was drawn up perfect.

  20. T.J.

    10- The final play comes with about 15 seconds left in the video. He was wiiiiiide open during the inbound.

  21. dhighdrated

    I’m not convinced by the pic. The defender guarding Liggins is shading him to the right, wanting him to throw outside to the right.
    Liggins can’t move on the baseline. So the pass to Jorts would have had to been a lob over the defenders arms, givng the Jorts defender time to intercept or make a hard right-handed shot for Jorts.
    This is all from the pic though. we need video

  22. dhighdrated

    I’m not convinced by the pic. The defender guarding Liggins is shading him on the right side, wanting him to throw outside to the right.
    Liggins can’t move on the baseline. So the pass to Jorts would have had to been a lob over the defenders arms, givng the Jorts defender time to intercept or make a hard right-handed shot for Jorts.
    This is all from the pic though. we need video

  23. Rim shot

    Looks like a certain website is trying to take up for their bad play calling, final four less coach.

    That must get old.

  24. J-Bone

    Can’t blame any one play in a game this close. Any bad shot we took or simply missed in regulation goes the other way- we win. Agressively collect any of countless rebounds that we allowed ARK to get for easy put backs – we win, Cut one of the many silly fouls (many were legit too) that resulted in a made free throw for ARK – we win. Stop harassing certain players over a single play they did or did not make, every person and every play resulted in this loss, not just the handful at the end.

  25. Mr Schwump

    This has to be the dumbest UK team of all time. Calipari, you’re getting out coached by people like Pelphrey and Kennedy. That’s not why you were hired. And BK chokes when the game is on the line. No more game winning attempts from him please.

  26. MyPantsAreSad

    We never should have been in the position to make this play anyways. Game should have been put away by us long before this.

  27. Scared to be a fan

    19 – actually I did, up through high school. And my coach would not have had our most atheltic player out by mid court. I understand moving him out to free up Josh, but you also bring him back in or have him in the other corner….its called options.
    1) Harrelson underneath
    2) Miller across court
    3) Knight
    4) JOnes cutting from corner (or somewhere)
    You dont leave yourself with limited options.

  28. CRD

    #13 There are 4 players in the pic b/c Darius ran towards half-court to draw his man away from the basket. That is why there is a defender near the top of the key essentially guarding no one.

  29. Cristoforouk

    That’s an easy two for Harellson. Neither one of those defenders would have had a chance to do anything but foul him on that shot. He would have been too big for them. Only way he doesn’t score is if he gets fouled or just blows the lay up (which he has done). Either way it would have been the best available shot.

  30. Scared to be a fan

    Im sorry it is Miller not Jones….

  31. Chris

    I bet Polson would have made the pass that Cal had instructed. Polson also wouldnt have thrown a tantrum after a bad call and costed us a technical. Some of our players are babies. They have been babied their whole lives because of their basketball skills and are simply immature. For as many great plays that these players make, they make an equal amount of stupid mistakes. Jarrod deserves to be the 7th man in this rotation. He is a true pont guard and a coach’s player. GIVE BRANDON SOME REST during the game; dont rely on the guy who has already played 40 minutes to win the game for you. Polson has proven he can handle the ball in the SEC, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. PLAY THE CAT WHO LOVES BEING A CAT!

  32. slappy

    That’s kind of misleading… The defender in front of Harrellson is dropping back so he wouldn’t have been that open had the pass been made. Plus there’s only 1.8 seconds left. Hard to blame BK for not recognizing an “open” man with so little time to make a decision. That being said, I hate the fadeaway 22-footer with a hand in your face to get the win when you’re only down 1. Poorly designed play.

  33. Jdnky82

    That Karen Sypher reference was freaking hilarious. Thanks for helping cheer me up, I havent been so depressed since Billy G was here.

  34. CRD

    There was no problem with the way the play was drawn up. One problem with the execution was that when Knight curled around Jorts, Jorts did not set the screen. He didn’t even make contact with the defender! Also, Arkansas made a nice switch on Knight to guard him at the perimeter.

  35. UK fan

    where is our 5th player? we are playing 4 on 5 there!

  36. SagaciousMind

    They dont have any faith in Josh, that’s why they didnt even look to him. Just like they never do during the game. They kept sayin we had a clear size advantage with him, so why not go to it? Our team just isnt very smart. And even if Josh’s defender backed off, plenty enough time for Knight to kick it to him for a alley oop layup. They blew that game. But if Josh would have held on to the rebound, or Knight wouldnt have threw it away, or Jones walked near the end, it was over. They just found a way to give it to them. Now we have to win out, and I dont see that happening. Guess the 10 loss season is back. This loss stings worse than any of them cuz they gave it away.

  37. SagaciousMind

    I think this may be the million dollar question…where is the 5th player? Why not cut to the paint. Dumb!

  38. BobTinKY

    Wow… how quickly people forget. Two important things in my mind. Agree with #24 that the last play wasn’t the reason we lost the game. Also agree that the design wasn’t the issue. Knight hits the shot and Liggins and Cal are geniuses… he picked the wrong guy on a split second decision… so let’s get off that.
    To me the larger picture here is what Cal was preaching the whole year last year… we weren’t as good as our record. We won a LOT of close games that we probably shouldn’t have thanks to (mostly) Wall. This year, I say we aren’t as bad as our record. We’ve lost 6 road games by a total of 17 points… which means we’ve statistically lost them all by one possession. One possession.
    I didn’t agree with Tubby much, but I did agree when he said “you’re never as good as you think you are… and you’re never as bad as you think you are.”
    I’d still take where the program is now versus where it’s been since 2003… think about it.

  39. Assistant Coach

    Fake the inbound to Knight and no-look pass to Jorts, dunk game over.

    Liggins plays with great effort but out of control. He needs extensive work at scoring in the lane, maximizing opportunities to score in traffic. If Liggins improved in this area we could easily add six points per game.

    Joe B. had trainers physically beat the players in drills under the basket. Maybe that isn`t allowed these days.

    Next season: talent, experince, bench, leadership. Final Four? Championship?

  40. ESECEE

    Jorts wasn’t open! The defender on Liggins was jumping hysterically up and down between liggins and harrellson. There was a very small window for a bounce pass under his legs to get to Harrellson and that was it, and even that is dangerous. Liggins made the only pass he could make there outside of throwing a lob to the other side of the court for another long three (same difference).

  41. catfandan

    My goodness there are so many morons on this sight. I am disapointed too, but the lack of basketball IQ is tiresome. It was a well drawn up play with poor execution. Please educate yourself befor you make comments. I still think Enes should be freed. What do I know?

  42. symphonist

    I think the designed play was fundamentally sound but made too many assumptions on how Arkansas would react. I believe an alley oop pass to Jones should have been the 1st option, Sanchez couldn’t have stopped him. Strong fake to Knight draws the defense to that side of the court leaving an open path to the basket for Jones, UK wins. BUT, I agree with #26, we never should have been in this predicament anyway. If Liggins acts his age & doesn’t get a technical and the ensuing 6 point swing, we win in regulation. The play calling by Cal was sound, just poorly executed.

  43. Jeremy

    I like the shot of polson on the bench

  44. Mr Schwump

    You really want Harralson to take a game winner? Like Tubby putting the LSU game in Sheray Thomas’s hands a few years ago. Both dumb.

  45. billybob

    They just renamed us as the ” Kentucky Opossoms ” because we are dead on the road.

  46. Scared to be a fan

    If the play was drawn up so effectively then why did Liggins not pass it! Ill tell you why, because did not tell him, OPTION 1 – Harrelson, OPTION 2 – Harrelson, OPTION 3 – Harrelson, Last option, KNight in the corner or throw up lob to Jones. Miller should be in this picture too.

  47. Joe

    By the way, where the hell is the fifth guy? Could Miller’s invisibility here be a metaphor for his whole career?

  48. CadizCat

    Go watch the end of the game again, Harrelson was NOT OPEN when Liggins had the ball in his possession.

  49. ChiefWiggum

    We can all sit around and look at pictures and say we would have done this or that. But remember, you only have 5 seconds to get the ball in and with everyone running the play, even less time to make the decision if someone is open or not or what is a good pass or bad pass. I think the way the defender was on Liggins, he went with the safest option to at least give Knight and our team a shot. If he had thrown it to Jorts, we could have looked at this picture differently and said look, Knight was open and he was on fire or if the pass was deflected then we would have said Liggins sucks.

  50. ukmac

    I just watched that video of the last play. Wiht the way the defender was playing Liggins on the inbound, there was no way of getting it to Harrelson. Also, with 1.8 seconds, if Knight had thrown the ball to Harrelson he may have not even got a shot off.

  51. UKFAN97

    I watched the video because the pic doesn’t accurately show the situation. When Liggins is about to throw it in, the guy guarding the inbound jumps in the air flailing his arms and legs basically giving Liggins Knight or Miller as the options. Miller just just off screen, but also a viable option for a long unguarded 3. I have watched SO much basketball and I don’t care who the coach is there is very rarely a play drawn up that works with 1.8 seconds left at the end of a game. It happens as we all know on occasion, but mostly not. There are much more things to be mad about during the game then this.

  52. KYTurtle

    Cal is paid to recruit, not coach. Jimmy’s and Joe’s not X’s and O’s.

  53. NurseRatched

    Medication time. Again.

  54. Mitchispaidtoomuch

    I agree #48, Josh was not wide open when Liggins had the ball in his possession. As far as the last play, 1.8 seconds doesn’t give you alot of options. As far as Calipari as a coach, times are definitely STILL a helluva lot better than when BCG and Tubby were here. I’ll take signing blue-chip talent year in and year out over not having that talent. The coach can only do so much and then the players have to execute on the court. I for one, not to mention a season ticket holder also, am sure glad we have Calipari and think that this year is probably his finest coaching season at UK. I don’t know to many head coaches that could lose 5 kids to the first round of the NBA and still have his team in the top 25 the whole year. I think people need a dose of reality when it comes to this years team.

  55. 430 West Vine

    This game was lost because of poor defense. Defense at the beginning of the 2nd half was good, rest of the game not so much. Gave up too many easy points. You can win games when your shots are not falling by playing outstanding defense. If this team can learn as much, they will be very good.

  56. Assistant Coach

    Arkansas got a wide open layup on an inbound play with one second remaining in the first half, giving them a two point lead going in to half time. That was the play that really irritated me. One of a few plays that cost us the game.

  57. billybob

    You are right (54). It’s amazing how many smart people there are after the fact.

  58. karl

    He would have just dropped the pass anyways.

  59. gvillecat

    You complainers are nuts. We lost 5 starters from last years team and are relying on true freshmen on the road in conference games. If you don’t anticipate inconsistency and mistakes from freshman you have no business commenting on college basketball.

  60. JimmyDykesSchtick

    based on the rest of the game, i’m not convinced Jorts would have shot the ball anyways ( i kid, i kid)

  61. Cristoforouk

    You guys are crazy. He was open enough. Maybe not WIDE open, but enough to get him the ball. It caught my eye live how open he was. Fake the pass to Knight and that moves the on ball defender. Instead Liggins just stared Knight down and then tossed it to him. There was no misdirection.

  62. BlueFins


  63. soup sandwich

    58) if there’s a pass to be dropped…call on Lottery Jones!

  64. billybob

    To say we don’t play well on road is wrong. We just haven’t won on the road. That can still turnaround in the end. Better to play well late than early. Don’t give like a loser.

  65. Flatbill gang signs

    There are 4 players!?!?!?

  66. Assistant Coach

    You folks supporting Coach Cal are right on! Who but Cal could have this program at the top 25 and above level at after the Billy Gillispie fiasco?

    Just take a look at the program building to the north – Indiana. How long is it that Coach Crean has been there?

  67. R. Smith

    with the talent we have it should have never come down to the last 1.8 seconds to begin with.

  68. GA Wildcat

    -Terrence Jones will be lucky to make a D-league roster after getting drafted.

  69. flipdunkking

    31). Play the cat that loves being a cat? or play that cat that is a cat only because we need practice players?

  70. Flatbill gang signs

    Coach Cal for life! You dumb redneck idiots think you can coach! He had us in the Elite 8 just MONTHS after Billy G!

    Best Coach in the nation, you idiot fans are insane! Shut up!

    Half of these morons writing all of this garbage about coaching dont even go to the games or are not UK grads. You dont have to be alum to be a cats fan but just shut your ridiculous faces, Coach Cal is the best!

  71. Just saying

    a loss on the road, is a loss on the road. No real big deal. However, with Vandy losing UK would have moved into 2nd place in the SEC East with a win. Arkansas has been horrible all season, and Pelphrey is on the serious hot seat. Arkansas is now UKs worst loss (RPI#98), and it come when UK needed that win the most.

    Call it whatever, Calipari this, Liggins that, Miller/Jones/Lamb, etc the truth of the matter is UK hasnt played a top 25 RPI at Rupp all season, so no wonder our home record is good. At the same time we have FOUR road losses to RPI teams 40-100, and three road losses to top 25 RPI.

    The point is, we may not be as good at home as we think, and we may be exactly who we think we are on the road

  72. Rob Osborne

    Liggins is not the best decsion-making guy on the team– especially at crunch time. Worries me when he has the ball. Not the best guy to inbound the ball. Also, did you notice Coach Cal chewing on Harrleson when Liggins had just gotten T’ed Up. Two free throws for the Hogs at that time and we lost by 1. Liggins is the best defender we have but antics that cause your team points need to be addressed rather than an a… chewing by the coach on another player. This year’s team just does not have enough talented players. Six players makes it rough to compete. However, that being said, this team does have enough to beat these unranked SEC schools. Some coaches can recruit and some can coach. Little Ricky down at L’ville is doing his best coaching job since the early years at UK. Does not have an NBA-type player on the roster and yet is winning in the Big East– that is coaching!!! Just hope us fans do not become distracted with all the recuriting success and forget it is about winning championships. Not ready to jump ship. Next year will be better, especially if some of our current players stick around. If not……………….

  73. Al's IndiCats

    LMAO…if this woulda happened, if that woulda happened, hell if the dog didn’t stop to take a dump he woulda caught the rabbit. There were a multiude of mistakes in that game last night. The worst one I could think of is they flat out got beat off the dribble WAY to much for an easy 2. No one was closing down the middle or helping out.
    The games over, not one thing we can do about that. What I do know is I sure wouldn’t want to be in Memorial today. Another set back….another day.
    Last year we won a lot of games we shouldn’t have, remember what Cal said earlier in the season last year? Well this year we just didn’t get the bounce of the ball that we were so blessed with last year. To be upset that we lost isn’t a crime, to be upset that a 19, 20 year old didn’t make a certain shot or make a pass is not worth beating everyone else up over. Being a UK fan for the better part of 51 years, and raising 3 kids I reckon I’m pretty calloused. GO CATS!

  74. Brian T

    How does Rot-ney drop all those points on us??? Pitiful.

  75. TruBlu

    Matt, you were right about Clarke. What a game he had. But we still have your back, Cats–we fans tend to forget that you are even more disappointed than we are. Looking to Saturday, Beat the Gators; I know you can do it! Oh, and congratulations John Pelphrey we’re happy for you.

  76. Al's IndiCats

    By the way, someone mentioned this earlier, Dykes Jinxed the hell out of us. At the start he said that Arkansas hasn’t beat us in 10 years, then went on to say that after making 8 straight free throws that we were perfect at the line for the game….Jones missed both. I blame Jimmy Boy for that loss.

  77. tangledupinblue

    56- exactly what I thought

  78. Winston Bennett LoveMachine

    The refs should have looked at the replay, whistle blew at 2.4 seconds, UA player stepped out at 2.6 seconds. That would have allow for a catch pass and shoot, possibly. End of the day…man for man UK more talented – coaching job to get max performance out of the talent…should have never gone to overtime. Regulation end and UK still has 2 timeouts??? Are they redeemable at Waffle House?? Sure would have been nice to run a set play to avoid OT.

  79. jackblue

    liggins plays hard, he hits the floor , he gets emotional, I saw no foul on him when he got the technical but that isnt an excuse to get one, he isnt that experienced. On the other hand Darius has had a lot of playing time and should have the experience to make more than one big play a game.. My opinion is he is no more than a role player and that’s all he’ll ever be, nothing wrong with that. Terence is the one not contributing , he “has” the talent. As for the rest—- Jorts is Jorts, what we get from him is a plus, Lamb is a talented “freshman” but on the road in the sec if you arent a Wall or Cousins you going to have good games and so-so games. Knight played his heart out and I for one happy he was wearing blue.
    As for people being down on Cal, I seen all the coaches at UK from Rupp to present, I remember all the futility from the Billy G.s and Tubby’s and never want to witness it again. Cal has us going in the right dirction, We may surprise people in the sec tournament.

  80. Theseer66

    HA! The plan is working…. We are saving our road wins for when it counts the most…in the Big Dance. GO CATS!

  81. 7 and Counting!!!

    So where is the fifth player sitting on the bench not helping to screen or anything?

  82. Ben

    Kentucky got flat out hustled! Ark wanted this game more than we did! I had lots of memories of us watching the ball as they ran to it. I will not tolerate laziness in a team. This team looks like deer caught in headlights on the road. I do not even think the players realize what is happening.

    It is up to our coaches to solve this problem. Cal has stated that it is like concentrating on free-throw shooting, the more you talk about it the worse it gets! The only solution is for our players to work through this problem. However, we are running out of games to do this!

    It may be that this problem never gets solved! All we can do now it hope and pray that it does.

  83. Blueburg

    That whole scene kind of capsulizes our SEC season on the road: overcomplicating an opportunity to win to the point where we somehow find a way to lose.

  84. Nick

    Liggins has become that guy who can play you into a game and then play you back out of it. His offense should always come off of his defense. He can get into the middle, but once he gets there many of his decisions are bad. He has a kind of tunnel vision and does not see the whole floor well. Still dribbles with his head down most of the time.

  85. KY_Wildcat_AL

    Coach Cal is happy…
    we are progressing!
    Road game tied at end of regulation,
    and only lost by 1, instead of 2.
    we will be ready by March!!!!!!!

  86. rockatao

    70, and everybody else .. get off Darius’s a$$. Go look at the tape, he made one big play after another down the stretch last night.

  87. Bill

    So Liggens gets a retarded technical for acting like an escaped prisoner and gives them 4 points, the ball, and the momentum. We have a chance to win the game and our “all stars” try to be heros and take a three instead of the easy, still game winning, two from Josh. I don’t understand why so many threes were taken by us in this game? If we can’t win on the road our record is 1-6 how can we expect to win in the tourney atmosphere? Coach needs to do something with the boys to try to get into their minds they are a team or this season will be over. We might have a chance if we hosted the NIT at Rupp…

  88. Bill


  89. Henderson Ky

    Jesus would not be welcome here, Go Cats

  90. Gman

    83, Sound like the UK football team.

  91. hooz  bien phartin

    you shouldn’t be one down with 1.8 to go to begin with…

  92. Horny UK fan!!

    Does it matter??? WE SUCK! Being down to Ark should be the real concern. 1-7 on the road should be the real concern. This exact scenario next year should be the real concern.

  93. mondaymorningquarterback

    Why didn’t someone call timeout when Knight got in trouble then threw the ball away…we had 2 timeouts left and a one point lead with 30 to 40 seconds left…unbelievable…that would have won the game…Cal, you can call a timeout too, come on people…eighth grade stuff here.

  94. mondaymorningquarterback

    Maybe we will get a bye in the NIT plus get to play at home

  95. FloridaCat

    This picture is only worth three words summed up in an acronym…


  96. NBA league pass

    He’s not open. He would have been double teamed before he could get the shot off.

  97. Catmandoo

    If Jorts did get the ball and put it up he he would more than likely got fouled but your right the pass should have went into harrelson

  98. hUh

    Where is “Disappearius” Miller in this picture? I think Jones will go pro after this year, not because he needs to but because Cal will put it to him just like he put it to Orton, ” It would be best if you went pro “.