A look back at the people who said UK would lose

Obviously as the number one seed in the East region, Ohio State would be favored by most everyone in a match up against a fourth seeded Kentucky. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t look back and laugh at them.


Article written by Matthew Hays

66 responses to “A look back at the people who said UK would lose”

  1. RKA

    Beat UNC………GO CATS!!!!!!!

  2. Soda Popinski

    That Jorts throw at Sullinger is something that everybody will always talk about. Sullingers face after he realized was just happened is priceless.

  3. catfan38

    Crow indeed! Bring on the Tarheels, payback time!!! Go Cats!!!

  4. AKA cold buckets

    we’re on to the next one.

  5. Chanden

    I still think OSU will just be too much inside and out.. What time does the game start??



  7. Mack

    Why all the hate for Kentucky Mr. President! That “Youmg Guy” in middle as you stated wasn’t good enough to “handle” Jorts!

  8. larry

    I have to admit. I did not expect a victory last night. I thought UK matched up well and I thought the real key was getting a bad game from Buford.

  9. wonder boy

    Cal can recruit but he can’t coach! Bah ha ha ha ha………when is the last time we saw the elite eight in the Tubby years??? I can’t remember.

  10. kfund

    #6 I think you mean “corroborate”.

  11. Paul Schmitt's Droid

    this is a nifty video

  12. Doran Lame

    Did you notice that between every break the cameras were on OSU cheerleaders or band…never saw UK cheerleaders and only the UK band after game was over…CBS sucks OSU’s big one.

  13. Rae

    That “big oaf” ended up having the game of his life instead. Jorts is my hero!

  14. UKFanInCincy

    *****************WHERE IS UKCAT8FAN AT WITH A NEW VIDEO????******************************

  15. Boom baby

    That game made me shake. I watched it with a bunch if young college kids who weren’t UK2K fans. I shook for hours afterwards- our cats played their hearts out. WVU- win, OSU-win: those wins are a big FU to the NCAA. Go cats guys. Born, raised and will die UK. #BeatUNC #GoJorts

  16. girlwildcatfan

    Let’s avenge the earlier loss to UNC. We CAN do this. Go Cats!!

  17. davus521

    One of the best games I remember seeing. #2 I agree about “the throw” and “the face” being priceless. You could really see the intensity and determination in our man Jorts!

  18. KY12

    Jones did pick OSU, he has sold out (his fandom) to make it big. Beisner kept the faith, along with most of us KSR readers. When Terrence Jones said everyone was picking them to lose, I think he really just meant Matt Jones…

  19. Shields Eyes

    Okay who is the guy that called Harrelson a big oaf.

  20. GeezerJock

    Dickie V…just predicted the score of the CATS vs. Tarheels matchup:
    UK….77 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Clay co cat

    Why did Billy D not out the ball in Parsons hands on the two most important possessions of the game. WTF

  22. Game Dork

    Don’t know if we have any gamers here, but this mmorpg is pretty sweet. And it’s free. My screen name is Rapture if you come along.


  23. chris

    It would be cool if there was a version of this video with eminem rapping im’ not afarid instead of just the music alone but still a good song choice!!!!!

  24. catfaninoboro

    Kiss it Mr. Pres! Glad to wreck your much publicized bracket!

  25. ...

    The college gameday guys just sucked UNC dry and barely mentioned Kentucky…apparently UNC is the school of gods

  26. doublezero

    whats the db sports show? the guy who called jorts an “oafe”?

  27. on to the next one

    2011 kentucky wildcats. redeem team. no enes, wvu, ending the 0 for 5 against osu, unc, uconn, and cal gets self and ku back

  28. CatInAshland

    I noticed that too #12. Always showed the OSU band and cheerleaders. Charles Barley was the ONLY one showing us ANY repect. After the game some of the guys were saying they had changed their minds at the half. These were the same guys who were basically acting like Barley was the retarded kid brought along because someone felt sorry for him. Anxious to see if Barkley sticks with the Cats tomorrow.

  29. holdmeclosertinydanson

    If you have seen the movie Beerfest, you can follow along with my idiotic logic. Fink was the weakest link of the team, didn’t train as hard, didn’t have the stomach. Until he was forced to be pissed off. Then he became a monster. All I’m saying is that when Josh had enough of the bumping, and threw the heat back at Sullinger, you could see that glimmer in his eye. By the power of Stone Cold, he had the Eye of the Jorts. And I knew then, we would win. Now somebody needs to throw Zeller into Josh on Sunday, because the man needs to get angry.

  30. OrvilleofMonkeysEyebrow

    If we beat the tarheels we win #8

  31. Ryan Murphy

    I’d like to decapitate the guy that calls Josh a big oaf in the video.

  32. Blueburg

    Great piece. Bil-ass, Digg-ass and Hubert Dave-ass just predicted the same $h!t for the next game. I guess they’ll never learn.

  33. OrvilleofMonkeysEyebrow

    Matt…u screwed up….its always pick the Wildcats even against the Celtics.

  34. ESPUNC

    I saw the Gameday thing too and kept thinking they were going to discuss UNC then UK. Instead they just talked about all that is great about UNC. It is amazing to me how little people actually knew about Kentucky’s team before last night. No acknowledgement of how important the upperclassmen had already been down the stretch. No mention of the fact we are, as is usually the case with Cal’s teams, capable of making you absolutely miserable defensively. Now they have seen us stare down the team they all said was invincible and they can only talk about a team that blew out one of the worst teams in the Big East. I get that they are better than earlier in the year, matchup problems etc. but come on. They’re in denial.

  35. Vanessa Short

    ESPN said we will lose.

  36. JeffCat

    Hubert Davis talked about how much UNC has improved over the year and did not mention how UK has done the same. They know nothing except what’s happening in the ACC or the Big Least.

  37. Blue_trichomes

    34) I agree I cant believe the hype on Zellar and Hanson I know there quick and good shot blockers, but what about miller jones and harrelsons strength? I like our chance on getting lose balls and scrapping with those guys we all know Liggins will. They really jumped on UNCs nuts, I couldn’t believe it, even for ESPN. We stop that true freshmen guard we stop UNC Marshall pushes the ball great and he distributes and passes with excellence, If we keep him from having a good passing game I think UNC could fall big time. The main reason they started playing good is because of Marshal. We can make him have a bad night. Stop the PG!!!

  38. OrvilleofMonkeysEyebrow

    they dont think we can fast break with unc….what is the addy of that oaf boy?

  39. worm

    I figure miller is better than any of the unc guys

  40. Hoodsgood

    i need to communicate with that oaf slinger….does anybody know how?

  41. Hoodsgood

    Certainly the mental midget that called Jorts an oaf was off his medication, but thats no excuse. Oh sure, he has no basketball knowledge, runs beside buses, is rude to Santa, and has the thought process of a Parrot, but enough of his good points. He was just a rude pimp of hate that probably had an Uncle get stomped by Coach Rupp, and was abandonded by his family because he embarassed them with his dumbass mouth.

  42. bigbluecats350

    calm down calm down guys. im glad all the talking heads are picking UNC and talking them up. remember what happened friday night and OSU got all the hype. i hope the players are seeing this and build on it. win or lose this team goes down as one of my all time favorites

  43. OSU-UK refs

    I mean please we are paid by the NCAA so you know how this goes. A “lighty” one-sided

  44. Jtbolingbraa

    That big oaf just made you look stupid! The game of his life… Pleassse. Jorts ate his lunch, stole his girl, smacked his mama, haunted his dreams, and most likely a nice little bruise on sullys man bitties!!
    Go Jorts Go Cats

    UNC is just the next step. LEGGGOOO

  45. Big Blue 66

    Turn the page, UNC is next, Go CATS

  46. LansingCat

    Keep hatin’, haters. UK gonna whip that TarHole ass! And, fwiw, B.Knight made the front page of TWO newspapers here in The Windy City. Finally, whoever answered my ? about where to go in Chi for the CATS game, a big “Thank You”. The Pony was effing PACKED last night with UK fans. And the bar shook when Jorts tipped out that last three the C_CK__CKERS

  47. Bluecalizone

    Don’t complain, just let the hate keep spewing out of these dimwitts mouths. They have given us Zero respect the entire dance. The only one that’s showed us any love, and the only one who really knows Shit about basketball is Sir Charles. The rest of the ACC suckasses don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Let’s relish the underdog role and make them look like bigger morons they are already are. GO BIG BLUE

  48. AlanFromTheHangover

    awesome video…thats why you play the games

  49. Joe

    Anyone that believes Matt Jones sold out is a Jackass. Keep your dumbass in Louisville where you belong.

  50. KY12

    50) I’m sorry Matt, but you never pick against the CATS.

  51. Wildcat Blood


  52. Caleb

    Did the President say Lightly instead of Lighty??

  53. Hancock

    This is just another reason the I tell every UK fan about this site. Keep it up!

  54. NBA league pass

    I could only watch half of that before I got pissed off.

  55. playersfan

    This was a great piece, compared to what is being shown on TV. The TV piece mostly shows Ohio State highlights. I believe Josh totally outplayed Sullinger, and Sullinger’s NBA stock should drop some, and Josh’s should go up. If a big strong guy like Josh can affect Sullinger like he did, what will the NBA guys do?
    I would like to see a Josh-Sullinger piece, each time the two touched the ball. On TV they are showing Sullinger highlights against Jones. It would show the falling down, the stuffs, the ball kicks, the turnovers, and missed shots.

  56. Lifelong Cat Fan

    I am so glad that Obama did not pick UK. Go Big Blue and Beat NC!!



  58. MarkUKfan

    With Digger Phelps picking NC to win, we are a shoe-in to win today!!!!!

  59. dustyblues

    31. When I read your comment I had to replay the video. That made me boil when I heard that guy call Jorts a big oaf. ..Then I laughed again when I read your comment.. Awesome

  60. CatFanInTexas

    Love it …… “and the giant falls to the KKIGHT OF THE ROUND BALL.”

  61. bigbluelife

    Anybody have any idea as to how to contact the “BIG OAF”
    speaker- he, big time needs to eat his words- apparently Obama doesn’t know any more about basketball than he does running the nation- something else for you to apologize for Pres

  62. Al's IndiCats

    Sully, no other way around it he was a handfull for Jorts, he scored on Jorts which to me is fine, let him have his. Zeller’s about 25 to 45 pounds lighter than Jorts with nowhere the muscle. if they call this game like they did in the first half of the Bugeye game, we very well may have an uphill battle on our hands. But I don’t think this game will be won or lost under the basket. I think our outside game is going to be the defining factor. Barns and Jones, is one of the battles that maybe the key. In all I think our guard play and Liggins are the main key to us winning, and winning the game will be the CATS……..CATS by 7!!!!!!!!

  63. CTWsr

    Great piece! would’ve paid money for it. Great content, – thanks KSR.

  64. david ball

    did the prez call that kid at Ohio State “Lightly”??? funny….maybe UK was taken too “lightly” by everyone…let them at their peril…GO CATS…beat UNC

  65. RealTalk

    God I’m proud to bleed blue