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A Favorite Emerges For McGary?

The recruiting expert with the endless amount of swag, Evan Daniels, is reporting on that Mitch McGary will take no more visits, crushing the rumor that he was set to attend UK’s Big Blue Madness.  Daniels also reports that the Michigan Wolverines have emerged as the five-star big man’s favorite, which means there’s a chance he’s going to Pittsnogle the NCAA.  That’s a heck of a consolation prize.


Article written by Thomas Beisner

24 responses to “A Favorite Emerges For McGary?”

  1. K in Cincy

    His loss.

  2. WildcatsDominate

    Why? That is all.

  3. Sexington

    He is from Indiana we can’t expect his decision to make sense

  4. Im guessing

    its because Alex Poythress is coming to UK

  5. darryl isaac

    He must desire to be a part of the fab 1

  6. jr

    He is how old? Not to worry he will change his mind at least 9 times in the next 48hrs……Bring on Poythress!!

  7. Ben

    Nothing to worry about until it is final! Kids this age change their minds every hour. Cal still has time to work his magic!

  8. Ashland

    Listen, if Cal really wanted this kid he would at least be at BBM. There must be someone else he has in mind. (Coleman?)

  9. tfordstyle

    well if KY isn’t going to get him, I’m glad he’s going somewhere as irrelevant as Mi…

  10. TheAllKnowing

    Don’t quite get the pittsnogle reference as he went to WVU

  11. Guck Foodman

    I just don’t get it. It’s like walking into a gas station and saying, “I’d like to buy a losing lottery ticket please.”

  12. Jezz

    If Nerlens Noel really reclassifies to 2012, who cares?

  13. Lee

    #12 Exactly!!

  14. Roggensak

    10) maybe it’s because of the coach?

  15. UKHoopshysteria

    The WVU thing is referencing Coach B who coached Pittsnogle and now is at MU

  16. golfcat22

    is he going to be in the legends or leaders division of poop hoops conference? I don’t understand why anyone really good would want to play big 10 basketball. I hear Chrysler Arena is a great atmosphere.

  17. Bco

    It’s like choosing Kentucky in football over Alabama, Florida, and Ohio State….

  18. Marcus L. Owens

    #12 Exactly

  19. bmac

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, any player who has an opportunity to play for Cal at Kentucky and turns it down is either A.) So stupid and arrogant that they think that they will get just as much attention anywhere they play B.) Is afraid of competition or C.) Doesn’t watch the NBA Draft.

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  21. jaygee85

    he isn’t coming to UK, this kid wants to go somewhere that he can be the main man, the center piece of the offense, he can’t be that at UK. He could be a beast at UK, but he wouldn’t be the only star getting attention here, and he doesn’t wanna share the spotlight. He may not even go to college though, he will be eligible for the NBA Draft after this season and may just go straight to the league, either way, bring on Nerlens Noel…

  22. Mitch McGary

    I am going to Michigan because the state of Kentucky is filled with way too many redneck, inbred hillbillies. Your facilities do not even compare to Michigan’s and I hear they actually have a football program. Tell Anthony Davis if he is still around I am going to shave his unibrow when I throw down on him.

  23. tacosaucegood

    #22 – boom roasted

  24. paul

    Why would he go to KY? He might actually want to be on a team that isn’t made up of 5 new freshman each year that can’t go all the way. He also doesn’t want to be around when the NCAA catches up once again with CAL. There is a reason why only Memphis would take him.