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Yet another nickname for Demarcus Cousins

The greatest photo ever. (H-L Mark Cornelson)

Demarcus Cousins took an elbow to the grill from Arkansas guard Courtney Fortson just minutes into yesterday’s game.  The inadvertent shot knocked out part of Cousins’ two front teeth.  While on the bench, Cousins seemed surprisingly calm and collected despite losing part of his pearly whites.  That’s because Boogie’s two front teeth are fake.  Cousins’ teeth were originally knocked out in an AAU game a few years ago, according to his teammate Eric Bledsoe.

After the game, Bledsoe spoke with the media about Cousins’ grill and added that Boogie looked like Curley from the Little Rascals.

From John Clay’s Sidelines:


Article written by Drew Franklin

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41 responses to “Yet another nickname for Demarcus Cousins”

  1. Tooflessboogie

    This is awesome

  2. sethicus59

    awwwww so, were stuck with drew all day?

  3. John Clay

    Quit stealing my spreadsheets and not referencing me. Oh wait….

  4. The Grand Poobah

    Curly from Little Rascals???

  5. Tdogg40330

    Im sure it still hurt, but that explains why he didn’t act like he was in a little more
    pain than he showed …..

  6. Karen Sypher

    I’m surprised Drew’s already gotten the fat chick out of his apt/parents’ basement so soon. Figured he’d be trying to corral her during her early-morning rampage thru the kitchen or something.

  7. Anonymous

    Looks like he went full retard…. You never go full retard.

  8. Why Me?

    Why me?

  9. lariat

    Daaaaaaaaaaa……we numba one…………….weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. Jason

    Wow, has anybody noticed how much better Bledsoe has gotten with his speaking? I remember in his signing press conference, you could barely understand a thing he was saying because of his accent.

  11. GoCats2

    That really is a fantastic picture. I hope I can make it a wallpaper page.

  12. IcemanG2

    Can we get a youtube clip of Wall’s missed 360? I need to see this.

  13. 360 layup

    This is a great pic..gotta love to know that their havin fun.

  14. Don Vito

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn that nigga bledsoe got some bling?

  15. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    This writer in Chapel Hill needs to check his facts about Wall. He has painted the wrong picture of Wall and J-Dub has the grades, attitude and character to prove it.

  16. Crazy Talk

    Boogies fake front teeth obviously were already damaged and easily broken……probably from chewing on bird, bulldogs, gators.

  17. Crazy Talk

    10) yet another aspect of top recruits coming to UK. So much media attention, community activities and social aspects get you ready for prime time. UK gets you ready on and off the court. Try grooming your social and interview skills when the only person you are ever asked a question from is the local podunk paper or the schools paper.

  18. Blueyouaway

    15 He was referring to Worldwide Wes as the reason he didn’t take Wall…

  19. Crazy Talk

    15) I didnt read the article, but a lot of UNC fans, with their season going, well lets say, not too well, are really questioning Ole Roy on not recruiting Wall. This article is probably trying to get Roy out of hot water with the locals

  20. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Wow. Ever see the ESPN commercial where one word leads to the next which leads to the next? Well, after watching Boomer and the boys I noticed that the PBA (which I normally I couldn’t care less about) made history as a woman by the name of Kelly Kulick made a Major tourny. In the stands I noticed a sign that made me think she lived in AZ and near Zeke Chapman. I decided to Google her and found out that she is from NJ but attended MOREHEAD STATE UNIVERSITY.

    While we are waiting for the NFL games, maybe kill time by supporting an adoptive All American from Morehead as she goes for history.

  21. Anonymous

    curly on little rascals? you mean 3 stoodges?

  22. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #18–Wrong. He was referring to Brian Clifton who made the statement something to the effect, “We will never speak to Roy and don’t want to have anything to do with him. Ever!”

    But whatever image they had about Wall, he has proven them wrong.

  23. Blueyouaway

    22 You are right. I meant Clifton… Same reason Ole’ Roy isn’t recruiting Quincy Miller.

  24. Blueyouaway

    #25 Lady Kats (I hate “UK Hoops” name( take on Auburn at 2pm on UK Sports Network. Looks like on WKYT2 on TimeWarner in Georgetown….

  25. Bluecalizone

    Well according to Billy Packer, unless you are in the Big East, you really don’t have much chance of getting into the final 4. What a dweb. He’s got Villinova and Syracuse already in, and Uconn’s stock raising fast since they actually have won two games in a row.

  26. real ky  fan

    You know you are back on top when espn hates to talk about ky.Every thing they do is about the uconn win.Back when we didnt win they love to talk about us out of pitty.Digger and the idiot x coach knight need to just got get the retirement checks and espn needs to stop being so dam one sided.Even if we didnt win it all just step back and see what this team has done i take my hat off to you keep playing like you stole it.Good luck

  27. Sir Charles Barkely

    #14 – Racism is turrible.

  28. ukcatfan2013

    Is that a pimple or a lip ring?

  29. ukslamdunk

    Boogie = Toothless Aggression!!!

  30. Mattcat68

    Perhaps Bledsoe meant Curly Howard of the Three Stooges?

  31. NotTheSlickistRick

    27 Thanks Charles.
    UK trolls are turrible. Although given that name he might be from Texas, and you know what they say about Texas only 2 thing s to come from there, Steers & Qu**rs. I don’t hear him mooing.

  32. NotTheSlickistRick

    UL Trolls sorry

  33. New Nickname

    Carl Chicklets

  34. VACat

    15). It’s hard for me to figure that article out. I can’t tell if the reporter is banging on Wall’s supposed “character problems,” or if he’s pissed because Roy Williams passed on Wall and there wasn’t great reason to do so.

    Frankly, I think that thing was written just to fulfill a deadline… nothing more.

  35. nepalibabu

    how about the “toothless wonder” for boogie?

  36. new name

    new name…Demarcuth Couthinth

  37. uk rocks 1

    that was funny that they were fake teeth

  38. Crazy Talk

    The Tooth Fairy

  39. jpip123

    LOL @ 36!!!!

  40. Anonymous

    What goes around comes around,had it been me instead swopeshire. Cousins would have lost all his teeth then.

  41. catwhiz