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4-star CB has Kentucky in his final three

Hytchye (middle) also runs track…

Jaleel Hytchye, a four-star cornerback from Cincinnati (La Salle), has the Cats in his final three. Last night, Hytchye tweeted out his final list, which had Pitt at #1, the Cats at #2, and Tennessee at #3. He’ll announce his decision on Saturday night.

Hytchye, listed at 5’11” and 165 lbs., runs the 40 in 4.38. He’s ranked the 24th best cornerback in the country by ESPN and was first recruited by former UK secondary coach Mike Cassity. Hytchye also runs track. Know who has one of the best track coaches in the country? Kentucky. Hytchye, meet Edrick Floreal.

Watch him work:

Get ’em, Stoops.

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34 responses to “4-star CB has Kentucky in his final three”

  1. blueballs

    I hope he doesn’t catch a yeast infection in them little shorts

  2. Common Sense

    Come on Stoops! Hope we get this speedster…

  3. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    That picture is just plain odd lookin’

  4. Common Sense

    Reading from ESPN, it seems like its down to UK and Pitt. Pitt was mommas choice so thats kinda scary, but he spoke highly of UK. We shall see.

  5. StoopingIceCream

    I love all the football recruiting info coming out. Stoops is at least going after some real talent. It’s only a matter of time for the dominoes to start falling. It can’t happen soon enough as I am afraid The dirty birds have a huge jump start on us. I can only imagine that last night will boost their program. I HATE them but they played fast and aggressive and Bridgewater was fantastic. Give credit where credit is due. I still HATE them. Did I say that already?

  6. Say What

    Well, I hope he is the taller of the three. Typically we would get the little one and have to use a stretcher on him. The picture being odd is an understatement. Looks like a bad attempt to photoshop.

  7. Delk for 3

    4.38 is as fast as you can get.

  8. NoWayUK

    Pitt will be the kids choice. Better to play for a school with Football history,like WKU or UL.

  9. not math challenged

    Pretty sure 4.37 and under is faster than 4.38.

  10. fatukfan

    Are we spelling challenged? It is Lasalle not Le Salle……………and it is clearly printed on the bannana hammock he is wearing!

  11. Could Be

    Could be just a sally

  12. dave
    cal’s new method is the heart monitors in practice. article’s been up for a while. good effort, guys….

  13. UK Freshmen

    Quite the happily little feller. Interest means nothing. I have an interest to be the Captain of the Americas Cup sailboat.

  14. Dr. Tom

    Quick, fast and good student!!

  15. G-Unit

    Has PLAYMAKER written ALL OVER HIM! Great Burst, Great Hands, Great Physicality!

  16. Jughead

    That picture gives me the creeps. Which way to the freakshow? Damn–I will have nightmares tonight.

  17. Wednesday

    looks like somebody photoshopped Andrew Wiggins head on that dude’s body.

  18. Badams

    He looks tiny as hell. Give that kid some pig fat, needs to bulk up.

  19. Ridge Runner

    18…hell yeah, and the legs need most of it.

  20. Heisenberg

    he looks silly lol

  21. Joe

    10) are you mentally challenged?? it’s obviously La Salle, its clearly printed on their website..

  22. Charlie

    At first I thought this post was a joke, because, that picture looks unbelievably photoshopped.

  23. Josh

    looks just like andrew wiggins

  24. Blue Balls

    When is Stoops actually going to land one? I see alot of talk about good players looking at UK and I see other schools getting commits, but none for Stoops.

  25. will

    24, land one? how about 4*-and borderline 5*- JUCO Za’Darius Smith. also, he won’t be “landing” any until signing day just like every other team.

  26. G-Unit

    24- Generally this late in the game most guys are waiting until signing day to committ, which is Feb 6th. A few JUCO’s may pull the trigger and maybe 1 or 2 HS players but most will wait until close to the 6th to announce.

  27. G-Unit

    If anything is promising for UK football its the fact that the top 3 teams in the SEC (Georgia, Florida, South Carolina) all gave up big points to teams that were considered inferior competition (Nebraska, Michigan, Louisville). I have been saying for a long time that I dont think the SEC defense is as great as it is made out to be, and that those padded defensive stats are attributed more to the fact of a lack of explosive offenses in the SEC. Just Look at Texas A&M. Against the BEST defense they put 30 on them and it was an away game. What offense does A&M run? The same damn thing Neil Brown does. How many 4 and 5 Star athletes did they have? 0!Manziel was a 3* QB not ranked in the top 250 in the nation. UK CAN COMPETE IN THE SEC WITH THIS COACHING STAFF. You land a guy like Woulard who coaches at the Elite 11 camp said could be Cam Newton 2.0 and pair him with a good RB and some fast WR and you can do some damage. Texas A&M doesnt even have a top 50 defense and they were a stop away from going to the SEC title game. Not saying we need to ignore defense, we need better athletes on the line and in the secondary but this is not IMPOSSIBLE.

  28. cats

    I like G-Unit. #STOOPS

  29. BigBlueJohnny

    The little guy on the right, right?!

  30. BigBlueJohnny

    Hope he doesn’t read these posts – he’ll definitely go to Pitt. Watched the video – kid knows how to break on the ball! Welcome to UK the SEC Jaleel!

  31. Lee

    We can use him… He’s a bit like Locke….

  32. Blue2DaBone

    Hey folks – the guys are standing on an awards platform that was unfortunately edited out of this picture. He won gold, the guy on the left silver, and the guy on the right bronze.

  33. help recruit!

    Come on people. When you have a stiking 4 star with us in his final 3 dont ya think we should be givin him some love to come here. Stop talkin about the picture and let him know we want him here. Dang! Jaleel you cant grow your draft stock at Pitt cuz theres no one to cover. SEC has NFL receivers to defend every game. Stoops will put you in the NFL. And mama he’s only gonna be an hour from home.

  34. Jed Bartlet

    Forget the track picture!!! In the third clip on the video, the receiver is running a fly pattern, and this guy actually looks back for the ball and picks it off!!! We haven’t had a DB that looks back for the ball in my lifetime.