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350 Cans of Dip Want Afternoon Notes and Podcast

Matt is obsessed with this photo of 350 cans of dip. He won’t quit talking about it around the TV station. He wants to know how someone ends up with 350 cans of dip, which is a fair question. Who does that? Nice work.


— Joker Phillips wasn’t the only UK head coach meeting with the media today, Coach Cal also spoke to reporters about his team’s upcoming trip to the ATL. He began by downplaying the revenge aspect of the Indiana game by saying he just wants his team to play their best. When asked about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist looking forward to get revenge, Cal said, “He’s the youngest freshman in the country. They say stupid things.” I don’t care what Cal or any of the other guys say publicly; there is no possible way they aren’t thinking about December 10th going into this game.

— “That was like a season ago, literally. Both teams are way better than they were.”

— Cal acknowledged that Kentucky is tough to beat when they’re hitting shots. He said they’ll win the battle of defense and athleticism against Indiana, and said “we’re a really strong team” if we’re they’re hitting three-pointers. I think “unbeatable” would be the word to use if the Cats are knocking down threes.

— Kentucky is a 9-point favorite over Indiana. I’m taking out a loan to jump all over that. I think Kentucky wins by 15.

— In NBA news, Daniel Orton had another leave-the-bench moment last night when he wasn’t subbed in during Orlando’s blowout home loss to Chicago. Glen Davis followed Orton, yelling at him for leaving the bench before the game ended. This is just another example of his immaturity and any hope he had of sticking around at the end of the year is surely gone now.

— There are reports out of Denver that the Broncos are seriously pursuing Jacob Tamme, who was recently released by the Colts. It’s safe to assume Peyton Manning is behind this.

— News came out yesterday that Antoine Walker sold his 2006 NBA Championship ring for $21,500 and at least one person was upset by the sell. Dwayne Wade, Walker’s teammate with the Heat, said it’s worth more than that. “I know how hard we worked for that ring and how much it means to all of us. It’s very unfortunate,” he said.

— ATTENTION ATLANTA-BOUND CATS FANS: If you’re going to Atlanta this week, you should be ready for some nasty traffic on Friday. The Atlanta Hawks have a home game with a 7:30 tip across the street from the Georgia Dome and the sister facility next door, the Georgia World Congress Center,  is hosting one of the largest dental conventions in the Southeast throughout the day on Friday with over 15,000 people in attendance. Those two things, in addition with the usual Atlanta Friday afternoon traffic is going to make it nearly impossible to get around that area. Plan accordingly. Take the MARTA.

— Here is today’s podcast featuring the story of Ryan Lemond going all World-Star Hip-Hop in the parking lot after yesterday’s show.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

33 responses to “350 Cans of Dip Want Afternoon Notes and Podcast”

  1. ThankfulCat

    Been arguing with that douchebag Kent Sterling on his blog. He calls Lexington purgatory and claims Indiana is a bastion of academic integrity.

    What a joke.

    Google him and find his blog.

  2. minton

    Man, i sent in a picture earlier of my Special Addition Jarrod Lorenzen Buttermilk and you post this instead? Got a dip, man?

  3. Section 133

    Here’s a new video from Moncel Allen. Enjoy:

  4. Bob Loblaw

    Revenge is the closest what?

  5. mocha

    i counted and there are 360, not 350.

  6. HOO HOO

    Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta

  7. KJ

    Did you count the can at the very top right of pic, out of the fray?

  8. mocha

    wait i just recounted and got 328.

  9. Blue God

    3- I enjoyed it this morning when KSR posted it

  10. tltaworl

    There are 350, plus 10. I am on the edge of my seat, revenge is the closest to…..Godliness?…Hatred?…..Being Crazy?

  11. DaveB

    With a 9:45 PM start on Friday, the MARTA ride after the game will be at least midnight. Is there any reason to be concerned with using MARTA that late?

  12. mocha

    ok seriously, i just counted again.
    K=125, U=152, brow=60, stray=1

  13. rupp's grunt

    I just passed on tickets to Springsteen on Friday b/c of the game. Crazy, or just stupid? I don’t care, I love my Cats

  14. KJ

    I counted 316. Jesus Freaks!

  15. Nassau65

    1. you’re right he’s a douchebag, but no thanks-i wont click and give him any more attention than he deserves, which is none.

  16. ATLcat

    11- Wouldn’t normally recommend MARTA that late at night, but there will be plenty of people on there after the game so it should be fine. Also, plenty of cabs if you’re nervous, but they can be expensive.

  17. Don

    The MARTA is no different than any other public transportation late at night…homeless, drunks, panhandlers, etc..

  18. Participant

    You have no fear for a late night MARTA ride. Been there several times and Atlanta knows how to take care of visitors, they want you to come back.

  19. JS

    Marta is as safe as any other transport in a big city. Stay at the Glenn if it has rooms, right next to Omni and cheaper and pretty damn cool. It is LBGT friendly so if your scared of Marta you might be unhappy there too.

  20. hooch

    Glad I have more to do than count the cans in the picture.

  21. 44 Stitches

    @11 I think Marta stops running at 1am on Friday’s or at least it use to. After the game Marta will be safe to ride because so many people will be using it. Marta for the most part is pretty safe anyway.

  22. BlueBloggin

    I wish Glen Davis would have punched Orton in the face.. What a disgrace to BBN.

  23. 3cats

    # 6 this is what gives UK and Kentucky a bad name. Not sure how your post was approved. Keep it about sports dude.

  24. Han

    Given Wayne re-signed with the Colts and the Broncos need receiving Tight Ends, I immediately thought of Tamme.

  25. UK Law

    Lemonds really should be careful. Recall the incident with thu former UL baseball player who shot and killed the UL football player reaching into his car and walked.

  26. Real Cats Fan

    I see HOO HOO is displaying his racist IU mindset proudly for us!

  27. Catlantababy

    Atlanta’s basketball arena is NOT “across the street from the Georgia Dome.” And besides, how many people are going to go to a Hawks game anyway?

  28. JBR

    Great job guys…here we are trying to defend ourselves against stereotypes from the Indiana farm crowd, and you guys post a UK photo featuring dip cans…oh well, I guess we can’t totally hide the truth.

  29. Threadee McThreadThread

    U.S. Smokeless pays college kids to work for them as “reps” — they travel around to bars, festivals, Spring Break, etc., getting people to fill out forms that basically puts ’em on the mailing list. Everyone who fills out the form gets a free can of dip. The “reps” literally have boxes and boxes full of dip just laying around…

  30. Daniel Orton

    What was I thinking when I entered the draft or probably not.

  31. bung

    liggins disrupted every pass and mindfreaked whoever he guarded in his 2 minutes….

  32. bung

    snuff tastes good….

  33. Kwildcat

    I wish Cal would get over ‘my pal’ Tom Crean crap, go out, do his job and kick his team’s a$$ all the way back to Bloomington. You can play buddies off season we want it cause the Bobby Knight Loving IU fans have been total douches this year. Do it for BBN Cal!!!