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3 Goggles Ultrasound Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

Help me out with this one, folks. This is an ultrasound that was sent to me (weird, right?) from a die hard Kentucky fan claiming this baby is throwing up the goggles. I don’t want to admit to seeing it, but it does kind of look like that’s what the young Cat fan is doing. What do you think?


— We can start calling ourselves “piranhas,” after Coach Cal’s comments to the media this afternoon. When talking about the hype surrounding the rivalry, Calipari said Kentucky fans not only feed everything; they “eat” everything. He said Big Blue Nation is like piranha that will attack anyone who writes an agenda-driven piece about Kentucky. “They’ll come eat your yard, your house. These people are nuts,” he said.

Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.

On Russ Smith, Calipari said, “ ”What’d he have on us last time? 30? Whoever guarded him last time will probably not guard him this time.”

If you remember, Smith scored eight of his 30 points in the final 12 seconds of that game. We’ll call it a 22-point outing.

— A UConn beat writer says North Carolina and Kentucky are two schools that have contacted Alex Oriahki since his release at UConn. Oriahki would be a perfect fit at Kentucky because he’s an experienced big with one-year of eligibility, and he’s good friends with Nerlens Noel. UK could use his size inside, and Oriahki could use John Calipari in his senior year to prepare for the NBA.

— On Sportscenter today, Doug Gottlieb stood in front of that gigantic touch-screen no one knows how to use and named his top 5 players in the Final Four. Missing from the list: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Louisville…

1.) Anthony Davis, Kentucky
2.) Thomas Robinson, Kansas
3.) Jared Sullinger, Ohio State
4.) Tyshawn Taylor, Kansas
5.) Aaron Craft, Ohio State

I’d switch MKG and Taylor. I also wouldn’t steal my college roommate’s wallet.

— Shabazz is considering Kentucky, UCLA, and Duke and he’ll announce his decision on April 11th. I still think we could hear from Nerlens Noel before the week is over. Come on down!!!

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— Today’s radio show was AWESOME BABY!!!!

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

44 responses to “3 Goggles Ultrasound Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast”

  1. Ricky Penetrator

    ahhhh!!! first!

  2. Wu Tang Financial

    Awesome baby 3 goggles. First move is that of a champ! Love it!

  3. Troy

    Tyshawn TAYLOR ?!?!?!??!

    The guy SUCKS !!! GO back and watch a re-play of the UNC game. He POUTED when he missed a shot TWO possessions in a row allowing his guy to run down to the other end for a dunk and a lay up. THEN, with the game on the line and less than 5 minutes left he took a ONE ON FOUR three point shot and bricked it! He’s AWFUL. Sure he may score because he’s a damn ball hog, but just like Austin Rivers, you’re never going to win as a team with him. OSU will beat them because of toughness and over all TEAM play.

    Sullinger versus Gilchrist? Sullinger can do a one man Houdini act and disappear. Kraft? Did he even SCORE during the Syracuse game?

    I’d take TJ ANY DAY over Sullinger, and the numbers and effort back me.
    I’d take Lamb over Craft and the numbers back me.

    I’d take MKG over Taylor, I’d take Darius over Taylor and the numbers back me.

  4. UKBlue

    Baby throwing up 3 Goggles in his left eye

  5. BobKYCats

    Baby’s definitely doing the Three-Goggles.

    Go Big Blue!

  6. Troy

    Seriously, our starting five are better than any non-UK player on that list, and it’s not even damn close. We aren’t labeled as the team to beat becauseof inferior players.

  7. Wow!

    Wow! You have to be a complete tard if u really think that baby is actually throwing up 3 goggles. Have u ever seen a baby rub it’s eyes when it’s tired?

  8. Lamb's Sheep

    UK could win this tournament without playing a game within single digits and someone would still make a list like this.

  9. Wow!

    No, wait, I see it now. Definitely doing the Three-Goggles. I’m such a tard.

  10. Chris

    30 points is 30 points no matter how it happened or how you try to spin it. We’ll call it a 30 point outing.

  11. btowncatfan

    OK, who is coming up with the pirhana themed tshirts, “I am part of team pirhana”,….

  12. mocha

    Placenta Goggles.

  13. uk3k

    that is nothing. My son did the john wall dance.

  14. Big Blue 66

    Baby is going to be the next Doron Lamb ! lol that is awesome

  15. DT in DC

    Definitely three goggles. And the coolest ultrasound photo I have of my kid is when he threw is face at the camera thing and looked like Casper the Friendly Ghost. Sign that kid up!

  16. Junior Braddy's Fade

    In Gottlieb’s defense, ESPN doesn’t require their analysts know anything. Bobby Knight predicted UK would be the first one seed out and they are the only one left.

  17. tzuzaki

    Is it true Oriahki said he wouldn’t consider Duke? If so, more evidence that he just may fit in here.

  18. SexnNursinHomes

    3 googles? Looks like that fetus is picking its nose.

  19. Bringith

    I think those 3D ultrasounds are weird. Sure…he/she/it is doing the 3 goggles…I don’t want to hate.
    Gottlieb and Seth Davis can resign together and that would be just fine with me. Both are idiots.

  20. Jason

    I believe Oriahki is also friends with Terrence Jones.

  21. ADIDAS

    All Day I Dream About Shabazz!

  22. OogieBoogieMan

    If he’s throwing three goggles then he’s got them on top of his head. not over his eye. Keep practicing little fella!

  23. Captain Ramius

    (3) Gottlieb’s reasoning (and I can’t really disagree with him) is that Kentucky can win the title without MKG scoring another point. However, if Tyshawn Taylor doesn’t play well for Kansas, they’re finished.

  24. Han

    Best case scenario assuming everyone goes pro except Wiltjer.

    Harrow, (Bazz? Goodwin?) Polson
    Bazz, Goodwin
    Poythress, (Goodwin), Hood, Beckham
    Bennett, Wiltjer
    Noel, Oriahki, Cauley

    Leaves 2 schollies for Polson and Beckham or save one for the random mid-season reclassifying guys lately. Not bad. Assuming a lot adding Bazz, Bennett, Noel and Oriahki, but that would be helladeep deep, albeit not experienced in Cal’s system. Yes, unrealistic to expect we add all 4 from a minutes perspective, but we certainly have the schollies for it, especially with Oriahki a 1-year, and at least Bazz and Noel 1-and-done.

    Only possible downside to getting that class would be if the NBA enacted a 2-year rule and we missed out on some of the top targets in 2013. Not much of a downside considering who we’d return.

  25. Rixter

    Somebody tell me who the HELL is in charge of advertising and promotions at the University of Louisville Athletics department??
    First #L1C4, now this embarrassing, corn-pone ‘Battle of New Orleans’ song?

    Really? OMG, I hate U of L, and even I’m embarrassed for them.

  26. BobKYCats

    Oriakhi is talking to UK.

  27. ukcats!

    To be fair to Gottlieb, these were supposed to be the TOP 5 MOST IMPORTANT TO THEIR TEAM…Not the Top 5 Overall players…

  28. Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation

    “i also wouldn’t steal my roommate’s wallet” … lol

  29. Oops

    If Noel announces for us this week, we beat uofl in the final 4, AND we win the National Championship – this could be the best week in UK Basketball history! Just think, Bazz could see us cut down the nets and tweet his verbal to UK that night!


    So since the baby is throwing up the three goggles.. does this mean there are two other babies somewhere in there????

  31. soggyUKgrad

    Gottlieb said these were the top five most important players to their teams, not the top five best players at the final four. He followed up by saying that MKG could go scoreless, but TJ & Lamb would pick up the slack…it was actually a very positive endorsement of our Cats.

  32. Stevie Ray

    Personally, it looks like the prodigious young fan is throwing up goggles withe the L hand and makin g the stupid L with the right hand. Must be the product of a mixed marriage!

  33. Zyzz

    #25 Are you aware that there are people in this world that have a severe medical condition which causes them to be that way? My mother for instance is one of those people. She is a truck driver that has bad knees and a bad back from driving the truck but you probably do not care about that case either. Oh well I am not one of those people I am 6’4″ 245lbs and I exercise every day. I would love to see you say something like to my mother in front of me. Probably never happen though you are probably just an internet tough guy. I doubt very seriously you would say that to someones face. Just my thought.What do you think. Oh I am sorry you probably do not have a brain. I on the other hand will be happy to buy you a plane ticket to come here and see if you have the nerve to say that to someone I know.

  34. Zyzz

    PS — let’s play ninjas.

  35. Wasteful Showboat

    My 10 yr old son knows more about college basketball than Doug “Got-sleeze.” Clearly MKG, TJ or even Lamb should be on that list before Taylor- he only showed up for one game during the tourney so far. But this boob probably had a crush on him all yr long. So why not go ahead Doug and push another one out for us all to have to recognize what an idiot you are.

  36. Chicago Chris

    The ACTUAL score of the UK/UL game was 56-69 before Smith hit two pointless 3′s in the last five seconds. It probably helps UK that UL probably remembers the game as closer.

  37. Juan4UK

    No doubt, 3 goggles !! This is an omen. This dude, has to name his kid after one of the cats from this year.

  38. 00BBN00

    I don’t see bazz as a Cat. The more i see him the more i think he will, regrettably, become a Dookie. He wants to run the show. Good luck to him either way.

  39. James K

    They should revise the title of that contest… not trying to complain, just saying: they aren’t GIVING AWAY a car. They’re letting you borrow a car for two years, which seems kind of pointless.

  40. Han

    38) Rivers did not do well in Duke’s system. Oh, his numbers were decent, but he didn’t fit. And he didn’t get the attention that several of our guys got, despite being at Duke.

    Not saying there’s no way he goes to Duke, but If Bazz wants to win a title, be groomed for the NBA, and get used to being a superstar and not just another player on the Coach’s team, he should come to UK. As several ESPN analysts pointed out, Rivers didn’t fit at Duke. Bazz wouldn’t either. Cal lets his players go at it as they do best. Coach K tells them to flop.

  41. Roland

    Is this the right post? check!

    CBT will prepay the entire lease for the car but read the fine print:

    Winner must be approved by Ford Motor Credit Company to assume the two-year prepaid lease. What?

  42. carlothedon

    ahhh…my birthday is April 11th. Come on Shabazz! 41 is ending great! Give me a perfect start to 42!

  43. Rae

    Billy G is already recruiting that kid.

  44. Bret Michaels

    Gotta be Doron Lamb’s kid…