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20 Cats Get Started in the NBA Tonight

picture by Jason Spear

For the first time in the history of the University, we can say this: there are more players in the NBA from Kentucky than any other school. That has never been the case before, but it begins now. And if everyone is honest with themselves, it is likely that it will remain the case over at least the next decade. John Calipari has made Kentucky a NBA Basketball factory, while also winning a national championship along the way. No one thought he could do it, but it has been done.

And it is likely the case that whatever team wins the NBA title will likely have a Cat on it. The Heat have Jorts, the Lakers have Meeks, the Thunder have Liggins and the Celtics have Rondo. Four top teams, four chances at the title. Those are pretty good odds. The reality is that Kentucky and the NBA are now all but one and starting tonight, these 20 guys will tip off in the League. Cheer them on and pull for our former stars. The Cayts are everywhere:

LA Clippers: Eric Bledsoe

New Orleans Hornets: Anthony Davis and Darius Miller

Utah Jazz: Enes Kanter

LA Lakers: Jodie Meeks

Sacramento Kings: Demarcus Cousins and Chuck Hayes

Houston Rockets: Patrick Patterson and Terrence Jones

Oklahoma City Thunder: Deandre Liggins

Washington Wizards: John Wall

Chicago Bulls: Nazr Mohammed and Marquis Teague

Boston Celtics: Rajon Rondo

Miami Heat: Josh Harrellson

Detroit Pistons: Tayshaun Prince and Brandon Knight

Charlotte Bobcats: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Milwaukee Bucks: Doron Lamb

Brooklyn Nets: Keith Bogans

Article written by Matt Jones

23 responses to “20 Cats Get Started in the NBA Tonight”

  1. Sandy

    Where’s D Rose?

  2. snarkster

    Mags just retired with the Raptors and took an asst. coaching job, IIRC. Any chance that Kelenna or Orton still catches on with someone and gives us an even 20?

  3. BretMichaels

    My starting five: AD, Demarcus, Tay, Rajon, Wall. Try and even argue against it.

  4. Donald

    Technically there is only 3 games tonight. So we have rondo, Harrellson, Meeks, and Wall in action tonight even though Wall is still injured.

  5. Perfect Patterson

    For some reason my favorite one to watch is Bledsoe. His athleticism along with the rest of the Clippers makes them really entertaining.

  6. Cats in the NBA

    Nice graphic. Bad News: League Pass is apparently going to block Memphis Grizzlies games… Good News: No Cats on that team so I don’t care.

  7. Staring 5

    Rondo, wall, gilchrist, ad, cousins

    JV: knight, jodie, jones, ppat/hayes, enes

  8. JasonSpear

    I am a flaming homosexual

  9. Big Blue

    Hard to have a favorite NBA team now. I love it! 🙂

  10. MJ

    I steal A lot of info from HOB Cats Illustrated. Wow really?!!!

  11. Duke Sucks

    I’m glad Liggens has stuck in the NBA. Kid manned up and takeing care of his family. You know he wanted to come back for his senior year, with him not being a NBA lock. In a time when a lot of young men don’t put their family first good to see things working out for him

  12. Jason

    Not pictured: Daniel Orton.

  13. ok-cats-computer

    Is anyone else thrown off by the fact that Nazr is still balling in the league? I think Nazr was at UK before Nerlens was born.

  14. Orton

    I didn’t make a team like I didn’t go to class. Some Liggins dude took my spot.

  15. So cool...

    Dude, this graphic is awesome. How great is it to be a cat fan right now? I love it!!!

  16. Reality

    Kanter was not a Cat.

  17. Kanter

    16) Tell Kanter that and see what he says.

  18. I Don't Get it

    Kanter never did play for the Cats. Why do we keep including him in the conversation?

  19. jack

    It would be nice to have section of KSR devoted to past Cats. Or weekly segment/article devoted to them and what they did for the week. I for one, can’t be the only one who would like to know about how Patterson and Meeks are doing in pros without having to go through the awful NBA website. La Familia!

  20. KanterFan

    Kanter was still a part of the team. He is the reason Harrelson has seen the success he has. If he hadn’t been practicing day in and out who knows if Jorts would have had the drive that he did.

  21. Curious

    Does this put us as the team with the most players in the NBA?

  22. What a Louisville Fan Says

    That’s okay. I don’t like the NBA anyway.

  23. rhsiv

    you need to add Orton. Signed by the Thunder today.