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19 Wins To Be Vacated… By Arizona


I have you now,!

Yesterday the NCAA check-raised Arizonas self-imposed sanctions on some recruiting violations committed prior to the 2007-08 season.  The total sanctions amount to 19 vacated wins from the 07-08 season, 30 less recruiting days, a limit of 6 recruiting visits over the next year, and a couple of removed scholarships.  No death penalty (which likely would have been overkill,) but still a significant blow to a storied program.

So what caused this reaction from the NCAA?  A slew of violations, actually.  From the ESPN report:

According to the NCAA, Olson improperly helped promote the Cactus Classic and the Showdown in 2007 by allowing the promoter to speak on four separate occasions at board meetings for Rebounders, an Arizona booster club. Olson also urged board members to “step up” and sent them a letter urging their support of the tournaments.

The NCAA’s report found that $197,000 was donated to the promoter to assist in the four events, with some of that money being used to pay for prospective players’ lodging, meals and local transportation.

The NCAA also found that incoming assistant coaches Russ Pennell and Mike Dunlap participated in coaching-related activities with two enrolled student-athletes near campus at Olson’s urging prior to their start dates. They were also found to have evaluated recruitable prospects at the 2008 Cactus Classic during a quiet period in the NCAA’s recruitment calendar.

The most damming of which, to me, looks like the $200,000 spent on recruits.

So, let me ask.  Where is the outrage? Andy Katz released a piece asking if Lute’s reputation becomes tainted because of this, but left the question open ended.  Dana O’neil, in her response, asks ‘who cares?’ about the vacated wins.  Can you imagine either of those being written if something had come from the Eric Bledsoe situation earlier?  I actually understand their points of view, and I’m not faking outrage at them over this.  But it certainly seems like a double standard from the WWL.

In an unrelated note:  Watch these two weasels fight for, you guessed it, fifteen seconds.

Article written by Will Lentz

9 responses to “19 Wins To Be Vacated… By Arizona”

  1. JROD

    Oh weasels!

  2. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Which one is Rick?

  3. wbguitar1

    where’ s the outrage? won’t find it. The UA Program was already in decline, so no one cares now. Lute’s wife passed away a few yrs back, so no one in the media will go after him – and maybe’s that as it should be.
    UK is a much bigger target now, cause we are the forefront of recruiting, making tourney, creating buzz, etc. Just goes to bolster what I have always said to UL & IU & UT & UNC fans who say – UK cheats – so does everyone else. Nothing happens in Lexington that doesn’t happen in Chapel Hill, Bloomington, Knoxville….& Tucson…

  4. slappy

    Not that this is a new concept, but UK Basketball is the college basketball equivalent of the Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, the Lakers, etc, and with that comes increased exposure and emotion. When something happens to us, for good or for bad, the story tends to get blown out of proportion, because more people love UK and hate UK than any other college basketball program. It’s why, if Pitino was going through this stuff as the UK head coach and not the UL head coach, it’d be splattered all over the place (no pun intended), and why you hardly hear about it anywhere outside of Kentucky right now. Nobody cares about UL, so it’s hardly noteworthy outside of the state’s borders.

  5. Indycatfan

    4 we up here in Indy have been getting snippets of this trail, but nowhere the attention it would have gotten had “Quick Schlick” been coaching at UK. Like in 1989, it was front page news at the Indy Star. #3 You are absolutly correct, but you did forget Duke and the Maggett affair.

  6. wbguitar1

    #5 – the NCAA forgot Duke & Maggette – many of us remember it well, as a example of how things are done by the NCAA; political, and they definitely have their favorites… just wish UK was one of them…

  7. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Yes Will, definitely double standard. But then, Arizona knows they are no Kentucky. Some of their fans might get all bent out of shape about that comment, but really… check the history books.

    To me this comparison just confirms what we knew all along.

  8. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #4 – slappy – When I read your comment I thought how other fans might react to that first sentence. But then I looked at the historical markers, that in reality…

    – We played our first game before the Yankees, Cowboys, Lakers even existed
    – We have been at the top of our sport the longest, just like the pro teams you mentioned
    – We have Kige Ramsey (and Ashley Judd just in case Kige can’t make an appearance due to scheduling conflicts)

    As Mitch Barnhart said earlier this year, “the wind blows the hardest at the top of the mountain.”

    Then you have a Rick Pitino – who in his attempt to get back to the top of the mountain got lost seeking “where it blows the hardest.” (Thus he: 1) ended up at UL, and 2)in the web of Karen Sypher.)

  9. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Also, where is Pat Forde’s article talking about how Tom Jurich thought he was getting the “Kentucky Pitino” when he hired him 9 years ago yet so far “the joke has been on him”

    Where is it Pat?