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Straight to the N.O. (Wednesday Show Thread)

In just a handful of hours, the KSR gang will be piling into a van and heading south to Louisiana to join Big Blue’s most faithful for four days of SEC basketball action. In order to fully prepare ourselves for the long road and the weekend that lies ahead, Matt and I will be discussing the trip on this morning’s edition of Kentucky Sports Radio radio in one last in-studio session this week.

We could use a lot of pointers, suggestions, recommendations, and travel tips so join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080 or send a text to the TEXTING MACHINE at (317) 385-5148.

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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

228 responses to “Straight to the N.O. (Wednesday Show Thread)”

  1. Bob

    Teeng Akol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. White people problems

    Really Shannon? commercials in the first hour of the podcast from yesterday? c’mon man. feel like I’m listening to my old tape deck and fast forwarding to get to paradise city…

  3. Mr5Below

    Morning KSR!

  4. Mr5Below

    It,s 9 till 8 in Kentucky!!!!!

  5. Blue Orleans

    Where is the official bar in #occupyneworleans?

  6. Buddy

    Hey Matt, can’t wait to hear the news that one of your boys fell asleep at the wheel and your van flipped like u were at Daytona, hope your bangs get tangled in the windshield!

  7. Mr5Below

    5) Think its called Walk Ons.

  8. trublu22 is now projecting Marquis Teague as a 2nd rd pick. If that projection holds up, is he a lock to come back? They also moved Darius up about 15 spots to the middle of the 2nd rd. AD and MKG are projected as lottery picks and Jones and Lamb middle-late 1st rd.

  9. John
  10. Carl

    One thing to remember…getting your sugar level back up will help the hangover and if Cafe Du Monde (with their beignets and tons of powdered sugar) is too crowded, there is a Krispy Kreme down the street !!

  11. Jax Teller

    Give ’em away on the show thread! I’ll leave work right now!

  12. J

    I would leave in my car tomorrow and I have a friend that I could stay with

  13. hoptown

    it’s nice to be Region 2 champs!!! Right, Drew…

  14. ABC

    One note on potential Indiana, Louisville matchups in the tournament. I do not think it is ideal. I do not believe Cal wants it either. That would mean 4 or 5 days of national/local media scrutiny on a rematch of a known rivalry game, including potentially our only loss. The fans want it, the players want it, however, it would bring far too much emotion into that Sweet 16 game, and you run the risk of being flat in the Elite 8 game. Our guys could probably handle it, but why invite it? The end result is the championship, not beating IU or Louisville.

  15. Azubuike's Bicep

    I would leave tonight!!!!!! Swear on my Grandmother!!

  16. Clayton Sanderson

    Yes Matt!!!!!!! I’ll go!!!!!!

  17. BIg Blue

    I got a tax refund, I’ll go!!!!

  18. Digger? I hardly know her.

    Matt, you blew the joke. Should’ve been “biggest thing to hit New Orleans since Katrina.”

  19. ukgrad2004

    I would use them in a heartbeat, Matt.

  20. TrashCanMan

    I already took off so I’m down to go.

  21. Biggass Hungguy

    I could make the trip, but I dont have a job and have relatives in New Orleans and could get a free room.

  22. Biggass Hungguy

    I could make the trip, but I dont have a job and have relatives in New Orleans and could get a free room.

  23. Tim

    I’d be in the car tonight

  24. ukfan#1

    i would leave today for sure

  25. Chris

    It would be hard but I think I could make the sacrifice to go to my first SEC Tourney.

  26. Mr5Below

    I would leave today!!! Make them pick them up from you at Walk ons!!! Then ya know they are used!!

  27. CatomicBomb

    “New Cat Orleans” Isn’t working for me. Need a NEW name for it, cuz thats awful!

    Shorten it to Cat Orleans or something! Today’s show needs to include new names for it…

  28. TvilleMike

    I will leave in the morning

  29. Bentley Blair

    I’d be there in a heartbeat!! Drew drive to Nashville!

  30. Steve

    Matt – My flights are booked. Staying at Hotel Monteleone. I NEED tickets to the game. Hook me up.

  31. Steve

    Matt – My flights are booked. Staying at Hotel Monteleone. I NEED tickets to the game. Hook me up.

  32. J in Orlando

    Hey Matt how about a little ticket love for your loyal listeners in Central Florida!! I’ll fly out tomorrow for the tickets!!

  33. ukgrad2004

    Well that crosses me off the list. I’m nowhere near Louisville.

  34. dcgirl

    booo — only Louisvillians can win

  35. dcgirl

    booo — only Louisvillians can win

  36. Shouto

    That’s not fair I have seen many people walking the streets that says BTI sucks and there is no contest on.

  37. Mr. Treats

    Drive down to BG and I’ll be there

  38. Tyler

    Send Drew to Oldham County!!! PLEASE

  39. St. Paul Raiders

    People know what Matt looks like, do they actually know what DTE looks like?

  40. BIg Blue

    Drive to OWENSBORO!!!!!

  41. Brian

    What is the radio station to listen to? Is it on Iheart radio?

  42. capnmonkey

    “Police reports indicate that the seven deadly wrecks occurring in Louisville today were all related to a radio contest involving free tickets to…”

  43. Thewaitfor8

    Whoever gets the first pair could just get his license and follow him around right?

  44. Azubuike's Bicep

    Not fair to the people outside of Louisville. I’m a victim of proximity!!!!!

  45. ukfan#1

    you should do a tough uk trivia question and first person to text or call in with answer wins so everyone can have a chance… what you say mattttt?

  46. Rett

    Can you tweet out a pic of Drew so I don’t run up to someone random?

  47. BlueFins

    Matt’s playing Red Light/Green Light with Drew

  48. J in Orlando

    I’ll buy those tickets from whoever wins…lol

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  50. ukfan#1

    or drive to london!!!

  51. Jax Teller

    People are going to be lined up trailing him as he leaves the studio, its gonna be like a movie where the guy is constantly checking his mirror. Good stuff

  52. Big Diesel

    How about you do the usual “sob story” contest. Whah whah whah my dog died, my mom has HIV, give me the tickets

  53. BF

    Is the station on Iheart radio?

  54. Laker Cat 18

    Pin 20 bucks to his collar and wish him the best of luck.

  55. catnasty

    did anyone hear pitino say to Andy Katz ” I am so thankful we did NOT get a double bye in the tourney, I wanted to play more games”…As if 30 isn’t enough

  56. iWantToBeTheDrewFranklin

    iWantToBeTheDrewFranklin is going to win the championship week contest. POINT BLANK. PERIOD.

  57. ukgrad2004

    I think PCHS might have had a smoking area back in ’96 when I was a freshman.

  58. mjblue2

    Now I have to have a cigarette…

  59. Buddy

    10-1 odds Matt never gives the tickets away, another giveaway scam by brat jones

  60. CatomicBomb

    41- 630am WLAP. Yes its on iHeart

  61. catnasty

    @#53 yes I listen on it everyday at work

  62. blueball96

    did Drew say he was going down in the van?

  63. 502Cat

    What does Drew The Employee look like?

  64. Big Diesel

    Matt, please start a “wack pack” similar to the stern show. COmplete with pictures of your famous callers with bios.

  65. Adam in Florida

    Matt, when are you going to give away tickets to Vasectomy Madness? I’ll take lower or upper arena tickets. I promise not to sell them!

  66. Beans

    “New Cat Orleans” just sounds awkward and forced. Can we just call it Nerlens?

  67. Give me a Racoon, please.

    KSR could be opening themselves up to some tort liability if someone gets hurt racing to get tickets. See the Real Don Steele Case.

  68. Jax Teller

    Drew the Employee should tweet out random twit pics for clues.

  69. 790am

    Why did the Afternoon Underdogs just have a commercial during your show?? WTF!!

  70. Bulldawg

    Blue Orleans is the best I’ve heard…

  71. hmph

    Lame. I wish you would have tweeted yesterday that almost every one listening would have ZERO chance of getting these tickets you talked about. That would have been nice.

  72. TeamHung

    I hope Bullitt East beats the hell out of Trinity.

  73. John

    Bianchi responds. has article suggesting New Jersey Nets may be interested in Cal.

  74. hmph

    Lame. I wish you would have tweeted yesterday that almost every one listening would have ZERO chance of getting these tickets you talked about. That would have been nice.

  75. CatsFanInKnoxville

    They are selling kids???

  76. PittDaddy

    Great cause but I thought I was listening to Swap Shop.

  77. bat11256

    what station is ksr on in somerset

  78. J in Orlando

    Matt any chance for those of us who live out of town/have a job to get tickets? I’ll get them in NOLA!

  79. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    Just sayin, ol boy walked on that last second shot….

  80. John

    You’re doing a good thing Matt, forget the haters.

  81. Mr5Below

    Make them pick them up from you at Walk Ons.

  82. Cha Ching

    Was that sandy or scamdy? I’m leery..

  83. ukgrad2004

    You watch. UConn vs Memphis will be our 8/9 game.

  84. Hash

    Anyone see Tosh.O last night and the Calipari reference? ha ha

  85. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    Kansas State beat Kansas and Mizzou.

  86. Jax Teller

    Quick somebody go to Fan Outfitters and wait for DTE.

  87. Scalper

    Cant wait to find Drew and sell these tickets for $500 to a real UK fan who wants them.Thanks Matt. GREAT IDEA!!!

  88. Thewaitfor8

    Is that a funeral procession? Nope just UK fans following Drew

  89. CatomicBomb

    Matt, will you deliver the tickets to me here at work in Frankfort on your way through? Oh, also please grab me some food for the drive down. While we are at it, you might at well make room for me in the car, that way I can mooch off you all on the way down. Please cater to my needs or I will be unhappy with the show.

  90. Chris

    Drew wants to end up somewhere that he can get the winner to buy him lunch.

  91. Doug the Prosecutor

    Forget K-State. Memphis is the obvious made-for-TV matchup the Committee loves for the 1 vs. 8/9 game.

  92. MyronPryorsLivingRoom

    I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen to Drew. Something very bad.

  93. Bulldawg

    As long as UK doesn’t get paired with Davidson I think we’re good.

  94. ukgrad2004

    #85, no. Kansas lost to us, Davidson, Duke, Mizzou, and Iowa State.

  95. Jake

    What’s stalking?

  96. Cha Ching

    Imma be doing the NOLA clap all week..

  97. Bush Wackers

    Matt – Have you ever seen the WKRP In Cincinnati eopisode where Les Nesman thru the live turkeys from the plane????

  98. Chris

    Got to love John.

  99. painting by numbers

    John “all day” short.

  100. Me

    you just know that rick pitino and uofl fans have their azz’s puckered – just hope’n that they make it further in the tournament than WKU and Murray. that would be kinda embarrassing for those two programs to go further and a 3.5 mil per year coach, right?

  101. EPIC FAIL


  102. Jatt Mones

    Wow, John is so smart.
    Matt doesn’t even want to listen to him. smh

  103. mjblue2

    Where does one buy a UK hoodie for an Avalon?

  104. [floyd]

    the game with kansas that john short was just talking to, i was listening to it on the radio as a young dude, must have been about 11 yrs old at the time, was listening to cawood with my dad, ole john bleeds blue, cool dude

  105. [floyd]

    the game with kansas that john short was just talking about, i was listening to it on the radio as a young dude, must have been about 11 yrs old at the time, was listening to cawood with my dad, ole john bleeds blue, cool dude

  106. Jax Teller

    JOHN SHORT COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Matt from Hodgenville

    Just heard the Jon Short commercial

  108. Beans

    It sounds like they auto-tuned John Short in that commercial.

  109. thegoosewasgolden

    john short was jim dandy!

  110. Me

    so, are bcg and tubby gonna get an at-large bid to the tournament?

  111. Clayton

    John Short is my hero. Great american.

  112. wildcat4ever

    John Short Commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Hash

    Anyone seen the Tosh.O with the black guy saying he didn’t like Calipari?

  114. Bucky Small Hooves

    Have Drew the Intern go on a Pitino tour of Louisville – Porcini’s, the white suit shop, a cosmetic surgery center, and Dunkin Doughnuts

  115. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    John Short did awesome!!!

  116. Jimi Garden of Eden

    103…Lexington Tent and Awning…$88.88…

  117. Jax Teller

    Tantric is actually a pretty good band.

  118. South Carolina Tim

    John Short is a great American! He is coming after you Toni Vacesctomy.

  119. Mr5Below

    Matt all you can do is what you can do!! Forget the haters!! Love all the Ksr staff and the show!!

  120. Jax Teller

    96 – The NOLA clap is what my buddy has been doing since the last time he “partied” at Mardi Gras

  121. Jmac

    I’m listening in Campbellsville and relaying to my dad who works in Louisville where Drew is so we can get the tickets! We want to go soooo bad! Come one Drew, go to Bardstown Rd!

  122. Outsider

    Hey Bro. Can you promise not to stop him until the second hour to give folks time to drive to louisville?

  123. PittDaddy

    What is up with the server?

  124. Amy with a Y

    OMG! He is literally 1 minutes away from my work! Why did you tell him to keep driving! Darn it.

  125. Zack

    isnt tantric members of days of the new?

  126. Richmond

    The “troll” in the picture is Kenny from South Park

  127. caytsby90

    I downloaded the picture just because you’re taking it down.. lol

  128. MattP

    That painting of “My Big Blue Heaven” is an acutal print that is for sale at the Fayette Gallery so it is has a copyright.

  129. Hash

    Don’t know about vacation money but right now I’m stealing change from my cigarette money to go to New Orleans. What does that even mean? Don’t get Cal sometimes!

  130. Jax Teller

    125 – I’m pretty sure it is. Aren’t they from Louisville?

  131. J in Orlando

    Anybody get the impression Vanetti is really struggling to defend all things UL these days? Tony, if it’s this hard to defend, maybe it’s because it’s not worth defending…I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin…

  132. capnmonkey

    Regarding the copyrighted “art” posted on site:

    See Perfect 10 v. Amazon/Google for fair use defense:
    1.) Image posted was low resolution, will not be useful if blown up/printed out
    2.) Cannot reference image without posting the entirety of image
    3.) Image has already been published on the internet
    4.) Image posting on KSR does not harm market of artist, people will buy or not buy the full print regardless of its presence on KSR

  133. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    127 – me too lol

  134. Azubuike's Bicep

    They just ran it. It was short but sweet….That’s what she said.

  135. J

    the commercial played streaming from iHeart Radio here in Louisville, it was great

  136. John Short Commercial

    It ran on I Heart Radio too!!

  137. Mr5Below

    Ha ha I copied the pic before it could be taken down!!

  138. Zack

    130 i think so

  139. Lord Vern, Master of the Universe

    Back when the incident happened, it was reported that the table Dale Brown slid into was bolted to the floor. This is why he broke his bone.

  140. Biggass Hungguy

    Darius Miller is our zone offense, if he is in foul trouble and the team plays 2-3 then we could struggle.

  141. Bucky Small Hooves

    Tony is obviously anti-babysitter. Vasectomy madness results in less babies and therefore, less baby sitters

  142. Jasmine

    I heard the ad in vegas.

  143. J in Orlando

    Matt, where in NOLA can I pick up my tickets…I just booked my flight! I can come get them as early as 10:00 PM tomorrow NOLA time. lol

  144. Bucky Small Hooves

    Dude in a hoodie in a black avalon? Am I picking up drugs or tickets?

  145. Bulldawg

    Error 503 Service Unavailable

    New server SUCKS!!! They used to have a link to send them the error so it could be resolved. Now their is no link to send them the error. Reminds me of the I.T. people at my old job…just ignore the problem and don’t bother me while I’m on facebook.

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    Error Information:

    XID: 878702938


    This means WordPress has a fatal error because of something like (1) PHP syntax error, (2) ran out of memory, or (3) crashed PHP. Check your error log for details.

  146. J in Orlando

    Vanetti “Defending a jerk who fires the person that has taken care of his child like it was her own…It seemed like a good idea at the time”

  147. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    Darius is the man for a last second shot for these reasons

    1) He has the ability to create for himself
    2) He is 6’7/6’8 and can rise up and shoot over people
    3) If a larger defender switches he can take them off the bounce
    4) Very good with drawing fouls with a pump fake
    5) Great at shooting a floater
    6) If need be he has good enough decision making to take what the defense gives him and find the open man.

    everything you want in a leader

  148. Jax Teller

    Have him go inside a store and walk around. It’d be GREAT if there are random people with people coming up to them saying “BTI sucks!” who have no idea what is going on.

  149. Not in Louisville

    I don’t know about BTI, but the contest sucks! No, you can’t give everyone tickets, but you can come up with a contest that gives everyone an equal chance at tickets.

  150. John

    149. boo hoo

  151. Bucky Small Hooves

    How many references do we need to apply for the bass fishing correspondent gig?

  152. me


  153. Jokes

    Matt just told a blind guy to LOOK at the RPI!

  154. The chinstrap

    Matt just told the blind guy to “look” at the RPI…..well done sir!!!!!

  155. Bulldawg

    definitely need to be able to drop that laugh on Da Trufe

  156. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Play that laugh back during a ‘Truth’ call…

  157. Beans

    He sounded like the Green Goblin.

  158. UKY

    Matt – You can’t tell a blind guy to “look at their RPI”.

  159. my Pilot

    Wheels down and 15 minutes to touch down in Nola! On a plane full of CATS!

  160. Mark

    That call and laugh was scary. Dude was reading to throw down over Louisville on the bubble.

  161. painting by numbers

    Can we put Ron and the Truth in an MMA ring? Despite being blind, I say that crazy beats stupid every time.

  162. Former NOLA Resident

    KSR & others headed to NOLA: Be careful in and around Meridian, Mississippi on I-59. Speed traps. Unmarked black SUVs.

  163. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Truth needs something dropped on him…sobriety would possibly work…

  164. Jax Teller

    Matt seriously underestimated the craziness of UK fans with this contest. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if somebody pulls up around a Black Avalon and wrecks it Earnhardt style to keep Drew from driving anywhere else. Cal says it all the time “you people are crazy!”

  165. Platinum Unis

    Anything happen on Mike and Mike this morning during the Bobby Knight segment?

  166. @sircolbybrown

    Your topic yesterday about playing IU or Northwestern.. It’s like taking a college class And you make an F the first time around.. The next semester you can choice between the same teacher that you had an failed or take an easy teacher.. No brainer that which one you take..

  167. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Why can’t they keep it up? Why is it so hard?

    What are you talking about, Matt??? 🙂

  168. Shouto

    You need to Viagra the servers!

  169. ukgrad2004

    Do people know what Drew the Employee looks like?

  170. GoCats2

    Liquor Barn? Looks like Annie is getting the tickets?

  171. @sircolbybrown

    *************************** Did Mike and Mike ask Bobby Knight about UK not being on his top 5? **************************

  172. BobKnight'sAbusedChair

    Matt getting caught and stumbling on his words when he has technical difficulties is like Big Jimmy trying to describe his cards this year.

  173. Bucky Small Hooves

    That Liquor Barn is a hotbed for prostitution, Drew needs to watch out for a solicitation bust

  174. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits


  175. GoCats2

    #171 No Bobby Knight because of Peyton Mania. He is on tomorrow.

  176. UKeith

    165 – Knight got moved to tomorrow because of Manning.

  177. PittDaddy

    Bobby Knight got moved to Thursday morning because of Peyton Manning’s forehead, I me getting cut.

  178. HugoCabrera

    Drew couldn’t even drive to an advertiser’s location? Geeeeez! Salespeople not happy right now. Talk coming.

  179. BobKnight'sAbusedChair

    Matt stumbling on his words when he gets frusterated with technical difficulties is like big jimmy trying to talk about his cards this year.

  180. Joe Mazzulla

    I love you guys.

  181. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Nice move, lady. Throwing out the “I’m related to the medal of honor winner”

  182. Scarn

    LOL! Clearly this contest wasn’t planned out…nice!

  183. Error 503 Service Unavailable


  184. ukgrad2004


  185. kentuckyrules


  186. CatsFanInKnoxville

    My guess was 157.

  187. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits


  188. Bulldawg

    she already had tickets?!! WTF?

  189. eRuppted

    Ryan Lemmond is guessing….347

  190. Scarn

    Man, they’re already going? Wish it could have went to someone who had absolutely no chance of going otherwise. Thems how the games are played, I guess.

  191. Error 503 Service Unavailable

    I don’t think it’s random that a high density of KSR listeners were found in a Liquor Barn, Matt.

  192. CatsFanInKnoxville

    I had
    Drew the Employee at 27
    Drew Franklin at 27
    Matt Jones at 32
    Tony Vanetti at 42
    Shannon The Dude at 29

  193. ukgrad2004

    Well, let’s see. Matt’s 33, Shannon’s 29, Drew Franklin’s like 28, Ryan’s like 46…I must have overestimated the age of the last one.

  194. somerset cat

    what station is ksr on in somerset

  195. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    I picked an average age for all and got it…. Im playing the friggin lottery today

  196. GoCats2

    Inspiring story. You guys gave away tickets to someone who already has tickets. Next time you should give tickets to one of those guys stading outside of RUPP with a cardboard sign that says “I Need Tickets”.

  197. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    I had picked 33 for an average

  198. Bulldawg

    I just now figured out that there is 2 drews…

  199. rhftwo

    The John Short commercial ran on the iHeart app that I am listening to RIGHT after you all had him on the show.

  200. NashvilleCat

    I’m in Nashville listening through the widget and I heard the John Short commercial

  201. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    I’m in Georgetown, KY and heard the John Short commercial

  202. steel mill josh

    Barry booker needs a huskier tone…

  203. dang!

    does anyone know where I go to buy the 2.50 podcasts? Thanks!

  204. Neil

    Matt, how did Occupy Mike and Mike go this morning? I didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  205. ukgrad2004

    I see what I did wrong. When Matt said, “the five people who appear most on this show”, I automatically included Ryan. Does Vanetti appear on here more than Ryan? Honestly might have to question that.

  206. Error 503 Service Unavailable

    Are you saying Kevin Stallings is a better coach than CM Newton?

  207. 502Cat

    Terrence Jones should teach Bobby Knight about Kentucky.

  208. Cha Ching

    Kenny H is the man..

  209. Error 503 Service Unavailable

    Make sure Barry Booker isn’t riding with you to New Orleans

  210. J in Orlando

    Matt…Journal Times in Jersey is reporting that the Nets are going after Calipari hard…any comments?

  211. Old Chief

    When the great winds blow in circles of fury and the sky blocks out the sun, the deer have been known seek shelter near the interstates behind our casinos.

  212. Henry

    If Louisville makes the NCAA Tournament it will be just the second time (1st time was in 1995) in history that four teams from the state of Kentucky have made the NCAA Tournament.

  213. LindaLoowho

    He can’t go. Who will bake brownies for the boys’ birthday.

  214. Jimi Garden of Eden

    The new server SUCKS more than the big orange…

  215. Looking for 8

    In Nola and need tickets Matt Jones Matt Jones! We will be at Walk Ons!

  216. macon_volfan

    I’ll be there representing the Vol basketball nation! So, it’ll pretty much be me.

  217. 502Cat

    That was a Jim Dandy of a commercial!

  218. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Matt,you are an idol maker…ever see the movie?

  219. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    SportsNation Rankings – Player of the Year

    1.Anthony Davis
    2.Thomas Robinson
    3.Draymond Green
    4.Jared Sullinger
    5.Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
    6.Tyler Zeller
    7.Marcus Denmon
    8.Austin Rivers
    9.Isaiah Canaan
    10.Dough McDermott
    11.Jae Crowder
    12.Kevin Jones
    13.Kris Joseph
    14.Damian Lillard
    15.Scott Machado

    Overall Points


    #1 Votes


  220. ukgrad2004

    Wall thought they had won. I remember reading that.

  221. HeadBussa

    I think all Cat fans have relished this season. I kind of get tired of some pointing out that people need to do make sure they do. It’s obvious. What matters now is the national championship though. THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS AT THIS POINT. National championship or bust.

  222. Jimi Garden of Eden

    222…Spot On Again!!!

  223. Hoss

    How can we be sure she’s really 26?

  224. Henry

    222 – It’s not 8 or bust. The tournament is random.

  225. TeeDidntGet4StarRecruits

    Right now Bracketology our 8-9 seeds are Purdue and Memphis.

  226. HeadBussa

    How much is Taco Bell paying you Drew?

  227. charles

    have fun coming down to my neck of the woods, I might ride over from mississippi saturday and watch. Make sure you eat breakfast at mothers, and above all always wear a rain coat, you guys wouldnt want to get the sniffles.