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Renovated Rupp Arena Interior Pictures Released

These pictures were released during a recent Lexington City Council Meeting. They are an artist rendition of how the new renovated Rupp Arena will look inside. I am told the purple on the ribbon boards is just to show that they are digital and is NOT the color they will be. Very shiny and fancy looking….

A ZOOMED in version of the picture is here

Article written by Matt Jones

113 responses to “Renovated Rupp Arena Interior Pictures Released”

  1. Keith Myath

    I see ribbons!

  2. RyanJ


  3. downthestreetfromrupp


  4. Charley

    Hi Mom!

  5. SkyAntoine

    Are they adding more lower level seats?

  6. nassau65

    the Caliseum?

  7. Big Blue Nation

    Love it!

  8. HeHateUK

    No huge white speaker? This is rubbish

  9. Cats R Back


  10. hoop33

    nice to have the video screen/scoreboard in the middle instead of whats there now lol

  11. Mr Schwump

    Gonna allow smoking in there? PLace look awful smoky.

  12. HCat

    Why would I as a suite owner pay big money get endzone suite seats. Would rather pay big money and sit by the team.

  13. jw

    That can’t be right. Too many people standing.

  14. Tom

    Is that a new banner I see. Does it say 2012 NCAA Champions

  15. Cats R Back

    What’s up with the purple on the ribbon boards? lol

  16. catcrawler


  17. dont want it!

    Currently sit in the first few rows of upper arena. By the looks of this, I’ll go from what is now row B, to about row V. That sucks. People were in an arena for TWO hours only.

  18. Anthony Davis Has A Posse

    I think I see Shabazz Muhammad about to dunk all over someone. In his Senior year. It’s glorious.

  19. Gus Chiggins

    Looks like same rupp… I see old people down low

  20. Fred

    I can’t tell are those suites all the way around or just the ends? Suites are ALL that matter in this renovation…they better not f that up.

  21. rupp district

    #5 the Mayor said today at the Merged Government Address that they will add 800-1000 seats in the lower level.

  22. Ms. Tyler Thompson

    Giant “K” flags are these rendering’s wild horses.

  23. rupp arena

    here is a larger look at the rendering and as you can tell renderings from afar are often NOT(errors from software) as spectacular when zoomed.

  24. Old Henry Man

    Alot of lights. Middle score board. Club seats in the endzone

  25. Cats R Back

    Whoever did this did a crappy job tho. The proportions are weird looking. Small proportions and larger on another end…and weird angles. I guess they did that to show the sidelines and give a sort of panoramic view in one picture. There are some thing missing that will be included in the new Rupp like jerseys hanging etc. And one thing I don’t like is the stat boards hanging from the rafters. Just include them on the center video board.

  26. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Looks like they magically created space. Will be interesting to see how this works, and there is no way that we don’t miss a season.

  27. Me


    Wonder how much it cost us to have that kid work a little photoshop?

    Lets pause for a minute. uofl got themselves a fancy new arena (that they told us was going to draw 5* kids, left and right). They suck and will continue to suck. It is the product on the floor and the tradition. UK is still gonna make tons of cash off of Rupp. The only way UK makes more money is to build their own stadium ON CAMPUS. Sure, we’ll make money off of suites, but at the end of the day, how much more can they make? Looking for a real answer here…

  28. Chicago

    They need to add another ERupption Zone on the other end… take the students out of the lower level corner behind the UK bench and move them to the other end, opening that area up for regular season ticket holders. Right now it’s grandma and grandpa at one end behind the basket, then the always animated Bearded Guy, Referee Guy, and the Spidermen on the other. This should be a no-brainer, so hopefully they recognize and follow through. Again, this could be a way to make up seating capacity that will be lost (but replaced by luxury box seating that the average fan can’t count on having)… take the students out of the lower level corner seats and cram them in another ERupption Zone. The net effect should be for the positive.

  29. jpizzle

    Looks great to me. Steeper (but taller) lower arena. E Rupp tion zone intact. Let’s do this.

  30. tyrus

    #13 lol

  31. PJWB

    These look great, but there are a few issues I take with them.

    First, the banners are in reverse order from how they currently appear. And the 2011 banner isn’t there at all, almost as if it had been vacated. Don’t we face these jokes enough as it is?

    Two, the scoreboard. In the center, we see 1:07 left in the fourth quarter in a matchup with Kansas. Kentucky leads, 98-91.

    But in the corners, with 16:18 left in the first quarter Kentucky trails 9-4. I’m not sure who we’re playing, but it looks like Carolina.

    So which game is it?

    Love Patrick Patterson front and center!!

  32. Cincinnati Josh

    Looks very similar to surrent setup, except the lowest few rows of the upper deck are eliminated to create a new luxury suite level between the main concourse and the upper mezzanine

  33. wicked

    Love the changes

  34. FakePaducahPatty

    #18 what are you smokin? When Shabazz finally picks UK as his college destination do you actually think he will be playing his senior year? Im not saying he will never graduate but when he does it will be all thanks to summer school after the NBA season is over. Share some of that good green with the rest of us if you think he will play all 4 years.

  35. Eric Gordon

    can’t wait for Dotson to play in it. oh wait..

  36. rupp

    31. You have to take those kinds of things not personally. the people who do these arent the biggest UK fans probably and just want to show you what will look like not accurate details.

  37. UofL sux

    I like it. I love the premier seating. Looks pretty cool. Just upgrade the sound and put in HD screens would make me happy tho..

  38. nassau65

    at least the Cats are up by 7 with 1:07 to go.

  39. Clandestine

    qBIGGEST thing is getting more students down around the court.

  40. UKGrad04

    Color me underwhelmed. The outside looked pretty rad though…

  41. Anthony Davis Has A Posse

    @23 – Looks spectacular to me – in the “zoomed in” version we are up 7 on Kansas with a minute left. And Polson is running the point with Eloy waiting by the bucket for a lob.

  42. catcrawler

    I’m actually happy with the current Rupp, but if Cal thinks it’s needed to “compete” against other programs for NBA talent, then so be it.

  43. UKBlue

    The mayor better not screw this up or Matt is putting his picture up on the website, and the entire BBN will have him on a wanted dead or alive poster.

  44. Ryan

    They should probably also install a mechanism within individual seats that ejects the occupant if he or she is not cheering adequately, sort of like what one finds in a fighter jet.

  45. Justin

    They left out the 2011 final four banner…. Also the 2012 National Champion banner…

  46. BigPerm

    Looks like a pile of turds. No new arena = second rate.

  47. Jeff In Lex

    Looks very nice, But man those upper arena seats look STEEP! Would really hate to have to climb those.

  48. Jamie in Funchester

    Where are the students?

  49. Hoss

    Where are the microwaves?

  50. Fields

    Lexington sucks; they will mess this up

  51. i'm just sayin

    having just say in the Yum center at eye level with those ribbon boards, they are really annoying during the game and take away from the action on the court.

  52. Cousins Fake Teeth

    Why are we losing 4-9?

  53. Scottyb

    Why the F does the score say Kentucky 4, Carolina 9? Not a very good future if you ask me.

  54. jon

    People who say they like Rupp the way it is has probably never had to sit in the middle of a row in the upper arena. For a guy like myself (6’1″ 220) its not a very comfortable place to be. Definitely need seatback seats throughout the arena. Also like the new scoreboard

  55. Fake Artie Lange

    They forgot the 2012 National Championship banner.

  56. kdmsf

    Cool, looks like Rupp Arena!

  57. Wes

    I wish that would be done by next season!

  58. Ky_GoBigBlue

    The support that holds up the ceiling better be blue instead of red this time. Never understood why they chose red in 1975

  59. St Paul Raiders

    Hey, did they forget the 2012 Championship banner? I don’t think anyone’s asked that. Right?

  60. John

    it says we are beating Kansas 98-91 on the center scorboard

  61. Joe

    Love it ! Only complaint, they don’t have 8,9,10 hanging in the rafters!

  62. s.motley

    Good lord, how steep is that upper level? Good thing they dont sell alcohol at rupp.

  63. Fred

    I like how they have everyone seated on the opposite side…

  64. Hunter12

    I can see my seat. Looks the same but I like it.

  65. Fred

    They really needed to get some students on the sides of the floor -

  66. he says she

    Honestly, I don’t see much improvement for the cost they are projecting. Essentially, it is the EXACT SAME seating arrangement with some luxury boxes thrown in-between the decks and some ribbon boards and new center scoreboard.

    It seems like the major focus is on improving the exterior and concourses.

  67. Cat Head

    I’m an Architect.

    I’d LOVE for Rupp Arena to look like this.

    Unfortunately, it won’t.

  68. wildcatHERPES

    Looks like diarrhea smeared on paper…..I would rather watch em play at memorial coliseum. If i could i would wipe my ass with the monitor.

  69. Holler Baller

    As long as there are more banners I approve

  70. Bledsoe's Biceps

    Cool. At first I was depressed we’d never actually get to see this, because the Mayans said the world will end in about 11 months. But then I realized they have to be wrong. I remembered that Marty McFly traveled to 2015, so we will get to see this.

  71. Han

    Those look like seats in the Erupption Zone. They getting rid of the student section all together to cut down on the noise?

  72. J-Daddy

    So I guess NBBJ is the firm handeling this???? My wife used to work for them about 12 years ago in Columbus, OH…Good firm, they do some amazing work.

  73. Me

    So, are they gonna start selling beer? Cause, if they did, I say keep Rupp the way it is. Current Rupp with beer sales > New Rupp without beer sales.

  74. eightandnoless

    There is no way thats what rupp will look like….theres no 2012 banner!!

  75. Viren

    I don’t see a true student section so in my it is a BUST.

  76. Better than now

    We must really be good that year because we are playing 4 players vs their six! Guess ole Mark Emmert passes a UK handicap rule sometime between now and then!

  77. baseline

    Can we really afford this? It doesn’t look much different than what we have now, just luxury boxes added. The lack of an expanded student rowdy section seems like a huge mistake. I say add another level at the bottom so the old folks can see over the students.

  78. UKfaninWI

    I hope we can hold on against Kansas here…since when could Kansas score 91?

  79. BBN 4-ever

    I see angels Micky

  80. I love this year team

    Big improvement i think. Love the whole thing. Just hope it looks close to the pic’s.

  81. theoledog

    #17…you picked up on that pretty quick….

  82. blueblooded

    Dude, we’re getting beat! This is garbage, scrap it & start over! That had to be done by someone on purpose. Find them & hand them by their toenails!

  83. CAJ

    Anyone know proposed capacity???

  84. ToeMater

    Little white dude, you’re wide open. Take the shot!!!

  85. ToeMater

    Better yet, pass it to the 8 foot tall guy under the basket!

  86. IdiotIsTheCommonDenominator

    Starting to act like loserville fans when it comes to kansas…smh

  87. Neil

    I think it looks awesome! I would love to get the students down closer to the floor but that will never happen anyway. I say get it started! For you fools that do not like it, I think it is important not to change it a whole lot, keep it somewhat traditional as well as modernizing it…..great job!

  88. UK Rife >>>> WVU Rifle

    100 Million for 1,000 seats = 100,000 per seat, and it looks like luxury boxes to me which means we are repeating the history of Rome. If you think getting tickets now are tough, wait till the current K Fund “donations” double. Where will that money come from? If they skip the luxury boxes you can probably put 4,000 to 8,000 seats in their place. Ask the UL fans who lost their seats when they built YUM. They can blow sunshine up your a** all day long with pictures, but Matt Jones you need to press the real questions as you did before in pursuit of truth for the rank and file in the BBN.

  89. Chuck

    Upper arena looks pretty dangerous. If a person stumbled, he would end up on the court, but dead.

  90. Eight Letters

    They are gonna spend $150 mil., yet they cant replace that crappy brick facade in the lower arena corners?

  91. Eight Letters

    The more I look at this, the more I think it was whipped out in some High School art class. In addition to the previous mentioned brick facade still there….what is with the seating along the baseline in the right side of the picture? I see a bunch of blur with some Igloo coolers floating near the top. Then don’t get me started on the slope….God help the people sitting in the upper arena. One sneeze and you fall 80 feet to the floor.

    Not a great design effort IMO.

  92. Jman

    Too bad this is not an engineers drawing. Once they get a hold of it and say what cannot be done it won’t look the same.

  93. Charlie

    I don’t understand why the University just would’nt build a new arena on its own and make all the money instead of giving it to Lexington til you get the city uninvolved its going to end up screwed up

  94. Truth

    UK cares more about the number of luxury suites than any of these bs renderings. When is the Mayor and Pitino’s best friend Brent Rice gonna address that?

  95. BigBlue1976

    88. It said 1,000 LOWER arena seats. More than that will be added to upper levels. Notice they will bring endzone seats up as high as the midcourt seats?

  96. Catsincebirth

    In this picture Michael Porter comes back for his
    senior year ,because thats him turning the ball over
    at half court.

  97. Truth

    As far as money from the suites go, the Yum center has like 73 suites that are leased for almost $100,000. a year. They pull in an extra 6 million+ bucks a year. I guarantee Bent Rice is on board to assure the number of luxury suites remain low so we dont take any business from UL since he’s a UL booster and all.

  98. UK Rife >>>> WVU Rifle


    I am guessing they will be adding the lower seats by subtracting the upper seats. I am concerned about 3 numbers

    #1 Total number of seats
    #2 Number of seats used in corporate suites
    #3 Net number of seats

    #1 – #2 = #3 : Since the average fan will never see the interior of one of the suites, #3 is the number I am concerned about?

    I have a feeling to increase the number of seats in the lower area, and add corporate seating, it will be deducted from the current upper seats. In addition say they drop the seat width from 22 inches to 18 inches. Like what has happened in airlines, how comfortable does this make the experience of the average fan?

    Maybe I am a bit older and a bit more cynical, but I have seen this for years when the artist rendering looks nothing like the final process. If they have done the pictures, they should have the numbers as well. Since bond money builds this the taxpayers, and future bondholders have the right to the actual data, and not just pictures.

  99. Jacob

    better have more students closer to the floor!

  100. CT Cat

    Guys, lay off Brent Rice. I see him (or his family) sitting behind the bench every game. Yeah, he was Pitino’s attorney. He was also Tubby’s attorney. For all I know, he might be Cal’s. Suffice it to say, he’s a member of the BBN, so chill.

  101. Brian Jones

    since when do the fans bring out 15 foot UK flags to the arena? this looks awful, no way its this steep in there!

  102. UK Rife >>>> WVU Rifle

    For those who think it is steep, the visual is altered because it looks like they have eliminated ALL the seats in the upper deck that overhang the lower deck. This appears to have been done to allow the suites to be installed, which means folks in the first 10 or so rows in the upper deck are now without a seat.

  103. Jordan

    well… the reason the top image looks funky is because the ASPECT RATIO of either the person posting the image is totally wrong or the person who put the image out screwed it up. The smaller version of the image is correct and everything doesn’t look nearly as STRRRREETCHED out…

  104. Bec

    Why am I singing “we don’t need another heroooo”? #thunderdome

  105. rupp arena

    image with blue ribbon boards has emerged…

  106. Cherith Cutestory


  107. Transy Clay

    Why is Kentucky losing on the scoreboard?

  108. Christmas Earl

    What happened to the big red air conditioning ducts? The image gives the illusion of a more open and therefore larger rafter space. IMO these ducts will not go away in the renovation and should be shown to give a truer impression of the project.

  109. billy

    At least they are going to put a scorboard in the middle of the court. That is the number one improvement for me.

  110. Jax Teller

    72 — My wife also worked for BJ about 7 years ago. She did amazing work. Ever since we said “I do”, her amazing BJ work has stopped.

  111. Jax Teller

    Somebody is going to die trying to get to the upper level seats. As mentioned one slip and its ova. Good thing for me, that’ll cut the waiting list and increase my chances in the lottery. On second thought let’s do this…

  112. GC

    Why is the word “KENTUCKY” facing the wrong direction on the floor behind the baseline?

  113. Bad Eyes

    I know the score on the screen has 98-91 Ky over Kansas, but the players look like a Blue-White scrimmage. One apprears to be wearing a white tshirt and blue shorts. And yes I know this is just composite (photoshop) picture.