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10 Random Notes and Thoughts About UK’s Nonconference Basketball Schedule

The schedule is out.

These are the first ten things that popped in my head after seeing it.

Add your own in the comments section.

Go Cats.


1.) What is a Northwood?

Kentucky will host Northwood University’s Florida campus, coached by former UNLV and Villanova head coach Rollie Massimino, in its first exhibition game of the season. Massimino coached the 1985 Villanova team to the NCAA title over Georgetown.

Cal and Massimino have feuded in the past, but the beef has since been squashed.

2.) The home schedule isn’t any worse than in years past.

I’m seeing A LOT of complaints about the slate of home games on the nonconference schedule when it’s really no different than it was two years ago. Here are the home games from the 2010-11 season:

East Tennessee State
Mississippi Valley State
Coppin State

Kentucky beat Indiana by 19 that year and the Hoosiers finished the season with a 12-20 record, good enough for last place in the Big Ten.

3.) This is why the North Carolina series was put on hold.

Cal took a year off from the UNC series but will start it up again in 2013-14 so that the home game against the Tar Heels falls on opposite years of the home Louisville game. That ensures at least one marquee home gave every season.

Just get through this season and then Rupp Arena will host the Tar Heels or the Cardinals every December.

4.) No game in Freedom Hall for the first time since 1958.

With an average attendance of 13,770 over the last six years, the annual Freedom Hall game wasn’t getting the turnout UK needed to continue scheduling the venue.

Not to mention, the place is falling apart and smelled a lot like syrup during last year’s game against Arkansas Little Rock.

5.) Louisville game doesn’t fall on New Year’s Eve.

UK and Louisville played on New Year’s Eve the last two seasons, which made for a longggggg day and an even longer night. I’m happy to see it pushed back to December 29, so we’re not trying to cram two celebrations into one evening.

6.) Kentucky will open its season away from Rupp Arena for the first time since the 2002-03 season.

Not since the Cats opened up the 2002-03 season in the Maui Invitational has Kentucky kicked off a regular season outside of Rupp Arena. Kentucky will open the 2012-13 season against Maryland in Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center.

The first home game won’t be until November 16 when the Cats host Lafayette in the third game of the season.

7.) Portland? Again???

Good news KSR live bloggers!!! Sammy Redhead is back for another year!!!

Coach Cal really wanted Terrence Jones when he set up this three-game series.

8.) Enjoy one last home game against Samford.

Next year, Kentucky will travel to Birmingham for the third and final meeting against the Bulldogs, as part of the agreement between Coach Cal and his former staffer, Martin Newton.

The son of C.M. cashed in a lot of favors when he took over as Samford director of athletics. Kentucky football also hosts Samford this year.

9.) Sean Woods is coming back to Rupp Arena. Again.

Woods returns to Rupp Arena as head coach of the opposing team for the third time in five years.

This time it’s with Morehead State.

10.) Duke.

Bring it.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

18 responses to “10 Random Notes and Thoughts About UK’s Nonconference Basketball Schedule”

  1. mocha

    i’m going to ATL for that duke game.

  2. 44 Stitches

    You are dead on with point number 5.

  3. SexnNursinHomes

    Franklin, you know what a Northwood is. You get one every morning.

  4. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Drew you nailed it with number 2. In fact I would say that the 2010-11 schedule is weaker than this years. That marquee IU game had us beat the Loosiers by 19. That same IU team lost 18 of its final 21 games and didn’t play in the NIT. My guess is 2012-13 Baylor will easily be better than that. People need to quit bitching!

  5. Biggest Fans

    As two retired educators, the cost of our lower arena tickets makes up the bulk of our social budget. With increasing K-Fund “donations” and ticket pricing, plus parking and food expenses, it feels like UK is taking advantage of its strongest supporters, especially when no marquee home games are scheduled. Although one of us stands and cheers as faithfully as any student, is it any wonder that some feel only an exciting play is “worth” an exuberant reaction? Nothing beats the atmosphere of a Rocking Rupp Arena, but marquee games make it happen.

  6. in this i believe

    Rivalry home and home games are special. Getting to see perrinial elite teams regularly is the stuff dreams are made of. But with Cal, we are going to be in contention every year, playing the top teams everywhere.
    If the SEC could develop nationally viable teams like LSU, when D Brown was there, Arkansas with N Richardson & E. Sutton, Alabama with C M.Newton and the guy with the plad jackets, Tennessee with R Mears & B Peal and Florida of course, then the non conf games carry less weight.

  7. in this i believe

    By the way, Tyler’s. Picture is great relief from the guys ridiculous mugs

  8. Will S

    1) See ya there. Should be an epic game in a tremendous atmosphere.

  9. waitaminute

    Why is John Hood wearing a Pilots uni in the picture…

  10. only Saturday games in December?

    since The Cats aren’t playing any weekday games in December, does that mean we — as well as every 14, 15, 16, and 17-year old future Cat hopeful — get to watch a Coach Cal practice on espn2 and every Wednesday during December???

  11. Cking9698

    Sorry to those season ticket holders who feel jipped this year.

    It will get better. North Carolina and Louisville will rotate as the marquee home game from now on.

    Cal wants to schedule two games a year against marquee opponents in a dome, or final four type setting. Cal has said he did not properly prepare the 2010 and 2011 teams, and we’re not used to the sight lines. He saw the shell shocked look of the team in Houston. I agree 100%.

    Cal is also smart about scheduling schools from a recruits back yard…hence Portland.
    Baylor in Dallas is all about the twins, Randle, and future Texas recruits.


    Some may not like this direction but, I believe this school of thought prepares the Cats for tournament success. Crean doesn’t get this…he believes great games at home prepare your team…hence WHY INDIANA WON’T WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR!!!

    I look forward to playing Duke, Michigan State, Ucla, and Kansas every year in a big ass dome!!

  12. tltaworl

    Bring back the UKIT!

  13. Mudcreekmark

    11) So you’re saying that the only way to win a championship is to schedule dome games? If you look back at past champs I doubt very much you will find that this is the common thread. I understand that Cal has a way he wants to do things with “his” program but that doesn’t mean it is the only way to do things.

  14. CatBlue in LR

    “Not since the Cats opened up the 2002-03 season in the Maui Invitational has Kentucky kicked off a regular season outside of Rupp Arena.”

    Tipped off… it’s basketball–we tip it off, not kick it off. Jeez…

  15. For Sale

    Two season tickets seats for the non-conference schedule. Glad I’m going to NY on 11/9. Nothing happening until the SEC starts. Good thing Cal doesn’t get to schedule that.

  16. Walden

    9.) Sean Woods is coming back to Rupp Arena. Again.

    So long as Woods is not coaching at Kentucky. He pulled a UCONN down at MVSU. Great success for taht little school, just to have to banned from NCAA play because of low grades.

  17. Walden

    Please forgive me horrible sentence structure!… try again: Great success for that little school, just to have it banned from NCAA tourny play because of low grades.

  18. Put in Richie

    Bringing up the whole 2010-2011 schedule as a defense for this year’s slate is really an awful argument. So you justify a bad schedule by saying that CAL has done this before so its OK??? Not sure I understand the logic on this one. Plus, its more than just the home slate that is bad with this schedule.