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October 30th, 2014

Thursday Night News and Views


Happy Hallows’ Eve…Eve, friends. Enjoy the end of that Louisville/Florida State game? Me too. Props to the Cards for giving the ‘Noles a scare, but in the end, the defending National Champs were just too much. A few sad Cards screencaps and then let’s move on…

B1Pd2vcIEAExbSn Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.55.11 PM IMG_3394 B1PmKmoIAAIXEcB

Just when you thought Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium couldn’t get any smellier.

I’m headed up to Kentucky tomorrow on the rare weekend the Cats are out of town to help my brother-in-law celebrate his birthday, so let’s get this news and views rolling so I can go pack. Ready? Ready.

Stoops acknowledges a sense of urgency within the program

After insisting earlier this week that his team isn’t thinking about bowl eligibility, Mark Stoops admitted today there is some anxiety about getting that sixth win. “I feel there’s a sense of urgency – I do – within our program. I don’t know if that’s the reason or if it’s because we feel like we’ve had a decent season, we’ve improved and there’s still a lot more to go. So we really want to finish strong.” Yesterday, Bud Dupree told reporters how much he’d enjoy being able to celebrate a win on the plane ride home for once, and Stoops said that when that happens, it will be a sight to behold. “Well, I think it would be another milestone if you will, or a goal that we want to do. We don’t hide from that. I’ve talked to them about that. Let’s get on the plane to go there with a strong mindset and let’s be joyous on that return.”

However, first thing’s first. Beat Mizzou.

That’ll require a better running game

Let’s be honest: outside of Patrick Towles, UK’s running game was terrible against Mississippi State. Missouri has given up -5 yards on 75 rushes to quarterbacks this season, so Towles may not be able to bail the running backs out as much this week. Stoops said that for Kentucky to have a chance in Columbia, they must improve the rush attack. “We always want to have that balance. It only helps us with simple things, you know: killing the clock, changing field position, giving the defense a rest,” Stoops said. “We continue to work on the run game and being more physical and having the backs make some big plays for us.”

Boom’s back, but Borden’s out

Thankfully, Boom Williams will be back to help the run game out. Stoops said a week off to recover from his concussion was just the medicine Boom needed. He’s looked good. Should be pretty fresh. Any time you get some time off and then come back, could help that way.”

Unfortunately, Steven Borden will not play on Saturday. Borden sat out last game’s week, and today, Stoops said that Borden’s injury may be more serious than the staff originally thought. Estimated time of return? “It may be a couple weeks or more. I’m not sure. But certainly not playing this week.”

Before he was into Harry Potter, Patrick Towles was into pirates

If anyone knows where a 6’5″ person can get Quidditch robes, please let Patrick know by tomorrow night. He’s looking.

6 of 7 ESPN experts picked UK to beat Missouri

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.45.32 PM

In defense of his pick, Alex Scarborough writes that UK will win because “Missouri just can’t seem to get it together,” citing the Tigers’ struggles against Vandy last week. “And Kentucky is no Vanderbilt,” Scarborough says. “With a true playmaker at quarterback and a better-than-expected defense, Kentucky will give Missouri fits on both sides of the ball and win on the road.”

I like it.

The Cat Walk in Columbia will start at 1 p.m. Central

For those of you making the trip to Columbia for Saturday’s game, the Cat Walk will take place at approximately 1 p.m. CT outside Gate 6W. Mississippi State had a really impressive showing outside CWS when their team arrived last week, so let’s make the Cat Walk as good on the road as it is at home. Za’Darius Smith’s smile is totally worth it


UK Basketball got some air time on “The McCarthys”

“The McCarthys” is a new CBS sitcom starring Joey McIntyre, and several of you wrote us to say that a clip of an old UK/Indiana game was shown at one point. The show takes place in Boston, so maybe the characters are UK fans because of Rondo and James Young?

Antonio Blakeney is visiting this weekend

One item that’s slipped under the radar amidst all the news is Antonio Blakeney’s official visit to campus this weekend. Blakeney originally planned to visit UK for Big Blue Madness, but had to reschedule. Blakeney will visit LSU next weekend, and is also considering Missouri, North Carolina, and NC State. He’s scheduled to arrive on campus Saturday, and I would assume he’ll stick around for UK’s exhibition game against Pikeville on Sunday. The Cats are currently a 54% favorite in his Crystal Ball.

I need this UK onesie that Tyler Ulis gave Devin Booker


Today was Devin Booker’s birthday, and his roommate Tyler Ulis gave him this amazing UK onesie.

That’ll do it for tonight. I’ll leave you with the Vince Marrow dancing GIF, just because.


The Cats have another custom shoe for this season

The new LeBron Soldiers. Last week, UK Equipment unveiled the custom Kevin Durant “KD7″s:

Which do you prefer?

Also, in case you missed it, LeBron’s intro at the Cavaliers game tonight:

And, of course, the chalk toss:

Guess who Landon Foster dressed up as for Halloween


Disappointed Foster didn’t fully commit and go for Marcus’ faux hawk.

KSR’s last minute Halloween costume ideas


Halloween is tomorrow, and in case you’re like 95% of Americans and don’t have a costume picked out yet, KSR is here to save the day. All week, you guys have been sending us pictures of your Halloween costumes, and some of them are pretty impressive, including this fan’s Craig Naivar get up. Here are a few more ideas to show off your Halloween spirit and your love for the Cats and KSR.


Swaggy Spinning Cal

Materials: Dad jeans, UK or white pullover, office chair, dramamine as needed

Instructions: Roll into a room and spin around.


Swaggy Wizard Cal

Materials: Wizard costume minus the wig and beard, magic wand

Instructions: When someone calls you Gandalf or Dumbledore by mistake, respond “You know what they call me? The Magician. Cal, the Magician.”


Swaggy McMahon Cal

Materials: Suit, microphone

Instructions: Strut into room with a grin on your face and drop the mic.


Karl Towns

Materials: UK uniform or gear, clown shoes painted blue


Marcus Lee (or just this cat)

Materials: UK uniform or gear, mohawk, pogo stick

Dakari Johnson

Materials: UK jersey or gear, bear costume or mask

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.05.06 PM

Kentucky Joe

Materials: Shiny blue UK jacket, white boxers, tall gym socks, black frame glasses, business cards

Instructions: Ask people if they know who you are.


Kige Ramsey as a surgeon

In fact, replicated perfectly, that could be the scariest costume of the night.


Chime in with your suggestions below.

Stoops Speaks for the Final Time Before Mizzou

Stoops awesome practice pic

–  The Cats’ road routine has produced polarizing results: a blowout loss and a triple overtime heartbreaker.  Finding a middle ground would be nice.  Stoops didn’t want to do anything too dramatic in game-week changes, but at this point in the year small changes help keep players fresh, “I think there’s peaks and valleys throughout the season for most guys,” Stoops said.

Stoops had Sunday film sessions before giving them Monday off.  He could feel their energy this week and that little hitch in their giddy up might have done the trick.

–  The Cats must play clean.  During his pre-game research, Kyle Tucker astutely observed the only significant difference between Mizzou’s wins and losses: turnovers and special teams.  Neither Indiana nor Georgia committed turnovers and failed to give up any big plays in special teams.  Conversely, their blowout at the Swamp could not have happened without points off turnovers and special teams.

The Cats turnover margin (+9) has never been a problem, but the special teams unit has caused some concern recently.  “They have a dangerous guy in that return game, so we have to be on point with our cover units,” Stoops said.  The last time the Cats faced a dangerous return man, Vandy’s Derrius Sims, he didn’t get diddly squat.

–  Stoops likes to downplay stuff during the week leading up to a game, but today he admitted that a road win would be an important part of the rebuilding process, “I think it would be another milestone if you will, or a goal, that we want to do.  We don’t hide from that.  I’ve talked to them about that.”

After a solid start, Stoops and his team know the importance of going out with a bang:

“I feel there’s a sense of urgency – I do – within our program.  I don’t know if that’s the reason or if it’s because we feel like we’ve had a decent season, we’ve improved and there’s still a lot more to go.  So we really want to finish strong.”

–  Stoops wants Louisville to lose.  But then again, who doesn’t?  He isn’t going to Louisville for the game, but he’s cheering for his old boss, Slim Jimbo, and his scout team quarterback, Jameis Winston, “I’ll enjoy watching it on TV.  I’ll be rooting for them (FSU).  Can I say that?”

You can say that, and you can tell us how you REALLY feel about Bobby P.

Eric Crawford v. Kyle Tucker Nerd Fight: Who Ya Got?

Everyone loves a good nerd fight on Twitter and two of the heavyweights in the sport squared off today over a link to an article that no more than 34 people will read.

Eric Crawford, formerly of the Courier-Journal, and Kyle Tucker, currently of the Courier-Journal, put up their 140-character dukes over Crawford’s “Hide your women” comment in a link. Kyle hit him with, “You’re better than this” before Crawford landed a sick “Wowza” on the counterattack. (Yeah, he went there.)


There’s a little more to it than what I posted above — also, nice KSR shoutout — but I don’t have the time, patience or give-a-sh*t to go digging for all of it. My point in all this is to say: it’s time these two get in the octagon. Or move it over to a Facebook wall, same thing.

This round goes to Tucker by unanimous decision.

Borden out this week again, possibly longer


UK starting tight end Steven Borden will not join the team in Missouri as his injury is a little more severe than expected. It will be the second straight week the Cats go without him and Stoops said it could possibly be even longer. “He could be out a couple weeks.”

Ronnie Shields started in Borden’s spot against Mississippi State and will likely get the nod again Saturday.

In other injury news, Boom Williams is back and ready to go.

This GIF of Vince Marrow dancing is everything


Don’t think for one second we’ll ever stop using this GIF, ever.

We’re just getting started with it, bro.

There is a special guest at UK football practice today

Avery Williamson

Avery Williamson, now a starting linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, is in Lexington to get the team fired up for Saturday’s game. And if anyone can do it, it’s Avery.


Campbellsville, Kentucky will become KSR’s 30th affiliate tomorrow

Guess what, good people of Campbellsville? YOU’RE GETTING KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO RADIO TOMORROW! Oo-ah-ay Turn Up!

Friday morning at approximately 10:05 am, KSR will air live on 1450 AM WTCO in Campbellsville, our 30th affiliate in this great state of Kentucky. It is a huge milestone for the show and we’re looking forward to adding you to the audience so you can hear the absurdity that is Ryan Lemond every morning.

Thanks to all the fans in Campbellsville and across to Kentucky, and Go Cats.

Doron Lamb is back in Lexington until the next team calls

Doron Lamb was waived by the Dallas Mavericks five days ago but he’s not giving up on his future in the NBA. Lamb is currently living in Lexington, working out with the UK coaching staff two and three times a day until the phone rings again.

“He will be ready for his next opportunity,” Coach Cal tweeted today. “Proud of him.”

If Lamb’s NBA dreams don’t pan out, he has a future in giving advice on Twitter. His most recent one looks like this:


Super-Spooky Halloween Tales!


Excuse me, young man. I’m a hobo clown and I was wondering if you could tell me how to get to the locomotive station. As you can see, I have all my belongings wrapped in a handkerchief on this stick, and I have tattered gloves, and I just want to hit the open road to HAHAHAHA GOT YOU! It’s just me, your old pal Tomlin! Not a hobo clown. I love Halloween.

Friends, I don’t need to tell you that the season of the witch is upon us, Halloween, with its creepy ghosts and goblins and terror lurking around every corner. As I know you love Halloween as much as I do, I thought I might drop in today with my annual collection of frightening Halloween stories for you to share at your own get-togethers this weekend. Try not to get too scared by them; they are fairly horrifying. Buckle in and prepare to be scared. And have a happy Halloween, everyone.


The Scary Houseguest

A young couple returned home from a Halloween party one night and retired to the bedroom to go to sleep. An hour later, a knock came at the door. “Humvahamamuh!” a voice mumbled through the door, “huvnanamaaahhh!” The husband bravely opened the door to see a horrifying spectre from his past. “Hammvanamavahamma!” the spectre moaned.
“Who is it?” asked his wife, frightened.
“It’s just Billy Gillispie,” said the husband. “He probably wants a ride home or something.”
“Weird,” said the wife. “I thought he went back to Texas.”
“I did too, to be honest,” replied the husband. “But he’s out here on the porch.”
“That’s crazy,” said the wife.
“Yeah, I know,” answered the husband.


The Phantom Reporter

Vanderbilt Football Head Coach Derek Mason sat in his office one afternoon, going through scouting reports, when a reporter knocked at his door and walked into his office. The reporter looked very pale; he had deep-set, dark eyes, and he pierced Derek Mason with an intense gaze. “Coach Mason,” he said very hauntingly, “are you pleased with how the team has been playing?”
“I think we’re playing very good football but getting some tough breaks,” said Mason.
“Well,” said the creepy reporter. “I think the team looks very good.”
Later, when Mason was meeting with his staff, he asked “Hey, do any of you guys know of a creepy reporter who looks really pale and has a really spooky stare? He came by my office and told me the team looked very good.”
The room became very quiet as the staff looked around at each other in shock.
“Coach, that wasn’t just any reporter,” said assistant coach Charles Bankins. “That was Keith Handley, the reporter who dresses up to make himself look like a ghost reporter.”
“Oh, okay,” said Mason. “That makes sense now. But why do you all look so scared?”
“Because,” replied Bankins. “Vanderbilt football hasn’t been very good since at least 1982!


A Vision from the Past

Mississippi State Basketball Head Coach Rick Ray came out of the locker room to practice and blew his whistle. “Okay, let’s get started!” he shouted.
The team looked at him in disbelief. “C-Coach, your head!” said Tevin Moore, handing him a mirror.
As he peered into the mirror, he shrieked at the horrific visage in the reflection. “Oh, dear God no,” he cried.
“What is it?” asked Moore.
Ray clutched his head, breaking the mirror dropping to his knees, his wails filling Humphrey Coliseum. “It’s the ghost of Rick Stansbury’s hair!”


The Ghost Coaches

Bruce Pearl walked through Auburn Arena with the University President, discussing his role as Auburn’s new head coach.
“We think you’ll do great here,” said the President, ” and we’re happy to have you. But I have to warn you, sometimes people say Auburn Arena is haunted by the ghosts of old coaches.”
“Really?” Asked Pearl.
“Yes,” said the President. “A janitor once said he saw old Sonny Smith, pacing the sidelines as if he was still coaching a phantom team.”
Wow,” said Pearl.
“And once,” continued the President, “an administrative assistant said she swears Shug Jordan was standing at the end of one of the halls, looking at old trophies in the case.”
“Amazing,” said Pearl.
“One time,” said the President, “a player said he saw Bill Lynn standing in that doorway over there, watching him play.”
“That’s unbelievable,” said Pearl. “Hey, isn’t that Tony Barbee sitting over there in the rafters right now?”
“Yes,” said the President, “but that’s not a ghost. That’s really Tony Barbee, he still lives here in the basement and sleeps on a cot.”

A Mystery on the Farm

One autumn, a month before Halloween, a farmer began noticing over the course of several weeks that his chickens and pigs were disappearing from their pens. At first he suspected foxes or coyotes were the culprit, but traps wouldn’t stop the disappearances. In the fresh mud near the chicken and pigpens, each morning, he noticed giant footsteps in the ground.
Each night the same thing happened; chickens would disappear, giant footsteps would appear in the mud.
“Maybe it’s Bigfoot,” the farmer’s wife said.
“There’s no such thing as Bigfoot,” scoffed the farmer.
As Halloween approached the disappearances continued, along with the footprints, so the farmer decided one evening to sit up in a chair and find out what was happening. The night grew late, and the farmer fell asleep in his chair only to wake to a noise in the grass.
“Who is it? Who’s out there?” shouted the farmer into the darkness. His pulse pounded and he was paralyzed with fear to come face to face with whatever waited in the shadows.
“Oh, hey, it’s just me,” said freshman Kentucky center Karl Towns, stepping into the light. “Sometimes I like to take night walks. I hope that’s okay that I cut through your farm. Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you that there’s a hole in your fence and I think your chickens and pigs are escaping.”

UK accepted the Bengals’ “Layup For Lauren” Challenge and you need to see it

UK Basketball accepted Andy Dalton and Andrew Whitworth’s “Layup for Lauren” Challenge issued earlier this week and passed it along to Anthony Davis, Darius Miller and the New Orleans Pelicans. Watch the video above as each member of the team attempts to make a layup with their non-dominant hand after spinning around five times.

To learn more about the “Layup For Lauren” Challenge, watch Lauren explain it in the video that started it all:

Mount St. Joseph College moved its season opener to this Sunday to accommodate Lauren, a freshman who has been given a terminal diagnosis and worried she might not be able to play on the originally scheduled date of November 15. Her one wish in life is to play in a college basketball game.

Bud Sasser’s parents like to party

Missouri wide receiver Bud Sasser leads the Tigers in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns this season. His 40 catches through eight games rank second in the SEC, while his six touchdowns rank fourth in the conference. Needless to say, he’s having quite a year in Mizzou’s offense.

But forget all that; let’s talk about his family for a moment. They sound like the kind of people some of you would like to spend a weekend with. Here’s why:

For whatever reason, maybe because they like to party, Sasser’s parents named him and his two sisters after drinks. I kid you not. Drinks of the alcoholic variety, if you will. He has one sister named Brandy, a fairly common name for a girl, and another sister named Tequila, that stuff that gets everyone naked. Together, they’re Brandy and Tequila, the Sasser sisters and the two main ingredients in a Flaming Orgy. (Look it up.)

For Bud, Larry and Jackie took the beer route: it’s short for Budweiser. He lucked out and was named Larry for birth certificate’s sake, but he’s gone by Bud his entire life. Again, it’s short for Budweiser. Budweiser, as in the King of Beers.

So if you’re making the trip to Columbia for this weekend’s game, I highly encourage you to find the Sasser tailgate outside Faurot Field. I have a pretty good feeling they will be tying one on.

Derek Mason picks Kentucky over Missouri

Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason has road losses to Kentucky and Missouri this season, so he knows a thing or two about both squads and the environment that will host Saturday’s game in Columbia. Mason, in his first year in the SEC, sees two good football teams in UK and Mizzou, but if he has to pick a winner for Saturday’s game, the Cats get the edge.

“Missouri is a good football team, and Coach Pinkel does a good job, but I just think Kentucky right now has a little more offensive firepower and defensively has shown me more in what they can do in their fronts, stunts and coverages,” Mason said. “It’s going to be a fairly even matchup, but I will give the edge to Kentucky.”

Mason and his Commodores were handed a 24-14 loss to Missouri last weekend, three weeks after a 10-point deficit against Kentucky in Commonwealth Stadium. He may know more about the two sides than anyone, therefore I trust his opinion.