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January 30th, 2015

Clay Travis finally apologizes to Boogie

Now, can we stop giving this guy attention?

It’s decision day for Tavin Richardson

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.29.19 AM

The Kentucky football program has a BIG chance to recapture some momentum this afternoon when three-star wide receiver Tavin Richardson announces his decision at 4 p.m. ET. The 6’3″ 214 lbs. South Carolina native has been a longtime Kentucky target, and took an official visit to Lexington this past weekend, where he posed for that picture right there. Richardson is choosing between Kentucky and Central Florida, and by all accounts, the staff will be shocked if he doesn’t pick the Cats.

Meanwhile, Tommy Mainord and Derrick Ansley were in the DC area last night to check in on four-star safety Marcus Lewis, who will announce his decision on Tuesday. Lewis is teammates with current UK commit Jabari Greenwood, and both posted this picture with the UK coaches on Twitter last night:

You look pretty awesome. Lewis is down to Kentucky and Miami, and landing a commitment from him would be absolutely huge for the program. He’s considered the fifth best safety in the country, and Kentucky sure could use some good mojo heading into Signing Day.

Come on down, Tavin and Marcus. We need you.

Boogie wants you to show Clay Travis some love

Today's the day!! Let's all show him some love!! @ClayTravisBGID

A photo posted by DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins) on


UPDATE: Clay Travis has responded in a surprisingly impressive manner, pledging $5,000 to Demarcus’ charity of choice:

That may be the only decent thing he’s ever done.

Settle down, Kim Anderson (Friday Show Thread)

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the thank goodness it’s Friday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio. We’re all running on a little less sleep today after last night’s ugly and exhausting win over Missouri, but we will power through to give you two hours of quality sports radio. Probably. Tune in to find out!

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Clay Travis was just a bit off with his DeMarcus Cousins prediction

Note the date on that tweet: 1/30/10

Five years ago, today.

Arrests: 0



BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Tyler Ulis and the Assist Record

H/T to my buddy and yours, Beisner, for releasing this little nugget yesterday about Tyler Ulis.  Beisner said that Ulis’ father told him before the season that a major goal of Tyler Ulis was to break the career assist record at UK.  For those of you currently unaware, the current record is Dirk Minnifield at 646 assists.  But considering that Ulis is a rarity at UK these days in that he could very likely stay for 4 years, I think it’s worth investigating whether or not it’s realistic that Tyler could challenge that record.

Ulis currently has 65 assists on the season through 20 games.  Assuming UK does make the national title game this year (40 games), that means that Ulis is on pace for 130 assists this season.  For comparison’s sake, Minniefield had 126 assists in his freshman season.  So right there, Ulis is already on pace to be ahead of Minnifield through 1 season.  And obviously keep in mind that Tyler is doing this while completely splitting time with Andrew Harrison.  For the next 3 years (hopefully), Ulis will very likely be the starter and get many more minutes than he is right now.  Of course Calipari could recruit another stud point guard and Ulis has to split time again, but right now he appears to be the guy.

While Ulis is on pace to beat Minniefield’s freshman assist total, he will have obviously have to increase that pace for the next 3 years.  So if he continues to split time with somebody else, that will greatly limit his ability to do that.  But for this post, let’s assume he plays serious minutes.  What kind of pace will Ulis have to have to beat the assist record?

Ulis will likely benefit from playing more games in his career.  Minnifield never played more than 34 games in a season, and that was in his freshman year.  I think it’s likely Ulis will play more than that each year.  I mean, UK gets a minimum of 31 regular season games a year now.  Even if we go conservative and say UK plays 2 SEC Tournament games and 3 NCAA Tournament games a year, that still is 36 games a year.  So let’s do the math:

FRESHMAN: 40 games, 3.6 apg, 130 total assists
SOPHOMORE: 36 games, 4.6 apg, 166 total assists (going up 1.0 apg)
JUNIOR: 36 games, 5.1 apg, 183 total assists (going up 0.5 apg)
SENIOR: 36 games, 5.6 apg, 202 total assists (going up 0.5 apg)
TOTAL: 681 career assists

That would be a new UK record.  And I went on the conservative side of things on how many games UK could play in each year and how much improvement Ulis would have from year to year.

So what do you think?  Is the assist record in danger if Tyler Ulis stays for 4 years?

KSR’s Top Ten Tweets of the Day


Darrell Bird

We will focus most of our attention on relevant Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as per usual, there are no limits to our madness. You, the KSR fans, can also participate in our top-10 tweet countdown by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTopTen, or by tweeting @KySportsRadio.


#10  Devin Booker

Hear that Mizzou?



#9  Spencer Hall

Take what’s yours, Boogie.



#8  Tyler Thompson

I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.



#7  John Wilmhoff

Get on it.



#6  Kelly Anderson

Well played, sir.



#5  Patrick Patterson

SMH indeed.



#4  Dave Scott

48. Father of three. Minivan. Accounting firm in the burbs.



#3  SportsCenter

I’ve heard of him.



#2 Megan Calipari




#1  Drew Franklin


@BrennanKSR + Funkhouser

Kentucky beat Missouri, 69-53 | Total fouls beat Missouri, 54-53


Kentucky is 20-0 after winning one of the worst college basketball games you will ever see. Missouri stretched it out longer than it needed to go by fouling on seemingly every possession, but the game is finally over and Columbia is in the rearview mirror with a 69-53 victory.

It’s really late and, honestly, I quit paying attention midway through the second half. (You wanted it to end, too. Don’t lie.) So we’re going to run through this recap quickly so we can rest up and attack it all again tomorrow as we get ready for Saturday’s game in Lex.

Let’s get to it, night owls…


Andrew Harrison was excellent.

EXCELLENT and hopefully this silences some of the Andrew-haters. Remember Cal saying the rain in Lexington is Andrew’s fault? The wreck on 75 is Andrew’s fault? We need to get away from all that because it’s unfair, undeserved and Andrew’s a great point guard, like he showed us tonight against Missouri.

He really played with confidence, got to the foul line a lot, hit his free throws, found his teammates, played good defense and did really anything else one could ask of him. It was an all-around great game from Jeff Goodman’s least favorite player in America.

Way to go, Andrew. We forgive you for the rain in Lexington.

There were entirely too many fouls called.

The two teams combined for 54 fouls in this one. Fifty. Four. Fouls. There’s no excuse for that. Kim Anderson said he didn’t want his team to commit 31 fouls, but it’s clear his gameplan was to get physical, and in some cases, hack the hell out of Kentucky.

54 fouls… I mean, really guys???

Devin Booker loves road games, but struggled a little tonight.

Tonight was a homecoming for Devin Booker, but he loves all road atmospheres, not just this one, he says. Booker told Mike Pratt he grew up watching college basketball and enjoys being the enemy now that he’s at this level. He loves to hear boos when he touches the ball.

However, he wasn’t the Devin Booker we’ve grown used to tonight. “He struggled a little,” Cal said of his star freshman.

The one-time Mizzou target went 3-for-7 from the field for nine points, plus four turnovers. It wasn’t quite enough to silence the crowd, especially when this happened:

Tyler Ulis made a bad pass.

Guys, I really don’t know how to say this because I don’t believe it myself but Tyler Ulis made a bad pass. I saw it. I saw it with my own eyes. He threw it out of bounds when trying to get it to a big man inside.

Someone check hell because I believe it’s frozen over.

Willie Cauley-Stein took the night off.

Two points on one field goal attempt, three rebounds, no blocks, no steals and 0-for-4 at the line.

Kentucky can win against teams like Missouri when Willie zones out, but it can’t happen against a legit contender. Gotta have Willie to win the big ones.

“He will be fine,” said Andrew Harrison.

This team now has the third best start in school history.

Three more wins to tie 1965-66, five more to tie 1953-54 and six more wins until the best of the best.

Damn this is a season.

I’ll leave you with this awesome Vine.

Ohhhhhhhhh… We’re halfway there!

Go Cats.

Seth Greenberg brought back Jimmy Dykes’ shoulder cam tonight

Seth Greenberg handled the sideline duties tonight, and ESPN decided to get funky with it and resurrect Jimmy Dykes’ old shoulder cam to celebrate. While I appreciated Greenberg’s head stubble in HD, it’s not exactly my favorite camera angle, although it still beats the dreaded overhead cam from a few years ago.

Actually, it kind of made me miss Jimmy Dykes a little bit:


Mizzou fans dancing want the KSR Postgame Show

Actually, they probably don’t, but it gave me an excuse to use this video. That guy up front LOVES HIM some Metallica.

Anyways, give Matt a call to talk about tonight’s game. It’s late and he needs your help to make it through. You know the drill: 1-800-444-8484 or 502-571-8484.

Listen in on 840 WHAS, 630 WLAP, or stream online.

Discuss the show below.

January 29th, 2015

Calipari says he should have expected an off-night from Devin Booker

This is Devin Booker’s dad wearing a t-shirt he had made for tonight. He does not look old enough to be Devin Booker’s dad. (@HowardWKYT) 

Coming in, you can’t blame Devin Booker for being a little nervous. His father was a legend at Missouri and the Tigers recruited him HARD. Booker was the subject of several student section chants throughout the night and he struggled, scoring nine points off 3-7 shooting from the field and 0-1 from behind-the-arc, especially chilly stats for a shooter that’s been en fuego the past month.

After the game, John Calipari said he should have expected that Devin would struggle tonight. “He didn’t play with an edge, he was almost standing straight up. Turning it over because he wasn’t being aggressive,” Cal said. “He’s 18 years old, he’s one of the youngest kids in college basketball. He’s coming to Missouri where his dad played and he’s getting booed. What did you expect? I should have expected that more. I got on him hard in the first half, the shots that he missed today he doesn’t usually miss those, and he missed them badly. He wasn’t shooting in the ocean today.”

Shake it off, shake it off, Devin. The BBN, especially Josephine, still loves you.

Highlights! Come and get your highlights!

I guarantee they’re more entertaining than watching the entire game.

Cal is happy with Andrew, not happy with Willie

Andrew Harrison led all scorers tonight with 15 points, earning major praise from John Calipari after the game. “He has more confidence,” Cal said. “Overall, I just really think he did some good stuff today.” Andrew hit a whopping 9-11 free throws, which is just one indicator of how ugly and slow this game become.

Cal was not as impressed with Willie Cauley-Stein, who only scored two points. “Come on. You’re one of the best players in the country. Go do your thing,” Cal said of Willie afterwards. Did Cal think that, as a junior, Willie was beyond these vanishing acts? “No, these kids–all these college players in every program including mine, you think they are these confident guys, until they miss three shots or a raindrop hits them on the shoulder and then ‘Oh my God, what?!’ Every college player is the same. The tough ones will fight through it.”

Andrew’s not worried about Willie. “Willie will be fine,” Andrew said. “I’ve had my ups and downs.” Cal put it best on his ESPN postgame remarks. “Willie was invisible tonight, and we still win.”

Cal with the Freudian Slip of the night, calls Andrew Harrison Andrew Wiggins

Cal cut the interview short after a fan reportedly threw a bottle on the court. “There’s bottles flying, let’s get out!”

You okay, Cal?

Quick! Guess this man’s age


And what is he doing with his tongue?