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March 3rd, 2015

The visiting locker room at Georgia is ready to go

… if we can even call that a locker room.

Enjoy those blue uniforms tonight because it’s the last time we’ll see them this season.

Beat Georgia.

9 Apps We Considered But Didn’t Develop, Yet

By now you’ve heard we released an iPhone app yesterday and it did really well, so well it jumped ESPN for the No. 1 spot in the Top Free iPhone Sports Apps. But did you know we left several other apps on the drawing board? Yep, lots of great ideas got left behind in the KSR app creation meetings and today I will reveal what could’ve been.

Below you’ll find the apps we considered, but did not develop, for various reasons.

Maybe one day…




Ryan Lemond Wreck Finder

— Comprehensive, accurate map of Fayette County and other areas Ryan frequents
— Instant alerts when Ryan wrecks
— Ryan Lemond Car Tracker


Kentucky Joe Pandora

— Tap into an entire world of Kentucky Joe’s music, including hits like “Big Blue Fan In The Morning” and “Willie Cauley-Stein Man”
— Personalized stations with one artist to select from


Drew Franklin’s Weekend Adventure

— Gain access to the aux cord while dodging flying Fireball shots at Tin Roof
— Survive both levels at Belle’s without leaving a credit card
— Make your way to Taco Bell before it closes
— Escape The Paddock on Sunday


Crean Yourself

— Add a puzzled, clueless look to any headshot
— Select from your Photo Library or take a new photo with the in-app camera
— Lose to Northwestern


#BBN Tinder

— Connect with new and interesting people around Big Blue Nation
— Swipe right to like or left to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s a match!
— Meet up to watch UK games and see what happens from there



— 24 hours of Matt talking, 7 days a week
— Brought to you by Sleep Outfitters, Harry’s Razors, Hudson, Wendy’s, Shari’s Berries, Egg White Delights…
— John Short guest spots on the hour, every hour


Daily Doron

— Inspirational and motivational quotes, powerful nuggets of wisdom direct from Doron Lamb’s Twitter feed
— Keep track of when Doron is watching Martin
— Eat D. Lamb
— Socks of the Day
— Connect with friends to find out what channel UK game on


Patterson/Lucas Updater

— For fans interested in any updates on Patterson or Lucas
— Developer note: App has not been updated in eight years


KSR for Android

— Like the current app, but for Android users

Jay Bilas says Kentucky is beatable

Jay Bilas went on Georgia radio in Athens last night and said Kentucky is beatable if a team is willing to do what it takes for 40 minutes to win. He believes there are ways to win, if a team can find them and give a great effort for an entire game.

There is a difference between being unbeaten and unbeatable,” Bilas told the Georgia Bulldog IMG network. “If you’re unbeatable, you’re going to be unbeaten. But you can be unbeaten and still beatable.”

“They’re better than everyone they’re going to play,” Bilas continued. “The toughest teams find ways to win, and that’s the challenge for anybody playing against Kentucky. There are ways to win — can we find those ways to win?”

Listen below:

Coach Cal and Rick Pitino as gang members

On the left you see John Calipari reimagined as a member of the Crips. On the right you see Rick Pitino wearing Louisville casual.

(via @KYforKY)

UGA students gave a piss poor effort coming up with tonight’s chants

Georgia students will unleash preplanned, unfunny chants in the direction of the Wildcats during tonight’s game — and it’s a really sad effort.

If you’re going to go through the trouble of coming up with taunts in advance, then printing them out and distributing the list throughout the student section, you should at least come up with something marginally funny. But nope. Not Jo’Ja. They went as unoriginal as one can go with tonight’s list.

In my most sarcastic tone…. Brilliant idea counting down from 5 when the shot clock reads 10. Groundbreaking stuff there. UK won’t know what hit them. It’ll be hilarious when they shoot with five seconds left! Also, kudos to whoever came up with “Aaron’s better.” The twins will be blindsided by a brothers reference.

Win money through KSR and tonight

We’ve teamed up with for another one-day college basketball contest, this time with a $4,500 prize pool. The winner of tonight’s contest will walk away with $500 (money that can be spent at the SEC Tournament) so you’d be crazy not to click the link at the bottom of this post to sign up and begin drafting your eight-man roster.

The top 525 finishers will earn some form of payment and first time players will receive free entry into the contest, as well as a 100 percent bonus up to $600 on the first deposit.

Action begins tonight at 7:00 pm so get to it.

Click here to play.

Did you see Patrick Patterson wearing mittens last night?

No one is entirely sure why Patrick Patterson wore oven mitts on the Toronto bench last night, but it’s a thing that happened in the Raptors’ game in Philadelphia.

The only logical explanation is he wanted to keep his hands warm, because that’s what gloves do, but even that is a little bizarre. Maybe he has a new endorsement deal with Rachel Ray.


UK’s new All-Kentucky website is fun


Continuing with this season’s theme of everything being awesome, released an awesome new website promoting how awesome all of Kentucky’s awesome players are.

Click on your favorite player to read how awesome they’ve been this season and then step back and appreciate how, together, they’re even more awesome as a group.

Each player has their own highlight video for your viewing pleasure, too. All-Kentucky

Josh Hopkins fills in for Ryan Lemond (Tuesday Show Thread)


We have a special treat for show listeners today as Josh Hopkins will be filling in for Ryan Lemond as Matt’s co-host. Josh was nice enough to get up early out in Los Angeles to join KSR to talk about Androids, Tom Izzo, the Georgia Bulldogs and much more.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Finishing the Job

It’s not that often that a UK team has had a chance to go undefeated in SEC play, much less for an entire regular season.  But those that have the chance generally handle their business to finish the job.  I fully expect UK to not slip up against Georgia and Florida this week considering how zoned in they have been the last couple weeks and with the history that is in front of them.  As crazy as it seems, UK has only had 4 chances in the modern era of SEC basketball (since the league integrated) to go undefeated with 2 games remaining.  In 3 of those 4 instances, the Cats came through with 2 more wins:

Georgia: WIN, 79-49
at #16 Florida: WIN, 74-59

Vanderbilt: WIN, 106-44
at #3 Florida: WIN, 69-67

at Auburn: WIN, 88-73
Vanderbilt: WIN, 101-63

at Tennessee: LOSS, 69-62
Tulane: WIN, 103-74

Also a good sign for UK is the fact that 3 of those 4 teams made the NCAA title game, and 2 of the 4 won the title.  Now what about trying to complete an undefeated regular season?  Most people believe that Kentucky has only gone undefeated once in school history, in 1953-54, and declined an NCAA Tournament bid.  That is a true fact in the post WW2 era of basketball, but UK also went undefeated in 1911-12 as well.  And an even more rarely known more fact is that the 1920-21 Cats finished the regular season perfect and then lost their first game in the NCAA Tournament.  Point being, there have only been 3 UK teams to have a chance to go undefeated coming into the final 2 games of the season, and all 3 won both of those games.  Just some random facts as we head into a very exciting and hopefully historic week.

Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day


Our premium sandwich is made using only wild-caught North Pacific Cod, hand-cut from a whole fillet so it’s tender and deliciously flakey. It’s then lightly coated in a crispy, panko breading and topped with a creamy, dill tartar sauce and crunchy dill pickles. Pair it with Natural Cut fries and a drink of your choice for a meal that’s definitely the catch of the day.

You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtopten. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:


Said no one ever.






#9 Ryan Chumley

I’ve posted one of these before, but these guys just keep getting more and more creative.






#8 !

Mostly true, but this dude must really hate Chalmers.






#7 Hilary Jayde

This is a really good (and annoying) way to make it known.






#6 Patrick Butcher

You might as well just give up now.






#5 Todd Sheehan

Wait. Was this like Tinder for Kentucky fans? Why isn’t Drew revitalizing this?






#4 BigBlueBloodedUK

Sounds about right.






#3 Joshua Christian

Sick burn, dude.






#2 Alex Suffridge

It really is adorable.






#1 jared lorenzen

Spot on, good sir.


March 2nd, 2015

The KSR iPhone App’s Monday Night News and Views


The new KSR iPhone app is out (finally) and climbing the iTunes charts in pursuit of that No. 1 spot in the Top Free Sports Apps. As of this very moment, we are ahead of NASCAR,  WatchESPN, Bleacher Report, NFL, NBA and the ever popular Reebok Crossfit Games app.

Here’s a look at Apple’s current Top 20:


Thanks to everyone who downloaded the app; we hope you enjoy it. Android users, we love you even though your anger is a little overwhelming this evening. (See Matt’s explanation below.)

If you haven’t tried the KSR app out yet, get it in the iTunes store for the price of free. And for the last time… DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE ONE THAT IS 99 CENTS.  That’s not us. It’s getting lots of downloads (it’s No. 2 in paid apps) and we hate to see people wasting money on the wrong one. So don’t do that. Warn your friends, too.

11:54 PM UPDATE: 

Down goes ESPN. KSR is No. in both Paid and Free apps. (DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE 99 CENT ONE!)


Now for tonight’s news…


Kentucky is the unanimous No. 1 in both college basketball polls.

Also known as another Monday in Lexington.

Mark Fox: “(Kentucky is), without question, the best team in America.”

On Monday’s SEC teleconference, Mark Fox didn’t shy away from calling it like it is. He told listeners, “Kentucky, they’ve got a terrific basketball team. They have, without question, the best basketball team in America. It obviously will be a big challenge for our team.”

After Georgia’s win on Saturday, Fox said he may see if his team can scrimmage the Atlanta Hawks to get ready for the Cats. He knows it’ll take his Bulldogs’ best effort against UK, a team he said can win in so many ways.

“That’s why people have not been able to find a way to beat them,” said Fox. “Kentucky always has something else they can turn to.”

The Bulldogs will hang out in a hotel in Athens tomorrow.

Mark Fox will lock his players in a hotel early tomorrow prior to the 9:00 tip pm with UK, he told his radio listeners Monday night. Fox said they will do the hotel thing for the first time to protect the team “from the madness of the UK game.”

Super Bowl.

The Cats are favored by 10.

Final road game of the year, Mark Fox coaching, Georgia three-game winning streak… I’m not touching it.

Can someone get ESPN to make these game promos forever?

ESPN feeds the hype machine whenever UK is set to play on the network. Here’s the most recent promo for tomorrow night’s game on ESPN:

Jay Bilas will call the action with Brad Nessler and Shannon Spake.

Georgia is planning a blackout for the game.

Because OF COURSE Georgia is planning a blackout for the game. Kentucky is as good at color coordinating road games as they are playing them.

Trey Lyles named SEC Freshman of the Week.

Formerly known as the Devin Booker Award, the SEC Freshman of the Week trophy was awarded to Trey Lyles on Monday for his two outstanding showings at Mississippi State and against Arkansas. Lyles averaged 18 points and five rebounds in those two wins, earning him his second SEC Freshman honor and Kentucky’s 11th of the season.

In the words of John Calipari, Trey Lyles is Kentucky’s X-factor. He can cause a lot of problems for opponents and this past week was by far his best of the season. Keep it up, Trey.

Sam Malone doesn’t expect to start on Senior Day.

Undoubtedly the best quote from Monday, Malone, who will play dress for his last game in Rupp Arena this coming weekend, told reporters, “Unless 12 guys get a crippling flu, I don’t think we’ll start.”

Booooooooooooo. I was hoping Malone, Brian Long and Tod Lanter would start so they could hear their names called in Rupp for the first, last and only time. Chances are high UK would win the tip, so why not throw them out there and call a timeout right away to take them out. Better yet, let B-Long throw up a three-pointer then foul Florida after the made basket. Make this happen, Cal. We need this.


No threats here in Joe Lunardi’s latest Midwest projection. None. Xavier/Dayton? Yawn. Louisville/Baylor? Bring it. Let’s send Pitino home from the tourney one last time. Notre Dame? Can’t guard anyone. Gonzaga? All day.


NCAA Surveying For Potential Rule Changes


Some interesting news from the world of the NCAA as it looks as if they are surveying people in college basketball about potential rule changes. The above survey was sent to KSR friend Matt Norlander (who works for CBS Sports) and he tweeted the survey out, along with his answers. Interesting questions and all areas of change that many fans would like to see. I generally agree with Matt’s answers and hope some of these become reality.

UK Fan of the Day Wants a Few Quick Thoughts


Today is a big day for us around these parts as we finally released the new KSR App for the masses (or at least those with iPhones). It has been a long undertaking that has gone on for the better part of a year, but now that it is done, I am really proud with what we ended up with. It is as visually appealing as any app I have seen and I think it blows every Kentucky-based app out of the water. I hope you will agree and download it to check out the features. We have many more features coming in the next few weeks but we didn’t want to make perfect the enemy of good and so we went ahead and pushed it out. I hope you enjoy it and it changes the way you get your UK information.


Off to a good start on the charts…

— Quick note for the Android users who have been complaining here, there and everywhere about there not being an Android app. We hope to eventually have one, but the path on this is similar to most apps. The reality is that it is easier to get developers to produce iPhone apps because there is more money in them…while there are more Android phones, apps are used more by iPhone users. Plus (and probably most importantly), advertisers pay significantly more to pay for ads on iPhone apps than their Android counterparts. So when a developer comes to someone that runs a website (like say KSR) and says, “we will build you a top-of-the-line professional app for free,” they almost always do so (initially) for the iPhone. It isn’t about leaving anyone out, it is about creating something that makes financial sense. If that iPhone app is successful, an Android version often follows soon after. We hope that will be the case here…this was downloaded 6,000 times in the first 2 hours, so early indications are very positive.

— One more thing on the App, TURN ON THE NOTIFICATIONS so you can get Breaking News…we won’t use them often, but this way you can get breaking UK news as it happens right to your phone. You will thank me later.

— In non-app news, Tom Izzo made some comments about UK and Calipari, but it looks as if they were taken somewhat out of context. Twitter made them seem much more inflammatory than they were and after reading the entire transcript, I think it was much ado about nothing. Kentucky’s success is causing some to want to make wholesale changes to the sport to address the wins of one team…that is shortsighted and dumb. People will realize that after either (a) UK doesn’t win this year or (b) next year’s team takes early bumps. For now though, it doesn’t seem like a Calipari/Izzo feud is developing.

— Doug Gottlieb came on my radio show and made a case for Willie Cauley-Stein as National Player of the Year. I disagree with that case but I don’t think it is ludicrous. Willie is the most important defensive player in the country and may change the game more than any other player. I don’t think he is quite where he needs to be offensively, but I would probably vote him 3rd or 4th on my ballot (behind Okafor, Kaminsky and maybe DeAngelo Russell). Either way, he should be a first team All American, and if he does it raises the question…Mike Pratt is the only UK First Team All American eligible for a jersey retirement that isn’t in the rafters (and he should be). Would a 40-0, First Team All American Willie be deserving? On the surface it might seem no, but looking at history…worth the debate.

— Finally, remember that UK Football Spring Practice begins Saturday. We will have coverage on here of every practice but there is much to watch for as the team takes the field. Most interesting to me, is getting to see the first glance at the players Redshirted last year. I have been told that as many as 8 of them could see major time this year…it will be fascinating to take our first glimpse and see if the decision to engage in mass red-shirting like the big boys do, pays dividends right off the bat.

More tomorrow as Josh Hopkins of “Cougartown” co-hosts KSR with me.

What To Watch For Against Georgia

Devin Booker and Karl-Anthony Towns of the Kentucky Wildcats celebrate against the Georgia Bulldogs during the game at Rupp Arena. Kentucky defeated Georgia 69-58. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

1. The Killer Instinct

Kentucky jumped out to a ten-point lead to start the last match-up with Georgia and built upon it for most of the first half. When a Tyler Ulis 3 put the Cats up 17 with 16 minutes to play it looked like the Cats were ready to put the nails into UGA’s coffin. But the Dawgs fought back and taught the Cats a valuable lesson. Find the killer instinct and bury teams before they have a chance to make a run.

That’s what they did against Arkansas this past Saturday. If the Razorbacks went on a 5 point run the Cats would answer back with 6. Each time they took a body blow the boys in blue hit back harder. Look for that to continue if Big Blue is going to win in a hostile Athens and on into the postseason.

2. March Mode

The game in Athens had me worried after the Bulldogs cut the lead to 5 inside Rupp with 2 minutes t0 go but since that meeting a month ago the two teams have been trending in very different directions. As Cal said last week, the Cats are close to being the best versions of themselves and enter March looking like an unstoppable juggernaut. Georgia meanwhile has been stagnant in the conference. The Bulldogs got ran by South Carolina and lost to Auburn. Of their 5 wins since our last meeting, 3 came by 4 points or less. The Dogs are going to be up for tomorrow night’s game but they could be running headfirst into a buzzsaw. Will the Cats continue to hit the next level offensively or will they regress on the road? March is here, hope they keep playing like it.

3.The Rise of Trey Lyles

In the last meeting Kentucky with the Bulldogs, Trey was out battling the illness that kept him out of action for a couple of weeks. I guess he was infected with those superpowered worms from Futurama because ever since the big man is playing better than ever. Lyles is shooting a ridiculous 64.8% from the floor over the past 6 games and has only missed a total of 15 shots. Plus his 4 rebounds over that same stretch have granted the Cats extra possessions time and again. Trey is elevating this team to another level and will be the key to locking down Djurisic on those screens that killed us in the last game. If Trey continues to play at this level then the rest of college basketball doesn’t have much of a chance.

What will you be watching for tomorrow night?