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February 14th, 2016

FiveThirtyEight ranks the impact each All-Star


In case you haven’t heard, the NBA All-Star Game is tonight. Unlike Louisville, Duke, Indiana, Kansas, or North Carolina, Kentucky will actually have some representatives this evening. In fact, UK’s three All-Stars are the most from any college – a trend that should continue for the next several years.

To get a gauge of how important each All-Star is to his team, FiveThirtyEight’s Benjamin Morris rated each player by his impact. The method he uses is a little confusing, but it essentially compares each player’s effect on his team’s points per possession with the team’s next-best player. Here are the conclusions he reaches for each of UK’s All-Star representatives:

11. John Wall, PG, Washington Wizards (Coaches)

RPM 3.09, RPM Wins: +7.1

Compared to: Jared Dudley

Wizards with both: +2.3 | Wall alone: -5.1 | Dudley alone: -10.3 | Neither: -8.6

Two-way WOWY impact: +8.0 points per 100 possessions

The rest of Wall’s Washington Wizards are so bad that 30-year-old journeyman Jared Dudley — who plays fewer than 30 minutes a game and averages 9 points — emerged as his most significant teammate by RPM. Although the Wizards are a losing squad, they consistently do better with Wall on the floor.

10. Anthony Davis, PF, New Orleans Pelicans (Coaches)

RPM 2.66, RPM Wins: +5.8

Compared to: Jrue Holiday

Pelicans with both: +2.7 | Davis alone: -8.7 | Holiday alone: -6.1 | Neither: -17.4

Two-way WOWY impact: +8.7 points per 100 possessions

The Pelicans have disappointed this year, causing many to question whether Davis is actually the basketball revolution that he seemed to be a year or so ago. Yet they are a winning squad with him and point guard Jrue Holiday on the floor, and a comically terrible -17 points per 100 with neither of them.

7. DeMarcus Cousins, Center, Sacramento Kings (Coaches)

RPM 6.66, RPM Wins: +9.2

Compared to: Omri Casspi

Kings with both: +7.4 | Cousins alone: -3.7 | Casspi alone: -5.1 | Neither: -13.2

Two-way WOWY impact: +11.0 points per 100 possessions

Cousins has been a real headline-maker this year, yet his ball-demanding, trail-three-popping style has been one of the great statistical success stories amid all the chaos in Sacramento. Yet it’s worth noting that Omri Casspi — despite playing fewer minutes and having a less-eye-catching statistical and/or public profile, has had a similarly strong effect. With both of them on the floor, Sacramento looks like a strong team.

So, in rating the impact of each All-Star, Wall, Davis, and Cousins are all among the upper end of the distribution. Given that each player is on a rather bad squad, this conclusion doesn’t seem too surprising.

As always, advanced stats are never the know-all/ end-all in calculating a player’s value. But, they still give a pretty good picture.

Dan Dakich concedes that Tyler Ulis is a top 5 PG


Dan Dakich, ever the troll, drew the ire of UK fans last month when he declared that Tyler Ulis wasn’t among his top five point guards in the country. However, with Ulis dominating nearly every game he’s played since then, Dakich has finally re-evaluated his stance:

Welcome to the real world, Dan. It’s great to have you.

While we’re on good terms, I’m in a class with your niece. Care to put in a good word?

Kentucky enters the top 10 in KenPom ratings

dhwak_25 dunkface

After several missteps at the start of the season, the Cats appear to have finally hit their stride over the past month.  Apart from their really weird collapse at Tennessee, Kentucky has resembled the pre-season top five team they were expected to be in every game since their January 17th loss at Auburn, and the computers are starting to notice. After hovering around in the high-teens/low-twenties for the majority of the season, UK moved into 9th place in KenPom’s ratings this morning.

This shift puts them directly ahead of Louisville and Duke – which would seem to make sense, given that Kentucky has already beat both teams this season. However, Sagarin ratings currently has UK behind the two squads in 11th place. Though the difference seems arbitrary, it’s an important distinction for the BBN. Get your sh*t together, Jeff.

Will Kentucky sustain its momentum? Or is the team still prone to more UT-like losses? I’m hoping for the former.

Danny Trevathan On The Move?



Following his big Super Bowl win last week, former UK linebacker Danny Trevathan finds himself without a contract next season. The Broncos have yet to re-sign him, along with other major contributors on their championship-winning team. Denver finds itself in the post-Super Bowl hole, one that many teams have fell into in recent years. Players such as Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and Manning’s backup QB Brock Osweiler are set to become free agents, unless the Broncos fork over a lot of money to keep them. Unfortunately for Trevathan, he may be too far down the list to remain in Denver.

Broncos’ GM John Elway finds himself with many new challenges this week. Will Peyton Manning retire? How much is it going to cost to keep Von Miller? Do they need to re-sign Oswiler just in case? All of these questions now plague the winners of Super Bowl 50. For Danny Trevathan, the question will be how much salary cap remains when Elway gets to his name.

 “They are all priorities,” Elway said. “Getting Derek Wolfe (four years, $36.7 million) done was the first step, and we want to get Danny and Malik done. We want to try and keep the group together. But it’s a fluid process. We will talk to their representatives and see where we are at and get a feel for it.”

Without Trevathan, you could make a case that the Panthers could’ve been the victors of Super Bowl 50. Trevathan’s two fumble recoveries and 8 tackles were very crucial. Now it’s just a waiting game for the former #22 in blue. One team that appears to be making a run at Trevathan is Chicago.  Even Danny himself mentioned talking with the Bears before the Super Bowl.

“I believe I can fit in any scheme. Coach Fox is one of the guys that gave me the opportunity to showcase I can fit within the scheme. I’m sure it’ll be there (Chicago), I’m sure we’ll end up talking, but right now my main focus is this game. Whatever happens, happens. This game could make or break my contracts. It’s up to me to make the most of it. I think I’m doing a good job right now and I’m locked in and focused.”

Trevathan made $1.5 million dollars this season with the Denver Broncos.  If they want to keep him, his price will double at least.  No matter where Trevathan signs, he’ll be making big plays.  According to the Denver Post, he’s a mobile, tackling machine that the Broncos need to keep.

Tyler Ulis Is Really Good


It’s no secret that Tyler Ulis is good.  He’s very good.  Ask anyone with any knowledge of college basketball, and they’ll tell you he’s a top 3 PG in the country right now.

This morning, UK’s official Twitter account shared some statistics that probably should be followed by a “wow”.  According to @KentuckyMBB, Ulis is currently averaging 6.7 assists per game.  No other player in UK history has averaged that much in a single season with a minimum of at least 100 assists.  Obviously, Tyler ranks first in the SEC with this average and 10th nationally.  On top of that, Ulis is only one of four players averaging at least 16.7 points per game and 6.7 assists per game this season.

Want another school record?  Tyler Ulis has also dished out four or more assists in 18 straight games now, looking to make that 19 this week.  Simply amazing.

In the last four games, Ulis had 36 assists and only 4 turnovers.  That’s after the fact that he was on the court for 148 total minutes.  That’s normally unheard of in college basketball.  Ulis’ assist-to-turnover ratio currently sits at 3.6.  With the way he’s played recently, expect to see the ratio increase.

Can you say best point guard in the country?

Get Your UK Football Valentine’s Day Cards Now!


This is probably the greatest thing you’ll see all day!  The official Twitter account for Kentucky football recruiting (@UKStoopsTroops) is releasing their very own line of Valentine’s Day cards. Better get’em while you still can!


It’s Your Valentine’s Day Links


Happy Valentine’s Day, BBN!  Hope everyone has a wonderful day, spending time with those you cherish the most.  If you’re single, don’t worry.  AMC has your back, as the Walking Dead returns from its mid-season break tonight. Regardless of your relationship status, enjoy your Sunday.  Let’s get this morning started off right with some links to check out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Wake Up


It’s only fitting to wake up on Valentine’s Day with the look of love between Tyler Ulis and former teammate Devin Booker. However, there could be drama in the Ulis/Booker love as Tyler seems to have moved on to Marcus Lee.

It seems as Lee and Ulis have developed great chemistry, especially when it comes to lobs – just ask Michael Carrera. This is something to watch going forward as it seems when Ulis gets Lee involved early with a lob, the junior big man seems to show up.

This Team Loves Each Other 

This game being a statement game has been talked about quite a bit the last 24 hours, but what I took away from it was how this group is truly starting to really enjoy playing with each other. This happens every year under Calipari, when players are figuring out their roles and then it all clicks. Well, if you watched the bench during plays, they were constantly going nuts – even on something as small as a Skal jumper. When Murray hit that massive dunk you would have thought he delivered Isaiah Briscoe a new puppy the way he celebrated.

Cats in the NBA All Star Game Tonight

If you miss some of our beloved former Wildcats, you’ll be able to catch them tonight in the NBA All Star Game at 8 pm. John Wall will play for the East as DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis will suit up for the West. There’s no official line on it, but I’m setting it at 4.5 3-point attempts for Boogie. It’s obviously a special All Star Game if you’re a Kobe fan as it’s his last one, but look for some of the Wildcats to try and make a run at MVP.

UK Hoops at Vanderbilt Today

The Kentucky women’s team will look to keep the winning going this weekend as they head to Vanderbilt today. The No. 18 Wildcats will look for redemption after dropping a home game to Vanderbilt earlier in the year. You can watch Kentucky at 4 on the SEC Network, or follow KSR for updates.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loves talking about Kentucky and hating Doug Sirmons. Also, Grayson Allen walked.

February 13th, 2016

Tyler Ulis leads Calipari-less Cats to statement win over South Carolina

Photo by UK Athletics

Photo by UK Athletics

There are wins, and then there are wins. Kentucky’s 89-62 beatdown of South Carolina this afternoon was definitely the latter, a stunning performance especially when you consider all of the crazy things that happened during it.

Tyler Ulis is the story

Coming in, we knew this game would be a challenge. Not only is South Carolina an incredibly physical team, they haven’t lost at home this season and just beat Texas A&M and LSU. The atmosphere seemed ripe for an upset, especially after John Calipari got thrown out of the game two-and-a-half minutes in. While most teams would totally fall apart after an emotional moment like that, this team banded together and kept their composure, thanks in large part to a career performance from Tyler Ulis.

“The story is Coach Cal coached the team through Tyler Ulis,” Kenny Payne said afterwards. With Calipari out, Ulis took over coaching duties on offense, a natural move to anyone who’s watched this team this season.

“I never touched on offense, didn’t have to. Between Cal and Tyler Ulis, they’re on the same page. Tyler Ulis ran the offense. Every now and then I may have interjected something, but at the end of the day, it was his show,” Payne said of Ulis.

With Ulis in control of the offense, Kenny Payne focused on defense, and although I love Cal, that coaching duo might give him a run for his money. With Kentucky’s bigs in foul trouble most of the game, Ulis and Payne orchestrated what may be the Cats’ best performance of the season.

“Coaches gave me the green light to call my own plays,” Ulis said.

Can you blame them? Ulis had a red-letter day, scoring a career-high 27 points and dishing a career-high 12 assists. Oh yeah, he had only one turnover. Ulis is now the first player in Kentucky basketball history to have two games of at least 20 points and 10 assists. Today was his fourth career double-double and his 11th 20-point game of the season.

“It’s time to put Tyler Ulis’ name in the mix for College Player of the Year,” Jay Williams said. 

Yes, it is. And no matter how much we love and appreciate him now, it will never be enough.

Ulis is the story of today’s game, but there are some other things to go over, starting with the moment that led to him pulling double duty as coach and player: John Calipari’s ejection.

Calipari got thrown out of the game two-and-a-half minutes in


No one’s quite sure what exactly sparked the confrontation between John Calipari and referee Doug Sirmons. (Or, if they know, they’re not telling.) Initially, Calipari seemed upset with Sirmons for a no-call, but after Sirmons called a technical on him, Cal went beserk, advancing on Sirmons and screaming to the point that Jamal Murray and Isaiah Briscoe had to restrain him. For the second time in two years in Columbia, Calipari was ejected from the game with 17:34 left in the first half.

In moments like this, teams either fall apart or they band together. With Tyler Ulis at the helm, the Cats not only banded together, they took their game to another level. Both Kenny Payne and John Robic said Cal’s ejection lit a fire under the squad.

“I thought it set a fire within our guys,” Kenny Payne said. “I thought they played with ‘You tried to take one of our guys out,’ we’re coming on, we’re going to play with more energy and effort. We’re going to fight more.”

Robic echoed those thoughts, telling Tom Leach, “Cal’s their guy, they play for him.”

A lot of people are saying Cal got thrown out on purpose, but it happened so early that I doubt that. Regardless, seeing that protective, bulldog mentality from the team for their coach is as encouraging as anything. After the game, Calipari tweeted, “I have never been more proud of a team. They are now empowered. They’ve proven that they don’t need me and I love it.”

Considering the team’s he’s coached, that is some high praise.

After dropping a zero, Marcus Lee became a hero

Kentucky wore special edition Nike jerseys today, and for some reason, Marcus Lee’s only had a single zero on it instead of his normal double-zero. Well, like John Robic said after the game, Nike better send Marcus a new version of his normal jersey with a single zero, because after that performance, he’s not allowed to go back. Lee was fantastic, scoring 11 points and grabbing 13 rebounds, his third double-double of the season, and first since the Illinois State game on November 30.

“I’m so proud of him,” Payne said of Lee, who only had two fouls in 36 minutes. In a game in which fouls were a major story, that last stat may be the most important. Lee spoke for everyone when he told reporters, “Not fouling feels awesome.”

Tyler Ulis certainly seemed happy to have Lee back on point, delivering him two beautiful passes on a platter, this one off the backboard:

I could watch the bench celebrating after that dunk for the rest of the day.

Jamal Murray’s dunk was better

It’s insane that I’m 900 words into this recap and am just now getting to Jamal Murray’s dunk. Normally, it would be the story of the game. Murray posterized poor Justin McKie, adding insult to a very rough day for the Gamecocks. Murray finished with 26 points, yet another impressive performance. He’s on fire lately.

This was a statement game

With their coach in the locker room, Doug Sirmons on the whistle, bigs in foul trouble, and South Carolina ready to go blow to blow, Kentucky could have shrunk into the shadows. Fortunately, Tyler Ulis and the Cats had other plans.

“Kentucky came in here and proved a point and put a couple black eyes on us.” Frank Martin said. “Their resolve and their will was a lot stronger than ours.”

The Cats are now tied with LSU for first place in the SEC. There’s plenty of basketball left to play, but today’s performance has to make you feel good about March.

For now, take a bow, Tyler.

Timberwolves’ Zach LaVine wins dunk contest




For the second-straight year Zach LaVine of the Minnesota Timberwolves wins the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. Orlando’s Aaron Gordon game LaVine a run for his money, but LaVine’s dunks were too much.

Here are all of LaVine’s four dunks.

Here are some of Gordon’s best dunks…

LaVine’s teammates, Karl Towns and Andrew Wiggins, loved what they saw along with DeMarcus Cousins.


Hopefully we will see a former Kentucky player in there soon.


Devin Booker places third in three-point contest



Taking on some of the best veteran shooters in the league didn’t phase rookie Devin Booker in the Three-Point Contest. Booker scored 20 points in the first round, tying James Harden and JJ Reddick for the third place spot. Booker beat out Toronto’s Kyle Lowry and Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton.

In the tiebreaker round, Booker defeated both Harden and Reddick to advance to the final round against Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Unfortunately Booker fell short of an upset against the Splash Bothers. In the final round Booker only put up 17 points, while Curry put up 23 and Thompson won with 27 points.

Devin Booker has only hit 53 3s this year, but still went to the finals and competed against against two of the best shooters of this era.



No one even thought Booker was going to make it past the first round, but the 19-year-old proved everyone wrong. Give Booker two or three more years and he won’t miss from behind the arc.

Karl-Anthony Towns wins NBA All-Star Skills Challenge



Karl-Anthony Towns defeated Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas in the championship round of the All-Star Skills Challenge. Towns defeated Draymond Green and DeMarus Cousins in order to reach the finals.

This is the first year that the competition included both guards and big men. Towns’ win proves that big men can handle and shoot the ball just as well as the guards.

Towns was greeted by Cousins, Davis and Booker following his big upset over Thomas.

Coach Cal definitely held him back.

#BBN #KentuckyEffect #BBNBA


Did Grayson Allen travel on game-winning shot?


If you missed it, Duke defeated No. 7 ranked Virginia on a buzzer-beating layup from Grayson Allen. Allen got the layup out of his hands with less than a second left on the game clock to give the Blue Devils a 63-62 win over Virginia.

Following the conclusion of the game, many people expressed their opinion that the shot should have not counted. If you watch closely it appears that Allen travelled on his game-winning layup.


Pretend it’s not Duke and Grayson Allen and tell me what you think #BBN. Did Allen travel or not?


NEXT FIVE: Sacha Killeya-Jones’ Path to Becoming a Wildcat


Over the next month, KSR is traveling across the country to interview the “Next Five,” UK’s five signees in the 2016 class: Malik Monk, Sacha Killeya-Jones, Wenyen Gabriel, Edrice “Bam” Adebayo, and De’Aaron Fox.  

On August 19, 2015, Sacha Killeya-Jones became the first player to commit to Kentucky in the class of 2016. The decision was a culmination of the 6’10” forward’s progress as a player and a person. Many things happened before, and much has happened since. Here is his story:

When the Chapel Hill, North Carolina native entered high school, he was a striking, but skinny 6’4″ athlete.  He was receiving interest and offers from Division I schools, but when he grew another six inches, his potential grew.  Sacha’s next step was making a move to the Virginia Episcopal School.

“At that point, he was raw. NOBODY knew about him,” Curtis Staples said. A former standout at the University of Virginia, Coach Staples played a part in developing Sacha into a budding superstar at VES, a prep school in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Killeya-Jones had already spent his first two years of high school in a boarding school atmosphere, but things changed when he began playing for Staples as a Junior. “His skill level shot through the roof at a quick pace,” Staples said.

At VES, Killeya-Jones was able to truly dedicate himself to basketball. The greatest advantage of a prep school lies within its name — it prepares you for the next level. “It’s definitely good to have quick access to the gym. You can go in whenever you want,” Sacha said after playing at the Thoroughbred Classic in Pulaski County.

Living with your teammates, spending most of your day in a gym, it simulates a college atmosphere, but it has its drawbacks.

“It’s not anything like living at home,” Sacha said. “Usually you got your mom to do your laundry and stuff like that, but you’ve got to do all of that stuff on your own. The thing I miss the most is the food. There’s nothing like home cooking.”


Laundry wasn’t the only thing he had to learn at VES. Nothing has been more beneficial to his career than learning how to fight. The tall, lanky forward is an easy target for opponents. When he gets the ball in the post, they make him prove that he can physical. If he refuses to attack, it’s almost impossible to be productive.

Against Josh Jackson’s Prolfic Prep, you didn’t have to be in the front row to hear him getting slapped. With a ball-fake and a hard dribble to the rim, SKJ relentlessly fought for a difficult finish between two defenders.

“That’s one of the adjustments he’s made in his game,” Coach Staples said. “Originally, he did (shy away from contact), a couple of years ago he did. Now he’s at a point where he attacks the rim. A lot of things have changed for the best for him in the last two years.”

Killeya-Jones doesn’t just fight to score in the post, he stretches the floor, playing in the high post or on the perimeter. He has a good looking shot, an unblockable step-back, but he rarely settles. The fighter’s mentality within won’t allow it. This is where he is at his best. With a quick first-step, then a spin move, he was quickly rolling the basketball off his fingers down the middle of the lane for a smooth two. “It’s a huge luxury to have a guy like that,” Staples said.

In the game at Pulaski County High School, it was a performance that didn’t live up to his standards, even though he finished with 19 points and 17 rebounds to extend his double-double streak to a dozen games. After the game he was saying things like, “I couldn’t rebound in the first half;” “In the second quarter, I started playing kind of slow;” and “I just couldn’t hit for anything.”

He wouldn’t have been saying that if his team won. VES fell to Prolific Prep 72-54 behind a superb second half from Jackson and Co. “He’s a guy that really wants to win. Right now, he’s the most upset about the game tonight,” Staples said.

“I love to win and I hate to lose,” Sacha said.


Even though he was upset after the loss, the kids in the stands couldn’t tell.  Before he could get to the locker room he signed two t-shirts.  After his postgame locker room debriefing, he spent another 20 minutes taking pictures and signing autographs.  He never became impatient with the long line of fans, even though the unending stream of requests lasted through our interview and his postgame pizza.

“They’re the best fan base in the country, so it’s cool,” Sacha said.  “Like Coach Cal says, they’re crazy, but crazy in a good way.”

All of the newfound fame came quickly.  He felt the power of the BBN shortly after committing to Kentucky.

“It’s kind of weird to get used to at first because you go from just being a normal high school kid to people wanting to take pictures with you. It’s not even just kids, like grown men coming up to me asking me to sign their shirts and stuff.”  He added, “It’s definitely humbling.”

SKJ called being selected to the McDonald's All-American game, "A dream come true." (Photo from McD AA Game)

SKJ called being selected to the McDonald’s All-American game, “A dream come true.” (Photo from McD’s AA Game)

Killeya-Jones wasn’t always a Kentucky lock.  In fact, he was going to be a Virginia Cavalier until he re-opened his recruitment in June.  His phone blew up that night, but one call that stood out was from John Robic.  His reaction: “Wow.  It was kind of crazy.”

Not long after, he visited campus and received an offer from Coach Cal. Two days later, he went home to Chapel Hill to visit North Carolina.  After two months of deliberation, he chose Kentucky.  “It was something I took a really hard look at, and I’m glad I did.”

After Killeya-Jones committed, there was a period of time where he was The Lone Ranger in the Class of 2016.  He believed for awhile that it could be on a permanent basis, as rumors circulated that Wenyen Gabriel was going to Duke and Bam Adebayo was a lock for N.C. State.  The uncertainty was soon gone.  “It sped up really quickly,” he said.

“It was really cool. I was talking to the guys as it happened. We have a group message, and we kept adding people to the group message.”  That message is used daily, especially during UK games, and is now home to the nation’s number one recruiting class.  “We’re going to have a crazy class,” he said.

A crazy casual warm-up dunk.

He’s excited and anxious to take his talents to Kentucky.  If you ask him what he’s most excited for, it’s hard for him to pinpoint it. “I don’t have a good answer because there’s so much I’m looking forward to.”

One thing is certain — he can’t wait for Big Blue Madness.

“Playing in Rupp is going to be ridiculous. Big Blue Madness,” he pauses.  “It’s going to be crazy. I was nervous just watching it.”

Before he gets introduced on the Big Blue Madness stage, Killeya-Jones is focusing on improving his strength.  His shot has improved, he’s a better rebounder, but it won’t come as easy at Kentucky if he doesn’t get bigger.

“He has good vision, good athleticism. He can face the basket and post. He’s got a little bit of everything,” Staples said.  “Once he puts a little more muscle mass on. He will continue to get better and it’s going to be really difficult to guard him.”

How Killeya-Jones fits into the puzzle next year will be interesting.  Bam Adebayo and Wenyen Gabriel will compete for minutes inside alongside Isaac Humphries, Tai Wynyrd, Derek Willis and maybe Marques Bolden.  Gazing into the crystal ball to predict the future, SKJ can make only one promise.

“I’m gonna fight. I really love basketball. I really enjoy it. Every time I go out there I’m going to try to do my best, and fight for the team,” he said.  “I’m gonna fight and I’m going to have fun doing it.”

Former Cats prepare for All-Star Saturday Night



In case you missed it four former Kentucky players will be participating in tonight’s All-Star events in Toronto ahead of tomorrow’s All-Star Game. Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Karl-Anthony Towns will be participating in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. Devin Booker will be participating in the Foot Locker Three-Point challenge.

State Farm All-Star Saturday Night begins at 8 p.m. on TNT.

> Taco Bell Skills Challenge (1st Event)
> Foot Locker Three-Point Contest (2nd Event)
> Verizon Slam Dunk (3rd Event)

Devin Booker will become the youngest participant in the three-point contest and second rookie to participate since Steph Curry. Curry is looking to defend his title in the contest, but I believe Booker could give him a run for his money.



Devin Booker getting some advice from Dennis Scott.



DeMarcus Cousins’s All-Star shoe game



Anthony Davis’ All-Star shoe game



Make sure to check back later to see how Booker, Cousins, Davis and Towns did in tonight’s All-Star festivities.


Looks like AD might have a few footwear options for this weekend.