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October 4th, 2015

It Could Have Been Worse; Kentucky is 4-1

© Mark Zerof | Getty

© Mark Zerof | Getty

First and foremost, credit the EKU Colonels for overcoming unimaginably tragic circumstances as it traveled twenty minutes north up I-75 with total intention of winning the football game. It did so, and in convincing fashion for 53 minutes. During that stretch of time, the Colonels out-hustled, executed, coached, and out-willed the preemptive favorites.

It could have been worse, much worse. Down 27-13, many fans had seen enough. Heck, at halftime, several headed to the house. With 7:39 remaining in regulation, UK woke up and decided it was time to play. That awakening doesn’t come just by simply turning on a mythical sideline switch. Finding a way to win in the face of adversity is a culmination of leadership, psychological assertiveness, and accountability development led by UK staffers that diligently work behind the scenes. Given the doldrums that preceded the Mark Stoops era, learning to win is a process.


— Kentucky’s rushing total for the night: 36 attempts, 55 yards. Given negated ground gains due to sacks, that’s totally unacceptable.

What happened: An undersized and undermanned EKU defensive front and linebackers gave the Kentucky offensive line fits. Linebacker Chris Kelly’s 11 tackles including a sack described Colonel defensive intent. That was, to take the fight to the Cats. For 53 minutes, Eastern was the hunter, UK was the hunted.

— EKU totaled 5 sacks for a loss of 33 yards. One QB sack was on Patrick Towles. A veteran quarterback should know better than to take a sack on first down and simply throw the football away. The other 4 are what worries.

What happened: EKU linebackers effectively blitzed as well as DEs Noah Spence and Marquise Piton were forceful off the edge. This comes a week after surrendering only 2 QB sacks against the SEC’s top defense. Colonel blitzes were not complicated by nature. Effort and determination to reach the UK QB topped scheme

— Eastern Kentucky dominated the line of scrimmage. On too many occasions, the Cats fell behind the chains on 1st down. Not a problem if it converted 3rd downs as it did against Missouri by going 9/14 (64%). On Saturday, the Cats were 7/16 (43.7%) with many of those coming in the game’s final seven minutes.

What happened: Great question, will take film evaluation to confirm. Have to chalk much of EKU’s front seven success to grit and determination. At many points in the game, it was obvious that EKU wanted to win the game more so than UK. That factor became the burr in the BBN saddle. I know it was mine.


— Eastern Kentucky’s rush total: 51 attempts for 180 yards. Colonels won first down. With a plethora of 2nd and 5’s, offensive coordinator Dane Damron had the upper hand for most of the evening.

What happened: EKU runners ran with more determination than their counterparts. Yards after initial contact were staggering and favored EKU. Kentucky’s linebackers did not tackle with the same tenacity and efficiency as it did against Florida and Missouri.

— Colonels ran 83 plays for 363 yards of total offense. It converted 8/18 3rd downs (44%), a percentage that dropped in the game’s final seven minutes.

What happened: An undersized EKU offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage. Only CJ Johnson seemed to gain consistent penetration which caused disruption. However, many of his 19 tackles were across the line of scrimmage. Johnson did have 3 tackles for loss and a QB sack, but got very little help from his defensive line mates.

— EKU’s Benny Coney completed 19/32 passes for 183 yards. By evading would be sackers, Coney found holes in the UK secondary for completions that moved the chains. The Colonels also completed opportune screen passes when DJ Eliot dialed up blitzes.

What happened: I counted 4 missed QB sack opportunities. Again, film will be telling to see if that number is low. Ryan Flannigan had 2 direct paths to Coney but whiffed. Steady Josh Forrest had a miss as well. As a whole, the Wildcat LB corps did not play with the same efficiency level as it did against either Florida or Missouri. Credit Coney for his evasiveness and the EKU offensive line for countering UK blitzes.


— Can’t leave out the third phase, there’s enough blame to throw around and it shouldn’t be left out. Landon Foster’s punting has to improve. Low, and short punts to the dangerous returner we’ve discussed all week, Stanley Absannon, hurt UK’s coverage team as Absannon’s 27 yard punt return shortened the field for an EKU touchdown drive.

— Kickoff coverage also struggled. Absannon’s 5 returns totaled 127 yards for an average of 25.4 yards

— The loss of Austin MacGinnis was more impactful than imaginable. Stanley Absannon’s 5 returns totaled 127 yards. Short kicks with little height put the coverage team in a precarious situation.


— Kentucky overcame a late 14-point deficit to score 21 unanswered to win the football game. Should it have been that close? Absolutely not, but EKU had something to say about that. Again, credit the Colonels.

— For all the “Same ole Kentucky Football” thinkers, give the Cats credit for finding the fortitude to refuse to lose. It could have been worse.

— In the first half, Patrick Towles’ 52.6% completion percentage and two interceptions worried. However, one of the picks was a 50/50 ball that EKU’s Stanley Absannon outdueled Dorian Baker for the INT. Football happens. His second INT was an ill-advised vertical route against a cover 2 with the safety easily breaking from the hash to make the play.

— However, in the final two drives of regulation and overtime period, Patrick Towles took control of the offense and game by finishing the night by going 29-42 for 329 yards with 3 TDs. When the Cats needed touchdowns, Patrick delivered. He finished the second half and overtime completing 82% passes.

— Dorian Baker is playing up to reputation. Baker was simply fantastic with 8 catches for 86 yards including 2 touchdowns worth of athletic freakishness.

— Blake Bone played his best game of the season. Bone’s 7 catches for 85 yards came the hard way. Several of his grabs were drive extenders as well as through diving catches. Bone has worked incredibly hard to solidify his status as the fellow outside threat along with Dorian Baker. With few passes targeted in his direction this season, Bone could have easily crawled in a hole and pouted. He did the exact opposite. His scramble movement and catch in the void of the EKU defense were demonstrations of his development and determination.

— Cory Johnson’s 19 tackles, 1 QB sack, and 3 tackles for loss was the most dominating defensive linemen performance in UK history. CJ’s last three games have been spectacular in nature and are certainly All-SEC worthy by statistics alone. CJ’s best traits are his motor and ability to split double teams. Going forward, offensive coordinators will have to scheme against the senior.

— Down 27-13, UK’s backs were against the proverbial wall. It fought back. Defensive stops and two, two-minute drive touchdowns tied the game. By doing so, Kentucky gave itself a chance to win the game in overtime. It did. It could have been worse.

— As we discussed on the podcast and posts leading up to Saturday, EKU was more talented than most expected. As I see it, this year’s EKU team is nearly the same in personnel as Mark Stoop’s first roster. In the game’s final seven minutes and overtime, Wildcat talent and player development prevailed.

— Kicker Miles Butler, have a night young man. After missing his first career PAT attempt, the backup nailed his next four with the final three being under extreme duress. Following Dorian Baker’s five-yard touchdown reception with: 57 remaining in the game, what was left of the crowd collectively exhaled as the reserve split the uprights to tie the game at 27. Then, in overtime, Cats scored on another Dorian Baker TD catch which was followed by another successful Butler PAT. As an unexpected visitor to the press conference, his post-game smile was priceless.

What does all this mean?

Kentucky is 4-1. Could easily be 0-5; however it’s not. All five games have been decided by eight points or less. Glass half-full says that the Cats are resilient and finally understand how to win close games. Question, how many tight games have you witnessed the Cats lose throughout the years? Glass half-empty thinking leads to the doom and gloom that a come-from-behind win over a 1AA team means either that the sky has fallen or that Armageddon is sure to take place within the next 10 days. I lean towards the glass half-full route.

Why optimism following a near loss against an OVC opponent? UK played Florida to a five-point loss that it easily could have won if it would have taken advantage of key plays in critical situations. The Cats beat South Carolina on the road and topped a Top 25 Missouri team. Is UK as good as it played against Missouri, Florida, and South Carolina or is it as bad as it played on Saturday verses EKU? Truth is somewhere in the middle, which is pretty darn good in my book. Florida rolled #3 Ole Miss and is now 5-0 and leading the SEC East. Mizzou bounced back following its Commonwealth Stadium loss and beat Carolina at home. This season should be celebrated to this point, not chastised due to a single flat performance coming off one of the biggest wins in the program’s recent history. It could have been worse.

Twelve games is a long season comprised of a dozen individual playoff contests. In basketball terms, or more specifically, March Madness, UK won and advanced. I understand concerns, heck above are lists of alarms. But game film from yet another close win will only assist in player teachable moments. UK will enter the Auburn game with an edge. Mark Stoops will peel Nutter Center paint of the walls throughout a couple days of corrections.

This Kentucky team’s margin of error is miniscule. Been saying that for over a month now. Throughout the remainder of the schedule, there will be more nail biters. Get used to it. That’s the nature of the game and a result of a program that is in year three of a total overhaul. Kentucky is not at a personnel level to weekly dominate opponents. Don’t work that way. Three recruiting cycles have been successful, but to get to the level of talent that is required to consistently win games by double digits takes time.

I had an uneasy feeling about this game all week. First cold weather game, coming off the Missouri win, Auburn on the horizon, and playing down a level were all worrisome. That gut feeling came to fruition. UK won, but it did so in an ugly fashion. Could that be the norm for 2015? I sure hope so, because winning ugly certainly beats the alternative. It could have been worse.


Marques Bolden will be at Big Blue Madness

marques-bolden-ftr-getty-083115_14plial6h8but143ts040i2059 (more…)

UK Athletics launched student rewards app in Apple Store

For a long time the UK student faithful have complained about not getting priority care for attending more games and showing more passion for their team. At some other schools, ticket rewards programs are common for students regularly attending sporting events at their university, and such programs were absent at UK until this year. About a month ago, one of our writers, Kindsey Bernhard, wrote an article about why we deserve a system with priority and opportunities for better seats for students attending games, and now those dreams are becoming realities.

Now, students will have the chance to accumulate points to win awards such as entry in drawings to win free textbooks for the spring semester, participating in halftime contests at sporting events, and winning kentucky memorabilia. Students in a high enough point range will have priority for UK mens basketball tickets. The bigggest beneficiary of the priority points system is without a doubt the loyal student basketball fans who attend every game and don’t want to have to fight everyone who wants to only go to the big games. No more complaining about not getting tickets, justice has been served!


Cory Johnson continues to impress


The story of the night on the defensive side of the ball was defensive line up and comer, Cory Johnson. He erupted for 19 tackles on the night and surely will be in contention for another player of the week award after his individual impressive performance against the Colonels. He was unstoppable again this week for the 3rd straight week in a row. He gave the EKU offensive line fits all night long and was one of the few bright spots on defense last night.

Johnson was a one-man wrecking ball in the final moments of the game, getting into the backfield on consecutive plays and coming up with the game-winning sack on the final play of the game. 19 tackles is a new career-high for the senior, coming just one week after his old career-high performance with 11 tackles  against Mizzou. Cory Johnson has averaged 15 tackles in each of the last two games, and hopefully will continue his dominance past the bye week alongside the probable return of Regie Meant before Auburn.


Dawson Kept it Simple, Fed Dorian Baker Down the Stretch

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

The offense laid another egg last night.  Noah Spence and Co. dominated the offensive line, the running game was non-existent (55 yards), and Patrick Towles was making mental mistakes aplenty in the first half.  Down 14 with 4:59 to go, the Cats finally found a spark.

“When you get in those ruts, the only way to get out of them is do simple stuff,” Shannon Dawson said after the game.  They had to keep it simple because there wasn’t a play that worked in the first half.   “I don’t think we executed anything for three quarters, to be honest with you,” Dawson said.  “There wasn’t a call on my sheet that was good.  There just wasn’t.”

“I don’t know if there’s anything I can point to directly, but I feel like everybody as a unit, collectively, we came out sluggish.  It wasn’t just one man, two man, it was all of us, “Dorian Baker said.

Towles, Baker and the rest of the offense still remained optimistic, and finally began executing.  They got it out of Patrick’s hands quickly and began putting routine plays together.

“There was never any point tonight where I thought we were gonna lose the game.  I honestly believe that.  There were probably 20,000 other people who did, (but) that wasn’t me.  That’s not our team,” Towles said.

Towles and Dawson knew who they needed to get it to – Dorian Baker.  “I like the matchup with him with everything,” Dawson said.  “We were trying to do that the whole game a lot of times and the ball just wasn’t finding him.”  Dorian asked for the ball, and he received.

On the final score, it wasn’t originally supposed to be a fade to Baker.  They had three receivers on the left side that were going to be primary targets, but Patrick told Dawson and Dorian on the sideline, “If he has 1-on-1, I’m going to him.”  Dorian and Pat both made the right read, linking up on the perfectly executed play.

“He(the defender) actually made a good play on the ball, but I just had to go up over top of him and take it away from him.”  Dorian said there wasn’t a chance he was going to let the defender beat him, “There’s no chance.  I gotta make that play.  4th and 3.  If I don’t, we lose.”

This sequence illustrates just how close it was to going the other.  Luckily, Dorian doesn’t lose often.

dorianekucatch jballardphoto1

dorianekucatch jballardphoto2 dorianekucatch jballardphoto3 dorianekucatch jballardphoto4

Photos by Jason Ballard (@JBallardphoto)

6 Areas of Concern and 6 Silver Linings from last night’s scare

© Mark Zerof | Getty

© Mark Zerof | Getty

The only thing worse than almost losing to Eastern Kentucky? Losing to Eastern Kentucky. Perspective can be hard to find after a near miss like last night, but that’s what the morning after is for. In that spirit, I spent the morning breaking down the biggest areas of concern in UK’s near-loss to Eastern (hard for me to call this a “win”) and, in an attempt to comfort myself, found a silver lining for almost every single one. It wasn’t easy.

Let’s start with the most offensive.

UK only had 55 yards rushing

…on 36 attempts. To be fair, 13 of those attempts were by Patrick Towles, but UK’s normally-robust rushing attack looked weak against Eastern, an FCS team. After getting the starting nod over Boom Williams, JoJo Kemp had 14 carries for 46 yards and one touchdown. Mikel Horton carried the ball 9 times for 13 yards. Freshman Sihiem King, who many figured would see the field, never did. With Boom out, UK’s rushing attack faltered, in part because Eastern’s defense manhandled UK’s offensive line.

Silver lining: Boom Williams will be back in the lineup for Auburn. Hopefully the offensive line, which has seen a lot of praise this season, will get their act together as well.

Patrick Towles’ first half was awful

Patrick better be happy he had the second half he did, because that first half? Woof. 10-19 for 121 yards, zero touchdowns and two interceptions. Florida Patrick was back. With each bad throw and sack, the calls for Drew Barker became deafening. His offensive line wasn’t doing him any favors, but Patrick dug a hole for himself in the first two quarters.


Silver lining: Patrick’s second-half and overtime performance may have saved him his job. 19-23 for 222 yards and three touchdowns. Missouri Patrick was back! Can we keep him?

Also, I love you, Patrick, but can we cool it with the hair shakes and winks? Or at least save them until the end of the game?

At times, the offense looked inept

…against an FCS defense. There’s a lot of blame to go around here, but it starts with the offensive line. EKU had four sacks for 33 yards, numerical proof they manhandled UK’s line. That poor performance led to ineptitude across the offense, especially the rushing attack.

Silver lining: They showed up when it mattered. I praised Patrick Towles’ second-half performance earlier, but the biggest praise has to go to Dorian Baker, whose heroics saved Kentucky from the ultimate embarrassment. Baker had 8 receptions for 86 yards and two touchdowns, a few of those catches so freakish and athletic that at times, you wonder if he’s human.

Shannon Dawson’s comments about Baker after the game said it all.

“He’s a special kid. He’s a competitor. And he’s one guy that, in my opinion, tonight, he really put this offense on his back. He said, ‘Gimme the ball.’ So we got him the ball, and probably some situations where it wasn’t a good look to get him the ball.”

Once you get over how terrible the offense looked for most of the game, you have to admit that their final few drives were pretty freaking impressive.

EKU ran for 180 yards; put up 363 yards total

Remember that defense everyone was raving about after the Missouri game? Me too. Where were they last night? EKU put up 363 yards of offense, 180 of those on the ground. Behind Ethan Thomas and Dy’Shaw Mobley, the Colonels averaged 3.5 yards per carry to UK’s 1.5.

Silver lining: I’m struggling to find one, so instead, I’m just going to praise Cory Johnson. Johnson built on a career game against Missouri with another one against EKU, tallying 19 tackles, including three for loss and one sack. There were a lot of negatives in last night’s near-loss, but Cory’s performance certainly wasn’t one of them.

Eastern wanted it more

The phrase that keeps running through my mind while writing this is “against Eastern!”. After a big win over Missouri and an enticing Thursday night showdown with Auburn on the horizon, it’s clear Kentucky overlooked Eastern and almost got burned for it. But you have to give the Colonels credit. With heavy hearts, they came to play and clearly wanted the game more. Quite frankly, they deserved to win.

Silver lining: Hard to find one here. After almost losing to a FCS team, overlooking opponents shouldn’t be an issue the rest of the season.

Kentucky almost lost

Silver lining: They didn’t.

UK 2018 recruits on campus

SPIRE Men’s Basketball Academy 2018 recruits 6’8″ F Maurice Calloo and 6’0″ PG Kajon Gordon-Stephens dropped by UK this afternoon for a visit and tour of campus. Both young men are Canadian nationals playing for their new basketball academy located in Geneva, OH.

They were attendees at this weekend’s John Lucas Midwest camp this weekend in Louisville and figured they drop by UK while they were here. Calloo’s older brothers played on Mychal Mulder’s high school team in Canada if you were wondering where the connection came from, they were ranked in the top-10 in Canadian high school hoops in 2012.



Get your highlights from the win

Come watch your highlights from the thrilling UK win over EKU last night. Thank god for Dorian Baker.

Stoops comments on ‘fortunate win’

The Cats somehow found a way to fight their way out of a 14-point deficit with less than eight minutes to go and come out with the victory over EKU in overtime. Nobody saw last night’s game ending how it did, and BBN was left stunned temporarily before they scored 21 unanswered to end the game. Coach Stoops weighed in on last night’s victory saying he was proud of the Cats resiliency and fight after going down late. Here’s what he had to say.

Just feel very fortunate, that’s the word that jumps out at me right now. Give them credit, you know I feel like they coached better than we did, they played with much greater energy and enthusiasm and executed better than we did, and fortunately we had some guys step up and make some plays late. I am very proud of our team and our determination to stay with it and to finish the game, and to somehow find a way to get the victory. But overall, not very pleased with our effort. We’ll get back to work, we have a bye week this week to get some guys healed up, and get back to work and fundamentally get better as a football team.

The Cats move to 4-1 and avoid catastrophy against an FCS team. I don’t know how we pulled it out and I don’t really care, let’s just not do that again. Here’s to moving forward and getting some players healthy during the bye week before the big Thursday night showdown.


Sunday Morning Wake Up

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.54.40 PM

Psst Willie it’s time to wake up! That’s right everyone today’s morning wake up is brought to you by the Sacramento Kings and Willie Cauley-Stein sleeping. I know most people might have lost a year or two off our lives from last night’s game, but let’s get into Sunday.

Set Your Lineups

Just a friendly reminder the first NFL game today kicks off at 9:30 Eastern because the Jets and Dolphins are playing in London. Also a friendly reminder, no one cares about your fantasy team, but set your lineup. Let’s take a quick minute to talk about how dumb it is the NFL plays in London. This counts as a home game for a team each year, taking away true home field advantage and making players get out of their routine. London is a five hour time different from the east coast, so most players will have to take sleeping pills to fall asleep at a normal time.

UK Wasn’t the Only One

Believe it or not but Kentucky wasn’t the only team to struggle yesterday. No. 1 Ohio State had to rally to beat Indiana yesterday while No. 2 Michigan State had to hold off Purdue despite being up 21-0 at halftime. Catch that Big 10 action, folks.

Props to Boom

Look, no one knows why Boom wasn’t playing yesterday, but I do want to give props to Williams for being on the sidelines and celebrating like a little kid with his teammates. He’s sure to catch some heat from the comment section, but Boom did what he was supposed to, which was supporting his team.

Kentucky needed overtime to get past EKU


They say a win is a win, but tell that to the stain in my shorts from watching Kentucky go down two touchdowns late in the game to the neighboring Eastern Kentucky Colonels. I had very little to no confidence when Eastern scored the go-ahead touchdown; I had zero confidence once Eastern added another on top of it with a little over seven minutes to go.

Then Patrick Towles and Kentucky’s offense stepped up and got the job done, tying the game on a fourth-down fade route to force overtime. From there, things looked positive entering OT and all of those “what-if” thoughts running through our heads slowly disappeared. (But really, can you imagine how bad a loss would’ve been???)

It was a hard-fought game, one that was supposed to be a blowout, but the fourth W is in the win column. And that’s all that matters in the end.

Let’s talk about it for a moment then forget about it…


It’s safe to say the Cats overlooked the opponent this week.

With a bye week and the biggest game of the year ahead, there’s no doubt Kentucky is guilty of looking past its FCS opponent. Early in the week, Mark Stoops mentioned getting Drew Barker some reps in this game, as well as other reserves. He never came out and said he expected to be up big on the Colonels, but quotes from him and the assistants suggested strong confidence heading into the game.

Yes, Eastern played well — kudos to them — but an SEC team shouldn’t be down two touchdowns to an FCS school at home. The talent gap is just too wide, even at Kentucky. Chalk this one up to relaxing all week and not getting up for the opponent. And Eastern giving them hell on top of that.

The rushing numbers are disappointing.

180 for Eastern, 55 for Kentucky. No excuse for that. Shouldn’t happen. Ever.

Another frustrating stat: UK needed overtime to catch EKU in total yards.


Patrick Towles was outstanding. After halftime.

After giving the Drew Barker advocates plenty to complain about in the first half, Towles turned things around after the break. He responded to a 10-for-19, two-interception first half with 222 yards on 19-of-23 passing and two touchdowns in the second half and overtime.

Just when you think Towles has tanked and it’s time to give his backup a look, he answers the call and plays the quarterback position as well as anyone. We saw it in the Missouri game after many fans called for a change all week, then again tonight when he played a disappointing first 30 minutes. Now, how do we get him to do it all of the time? It’s in him, we’ve seen it. Just gotta find that consistency.

The win tied the school record for biggest fourth quarter comeback.

And for the fourth time this year, Kentucky closed out a game by putting points on the board and making stops defensively with their backs against the wall. They love to make us sweat these out, but they get it done in the end.

“Very proud of the finish,” Stoops told Tom Leach.

Dorian Baker was unstoppable.

The aforementioned record comeback was made possible because of one Dorian Baker. He hauled in a difficult fourth-down catch for the game-tying touchdown; then bulldozed his way into the end zone in overtime for the game-winner.

Shannon Dawson said Baker demanded the ball on a screen with no blockers in overtime. Well that’s what he got, and he took it to paydirt for the win. He carried the Cats in the end.

“He’s a man,” said Towles.

Baker finished with eight catches for 82 yards and those two scores. The win doesn’t happen without his playmaking.

Cory Johnson has been a monster the last three weeks, tonight especially.

There’s a reason I picked Johnson as my MVP on the pregame show: he has been unblockable as of late and Eastern’s offensive line wasn’t cut out to slow him down. Johnson recorded a career-high 19 tackles against the Colonels, coming off his old career-high of 11 tackles against Missouri. He set a record for tackles by a UK defensive tackle and closed out the night with a sack on the final play of the game.

Austin MacGinnis, hurry back.

Confession: I couldn’t watch Miles Butler kick the extra point at the end of regulation. I can’t be the only one. Speak up, guys. It’s okay.

Stoops said he expects MacGinnis to be back next week.

Josh Forrest and Ryan Flannigan combined for 21 tackles, probably missed that many, too.

Forrest and Flannigan seemed to be in on most of Kentucky’s tackles in the game. They somehow seemed to miss every tackle too. I counted at least six blitzes where one of the two linebackers blew past the line and missed the QB. It got to be very frustrating, until one of them made a big stop on the same drive. They’re both very good, but could be even better with improved tackling.

This was a hell of play by Towles and Bone:

Bone had a good game with seven catches for 85 yards. Nice breakout night for him after a rather quiet first four games.

By show of hands, how many people were dying to put some pads on Boom Williams?

It was gut-wrenching to see Boom on the sideline in sweatpants when the offense was stagnant. The SEC Network didn’t do us any favors by cutting to him often and after failed drives.

Let’s hope Boom learned that lesson by sitting out when his team was desperate for his help.

Celebrate, BBN!

As ugly as it was, the record reads 4-1 going into Auburn.

Postgame Periscopes from the Players

DJ Eliot

Cory Johnson

Shannon Dawson

Dorian Baker

Patrick Towles

October 3rd, 2015

Stoops admits he thought about bringing Drew Barker in


Mark Stoops’ postgame press conference was as somber as you would imagine, and considering the problems UK’s offense had, it was only natural for reporters to question the quarterback play. Patrick Towles was 29-42 for 3 touchdowns, but his shaky play gave life to the very vocal Drew Barker contingent. So much so that after the game, Mark Stoops admitted he considered replacing Towles with Barker.

“I did. I did. I thought about it,” Stoops said, when asked if he considered playing Barker.

Meanwhile, some good news to end this on: Boom Williams WILL be back for Auburn after disciplinary measures.

“If he was suspended, he wouldn’t have been on the sideline.”

Well alright then. This should be an interesting bye week.

Stoops is “Very fortunate” to get the Victory

Stoops knows it wasn’t pretty, but he’ll take it. “Overall, not very pleased with our effort,” Stoops said.

“They coached better than we did.  They played with much better energy and enthusiasm,” but Stoops could find at least one silver lining – they got the win. “That’s the good news, to some how find a way to get to 4-1.”

Stoops shoulders much of the blame, but knows his players played down to their competition.  They simply weren’t ready to play today, “You gotta play with a toughness and a mental edge about ya or you won’t look very good.”

More to come.

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