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August 1st, 2014

Tony Barbee officially joins Calipari’s staff

UK officially named Tony Barbee its “special assistant to the head coach” today. The former player and assistant under Calipari will fill the position left open by Rod Strickland when Strickland followed Orlando Antigua to South Florida.

“I can’t wait to join the Big Blue Nation in its quest for No. 9,” Barbee said.

Welcome aboard.

Ryan Lemond stabbed a basketball signed by Rick Pitino with a frog gig

Because that’s what we do here at KSR.

The ball was donated by Gibson, who said he doesn’t want Pitino’s “Best Wishes” anymore.

“Who Run It” will be played before kickoff in the season opener

Braylon Heard emerged victorious from UK’s Kickoff Playoff, beating out seven of his teammates and their song suggestions to earn the honor of hearing his song played before kickoff. Heard’s suggestion of “Who Run It” by Three 6 Mafia will be played over Commonwealth Stadium’s speakers leading up to the opening kick.

Three 6 Mafia is the most famous rap group to ever come out of Tennessee, so I’m sure the players on UT Martin will be excited to hear their home state anthem before the game. That’s very hospitable of UK.

You can hear it below but DO NOT play it at work or around children.

The Final Stop: Louisville, Ky (Friday Show Thread)

Kentucky Sports Radio radio is live on location one last time before we park the KSR caravan for another year. The 2014 statewide tour comes to a close today in Louisville at Buffalo Wild Wings, and as you can see, it is a packed house.

Matt and Ryan have two tickets to the UK-UofL game to give away, plus John Calipari will call in to announce the winner of the Bahamas trip.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Friday Flashback- 1998, UK vs Stanford

People always reminisce about some of the great games of the past 25 years for Kentucky.  Games like Duke in 1992 and 1998, the Final Four game in 1996 against UMASS, and even losses in classic NCAA games like Michigan State in 2005 or Arizona in 1997.  But there are a couple games that I don’t think get enough mention sometimes for their quality, clutch moments, and key figures becoming legends.  I like to post some of those highlights, or in this case a full game, over the summer just to wet your beak coming into next season.

One of those games was the 1998 Final Four game against Stanford.  Everybody remembers the Elite 8 against Duke and the national championship against Utah, but the game that was sandwiched in between those could have easily been the game that ended that season.  Stanford played quite well and had the Cats down double figures early before another late UK comeback pushed the Cats into a 3rd straight title game.  Enjoy the entire broadcast of that 1998 classic while on your lunch break or after work:

KSR’s Top Ten Tweets of the Day



Did you hear? A new outlet mall opened in Simpsonville–so get your Nautica on after you see Guardians of the Galaxy. We will focus most of our attention on relevant Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as per usual, there are no limits to our madness. You, the KSR fans, can also participate in our top-10 tweet countdown by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTopTen, or by tweeting @KySportsRadio.


#10 Tom Ziller




#9 Will Totten

Thank you Will.



#8 ian

That’s original Kansas fan.



#7 Glenn Osborne

It appears that …. no.



#6 Trey Lyles

La familia crossover.
#5 Kyle Tucker

Football–staving off the inevitable end of days.



#4 Matt Jones

The burn.



#3 Mike Gallagher

Beast mode.



#2 Lil Joe B. Hall




#1 Bucky Small Hooves

Slice Ross looking good.


@BrennanKSR + Funkhouser

I Hate Coach K (My Night Post for Tonight)

coach k

One of our two KSR editors, Tyler Thompson, is on vacation this week so being the good boss that I am, I volunteered to pick up a night post tonight to try and take some of the load off Drew Franklin. Tonight’s post was supposed to be a simple affair, in which I reviewed the state of Kentucky basketball recruiting, Mark Stoops’ comments today at the KSR Tour and the overall awesomeness of Slice Rohrssen. But then, like the evil dictator that he is, Coach K had to come out of nowhere and ruin my night. With one rumored decision, Coach K has once again topped my list of most disliked people in this great country. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported tonight that after Camp Team USA has been completed, it is expected that Coach K will pick Mason Plumlee to represent the team at the World Cup of Basketball over Demarcus Cousins. I want you to read that sentence again, this time with focus and if you are drinking, when you have become sober. Demarcus Cousins is reported to likely not make Team USA because Coach K prefers MASON FREAKING PLUMLEE!!!!

That sounds made up right? Like if you were going to create a “Coach K is the worst and favors mediocre white Duke players over talented skilled professionals,” Onion piece, you would probably title it “Coach K picks a Plumlee over Boogie,” wouldn’t you? It can’t be real. Coach K can’t favor a reserve averaging 7.4 points and 3.8 rebounds a game over Demarcus’s 22 and 15, can he? Demarcus Cousins is legitimately one of the top 5-8 big men in the NBA. His numbers this season probably should have made him a third team All NBA center and most people who know the game say he is about to have a 2-3 year breakout that could put him (along with Anthony Davis) as a potential All Star starter. And Mason Plumlee…well he was a decent reserve on an underperforming Brooklyn Nets team. Yet Coach K would rather have that Plumlee, Mason..or maybe its Miles, who heck the knows the difference, instead of Demarcus “you can’t guard me” Cousins. Sure thing K.

Its a headline and story so baffling that it almost defies belief. Look at these statistics comparing the two big men:


So the numbers aren’t even in the same ballpark. Now some may say, “but Matt, Mason is a good team player and Demarcus is a trouble maker!” Says who? What has Demarcus done that has really “caused trouble?” Yes, he has had a temper in games and has a number of technicals. But if he is on Team USA and he is in that mode, guess what he will do…be on the bench? And whoever would come in and take his place would certainly be much better than Mason Plumlee. But what has Demarcus ever done off the court to be a team chemistry killer? What teammates has Demarcus had that are not fans of him as a player? And would he not be on the same team as guys who are friends of his and former Calipari players like Anthony Davis and Derrick Rose (and possibly John Wall). One of the things that we learned long ago at Kentucky is that Demarcus excels based in part on those around him. What could be better for him, and what role could he serve better in, than on a team of other top talents with a common goal, all the while actually winning games.

I could break down the International game and tell you why Demarcus would also play well in that style (he is tough, rebounds, is physical and can hit a mid range jumper). Give me a skill that Miles Plumlee has that Demarcus Cousins does not…you can’t. The reality is that there is no explanation for a Plumlee over Demarcus except the Duke connection. Plumlee is not one of the top 40 big men in the NBA and putting him on the team would be the utmost in Duke favoritism over skill. Over the years we have seen Coach K shun top talent to put floor slapper in the game that are often scrappy, but underachieve in big games (hello Lehigh and Mercer). But to have those same odd decisions while with Team USA, that seems bizarre at best.

The only good thing about this decision? It once again confirms to me that Coach K is the worst. Over the years, Coach K had slowly backed down from his sole perch atop my disliked list that he climbed up in 1992 (sharing it with Laettner). Between saying the occasional nice thing about UK, winning at a high level and leading the USA to a gold medal (all the while praising Anthony Davis as the next star of the NBA), had slowly made me forget that at Coach K’s core is a black hole. He is the coach of the least likable team in basketball history, full of players that are spoiled and snotty, and helped in their success by an adoring media and a constant badgering of officials that borders on psychological warfare. I had forgotten that K, the one who looks like a rat and makes your blood boil during home games in Cameron Indoor. He had been replaced by the humble Coach K who lost to Mercer and then looked noble entering their locker room and congratulating them after the embarrassing upset.

Not anymore…picking Plumlee over Boogie reminds us that all good Coach K moments are a facade for the real Coach K. The real Coach K favors Duke and the worst of humanity over Boogie, the Big Blue Nation and all that is good. I had forgotten that I hate Coach K, but leave it to the Brown eyed Blue Devil to remind me by replacing a great American on the team of the Red, White and Blue. You won’t fool me again K…you are the worst.

Report: Tony Barbee to Join UK Staff


Tonight a late report from Cats Illustrated cites sources as saying that Tony Barbee will become a new Administrative Assistant on the UK staff, likely in the position left open by Rod Strickland’s departure. You may remember that Barbee was last the Auburn head coach and worked for Calipari at Memphis prior to that job. More as it comes tomorrow, the day in which Cats Illustrated suggests it will be released.

America is outraged over the idea of Coach K taking Plumlee



Before he was charged with sexual assault, Rick Brunson worked with rookie MKG

Former Chicago Bull Rick Brunson is having a rough summer. Today he was indicted on charges of attempted criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, aggravated battery and domestic battery, one month after the internet learned he was arrested while trying to book a massage under the name ‘Patrick Ewing.’ It all stems from an incident with a massage therapist last month that led to the arrest. From what I’ve gathered, he showed up, removed his clothes and starting getting a little touchy with the gal at Lifetime Fitness. (I’m sure it’s worse than that.) You can’t do that, guys.

Anyway, when I saw Brunson’s mugshot, I immediately remembered an early morning with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in the Joe Craft Center. MKG was in town for the 2012 alumni game, he worked out early in the morning as only MKG would do, and Brunson was in Lex to push him. They were going at it with pads and the whole nine yards, while I was rubbing my eyes trying to wake up and finish my Burger King. It was my first time really seeing how committed MKG is to hard work and I was quite impressed.

Then there is another connection to Brunson in his son, Jalen. Jalen Brunson is a top five point guard in the 2015 class and we just watched him put on a show at the Peach Jam. Temple recently hired his dad, “Patrick Ewing,” to be an assistant next season and it was likely going to reel Jalen in to being an Owl. Now it’s unlikely that whole plan will come to fruition. Michigan State is already closing in in his Crystal Ball prediction.

My point in telling you all of this is, don’t book a massage under the name Patrick Ewing. And if for some reason you do, keep your pants at the waist and keep your hands to yourself.

2014 Kentucky Position by Position Preview: Offensive Line

Part two in an eight part series previewing the 2014 Kentucky Football Wildcats.


Cats hope added experience, depth and tonnage lead to improved line play in 2014.   In the inaugural season of the Mark Stoops era, Kentucky’s “Air Raid” offense faced a myriad of problems.  The receiving corps was woefully thin and remarkably inexperienced. Aside from an occasional flash from freshman Jojo Kemp, the runningbacks displayed neither elusiveness nor explosion. The quarterbacks were constantly hurt, and were sporadic even when healthy.  In short, it was a debacle.  But with all of the sources of ulcers and sleepless nights for offensive coordinator Neal Brown, perhaps none hamstrung the Cats as much as the play of the offensive line.  While it may be a tired cliche that football is a game won or lost at the line of scrimmage, the axiom remains largely correct.  Unfortunately, the Cats were simply man-handled at the point of attack for much of the season.  Though it can be difficult to quantify offensive line play with statistics, some numbers are telling.  Kentucky ranked 13th in the SEC in rushing offense and allowed more sacks and tackles for a loss than any team in the conference.   With the rather inauspicious opening season in the rear view, the Cats are hopeful that a more veteran group, and another year in Kentucky’s much-celebrated strength program, will turn the o-line from a disaster into a position of strength.



Darrian Miller 6-5, 292 Sr. Lexington, KY (Bryan Station)

Teven Eatmon-Nared 6-7, 339 Sr. Bucyrus, OH


Zach West  6-4, 318 Jr. Lexington, KY (Lexington Christian Academy)

Nick Haynes  6-3, 319 Fr.RS Niceville, FL

Max Godby  6-4, 298 Sr. Louisville, KY (Christian Academy of Louisville)

David Baumer  6-5, 295 Fr-HS  Cincinnati, OH


Jon Toth  6-5, 301 So. Indianapolis, IN

Zach Myers  6-3, 287 So. Miamisburg, OH

Dylan Greenberg  6-2, 295 Fr-TR Tucson, AZ


Ramsey Meyers  6-4, 300 Fr-RS Orange Park, FL

John Gruenschlaeger  6-11, 363 Jr. Ft. Thomas, KY (Newport Central Catholic)

or Cole Mosier  6-6, 348 Fr-RS Walton, KY (Walton-Verona)


Jordan Swindle 6-7, 306 Jr. St. Johns, FL

Kyle Meadows 6-5, 294 Fr-RS West Chester, OH

Shaquille Love 6-4, 323 Jr. Harriman, TN


Kentucky has cause for optimism on the offensive line.  That optimism begins with experience.   The Cats will open 2014 with returning starters at four of five positions. Included in this group are talented tackles Darrian Miller and Jordan Swindle. Miller is a two year starter at left tackle who is considered an NFL prospect by both the current staff and the previous staff. Miller has started Kentucky’s last 24 games, and is a cornerstone player in the program, as indicated by his appearance on the cover of the 2014 Football Media Guide.  His bookend at right tackle is junior Jordan Swindle.  Swindle made dramatic progress last season, his first as a full time starter.  Intelligent and soft-spoken off the field, the 6-7 Floridian is reputed to have a nasty disposition on the field.  Neal Brown has referred to Swindle as the leader of the entire offense, a position Mark Stoops reinforced by selecting Swindle to represent the Kentucky offense at SEC Media Days.

Zach West is a two year starter at guard, and should bounce back from a rocky 2013 season in which he was slowed by nagging injuries. Kentucky should also improve up front through an increase in size and strength. Kentucky’s projected starting five weighs a combined 62 pounds more than they did just one season ago, an average of a little over twelve pounds per man. Fortunately, this twelve pounds was carefully cultivated through the highly sophisticated exercise and nutrition plan formulated by Kentucky High Performance Coach Eric Korem as opposed to my method, which was based primarily on eating combo meals in my car in the parking lot at Arby’s.   Both resulted in weight gain, but it seems reasonable to assume the method utilized by the Cats will be more productive.

Center John Toth, who started at center as a freshman in 2013, may benefit more than any other player on the roster from his weight and strength gains.  Listed at 283 to start the 2013 season, Toth played at around 270 by the end of the year, an unheard of weight for an SEC offensive lineman in the modern era. Even at that size, and in his first year at the position, Toth was named to the freshman All SEC team by the league’s coaches.  With his obvious talent, and 30 pounds of added muscle, Toth should be a force in the middle of the line for the Cats.

Kentucky coaches were not afforded the luxury of redshirting many players in the 2013 class.  However, their patience with regard to offensive line recruits should pay dividends in 2013.  The Cats were able to redshirt all of their incoming offensive linemen last season. As a result, Kentucky currently features three redshirt freshmen in the two deep, including the projected starter at Right Guard, Ramsey Meyers.  These players now have a year’s worth of high level weight training, as well as a year of learning the system at their disposal.  The coaches are hopeful to do the same with the four offensive linemen in the 2014 class.


Word out of Team USA training camp is Mason Plumlee is likely to make the team over DeMarcus Cousins. I can’t believe I just typed those words.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tweeted the rumor this evening, shortly after Boogie told reporters he is very satisfied with the way he played at camp. If Boogie believes he played well, then he played well, and there isn’t enough talent in the entire Plumlee family tree for Mason to beat him out for that spot.



The Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix: A Man’s Guide To Women



Guys, I need your full attention.

Gals, give us a few minutes here. It’s bro time.


Today I watched a video called Hot Crazy Matrix: Man’s Guide To Women from an online group that goes by Tactical Response. And it is brilliant. It’s the perfect self help guide for all you single lads out there, wondering if the girl you just took to dinner is worth your time. If you’ve ever questioned whether or not she could be the one, this guide gives you the answer. Plain and simple. The analysis is right there in front of you on the chart, saving you all of that strenuous thinking and decision-making when you can be doing other things, like watching sports. It’s almost cheating, really.

The mastermind behind the formula, Dana McLendon, breaks it all down by rating women based on two criteria: Hot and Crazy, the two axes on the chart.

The ‘Hot’ axis is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, while the ‘Crazy’ axis runs from 4 to 10. “Because there is no such thing as a woman who is not at least a 4 Crazy,” McLendon says.

Once you rate your woman (personal preference) and plug her into the matrix, you will find her in one of the six zones:

The NO GO Zone

No matter how crazy or stable a woman is, McLendon believes anyone lower than a 5 in looks is a no-go. That automatically eliminates half of the field.

The Fun Zone

From a 5 to about an 8 in Hot and below the Hot-Crazy line, you will find the Fun Zone. McLendon encourages men to eventually move out of this zone and into a more permanent location. After having some fun, of course.

The Danger Zone

Anyone 5 or higher in Hot but above the Hot-Crazy line is in the Danger Zone. His description of this group is as hilarious as it is accurate. Check it out.

The Dating Zone

Above an 8 Hot but still around a 7 Crazy is the Dating Zone. McLendon says you can introduce this woman to your family and friends. “You can stay here indefinitely,” he adds.

The Wife Zone

If you meet a woman in the Wife Zone, you should start thinking long term. She will be above an 8 Hot and between a 5 and 7 Crazy. That’s worthy of an engagement ring.


Anyone below a 5 Crazy and above an 8 Hot is a Unicorn. She doesn’t exist.


For more on each zone, including one zone I didn’t tell you about, take five minutes out of your evening to watch Dr. McLendon explain the entire matrix in further detail. The man is a genius and he single-handedly made life easier for mankind.

KSR’s Kickoff Playoff: The Finals


It’s time to determine the winner in KSR’s Kickoff Playoff. Last night you voted Jared Lorenzen and “Hells Bells” into the final round, where it meets Tyler Thompson and “Lose Yourself” tonight for the crown. There is vomit on Tyler’s sweater already. Mom’s spaghetti.

Jared and Tyler survived the field of eight timeless classics to get here:

Jared Lorenzen – “Hells Bells” by AC/DC
Matt Jones – “Victory” by Puff Daddy
Bryan The Intern – “Whoomp! (There It Is) by Tag Team
Ryan Lemond – “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon
Shannon The Dude – “For Those About To Rock” by AC/DC
Tyler Thompson – “Lose Yourself” by Eminem
Drew Franklin – “Jungle” by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons
CM Tomlin – “Magnificent Seven Theme” by Elmer Bernstein

Get to voting…

“Hells Bells” vs. “Lose Yourself”

“Hells Bells”

“Lose Yourself”

And don’t forget to vote in UK’s Kickoff Playoff here.

‘Meet The Wildcats’ is back for another year on


Up first, Karl Towns.

The freshman big man leads off this summer’s ‘Meet The Wildcats’ series with confessions of owning four lint rollers — he hides one at the Wildcat Lodge check-in desk — so he’s always looking fresh around campus. “I want to look like the best-looking guy possible,” he told Eric Lindsey.

Then Towns goes on to talk about being the youngster on the Dominican Republic National Team three years ago and what that experience did for his game.

He also opens up about his family, academics and several other aspects of his life that’ll make you like him even more than you already do.

Check it out.

[Meet the Wildcats: Towns wise beyond his years]