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January 26th, 2015

Bracket Racket: Lundari and Palm have four SEC teams making the dance

It’s Monday, and the Cats haven’t lost yet, so they’re still the overall #1-seed in the latest mock brackets making the rounds this morning. Joe Lunardi projects four SEC teams to make the tournament: Kentucky (1), Arkansas (7), Georgia (9), and LSU (9).

Not surprisingly, Lunardi has Louisville in Kentucky’s bracket once again as the 4-seed:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.35.36 AM

CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm also has the Cards in Kentucky’s bracket as the 4-seed:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.40.02 AM

Palm also has four SEC teams making the dance: Kentucky (1), Arkansas (6), Georgia (7), and LSU (7). Alabama and Texas A&M are in his first four out, along with my alma mater, Davidson.

Which bracket do you prefer? I’ll take Palm’s, please. No desire to face a team like Notre Dame.


Thanks to KSR reader Steve for this screenshot of Wave 3’s website today, which includes not one, not two, not three, but FOUR stories about UofL players in trouble with the law. We joke about Louisville’s criminal tendencies a lot, but this screenshot kind of puts it into perspective.

Also, I really want to know what those 8 “Clueless” secrets are.

For the first time this season, UK unanimous #1 in the Coaches Poll

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.25.21 PM

It’s hard to believe, but for the first time this season, Kentucky is the unanimous #1 team in the country in the USA Today/Coaches Poll. That’s right, no votes for Virginia. None for Duke. We even made a believer out of Wofford’s coach.

Calipari advocates summer practice/exhibition games

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

Given the impact it’s had on his team, you can’t blame John Calipari for wanting another trip to the Bahamas. When asked what changes he wants to see in college basketball on today’s SEC Coaches Teleconference, Cal advocated 10 days of practice in late summer with exhibition games each year, not just every four years as the current rules allow. Cal likened the practice period to spring practice in football.

College basketball should own August. Should own it,” Cal said, mentioning the television coverage UK’s trip received on ESPNU and the SEC Network. “Then why don’t we have, like football, spring football, 10 day or 12 days of practice in the summer that you can play exhibition games. Teams from Europe can play you, or if you want to take a trip you’ve got time to take a trip and go do what we did in the Bahamas.”

Cal said the idea, like many of his suggestions for the NCAA, is common sense. “That Bahamas trip we took was huge for this team,” Cal said. “Why should we have an advantage? If you don’t choose to take a trip, practice 10 or 12 days. Now, you’re not going to kill your kids but you know, ‘Hey, I don’t want to fall behind.’ Let’s all every year — if you want to take a foreign trip two out of four years do it, but every year you should be able to practice 10 days. And if a foreign team wants to come over — Greece wants to come over — and play 12 of our teams, why not? Then come over and play. Televise it. Who cares? I think those are things that we can do that don’t change what we’re trying to do, just continue to grow our sport.”

Or, we can go to Greece. Let’s do that.

John Feinstein still voting for Virginia over Kentucky in the AP poll

Kentucky’s still #1 in the latest AP poll, but you probably expected that; however, even after they almost lost to Virginia Tech yesterday, Virginia is still getting a first-place vote. From who? John Feinstein of course. Feinstein was the only media member to vote the Cavaliers over the Cats in this week’s poll, further proving that he just flat out hates Kentucky. Also logic.

Here’s the entire poll for your amusement:

1. Kentucky (64)
2. Virginia (1)
3. Gonzaga
4. Duke
5. Wisconsin
6. Arizona
7. Villanova
8. Notre Dame
9. Kansas
10. Louisville
11. Utah
12. Wichita State
13. North Carolina
14. VCU
15. Iowa State
16. Maryland
17. West Virginia
18. UNI
19. Texas
20. Baylor
21. Georgetown
22. Indiana
23. Miami (Fl.)
24. Oklahoma
25. Butler

Calipari defends the SEC in today’s teleconference

(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

John Calipari has had it with people calling the SEC weak. We’ve got to all – every coach and any media that’s watching – we’ve got to stop it,” Cal said of the criticism of the league during today’s SEC Coaches Teleconference. “This league, top to bottom right now, you can lose any road game, it doesn’t mean you’re not a good team.”

“This league right now is solid. Just because we’re really good doesn’t mean the league’s not good,” Cal added, trotting out the “everyone’s Super Bowl” line. “There’s not one game we’ll walk into that the other team’s not ready.” Cal said he’s encouraging his team to view the crazy road environments “more as an honor” than anything, and wants them to “go in there and prove it was worth the fans coming.” So far, so good.

Meanwhile, Trey Lyles was back with the blue platoon on Saturday, which Cal said is because Dominique Hawkins missed a lot of practice last week due to injury. With Dominique back, he says he expects things to return to normal. So, mystery solved.

Monday Morning Patronage

The 'de Medici family.  Famous Patrons of the Arts.

The ‘de Medici family. Famous Patrons of the Arts.

Patronage–giving money to artists in order to help them finish their works–has seen a “Renaissance” in the recent past.  With the advent of Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others, more and more projects in a variety of arts, technology, and everything in between have been able to become a reality.  So this morning, in between bits of my lung flying out of my mouth as I lounge around with the flu, I thought I would share some of  my favorite pop-culture projects with you, my dear reader.

Note:  Funkhouser does not formally endorse any of these projects, we are only attempting to  explore some of the most exciting frontiers for pop-culture that are out there.  


Demonoid 1970

This really nifty project from director Alaric Rocha is part of a larger “documentary” about a lost Mexican filmmaker from the 1960s-70s, Juan F. Moctezuma II.  Demonoid (1970) is one of the films purportedly made by this filmmaker and is about “a group of friends on a harmless camping trip where one of them is horrifyingly possessed by the Aztec demon, Itzpapáltol.  In order to save themselves, not to mention the world, the friends must perform the new fire ceremony, an ancient Aztec ritual requiring nothing less than human sacrifice.”  Sounds like a winner to me!

Perks include apparel, a bottle of home-brewed beer from the cast (in Chicago only), a copy of the film, and–at $5000–a role in the film where you will be killed and get to film a death scene!  Que bueno!


Star Trek Continues 2015

Click link to view the project page!

Click the photo to view the project page!

Picking up where Star Trek: The Original Series has left off, Star Trek Continues has been making some truly fantastic episodes that really capture the look and spirit of the Kirk/Spock/McCoy era of Star Trek.  Perks include scripts, downloads of the episodes, signed photographs of the actors, and–at the $2500 level–Lou Ferrigno’s screen used mustache extensions from a previous episode!  How cool!


Lexington Historical Society Colonial Singers CD

Click the photo to view the project!

Click the photo to view the project!

A group of old-timers, dressed in colonial regalia, singing colonial era drinking songs, at a tavern in Lexington, MA???  I was in the day I first breathed this free air that George Washington so cordially bestowed on us and our progeny!  It’s like a mixture between playing Assassin’s Creed III, drinking cider in an Irish pub, and visiting your drunk grandmother once a year.  Best line in the video? —>”We can see what we drink by the light of the weed!” (Note: For Tobacco Use Only).

Perks include a copy of the CD, a copy of the CD and a hand-made tea towel, a copy of the CD and a large, engraved, pewter mug, and last but not least, a personal concert for you and yours (as long as you live within 30 miles of Lexington, MA.).


Exploding Kittens

Click the picture to view this project!

Click the photo to view the project!

A card game from a couple of game designers, Elan Lee and Shane Small, and Matthew Inman, creator of the webcomic The Oatmeal, that revolves around defusing exploding kittens.  It looks like great fun for everyone and even includes an R-Rated version.  Perks include copies of the game and the R-Rated version.  If you’ve ever read the Oatmeal, no doubt you know a little about the hilarity to expect from this game!


Jerry Tipton takes another shot at Ryan Lemond

In his recap of the South Carolina game, Lexington Herald-Leader writer Jerry Tipton took yet another shot at our own Ryan Lemond, writing that Ryan has “leather lungs.” This comes a week after Jerry tweeted he wanted to throw “a sock full of manure” at Ryan during his halftime show. The two allegedly talked it out a few days later and everything seemed to be fine, then Jerry included this little barb in his game story yesterday.

Good natured or rude? As they say in “Mean Girls,” it’s only okay when we make fun of Ryan, right?

Devin Booker named SEC Freshman of the Week for the third week straight

For the third week in a row, Devin Booker has been named SEC Freshman of the Week. Booker had 18 points in UK’s win over South Carolina after only putting up 6 vs. Vandy. He’s a scorching 22 for 33 over his last nine games from 3-point range, which has him popping up in mock drafts left and right. This is his fourth SEC Freshman of the Week honor.

Time to reload that shotgun:

Tai Wynyard talks about committing to Kentucky

Yesterday, Kentucky picked up a commitment from New Zealand forward Tai Wynyard, the son of world champion wood choppers. Wynyard, who played with the New Zealand national team this summer, spoke with Maori TV station TVNZ about his commitment.

Yes, I have committed to Kentucky for the 2016 season,” Wynyard, who visited campus two weeks ago for the Missouri game, said. “Being right behind the bench and seeing the coaching from John Calipari was just amazing, and that probably was the biggest upside for me.” The New Zealand academic calendar could allow Wynyard to reclassify and join the Cats in January 2016, but he says he hasn’t made that decision yet.

Tai’s mother Karmyn said she liked that her son would have the opportunity to get a championship ring, and Tai called the opportunity a dream come true. “Any little boy, this is their dream to be able to play for the best university in the country–their country. It’s just amazing to get the opportunity.”

The BBN clearly had an impact on Tai. “The fans? Oh my god, the fans are amazing over there,” Tai said. “I would walk out and they’d be chanting ‘Oh, it’s the Lumberjack, it’s the Lumberjack!’ I’m like, how do they even know me? I’d get into the airport and they took a photo of me and put it in their paper or whatever, like ‘Here’s a new recruit who’s coming to look at Kentucky.'”

Actually, it was our website, but whatever. Welcome aboard, Tai.

Recapping the road trip to Columbia (Monday Show Thread)

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the Monday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio. Matt is back in Louisville after a road trip to Columbia with his boys and is ready to recap Kentucky’s win over the Gamecocks, Kentucky’s newest basketball commitment Tai Wynyard and the latest happenings in football recruiting. And yes, share some stories from the road.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Monday Morning SEC Power Rankings

1. Kentucky (Last Week: 1)
Record: 19-0, 6-0
BPI: 1
Past Week Results: Win-Vanderbilt 65-57, Win-South Carolina 58-43
Next 2 SEC games: at Missouri, Alabama
Analysis: After a tougher than expected game against Vandy, Cats absolutely dominate Gamecocks.  Two rematch games this week should pose no threat.

2. Georgia (Last Week: 3)
Record: 13-5, 4-2
BPI: 21
Past Week Results: Win-Ole Miss 69-64, Win-Mississippi St 72-66
Next 2 SEC games: Vanderbilt, at South Carolina
Analysis: 4 straight league wins and will be favored twice this week before heading to Lexington next week.

3. LSU (Last Week: 6)
Record: 15-4, 4-2
BPI: 37
Past Week Results: Win-Florida 79-61, Win-Vanderbilt 79-75 (ot)
Next 2 SEC games: South Carolina, at Mississippi St
Analysis: Followed up dominating win with squeaker over Vandy.  Nothing wrong getting 2 road wins in a week, no matter how they come.

4. Tennessee (Last Week: 2)
Record: 12-6, 4-2
BPI: 67
Last Week Results: Win-South Carolina 66-62, Loss-Texas A&M 67-61
Next 2 SEC games: at Arkansas, Auburn
Analysis: Had a real chance to put stranglehold on 2nd place in the league but gagged away game against A&M.  This team still has some serious holes.

5. Arkansas (Last Week: 5)
Record: 15-3, 4-2
BPI: 33
Past Week Results: Win-Alabama 93-91 (ot), Win-Missouri 61-60
This Week’s games: Tennessee, at Florida
Analysis: No team is underperforming more than the Hogs but they still sit tied at 2nd in the league.  Worst road team in the league?

6. Texas A&M (Last Week: 10)
Record: 13-5, 4-2
BPI: 47
Last Week Results: Win-Missouri 62-50, Win-Tennessee 66-61
Next 2 SEC games: at Auburn, Vanderbilt
Analysis: Imagine if they had beaten Kentucky.  They would be in 1st place in the league.  Even still, they are proving themselves to be a contender.

7. Ole Miss (Last Week: 7)
Record: 12-7, 3-3
BPI: 42
Last Week Results: Loss-Georgia 69-64, Win-Florida 72-71
Next 2 SEC games: Mississippi St, at Missouri
Analysis: Incredibly up and down team.  Only beating Florida by 1 at home is actually a red flag in some ways.

8. Alabama (Last Week: 9)
Record: 13-6, 3-3
BPI: 59
Last Week Results: Loss-Arkansas 93-91 (ot), Win-Auburn 57-55
Next 2 SEC games: Florida, at Kentucky
Analysis: Teetered on brink of terrible week but survived against rival Auburn.  They tease being a real threat in the league but generally have been mediocre.

9. Florida (Last Week: 4)
Record: 10-9, 3-3
BPI: 35
Past Week Results: Loss-LSU 79-61, Loss-Ole Miss 72-71
Next 2 SEC games: at Alabama, Arkansas
Analysis: It’s turned into a trainwreck season for the Gators now and this week gets no easier.  Is this even an NIT team?

10. Vanderbilt (Last Week: 12)
Record: 11-8, 1-5
RPI: 53
Last Week Results: Loss-Kentucky 65-57, Loss-LSU 79-75 (ot)
Next 2 SEC games: at Georgia, at Texas A&M
Analysis: Were they very competitive this week?  Of course.  But they are still just 1-5 in conference and until they win some of these games, they will float towards the bottom of the league.

11. Mississippi State (Last Week: 14)
Record: 9-10, 2-4
BPI: 154
Last Week Results: Win-Auburn 78-71, Loss-Georgia 72-66
Next 2 SEC games: at Ole Miss, LSU
Analysis: They had the potential to quit on the year early on but they’ve turned it around to win 2 out of 3.  Still a bottom feeder this year though.

12. South Carolina (Last Week: 8)
Record: 10-8, 1-5
BPI: 63
Last Week Results: Loss-Tennessee 66-62, Loss-Kentucky 58-43
Next 2 SEC games: at LSU, Georgia
Analysis: Gamecocks in a bit of tailspin now as UK toyed with them for 40 minutes.  Needed the UT win and blew that one too.

13. Auburn (Last Week: 11)
Record: 10-9, 2-4
BPI: 136
Last Week Results: Loss-Mississippi State 78-71, Loss-Alabama 57-55
Next 2 SEC games: Texas A&M, at Tennessee
Analysis: Ugly week for Bruce Pearl.  They might fight for last place in the league.  It’s that bad.

14. Missouri (Last Week: 13)
Record: 7-12, 1-5
BPI: 156
Last Week Results: Loss-Texas A&M 62-50, Loss-Arkansas 61-60
Next 2 SEC games: Kentucky, Ole Miss
Analysis: Worst offense in league history?  Is that a legitimate discussion?

KSR’s Top Ten Tweets of the Weekened

(Darrell Bird | Catspause)

(Darrell Bird | Catspause)

It’s time again for KSR’s Top Tweets of the Weekend. You can participate by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR 
#KSRTop10 or just by simply tweeting @KYsportsradio. We will focus most of our attention on Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as usual, there are no limits to our madness.


#10 Patrick Towles

But what does it mean?





#9 Animize

What? Why didn’t you invite us?





#8 Randall Cobb

You can do anything if you just believe.





#7 Derek Thomas

Matt was way too happy at that game. It must have went well with Kaylee.





#6 Dick Vitale

Kentucky is Dickie V’s favorite. But it’s just like when parents can’t tell a kid they are the favorite.





#5 Bradley Osbourne

Still upset over that.





#4 Landon Foster

So that’s what it takes, huh?





#3 jon thomason

Ohhhhhh….. burrrrrnnnnnn. Nice, Jon.





#2 Kaylee Hartung






#1 Kentucky Wildcats




January 25th, 2015

Tai Wynyard’s Sunday Night News and Views


Photo courtesy of

The first Sunday afternoon of the year with no football usually means a slow day in sports, but not for us college basketball fans. Duke stormed back from a double-digit deficit at Madison Square Garden to give Coach K his 1,000th win. While the rest of the world celebrates the milestone, we remember the reason why he should still have 999: Christian Laettner’s stomp on Aminu Timberlake.

Elsewhere in the ACC, Virgina escaped to stay unbeaten with a 60-57 win over Virginia Tech. The Hokies, 8-11 and 0-6 in ACC play, led for most of the second half but couldn’t finish it off. After a lackluster performance by the Cavs, we’ll see tomorrow if the Cats could be a unanimous No. 1 once again. Also in action today was the UK women. The No. 14 Cats defeated Missouri on the road, 83-69.

The biggest UK news of the day is the commitment of New Zealand big man Tai Wynyard. The 6’9″ 265-pound Wynyard visited Kentucky two weeks ago and liked what he saw, choosing the Cats over Villanova and Texas this afternoon. Currently Wynyard is a member of the 2016 class, but New Zealand’s academic calendar could allow him to reclassify to the 2015 class. If Wynyard does reclassify, he’d join the Cats in January, 2016. Now with five projected first rounders on the roster, the sooner Wynard can play, the better.

Here is what everyone is saying about the son of two World Champion wood-choppers:

ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla: What Tai Wynyard means for Kentucky

Tai Wynyard, who committed to Kentucky on Sunday over Villanova and Texas, is one of the best young 16-year-old players in the world at the moment.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s ready-made to step in for the Wildcats. But they are getting a 6-foot-9 power forward who plays with terrific physical toughness inside for his age. He has an ability to make shots away from the basket, but his bread and butter is around the rim. In many ways he reminds me of a young Enes Kanter, a Turkish import who never gained NCAA eligibility at Kentucky and still ended up as an NBA lottery pick with the Utah Jazz.’s Evan Daniels: Why Tai Wynyard picked Kentucky

“I commited to Kentucky because I feel like they will push me to my maximum potential, the academic side looked awesome and the facility was great,” Wynyard said.

What did Wynyard like most about his visit to Kentucky?
“The fans,” he said. “They were awesome.”

Courier Journal’s Steve Jones: Wynyard’s skills compare to Trey Lyles

Wynyard said he’s mostly a physical inside player, but he believes he’ll develop into hybrid power forward/small forward at UK as he continues to work on his shooting, ball-handling and other perimeter skills. Calipari told him he thinks his development pattern could follow that of 6-9 UK freshman Trey Lyles, who was almost exclusively a center in high school but now plays primarily small forward.

Herald Leader’s Ben Roberts: Pro experience won’t impact Wynyard’s eligibility

There are no questions about Wynyard’s amateur status as a college recruit, unlike former UK recruit Enes Kanter, who played for a Turkish professional team and was later ruled ineligible at Kentucky.

Wynyard sits on the (New Zealand) Breakers bench for home games but does not travel with the team and is not paid by the Breakers. His parents and Breakers personnel are aware of the requirements for NCAA eligibility and have kept Wynyard on the path to play in college.

“He’s not going to have any eligibility issues whatsoever,” Jonathan Givony said (of “He’s been on the college track from a very early age.”

–In football recruiting, there was good news and bad news today. The good news was that Kentucky received a commitment from Ohio 3-star defensive tackle Javon Provitt, who also held offers from Cincinnati, Ohio, West Virginia and Purdue.

The bad news is the decommitment of 3-star defensive back Jeremiah Dinson. The Miami native announced the news on Twitter today and is now considered an Auburn lean.

–In an NBA thriller between ex-Cats, Anthony Davis (28 points, 10 rebounds, 5 steals) carried the Pelicans to victory over Rajon Rondo (17 points, 9 assists, 8 rebounds) and the Mavericks. Davis sealed the game with two free throws and a late steal.

–Last but certainly not least, congratulations to Randall Cobb on his Pro Bowl debut. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I was watching the Pro Bowl, but Cobb hauled in a 9-yard reception on the game’s first drive.


An Average Week in the Life of a Kentucky Basketball Fan


I’ve noticed myself falling into a very regular routine each week when it comes to being a Kentucky basketball fan. My plans always have to take into consideration when Kentucky plays, and my Twitter and KSR activity revolves around the Cats as well. On a typical week, when Kentucky plays on Tuesday and Saturday during the SEC season… 



– Stick your chest out a little further after reading in the newspaper online that Kentucky remains in the #1 spot in the Top 25 polls

– Quickly count how many votes Kentucky did NOT receive for #1

– Google search those 2 voters to find out whether or not they are from Indiana, North Carolina or the Courier Journal

– Tweet them this picture every hour on the hour, because you are all about being subtle and not going too far.

– Stress about the new bracketology that is WAY TOO premature. The only thing for certain about the bracketology is that the NCAA will put Kentucky and Louisville in the same bracket.

– Check to see if the line for tomorrow night’s SEC game has come out yet.

– If it’s Kentucky by 20 or more, brace yourself for a nail biter.

– If it’s Kentucky by 12 or less, brace yourself for a blow out.

– Check to see which UK player won SEC Freshman of the Week this time around: Devin Booker, Tyler Ulis, Trey Lyles or Karl Anthony Towns

– Visit to make sure that he didn’t implement a tweak over the weekend.

– Read a quote from whatever opposing coach Kentucky faces on Tuesday that says, “This Kentucky team is as good of a defense as I’ve seen in years.”



– Try not to let anyone at work catch you reading Aaron Flener’s Bachelor post, because you know you kind of watched it last night.

– Set your DVR to record the Kentucky game.

– Add an extra hour to the DVR recording because this team has a tendency to find themselves in overtime.

– Remind yourself of which SEC team we play tonight.

– Scroll through the roster to see if you recognize any of the players….




Haha that’s a funny name.



THAT GUY? NO WAY he is still in college. I feel like I’ve been watching him for 6 years.


No, but he looks random so he will probably be the one guy to go off for about 20 tonight and then never score in double figures again.


-Incessantly check Twitter for the hour leading up to the game to make sure Tyler Ulis isn’t sick, or to see if Dominique Hawkins is starting.

– (If it’s a road game) As the broadcast begins, think to yourself “I don’t remember seeing 1/4 of that many people in (enter random SEC team’s arena/gym) when I accidentally stumbled upon their game against Auburn on the SEC Network last week.

– Read at least 2 tweets from Jeff Goodman or other national media members during the game that not so subtly take a jab at Andrew Harrison.

– Watch Kentucky add another victory to your “10-0″ “11-0″ “12-0″ etc. tweet that you send out at the end of each win.

– Listen to Calipari talk about being everyone’s super bowl, telling the team they won’t have practice, or saying “platoon” at least 3 times during the post-game press conference.

– Dream sweet dreams of another national championship.



– Read every single article you can about last night’s win.

– Shake your head in disbelief as you scan through the other SEC scores from last night’s games. Everyone who was supposed to win lost. Everyone who was supposed to lose won. And Florida lost, again.

– (If it was a non-conference game against a mid-level team) read a quote from the coach after last night’s game telling everyone that Kentucky could be an NBA team.

– Either partake in or watch others over-analyze an undefeated team… because it’s impossible to just be content



– Stumble upon at least 4-5 pictures of children standing next to a UK-themed snow man, while throwing up 3 goggles

– Read about what % chance Kentucky has to win each of its remaining games.

– Smile because it’s not looking good for everyone else.

– Read about whatever “t-shirt night” the SEC opponent coming up on Saturday has planned for Kentucky coming to town…

– Check again to make sure there hasn’t been another tweak.

– Laugh at C.M. Tomlin’s Thursday post because you understand it.

– Get mad at C.M. Tomlin’s Thursday post because you aren’t smart enough to get it….and comment “THIS IS A SPORTS BLOG!! MORE MIX TAPES PLZZZ! YOUR SUCH A IDIOT!”



– Watch a highlight of John Wall doing a ridiculous move, Anthony Davis getting a double-double or some analyst explaining how DeMarcus Cousins is the best center in the NBA.

– Realize that somehow… DeMarcus Cousins has still not been named to the NBA All-Star team. (Fingers crossed it still might happen)

– Check the spread for Saturday’s game. Once again, if Kentucky is heavily favored… brace yourself for a tough game. If Kentucky is considered to be in for a closer game, expect a blow out.

– Read about whatever bad story has broken at Louisville this week buried in “10:30 at night on Friday…surely no one will really notice, even better if it’s a holiday….news”



– Plan your entire Saturday around when Kentucky plays.

– Set your DVR to record the game.

– Set your DVR to record an extra hour.

– Yell at the TV because some Big 10 game no one cares about (here’s looking at you, Indiana) is going into overtime and will cause you to miss the beginning of the UK game.

– Thank the man upstairs when you realize that the game will be carried on ESPN News for the beginning.

– Either get pissed that you still haven’t added ESPN News even though this happens every time, or give yourself a high 5 for finally biting the bullet and paying that extra $10 a month.

– Tweet something angry at Time Warner Cable (@TWC) because either way… they’ve likely done something wrong today.

– Watch Kentucky play, knowing the mood of the rest of your weekend depends on it.

– Think of new ways to incorporate the “3 goggles” emoji into Devin Booker’s name in a Tweet.

– Celebrate yet another victory for the Cats.

– Ignore those who still continue to pit one set of guards against the other.

– Go to sleep dreaming of another national championship.



– Get a twinge of sadness as you read that after yesterday’s game, Devin Booker is yet again climbing up the draft boards.

– Go back through Twitter to see how many times Kyle Tucker has used the word “helluva” this week

– Listen to people claim the SEC is still the worst conference, while ignoring another loss by Tom Izzo.

– Read a Frank Martin tweet and try to decipher what he is saying. Wonder to yourself why no one has told him that he can split his thoughts up into multiple tweets


– (If it’s still NFL football season) Cheer for Randall Cobb, whether you like the Green Bay Packers or not. Tweet proudly when he scores a TD, because you know he will.

– Watch all of the best GIFs from yesterday’s game at least 10-12 times.

– Ignore all of the “ICYMI” articles that the media has been trying to get you to read 17 times today. If I didn’t click the first time, why am I going to click now?

– Call your parents to thank them for raising you as a Kentucky fan and not a Louisville fan.


Rinse and Repeat next week.