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June 29th, 2015

Cal’s flag comments really got people talking today

In case you’ve been off social media all day, on this morning’s SEC Basketball Summer Teleconference, Jerry Tipton asked John Calipari whether or not he believes the Confederate flag and statues of Confederate generals should be displayed across the South.

The question understandably caught Cal off guard, and he responded that, even though the state of Kentucky doesn’t display the Confederate flag, he believes it should come down. He later clarified those remarks in a post on social media, saying he doesn’t think there is any question that the flag should be taken down.

As you might imagine, Cal’s remarks led to quite a few responses on his Facebook page (almost 800 as of this post). Most of them aren’t worth reposting here, but some are pretty entertaining. Here’s a small sample…

Some fans agreed with Cal:


Some fans may not have agreed with Cal, but respected his right to express his opinion:


Some people think he needs to STICK TO BASKETBALL. (These people probably say the same thing about KSR.)

Screen-Shot-2015-06-29-at-1.30 Screen-Shot-2015-06-29-at-1.32Screen-Shot-2015-06-29-at-4.07

Whoa, John, harsh.

This person clearly didn’t understand the situation:


This person is lost:


These fans reserved their fire for Jerry Tipton:

Screen-Shot-2015-06-29-at-2.31 Screen-Shot-2015-06-29-at-1.14

These fans think Cal “doesn’t get it” because he’s from the North:

Screen-Shot-2015-06-29-at-4.104 31

This guy thinks Cal should be fired:


This one thinks Cal’s a sheep:


Some fans wondered why the uproar since Kentucky doesn’t fly the Confederate flag:

Screen-Shot-2015-06-29-at-1.18 Screen-Shot-2015-06-29-at-1.22

While we’re at it, Steve wants to hear Cal’s response to this civil matter:


I’d like to hear that, too.

This fan has the right idea, but the wrong media affiliation and the incorrect use of “nefarious”:


I think you’re going for “notorious,” Wanda, but good job, good effort.

These fans are so upset they’re going to root for Louisville now:


Speaking of flags…


For some reason, David Timothy’s response really makes me laugh.

Andrew Harrison Reveals His NBA Jersey

For those who are interested in jersey numbers and what our former Cats will be wearing, Andrew Harrison revealed he’ll drop a number and go with No. 4 on the Grizzlies. He’s only the third former Kentucky player to wear No. 4 in the NBA joining Nerlens Noel and Gerald Fitch.

Hopefully we get to see Harrison for quite some time in the No. 4 Grizzlies jersey as he’s going to have to battle for a backup point guard spot behind Mike Conley. The one thing in his favor is he fits the personality of the Grizzlies with his attitude on the court.

The Grizzlies open up the Orlando Summer League on July 4 against the Brooklyn Nets.


Karlito Towns Visited a Familiar Face


The following picture came from @KarlitoTowns Twitter handle. The voice of Karl-Anthony Towns is giving him a run for the money on who becomes more famous quicker. Today Michael Kidd-Gilchrist posed for the picture of Karlito saying ‘this little man is funny.’

The Twitter handle of KarlitoTowns has been sending out pictures of the doll all over places similar to Penny Hardaway and Lil Penny from back in the day. So, the question is what company does this become a marketing ploy for? Either way, it’s great publicity for Towns and a light-hearted that has made its rounds since Karl told us about his little friend in the middle of the season.

While MKG might think Karlito is funny. Until he makes a look like this, that award goes to Karl.


So, who has been having a better week? Karlito or the Stanley Cup?


Kentucky ranked the third best state in America

Thrillist is a website that ranks just about everything that can be ranked, and yesterday, they ranked all 50 United States. Where did Kentucky end up? Number three behind Michigan and Maine (??):

3. Kentucky

Things that are really important to Kentucky: making all the good bourbon, drinking all the good bourbon, drinking all of said good bourbon while wagering on horse races, eating open-faced sandwiches that are covered in an irresponsible amount of liquid cheese, making peace with sleazy basketball coaches you’d otherwise dislike because Ashley Judd needs something to root for, dammit. All things considered, Kentucky has it pretty figured out.

I appreciate the high ranking, Thrillist, but was it necessary to call John Calipari sleazy? Besides, I’m not sure I trust a list that has Michigan and Maine first and second and Hawaii sixth. Wisconsin fourth?! No!


Marquis Teague will get a shot with the Oklahoma City Thunder

Add Marquis Teague to the growing list of former Cats who will get a shot at the NBA this summer. According to Pacers reporter Scott Agness, Marquis Teague will play for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the summer league. He’s now one of five former Cats fighting for a roster spot:

  • Sacramento Kings: DeAndre Liggins
  • Phoenix Suns: Josh Harrellson
  • Dallas Mavericks: Darius Miller
  • Charlotte Hornets: Aaron Harrison
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: Marquis Teague

Best of luck to Teague and the rest of the Cats. Teague’s still got skills–here’s videos of him working out earlier this month:

A video posted by shon bolden (@shonbolden) on

A video posted by shon bolden (@shonbolden) on

Is the Tennessee marketing department drunk?

Tennessee guard Josh Richardson was drafted by the Heat in the second round last Thursday. Bully for him, exciting times, right? The Tennessee Basketball Twitter account sent Richardson this bizarre congratulatory message on Friday that I’m still trying to figure out:

Even Richardson thought it was weird:

Tennessee basketball is like the really short kid with the backwards hat who tries WAY too hard to be cool in high school. Just…stop. Oh, sorry: #stop

Recent poll finds UK fans outnumber Louisville fans 66% to 19% in Kentucky


Public Policy Polling recently surveyed the state on a number of different issues ranging from politics to fried chicken and, of course, sports. In news that won’t surprise us, UK’s fan base is still much, much larger than UofL’s. 66% of the 1,108 registered voters said they cheer for Kentucky, while only 19% admitted they cheer for Louisville. Sixteen percent responded “not sure,” aka sissies/non-sports fans.

Of the Kentucky fans polled, 83% said they approve of the job John Calipari is doing as coach (5% disapprove). Rick Pitino received similar remarks from Louisville fans, with an 82% approval rating (4% disapprove).

On the football side, 50% of the UK fans polled say they approve of Mark Stops’ job so far, with 8% saying they disapprove and a substantial 42% responding “not sure.” The jury’s still out on Bobby Petrino too, with 51% of Louisville fans saying they approve, 9% disapprove, and 40% not sure.

Other interesting results:

  • When asked to pick their favorite fast foot chicken chain, 35% of those polled picked Chick-Fil-A, followed by KFC with 33%.
  • 47% said they believe KFC’s Colonel Sanders would be a better US Senator than Mitch McConnell
  • Only 33% of those polled have a favorable opinion of mint juleps (although 39% were “not sure”)
  • 56% think Secretariat would beat American Pharoah in a race

Check out all the results by clicking here.

Bo Ryan will retire after next season

In news that reminds me I’m still not over The Loss, Wisconsin announced that Bo Ryan will retire after next season. Rumors have been swirling on social media about Ryan’s retirement this morning, and he confirmed the news in a press release.

“Back in the spring, in the days after the national championship game, (UW Director of Athletics) Barry Alvarez and I discussed the possibility of me retiring,” Ryan said. “I’ve always been told tht is not a decision to make right after a season is completed. Barry Thankfully encouraged me to take some time to think about it and I have done that. I considered retiring this summer or coaching one more season.”

Coming off back-to-back Final Fours with the cupboard practically bare, you have to wonder why Ryan didn’t just go ahead and retire after this season, but I guess he wants a farewell tour. Just no more Final Fours, please.

[NBC Sports]


Pat Riley reminds reporter he’s a Kentucky Wildcat, is tired of his Duke worship

This morning, the Miami Heat introduced former Duke forward Justise Winslow, who may have been the steal of the draft at #10. Heat president Pat Riley and head coach Erik Spoelstra were alongside Winslow, now the third Duke player on the Heat’s roster (Luol Deng and Josh McRoberts).

In a gag-inducing bout of Duke worship, a reporter asked Riley how it felt to get another Duke guy and whether or not “there’s a specific thing about a guy that’s played at Duke” that appeals to him. Riley doesn’t flaunt his status as a former Kentucky legend a lot, but his response was priceless.

“I’m a Kentucky Wildcat, first of all,” Riley said to laughter from the crowd. “Same qualities, probably.”

Riley went on to praise Mike Kryzlkj;aoiwerj and Winslow, but it’s clear where his loyalties lie.


Calipari says Alex is two to three months from being back

Are you ready for an Alex Poythress injury update? Because I’ve got one, courtesy of John Calipari on this morning’s teleconference.

“He’s good,” Cal said of Alex. “He’s only five months out. He needs another three months, or at least two months, and we’ll see from there.”

In fact, Cal said that Alex is doing so well at rehabbing his leg that his other leg needs to keep up.

“He was so physically strong, the doctors are amazed that, around his leg, the one thing he’s got to do. He’s working so hard on that leg that was repaired, the knee, that the other leg’s got to catch up now. The strong leg, the healthy leg.”

Only a matter of time until he’s doing this again:

Calipari: “I hate to say it, but it could be crazy again”


John Calipari talked about more than Confederate flags today on the SEC Summer Teleconference. With Jamal Murray now officially on the roster, Cal told reporters — you guessed it — he likes his team.

“I’m excited about our team. I think our backcourt should be one of the stronger backcourts in the country, even though we will be very young, and our frontcourt, athletic and long — 7′, 6’10”, 6’8″, 6′9″,” Cal said. “I mean, our wing play with Charles and Mychal, Alex getting back healthy, Marcus Lee getting his opportunity. I hate to say it but it could be crazy again.

When asked specifically about Jamal Murray, Cal said he’s looking forward to the versatility he brings to the team.

“You know I’ve played all kind of different times, whether it’s smaller teams, bigger teams, longer teams. He is a playmaking guard who can play 1 or 2 and can really score the ball. Great in pick and rolls, can play with Tyler or you could play three guards at times if you chose to do that,” Cal said. “But it’s hard to say you’re gonna do that when you have the bigs that we have in Skal, Marcus and Alex if he’s healthy, along with Charles and Mychal. All of the sudden you have Dom and you have Derek, you have a–we have a good team. I mean, we’re like, ‘Let’s start playing. Let’s throw it up.’

Yes. Let’s.


Jerry Tipton asked John Calipari about the Confederate flag


Leave it to Jerry Tipton to spice up a routine summer teleconference. Jerry asked Cal his stance on the display of the Confederate flag and statues of Confederate generals across the South. After a five-second pause, Calipari responded. Here’s their conversation:

Calipari: “Really? Um, obviously it offends a portion of our society, so people are deciding to take them down. That’s how I feel.”

Jerry: “You would support taking them down?”

Calipari: “Sure. They offend, and I would say do it. But, again, does our state use the Confederate flag, Jerry?”

Jerry: “Well, there’s statue of a confederate general at the old courthouse in Lexington and a statue of Jefferson Davis at the capital in Frankfort.”

Calipari: “Wow. [pause] Since I’m not running for public office, I’ll let the powers that be decide those matters. I was thinking about running for President and I was discouraged from that.”

Jerry: “Thank you.”

Yeah…it got a little weird.

UPDATE (11:32 a.m.): Cal just posted this message on social media about the flag…

“Was just asked a question on a basketball conference call about the confederate flag. I don’t want any confusion. I think we should take it down! I don’t think there’s any question it should be taken down, but again, I’m not running for office.”

That’ll make for some entertaining Facebook comments.


Kash Daniel will announce at 1 p.m. ET on July 4th


We’ve known about Kash Daniel’s July 4th announcement for a while, but yesterday, Kash finally told us what time he’ll share his news: 1 p.m. ET.

Sadly, this puts KSR’s annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in peril, but we will sacrifice it for Kash. Anything for a future home state hero.

Anyone want to go to Paintsville and Periscope the announcement for us?

Everyone but Jamal Murray is back in Lexington

A sneak peek at your 2015-2016 Kentucky Wildcats, courtesy of loyal KSR reader @GsVaught, who snapped this shot at the Coach Cal camp yesterday. Jamal Murray (and presumably walk-on Jonny David) should join the group soon.

Tate Leavitt puts Kentucky in his final five

For the past few months, we’ve been telling you guys how important JuCo offensive tackle Tate Leavitt could be to the program. At 6’6″ 290 lbs., Leavitt is a monster who has offers from all the big boys, but late last night, released his top five. Right at the top? C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS:

Leavitt will take an official visit to Kentucky July 17-18 and is in the process of setting up officials to the other schools as well. Based on his remarks to’s Derek Young, it sounds like he just wants one last visit to Lexington to make sure everything checks out before making the big decision:

“I have a great relationship with their coaching staff and all the Ohio guys,” he shared. “I’m very comfortable there. I love the staff. I’m in contact with a lot of the players, too, like Courtney Love, Kyle Meadows, Marcelys Jones, and C.J. Conrad and Drake Jackson. I’ve bought into what they have been saying. I need to clarify it all and make sure I fit in. I will find out on the official visit.”

Come on down and enjoy yourself, Tate.