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March 4th, 2015

Cal quotes Young Jeezy: “Scared money don’t make no money”


John Calipari has said for months that he wanted his team to be tested. Well, they were tonight. When Georgia led by as many as nine in the second half, Cal said he hoped it would go to ten:

“I hope we go down 10! I hope we go down 10! That’s what I said to them. We need to find out who’s who. Who’s going to make a play, who’s going to do stuff? I kept saying ‘scared money don’t make no money.’ That’s what I kept saying in the huddle.”

Cal breaking out Young Jeezy lyrics. Swag.

Five Late Night Takeaways From Win No. 30


Dale Zanine | US Presswire

What a game. What. A. Game.

Remember when you thought Kentucky was going to lose? You did. Don’t lie to me. You thought to yourself, “It was fun while it lasted.” You thought that. I know you did.

Well, you were wrong because Kentucky doesn’t know what losing means. Tonight they stared Loss No. 1 in the eyes and shoved it aside to leave Athens with a 72-64 victory over a very good Georgia team.

To summarize things briefly: the shooting wasn’t pretty; the defense wasn’t up to par; they were out-rebounded and outplayed through most of the game; but all that matters is the final score and that final score shows the Wildcats on top.

Let’s hit five key takeaways before we call it a night and pick back up in the morning…


This team finds a way to win.

Down nine with nine to play and Georgia riding a monstrous wave of momentum, Kentucky kept its cool and clawed back to get the job done, when many teams would’ve crumbled. Andrew Harrison responded to the Dawgs’ biggest lead of the game with an off-balanced three from the corner, sparking a 7-0 run for the Cats. Georgia would get it back out to six, only to see Kentucky tie it up with a 6-0 run in less than a minute, late in the game.

As Karl Towns said in his postgame interview with ESPN, “We can fight through anything.”

Allow me to dial back the clock for a moment, way back to the Bahamas. Kentucky fell behind early against one of the professional teams — I believe Champagne Chalons-Reims — but the Cats responded and won the game in the end. Afterwards, Slice talked about how impressed he was that the team kept its composure after getting hit in the mouth, not only remaining cool, but punching back to take the lead and control of the game.

Yes, that was a preseason exhibition game in August, but there was some foreshadowing in Atlantis as Kentucky has done the same in a few SEC contests this season. UK got hit in the mouth tonight in a hostile environment in Athens, but just like they showed us in one of their first times playing together, they remained calm and battled back to victory. Simply put, they don’t lose. Backs against the wall, they still find a way to win.

Karl Towns was unstoppable.

All that stuff I just wrote, you can thank Karl Towns for it. Towns was the go-to guy in that run when Kentucky trailed by nine and he could not be stopped. Towns scored 17 second half points — SEVENTEEN — and he made it look easy. The kid who couldn’t make that baby hook earlier in the season, now he can’t miss it and defenders have no way of stopping it. He has become a player you feed in the paint and stay out of his way as he goes to work. Confidence couldn’t be higher in himself, and it couldn’t be higher from those of us watching him from the couch. Let Karl eat when UK needs a basket. He’s becoming an offensive force, just in time for the postseason.

Jahlil Okafor, you can remain seated when Adam Silver calls that No. 1 pick next summer.

The Harrison twins also balled.

Not to be lost in the love for Towns’ offensive dominance was an outstanding night from the Harrisons. Aaron scored the first 13 points of the second half and Andrew was equally important, if not more important, in keeping Kentucky in the game. The twins combined for 28 on the night and made big time shots when others (*cough* Devin Booker *cough*) couldn’t get one to fall.

Look no further than Towns and the Harrisons as your heroes tonight. Kentucky doesn’t win without their relentless play.

Nemanja Djurisic played the game of his life.

When did he become LeBron James? Djurisic played the game of his 7-year career tonight on Senior Night, in front of his father and his father’s mullet and his father’s used car salesman outfit. The bearded one went 7-for-11 from the field for 18 points and played like an SEC Player of the Year in the first half. Luckily he cooled off, because the basketballs gods won’t grant him 40 full minutes, but he gave his best effort to try and crush Kentucky’s dreams of regular season perfection.

Jokes aside, it was a pretty cool night for Djurisic and his family. It was his parents’ first trip to Athens to see him play, in his 10-year career, and he gave them all he had. Kudos to Djurisic on a great night and a fun 16-year career at Georgia.

That hair though.

Kentucky is going 31-0.

I was hesitant to say it before, but with Georgia and Arkansas out of the way, it’s happening. Florida wants no part of Kentucky in Lexington on Saturday and the Cats can taste perfection at this point. Rupp Arena will be rocking in the regular season finale, our last time seeing these guys on UK’s home floor, and every media outlet will be in town to capture it all.

This is really happening, BBN. We’re one win away from the unthinkable.


Highlights! Take some Tums and watch these highlights!

Karl said he was fighting for his brothers, not the undefeated record


When Georgia pulled ahead by nine with 9:12 left in the game, the BBN officially entered panic mode. The Cats looked lost on offense and defense, but finally, reestablished their post game via Karl Towns. Towns scored eleven points in the final nine minutes of the game before fouling out. He had 19 points total, and may have saved UK’s undefeated record.

John Calipari said that at the end of the game, he had enough confidence to go to Karl despite the fact he’s a freshman. “I’ve got enough confidence in him to go to him to shoot free throws. That’s how much I think of him. I know he has the courage, the skill, and the ability, so we went to him late.”

Karl’s late game surge is even more impressive when you take into account he played the final 5:50 with four fouls. How did he stay effective for over five minutes before fouling out? “We had to do some stuff other than him just playing mush mouth and move people to give him a better space,” Cal said. “Again, he’s a freshman. He’s just trying to do what he can do. So we started moving them, swinging, and posting from there, and that’s when they couldn’t really guard them.”

Because Karl is Karl, he said tonight’s win was for his brothers. “We fight for each other, we never care about the record or the streak or what records are going to be broken. We don’t worry about that. We just fight for each other, every time we step on the court, we’re not thinking about ourselves, we’re thinking about our brothers, each other. And that really is the key ingredient to why we’re doing so well right now, because we’re so selfless.

I know people will say, well we were fighting to be undefeated, but that’s absolutely not the case. When we go on the floor, we’re thinking of each other and when I’m on the court, I’m thinking about Andrew, I’m thinking about Willie, I’m thinking about every single person on the court and on the bench. That’s what makes us so special.”

That’s also what makes you so special, Karl.

Watch John Calipari and Aaron Harrison talk about the game

Watch me struggle in the background to record it.

And Aaron’s comments:

Andrew took the team on his back tonight

Photo by UK Athletics

Andrew Harrison took the team on his back tonight, scoring twelve points, seven during a crucial stretch at the end of the first half. Afterwards, Karl Towns said Andrew’s leadership kept the rest of the team confident even when the going got rough.

“It’s amazing. When you have a person like that on your team, it’s hard to ever feel down on yourself. That’s what he gives us: not only his amazing talent, but his leadership is key to what this machine is working with.”

Karl said that during a timeout, someone said “let’s get three stops,” to which Andrew responded, “no, let’s get five.” Why five? “I was looking at my jersey number,” Andrew quipped. “We just wanted to get as many stops as we could.”

John Calipari said that’s proof this team is becoming empowered, and no one was happier than he was when the group remained huddled during a timeout even after Cal went back to the bench. “Did you notice they huddled when I let them out of a huddle and they went to midcourt and they stood there for a minute and a half? I want more of that. That’s what I want to see.”

The players mentioned this huddle as well and said Andrew took over. What did he tell them? “I told them we’re not losing. I told them what we had to do to win and we did that.”

That’s a leader, folks.

Marcus Lee interrupts Karl Towns’ interviews


As you might expect, Karl Towns was a popular guy after the game, doing postgame interviews with ESPN and the UK media pool. UK held the interviews in the hallway outside the visitor’s locker room, which made for a lot of squished reporters and unfortunate body odor.

Karl unwisely chose to stand in front of the exit doors, blocking the rest of the team from getting out, which Marcus Lee took plenty of offense to:

This exchange continued, with Karl yelling “why are you wearing a hoodie, it’s Florida, it’s like 90 degrees.” Marcus reminded him the team is in Georgia, not Florida:

John Calipari embraces Ashley Judd after the game

Ashley Judd attended her first UK game of the season tonight and afterwards, waited for John Calipari to finish his postgame press conference crowded hallway conversation. I was at the back of the pack of reporters, so this is pretty much the only thing I got good pictures of tonight:


Thankfully, Ashley was not a jinx.

March 3rd, 2015

The SportsCenter set looks good tonight


This season is one for the books, BBN. Enjoy the ride.

Kentucky 72, Georgia 64




Kentucky won a tough one on the road tonight in front of a rowdy Georgia crowd and the world’s best mullet. That’s 30 in a row for the Cats with one to go before a perfect regular season.

I need a breather then we’ll be back with more throughout the night.

Go Cats.

UK vs. Georgia LIVE BLOG

Live Blog UK vs. Georgia LIVE BLOG

Charles Barkley and Bill Belichick at the game


Ashley Judd won’t be the only celeb in the house tonight. Charles Barkley and Bill Belichick are in attendance at Stegeman Coliseum, and Sir Charles was kind enough to pose for a selfie with yours truly:




Tipoff pushed to 9:10 p.m.


Greetings from Stegeman Coliseum, where tip off has been pushed to 9:10 p.m. Blue is REALLY getting in here in Athens, so here are some sights and sounds to tide you over until game time…

Look at all the blue…

IMG_4644 IMG_4640

Here is Aaron coming on to the court to a warm welcome from the UGA student section:

More hospitality from the Georgia students:

The two signs of the night so far:


May we all be as lucky as that woman on the right some day.

Your ‘what the heck’ Kentucky fan fiction of the season

Mark Zerof | US Presswire

Mark Zerof | US Presswire

If you have never heard of, it is a site which tracks trending topics in film, TV, music and apparently sports. It’s not the type of sports coverage ESPN does, however. The site uses more of a…..avant-garde…. way to connect to sports fans across the board. And what better way to bring sport fans together than to discuss beating Kentucky?

This writer used his imagination to come up with a way to take down the Kentucky Dynasty that involves Dip & Dots, Andy Toole and robots that takes place over forty years in the future. All were used to return college basketball to its former glory before Coach Cal ruined it.

Here is a little excerpt:


The worry wasn’t for basketball’s sake. The worry was instead that this group of six-stars were simply too fast, too long and too good at jumping to be merely basketball players. It wouldn’t just be platoons, it could be entire battalions of humans who were the best of the best. In the wrong hands with the wrong self-interests, these Wildcats could pose a threat to the very harmony of society.

A plan was forged, and in retrospect it was the only appropriate answer. Regular humans were never going to be able to beat genetically gifted humans. To beat Kentucky, we needed something inhuman.

We needed robots.

The coalition hired the best of the best remaining five-star minds to work on project Basketball Fever. The world’s more forward authority on artificial intelligence, Dr. Spike Jonze, was brought on to make sure the robots could think on their feet and gain the appropriate level of on-court awareness to do battle with the Wildcats. Plays were designed with the Laws of Robotics in mind. The bodies were formed with the lightest and most durable alloys known to man.


That is just a small portion of the beyond ridiculous story and you can get the rest of it here. I think the post might be a little like a bad car accident. You know you’re looking at something horrible, but you just can’t look away.

At least the got something right, though.  I think the only way to beat this team is robotics.