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April 21st, 2015

BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: The Moment You’d Take Back in the Cal Era


We’ve now completed probably the best 6-year run to start a tenure in college basketball history.  It’s been almost perfect.  4 Final Fours in 6 years and a 5th team who lost in the Elite 8.  The players have been personable and polite.  The games have been epic.  The history of UK basketball has been enhanced more in these 6 years than in the 15 years before it.  But it doesn’t mean there haven’t been some missteps.  I wonder what the one moment (shot/game/comment/recruiting loss/etc) you would like to take back would be.  There are some obvious candidates for me:

-Christian Watford shot to beat the 2012 team
-Nerlens Noel injury
-Sam Dekker 3-pointer in this year’s Final Four

But for me, and this might be a minority opinion, the moment I would take back is Deandre Liggins’ missed 3-pointer at the end of the UCONN game in the 2011 Final Four.  Here’s why:

-He hits that shot and UK almost certainly wins that game.  UCONN would have had 4 seconds to go the length of the court to win.  Very unlikely.

-UK would have smashed Butler in the championship game.  Say what you want but the 2011 title is the one that slipped away the most in my opinion.

-The legacy of Liggins and Josh Harrellson and Brandon Knight would have been enhanced so much more than it has been.

If that shot goes down, Calipari has 2 titles now (back to back) and these tough losses in 2014 and 2015 are maybe lessened just a little bit.  But I more wanted it for the guys on that team.  A team who went through as much turmoil as the 2014 team did but persevered and rode the back of Brandon Knight all the way to a Final Four.  With a win and the title that would have gone with it, there is an argument to be made that the 2011 team would have been Calipari’s favorite team to the fans.  Yes, even over the 2012 squad.  Titles completely change how people remember teams.  That 2011 team will never be remembered as a “great” team because they didn’t win the title.  They will be remembered as a scrappy bunch who overachieved in the NCAA Tournament.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  They hung a banner at Rupp Arena for crying out loud.  But if that one shot by Liggins had fallen, how that would have changed everything for those guys.

That’s my pick, what is yours?  If you could change one moment in this 6 year run, what would it be?

Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day

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___________________________________________________________________ You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtopten. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:

#10 Jamie Reagan

He’s famous now.





#9 Cody G.

Yeah. It has got a lot quieter lately.





#8 christopher williams






#7 Cindy

Good. Keep on doing that, Cindy.





#6 Thomas T

The headband never stops.





#5 Jake Clemons

You’ll need a magnifying glass for that.






#4 Devin

dang it, Dakari.






#3 christopher williams

This is a very good point.






#2 Chet Miller

I need to see this soon.






#1 Dan Bodner

This is a great representation.


April 20th, 2015

Monday Night News and Views

Floyd Mayweather is less than two weeks away from the biggest fight of his career and he invited a former Wildcat to watch him work out in Las Vegas today.

Julius Randle, who attended Mayweather’s last fight in Vegas, was a spectator in the gym for Mayweather’s Monday training session. He posted a photo with the champ on Instagram earlier tonight, showing the height difference in the two professional athletes.

During an appearance on SportsNation last week, Randle was asked to pick Mayweather or Pacquiao in the Derby night main event, and he picked Mayweather to remain unbeaten. He then set a new record on the show’s punching bag machine:

Can we say Julius is now a member of The Money Team?


Coach Cal turns to another option in the post.

Add Ebuka Izundu to the short list of names on what’s left of John Calipari’s 2015 recruiting board. A former Charlotte commit, Izundu was granted a release when the 49ers’ head coaching duties changed hands this offseason. He had recently narrowed his final list to Tennessee, Cincinnati, Miami, Connecticut and Charlotte, but you can throw Kentucky in the mix now that Calipari plans to meet with him in Atlanta next weekend.

Inzundu is the No. 22 power forward in the class according to 247 Sports, but he is unranked by Rivals and ESPN Recruiting. He is No. 231 overall in the 247 Composite Rankings.

For you fans wanting more four-year players, here ya go. It’s too bad we’re in need of an immediate contributor right now.

Looking at you, Cheick…

Cal will visit Jayson Tatum tomorrow.

Tatum, ESPN’s No. 1 player in the 2016 class, has long been a priority for the Cats. He will open his doors for Calipari tomorrow in St. Louis for an in-home visit.

He recently cut his list to St. Louis, Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke. Kentucky was the first to offer him, long, long ago.

Cal will also visit Malik Monk tomorrow.

A short private flight away in Arkansas, Malik Monk will also host Cal for an in-home visit. Monk is another top five player in the 2016 class.

Stop what you’re doing and vote for Anthony Davis to win the NBA’s Community Assist Award.

Davis is up for the season-long NBA Cares Community Assist Award and he could use your help in the fan voting. To give him a vote, simply use #NBACommunityAssist and #AnthonyDavis on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook this week and use it as many times as you’d like. Fan voting accounts for 50 percent of the decision and you can vote as many times as your little heart desires, this week and this week only.

#NBACommunityAssist #AnthonyDavis

Rest in peace, Commonwealth Stadium grass.

Crews began removing the grass from Commonwealth Stadium on Monday, seen below in this photo from the renovation’s live cam.


The stadium will soon add a synthetic surface for the Cats to beat Florida, Tennessee and Louisville on next season. The Bermuda grass currently being removed has been in place since 2005, making it older than half of Devin Booker’s fan base.

Did you catch Bernadette Locke’s SEC Storied?

Because I didn’t. I forgot. Whoops.

If you’re like me, you can catch it again at these times over the next 24 hours on the SEC Network: 1:00 am, 1:30 am, 8:00 am, 9:30 am and 11:30 pm.

A young girl wrote a letter to Dakari Johnson and it’s awesome.

Young Ava Mahone is going to meet her favorite player tomorrow and she wrote this letter to give to him at his signing:


“At least you beat the Cardinals, right?”

Ava gets it.

Anthony Davis vs. Steph Curry and the Warriors right now.

For my money, that’s about as good as NBA basketball gets. Anthony Davis is a future MVP, Steph Curry is this season’s MVP, and Golden State as a team is basketball porn. Throw in the best crowd in the league and this is must-see TV.

Time for me to log off and enjoy it.

Buh bye now.

Anthony Davis Vs The Golden State Warriors: Game 2

Via BlueManHoop

If you’re going to watch Anthony Davis in the playoffs you had better take advantage now because the Pelicans may not be sticking around much longer. Tyreke Evans went down with a deep knee bruise and is now day-to-day. Quincy Pondexter can’t do anything against Steph Curry (who can?) as the potential MVP went of for a team-high 34 points. Klay Thompson against Eric Gordon isn’t even a debate. Yes, the Warriors seem to have the advantage at just about every position except, that is, for the one occupied by Mr. Anthony Davis.

The Pelicans were down by 16 when the 4th quarter began and that’s when they did the only thing they could. Get the ball to AD and get out of the way. Davis responded by scoring 20 points on 7-10 shooting and wiith nine seconds to go the lead had been cut to an unfathomable 4 points, 99-103. Keep in mind that Ant was doing all that while being guarded by two men likely to join him on the NBA’s all defensive team in Andrew Bogut and Draymon Green. It’s about as impressive as you can get.

So in tonight’s second game the Pelicans will look to get even in the only way they have a chance, by getting Anthony some more touches around the basket. Tonight, it’s going to be Anthony Davis against the Golden State Warriors and the results should be nothing short of amazing.  Ant got them to the playoffs ahead of schedule and now we can all sit back and watch the former Cat grow into one of the NBA’s elite players.

Watch the brow get buckets before Game 2 tips off at 10:30 on TNT:

A Saturday with Karl Towns at Hillbilly Days


This past weekend was my first completely free weekend in as long as I can remember (going way back before football season) so I woke up early Saturday morning with options as to how I would spend my day.

The first option, the one with the most peer pressure involved, was to throw on a suit and go out to Keeneland. I had several friends in town and they had a big tailgate planned, so it was tempting. But nah. Not this time. With a trip to Las Vegas coming up in a few days, the last thing I needed to do was waste money on gambling and drinking and gambling and drinking. I’ll sit this one out for the greater cause, I thought.

The second option was to book a tee time and enjoy the first gorgeous Saturday of the year at the golf course. But all of my friends were going to Keeneland, so that one was out.

Then I remembered: Hillbilly Days.


Because I’m addicted to leaving Lexington, a long Saturday morning drive to Pikeville seemed like the logical decision. A little over two hours on the Mountain Parkway? I got that. Walking around Hillbilly Days by myself? It’ll probably get lonely, but on the positive side, no witnesses to judge me for how many deep fried Oreos I devour. So I hit the road alone.

I planned out my day along the way. First I would stop by Karl Towns’ signing at Deskins Motors, then head over to catch Dakari Johnson and Trey Lyles at Appalachian Wireless. After taking some pictures of their appearances, I would head downtown for the parade and all the other sights and sounds and cholesterol of Hillbilly Days. Perfect plan. Flawless. Let’s do this…


11:00 am: I arrive at Deskins Motors to watch the madness of Towns’ signing and he had opened the doors early to get the massive line moving. Here’s a look at Big Blue Eastern Kentucky Nation waiting to see the future No. 1 pick…


11:07 am: Once inside, I realize I have nothing to do but stand there. I don’t know what I expected to happen, but there wasn’t much for me to do but stay out of the way. I lean up against the glass window, pretending to have a purpose, and offer my help to the guys putting on the event. They tell me to hang out. Okay. Done. Hanging out is one of my skills.

11:10 am: Karl Towns is the nicest human being in the entire world and I’m amazed by how he treats every fan that comes through the line.

11:11 am: Scratch that. Karl Towns is tied for the title of Nicest Human Being in the World. His father, Karl Sr., who is accompanying Karl on his tour, is equally nice. They were genuinely appreciative of the fan support and they were patient with everyone who came through the line, no matter how long they wanted to talk about the shot clock violation or Karlito. There was no rush to get people in and out.

11:20 am: My favorite fan of the day shows up in his Karl Towns jersey:


Why is he my favorite? Because he brought Karl a mini bag of M&Ms as a gift.

And because Karl signed his belly…


11:30 am: A woman walks in and all she wants is a big hug…


Karl obliges. Karl Sr. also gets a hug. At this point, Karl Sr. is getting as much attention as Karl. Fans love to thank him for raising such a kind young man. (And a baller.) He could do his own tour of the state.

11:35 am: Okay, it’s time to head over to see Dakari and Trey. But I can’t. I’m having too much fun watching Karl and his dad interact with their fans. There’s no way Dakari and Trey are having this much fun (no offense, guys) and I’ve gotten comfortable against my glass window. I decide to ride it out at Deskins for the entire day.

11:45 am: I make the mistake of offering to take a photo for a family so they could all be in it. Karl Sr. had been playing the role of cameraman, but I offered my help so he could stay seated. Big. Mistake.

11:47 am: “DREW! They need a picture.” – Karl Sr.

11:48 am: “DREW! HEY DREW! You’re slacking, man. These nice people need a picture.” – Karl Sr.

11:48:30 am: “DREW! Get off your phone. You’re killing me. Picture time.” – Karl Sr.

11:49 am: “DREW! Get over here!” – Karl

11:49:30 am: “DREW!” – Karl and Karl Sr.

11:50 am: I am officially the volunteer photographer at the Karl Towns Signing at Deskins Motors. Any chance of leaving early, gone. Any chance of walking away from the table, not happening. They now have my full attention because Karl Sr. is a big man with a deep voice and I’m terrified of what might happen if I don’t offer to take a picture for every single fan.

12:05 pm: MaKayla couldn’t make it to the signing so Karl holds a “Hey MaKayla, have fun at prom” sign…


12:10 pm: A young fan named Bella brought Karl some fan art:


12:20 pm: I ask Karl if we can go back to the Bahamas this fall. He tells me he’ll be busy around that time this year. I ask for floor seats to one of his games next season, preferably with the Knicks, instead. He laughs, like I was kidding. I was not kidding. The Garden, Karl. I want to sit courtside in the Garden.

12:45 pm: I’ve now taken 500 pictures on 500 different phones.

1:00 pm: Undoubtedly the funniest moment of the day: a sweet lady hands me a phone I’ve never seen before and asks if I can find the camera. I look at Karl and his dad, clueless; they also have no idea what kind of phone I’m holding, or if it has a camera.

“Is this the 7?” I ask.

A minute or four later, I finally find what I think is the camera. She poses with Karl, I press a button, and the phone makes an explosion sound. I jump back and fumble the phone (or whatever apparatus I’m holding) as Karl and his dad fall over laughing. I tell her the picture looks good (I didn’t see a picture) and then take one with my own phone for good measure:


But really. What is this?


1:05 pm: Karl and his dad are still laughing at how I handled the situation. She was super nice, though, despite me mocking her phone and. Karl made up for my poor attempt at photography by telling her she looks “stunning.”

There’s a good chance she doesn’t have a photo on that phone. Or a camera.

1:15 pm: They start wrapping things up at the signing so my unexpected part-time photography job is done for the day. I thank Karl and his dad for letting me hang out and, as payment for my services, I ask Karl to sign a photo of us playing one-on-one in the Craft Center.

He wrote, “Easy block!” when I clearly broke his ankles. See for yourself. He’s jumping as I’m about to drive left in flip-flops. Photo don’t lie, Karl.


It’s the first autograph I’ve gotten in six years covering Kentucky basketball, but when you have a photo with the soon-to-be No. 1 pick, you have to break your own no-autograph rule.

Thanks again, Karl.

Goodbye, glass window.

1:30 pm: I arrive in downtown Pikeville, only to find parking is a nightmare and I don’t know anything about anything in Pikeville. It’s only my second time in the “City That Moves Mountains” — I’m from the other side of the state — and I’m intimidated by the massive Hillbilly Days scene, honestly. Considering I have no one with me to enjoy the action, I decide to drive back to Lexington without spending more than 10 minutes downtown. No deep fried Oreos. No deep fried honey buns. No parade. No risking my life on the rickety carnival rides. I never even got to take off my shirt.

But I’ll be back next year and I’m doing it right. No wimping out next time. As for 2015, it was just a long day with the incredibly kind Karl Towns, his equally kind father, and some of BBN’s finest from Eastern Kentucky.

And that’s how you do a spontaneous Saturday in April in Pikeville.

Kentucky reaches out to three-star center

With the missed opportunity to add Stephen Zimmerman or Mike Thorne, and a roster in need of another big body, John Calipari has now reached out to yet another former Charlotte 49er. This time it’s Ebuka Izundu, a high school senior who was released from his scholarship to Charlotte due to the school’s coaching change. Izundu had planned to decide between Tennessee, Cincinnati, Miami, Connecticut and Charlotte, but a recent phone call from Calipari may have him holding off on that announcement. Cal plans to watch him play in Atlanta this coming weekend.

Ranked No. 231 in the 2015 class by the 247 Composite rankings, Izundu doesn’t come with the same appeal as a Cheick Diallo or Thon Maker, UK’s only two other frontcourt options. But interest is high in the 6-foot-10 center, according to Aureice McCain, Izundu’s high school coach.

“Kentucky said they’re really, really interested,” McCain told the Charlotte Observer. “They wanted to see how things pan out with some other guys, too. They can’t believe he’s been under the radar this long.”

I won’t pretend to know a single thing about this kid’s game, but I do know Kentucky is getting desperate for help inside for Skal Labissiere, Marcus Lee and Alex Poythress.

We’ll keep an eye on this one, while praying for Diallo.

“Coach Bernie” documentary on Bernadette Locke-Mattox airs on the SEC Network tonight

Need something to watch tonight? At 9 p.m., the SEC Network debuts “Coach Bernie,” an episode of “SEC Storied” about Bernadette Locke-Mattox, the former UK assistant under Rick Pitino who was only the second female assistant coach in Division I men’s basketball history. Here’s the synopsis from the SEC Network:

When Rick Pitino was hired to coach the Kentucky basketball team in 1989, the once-proud program was reeling from NCAA probation and the loss of scholarships. He needed to shake things up and give the players who stayed a fresh perspective. To help achieve this, in 1990 he hired Bernadette Locke, only the second female assistant coach in Division I men’s basketball history. A former star point guard with the University of Georgia, Locke brought knowledge, spirit and academic discipline to the Wildcats. In two years, Kentucky basketball returned to prominence and, though still undermanned by the loss of scholarships, the Wildcats made it all the way to the Elite 8 in 1992. As Pitino and her fellow assistants Billy Donovan and Tubby Smith attest, Coach Bernie made a difference.

And the trailer:

Where Are They Now: Roger Harden



Roger Harden, former Mr. Basketball in Indiana and McDonald’s All-American, was a three-year starter at the point guard position during his four year career at Kentucky from 1982 to 1986.

During his senior year, Harden set a single-season assist record with a total of 232. Harden’s 498 career assists puts him third overall Kentucky history behind Dirk Minefield (646) and Anthony Epps (544). He was also named Third-Team All-SEC and to the All-SEC Tournament team during his senior year. Harden scored a total of 478 points as a Wildcat.

When the Kentucky basketball program switched to Nike from Converse for the 1984-85 season, Harden was the only player to continue wearing Converse, while his teammates wore the “Kentucky Dunk” shoe. Roger then went on to work for Converse for a brief time following his basketball career.

Read an article about Harden’s career from the Cats’ Pause in 1986 here.


Harden was drafted 115th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 5th round of the 1986 NBA Draft. Harden never played a game for the Lakers, and his NBA career never developed into anything.

Harden returned to Kentucky to coach as an assistant under Eddie Sutton for one season in 1987. Harden went on to coach AAU in Indiana in the 1990s. He has also done some youth and middle school AAU coaching. Harden has done a lot of skill work with young individuals to improve their game.

In May of 2012, Harden was announced as the new head coach of Williamstown (Ky.) Junior/Senior High School in Grant County. Williamstown is a small school with an enrollment of 426 students in grades 6-12.

“I’m just thrilled about being back in the game, and being back in the gym every day,” Harden said. “In my heart, I’ve always wanted to coach.”

Williamstown is the home of Harden’s wife, Gina, and the two have been married for 15 years. They have four children Joseph, Allison, Sarah and Olivia.


Williamstown plays in the 8th Region and has not had a winning season since 2004-05. Harden knew the challenges he faced when he decided to take the job.

“It’s going to be a building process, for sure,” he said. “They’ve never had a strength or conditioning program, so we’re going to introduce the players to that.”

In his first year as head coach (2012-13), the Demons finished with a record of 3-15. In his second season as head coach (2013-14), his team recorded a 10-20 season. In the 2014-15 season, the Demons finished with a 6-19 record. Harden has yet to win in 32nd District, which also contains Grant County, Simon Kenton and Walton-Verona. Williamstown has come in last in the district except in the 2013-14 season, they came in third.


Here are three highlights of Harden in the 1986 NCAA Regional Final Elite Eight game against LSU.


Patrick Patterson has some advice for the incoming NBA Draft Class

Getty Images

In addition to being in the NBA Playoffs and running one of the best SnapChats ever, Patrick Patterson found time to write an eloquent open letter to the incoming NBA Draft Class. Patterson penned the letter for The Players’ Tribune with some solid advice for the incoming players and some insight on his time at Kentucky, the last year of which taught him the importance of being a role player:

My sophomore year at Kentucky, Jodie Meeks and I formed one of the best scoring tandems in college basketball. It was something I was comfortable with because I had shared the spotlight with O.J. Mayo in high school. But in my junior year, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins joined the team, and I went from averaging 18 points and 9 rebounds to averaging 14 and 7.

Playing on that team was a great preparation for the NBA because I learned how to tailor my game when I was surrounded by big-time talent. That was my wake-up call, and I’m thankful it happened while I was still in college. Don’t look at your teammates as competition. If you can make them better, you’ll improve as a player and everything else will fall into place. At Kentucky, I was put in a situation where I had to sacrifice shots and put more focus on other areas of my game. In the NBA, I was asked to do the same thing.

Nobody dreams of being a role player, but those are the guys who manage to have decade-long careers.

That probably sounds pretty familiar to seven certain players. Stop what you’re doing and read the rest at The Players’ Tribune.

[Patrick Patterson: An Open Letter to the NBA Draft Class]

Third person charged with Jonathan Krueger’s murder

Justin D. Smith, 18, and Efrain Diaz, 20

Over the weekend, Justin Smith, 18, and Efrain Diaz, 20, were accused of shooting 22-year-old student Jonathan Krueger during a robbery. Krueger died from the gunshot wound, and both Smith and Diaz pleaded not guilty to the charges this afternoon. Hours later, a third arrest was made in the case. A 17-year-old was charged with murder, robbery, and tampering with physical evidence. Because that person is still a juvenile, his/her name was not released.

As we told you earlier, the Kentucky Kernel–of which Krueger was the photo editor–is holding a memorial service in his honor tonight at 8 p.m. at Memorial Hall. A scholarship fund has also been set up in Krueger’s name, and already has over $20,000 worth of donations. For more info and to donate yourself, click here.


More people have bid on dinner and a round of golf with John Beilein than John Calipari

Last week, we told you about an awesome charity auction for the American Cancer Society in which fans can bid on dinner and a round of golf with ten of the best coaches in college basketball, including John Calipari. The auction opened on April 13 and the price of dinner and a round of golf with Cal started at $10,000. A week later, the highest bid is only $13,000. The minimum increment is $1,000, so that means a maximum of three people have bid on it so far, which is kind of insane.

Even more ridiculous? So far, more people have bid on dinner and golf with Steve Alford, John Beilein, Tom Izzo, and Bob Huggins than John Calipari. That’s practically a crime, right? If you have $14,000+ to spare, here are all the details to make a dream weekend come true:

The winning bidder and two guests will attend a private dinner on Sunday, May 31 with all 10 renowned college basketball coaches. Each guest will enjoy a one night stay at MotorCity Casino Hotel, Detroit’s AAA Four Diamond Award-winning hotel featuring a luxury spa, great dining, and the hottest gaming in town.

Monday afternoon, the winner and their two guests will tee off in a round of non-competitive golf with John Calipari at Oakland Hills Country Club (host of six U.S. Opens, three PGA Championships, the 2004 Ryder Cup, and the future host of the 2016 U.S. Amateur Championship). Following an amazing day of golf, guests will enjoy dinner at the course.

The auction closes on May 1 and all proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. Click here to start bidding.

KentuckyOne Health Anywhere Care’s Afternoon Notes


KentuckyOne Health Anywhere Care at home, at the office and everywhere. Anywhere Care is a 24/7 service that lets you see or talk live to a primary care provider by phone or video chat… even from the comfort of your own couch.

Click here to learn more or get care now.


Hello there. How is everyone’s afternoon moving along? It’s yet another rainy day here in Nashville, so while my sump pump does its thing, let’s go over the headlines of a slow Monday so far…

— If you missed it, I spent the morning rounding up all the recruiting information from the weekend, and there was a lot of it. The 2015 class will be the major storyline around here over the next month as several elite guys finally decide where they’re going. After a few hours of research, what I gather is Kentucky’s best chance to land an elite guy is Cheick Diallo, who has buddied up with Skal Labissiere over the past few weeks. It also seems pretty likely that JuCo shooting guard Mychal Mulder will commit on his visit to UK this weekend, and while the phrase “JuCo shooting guard” doesn’t really get the blood pumping, he will fill a need on next year’s squad. Meanwhile, Calipari is going to have to hold off Duke and UNC for Brandon Ingram. Coach K will make his second in-home visit in five days tomorrow night and, with the National Championship momentum pushing the Dukies (ugh, still hurts), it may be too much for an in-state kid to pass on.

The recruitments for the rest of the guys–Jaylen Brown, Thon Maker, Malik Newman–seem too murky to speculate, but Jamal Murray looks like an interesting get. In addition to Diallo, Skal Labissiere also seems to be recruiting Murray, his teammate at the Nike Hoop Summit:

(Turns out that Murray account was fake, but the sentiment is good all the same. Murray’s real Twitter account is @BeMore27. Thanks to @BBNFanTy for the tip.)

— As Matt said on the show today, the 2015 recruiting class is just kind of weird overall, with several kids who seem to want to be “the guy,” even if it means going to a less prestigious program. Last week, Keith Garrett of A Sea of Blue put together a lot of research on why recruits should come to Kentucky, breaking down each major program/coach to prove that John Calipari is the best at putting players in the pros. It’s very similar to the pieces I’ve done on the same subject the past two summers, but a well-researched and interesting article nonetheless, so check it out.

— I don’t know if it’s all this rain or a bad night’s sleep, but two weeks later, I’m still bummed about the loss. Sure, I have done my best to “move on” and most of the time, the loss doesn’t consume my thoughts, but when it does…man, it’s depressing. I was talking to a friend about it yesterday and explained how there’s this giant void in my life right now, which sounds so melodramatic it almost makes me want to reevaluate how much UK basketball means to me. I realize that’s impossible considering my job and no matter how hard I try, I’ll always love the Cats, but I’ve still got a bad taste in my mouth two weeks later that even makes watching the NBA Playoffs difficult. Hopefully this will get better in time. Until then, I’ll lock this loss in the cellar with ’92 and try to forget about it.

— One thing that does make me feel better is pictures of the players with fans from the various signing events across the state. This one of Karl Towns and two girls who gave him tiny sneakers for Karlito is especially great:


Karl, Dakari, and Trey will all be at the Bowling Green Hot Rods’ baseball game on Thursday night to sign autographs and meet fans. If I can make my schedule work, I’ll be there too.

— On a similar note, please stop licking Devin Booker’s car, girls of the Bluegrass:

It’s disgusting and you’re better than that.

Marshall Henderson finally gets revenge on Erin Andrews


Note to self: Marshall Henderson carries a grudge. Two years ago, Erin Andrews (and the rest of the internet) took a shot at Marshall after he failed a drug test:

Marshall vowed to remember that tweet:

Two years later, Andrews’ boyfriend, NHL star Jarret Stoll, is arrested for drug possession. Marshall pounces:


John Calipari will visit Malik Monk tomorrow

Malik Monk, Cal, Marcus Monk

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Malik Monk, but it’s time to refresh our memories. According to Arkansas radio host Nicholas Mason, Monk will host John Calipari tomorrow on an in-home visit.

The 2016 shooting guard is a top 5 player considered to be one of the best scorers in his class, and visited Kentucky on an unofficial visit back in August. The Arkansas native will host Oregon today, the Cats tomorrow, and his in-state Razorbacks on Wednesday. His brother, Marcus, played basketball and football for Arkansas, who is considered the heavy favorite for Malik’s services; however, there is a Kentucky connection. Malik is good friends with former Cat Archie Goodwin, also from Arkansas. Malik says he thinks of Archie as his “big brother,” so hopefully Cal can play up that La Familia angle more tomorrow.

Until then, watch him work:

Scholarship fund set up for Jonathan Kreuger

By now you’ve heard about Jonathan Kreuger, the 22-year-old UK student that was murdered early Friday morning while walking home on UK’s campus. Kreuger was the photo editor at the Kentucky Kernel and his death is a senseless tragedy that sent shockwaves through the community. Tonight, the Kernel will hold a memorial service for Kreuger at 8 p.m. at Memorial Hall on UK’s campus. The service will be open to everyone to come and pay their respects, and the Kernel is putting together a scrapbook of messages and photos from Jonathan’s friends to give to his family.

The Kernel has also set up a scholarship fun in Jonathan’s memory, and so far, over $17,000 has been raised. To learn more and donate, please click here.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the Kreuger family, his friends, and the staff at the Kernel in this difficult time.