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April 17th, 2014

Cal Hits the Talk Show Circuit


This week Cal took to the road to promote his new book Players First: Coaching from the Inside Out, and he left no stone unturned in getting the word out. As he continues to promote his book and talk about his signature coaching style, we’ve collated some of his sound bites from those interviews below.

Morning Joe (MSNBC):
“It starts with recruiting. I tell [players] You’re not taking thirty shots if you come here, because you’re going to have other players who are just as good as you. The most anyone takes historically for my teams is thirteen, fourteen shots….I can’t promise you’re gonna start, how many minutes you’re going to get, all those things. But I’ve started something like thirty freshman in my time, or more now, and it all starts with recruiting.”


Squawk Box (CNBC):
“People ask me ‘how do you do this? How do you get a new group of freshman year after year, how do you teach this?’ And the thing is, teaching them the grind. How hard it is. Teaching them about servant leadership, which is hard when every player on the team was the star. They never thought about everybody else — now I’m asking ‘please think more about everybody else.’”


The O’Reilly Factor (FOX News):
“That’s what this book is about. They know that iIm about them and the decisions i make are in their interest, not my own, which is why I have a lot of kids leaving. I’m not influencing them to stay…that’s a big part of this. Do they trust you enough? Do they look at you and say he is going to do right by me? I have got to let them make their decisions.”


The Dr. Oz Show:
“This book is all about…look, here’s what it’s about. If I eat, you know, a jellybean, or swallow a piece of gum, it might get hung up in my intestines or my colon for three, four days. I’m holding it back. I’m not letting it go forward. But if I’m constantly eating things like cabbage, lettuce — those things are going to ultimately leave and it’s going to be better for everybody, you know, a positive outcome. You can’t be the colon that’s holding things back. You put good into your program, you get good out. Sometimes it happens faster than others.”


The View (ABC):
“What this book is about it, well, look. It’s about servant leadership. It’s leadership from the inside. If my wife Ellen is used to doing everything around the house herself, that’s no good for her. She’s got me, you know, a teammate. And I’ve gotta be like ‘Look, these shoes need to get out of the hall before someone trips over them.’ So what do I do? I move the shoes. In the same vein Ellen and I also have to work as a team, we also have to trust each other. We work hard together and then, you know, we go to the Olive Garden, then, you know, maybe Orange Leaf.  It’s the reward that comes with being part of that team.”


Watch What Happens Live (Bravo):
“Listen, what this book is about…it’s about…look, it’s like, you can’t have Brandi and Joyce having a fight right in the middle of SUR, you know? It just doesn’t work. Joyce thinks Brandi’s tacky. Brandi thinks Joyce is using Michael. It’s whatever. At the end of the day, they’ve both got to be able to share the catwalk if Kyle’s fashion show is going to go well, you know? Those are the sacrifices you make. And what you need is a Yolanda, who’s just going to take the initiative and stand up and drag Brandi away from the table. But you also need a Lisa, and a Ken, who’ll help defend Brandi. That’s how it has to be. Not just one person has to step up, everyone does. That’s how a team works.”


Fresh Air (NPR):
“What this book is really about is servant leadership. It’s about leading from the inside. Look, Terry, did you see David Maisel’s ‘History’s Shadow’ show at the Yancey Richardson Gallery? That’s like, you know, what Maisel does is that he focuses on X-rays as a point of aesthetic beauty, the point at where the visual and the science of the subject intersect to explore the dual processes of memory and excavation. And you know, it’s like when you look at a team like ours — that X-ray has to show a strength from the inside, you know? That natural beauty has to first exist at an internal level. Otherwise, as a team, it’s not art, is it? I don’t know what it is but it’s not art.”
X-Play (G4):
“Look, it’s like the game Titanfall. It’s just not going to work when one guy’s got a Hammond P2011 and the guy next to him has a Plasma Railgun. You have to get on those headsets and communicate with one another. That’s the only way you sweep Angel City. And it’s the only way you win a National Championship.”


The Maury Show:
“Listen. After this break, Maury, you’re going to open that envelope. And look — it doesn’t matter if the father of Rhonda’s baby is Taz, Rick or Shondell. What matters is that these four people come together to help this child be the best it can be. Two of these guys are going to have to step up and say ‘what can I do,’ you know? That’s how a team succeeds. But it probably won’t be Dan. Dan is a straight-up buster.”

Calipari and his wife tried to start a fund for former players’ children and the NCAA said no

Photo Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Photo Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

One interesting story from John Calipari’s press conference that didn’t really fit in my recap has to do with a fund Cal said he and his wife tried to start for their former players’ kids. Cal said they wanted to put together a fund to help his former players pay for their children’s educations, but the NCAA shot it down because it would be an extra benefit:

“I presented this to the NCAA, my wife and I. We want to start a fund. We’ll fund it, we’ll put the money in. That every player that’s ever played for me, whether they be at Mass, Memphis, or Kentucky, can request a grant for their children’s education. And that fund would peel off money for that reason. And when I stop coaching 25 years later, the money that’s left in that fund would be split between Memphis, Massachusetts, and Kentucky.

What was the response? ‘It’s an extra benefit.’ My wife and I sat there and said, ‘we’ve been thinking about this for five years, this is what we want to do. So, why can’t we put $5 or $10 million in an account that peels out money that all those players that have played for me? ‘Because you’ll use it in recruiting. And you’ll have an advantage.’ Well, I won’t if 50 other coaches do the same thing. Now, if 50 of us do it, we can afford it. I’m not the only guy that’s done well and am blessed. Well, 50 of us do it. ‘That’s bad.’”

For Cal, that’s yet another “common sense problem” the NCAA has right now, and one of the reasons it’s a crumbling institution. Kids’ education? Come on now…

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Eight notes from Cal’s postseason press conference

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.38.05 AM

John Calipari met with his favorite media friends this morning to recap his national book tour and the Cats’ season. Cal was about thirty minutes late because he was “under the weather,” (and who can blame him?) but took questions for about thirty minutes. Here’s the stuff we haven’t already heard in the past few days:

Cal had a really good day yesterday

Yesterday, Cal did a few morning shows, had lunch with Bill Clinton, and ended the day watching his former players Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Chris Douglas-Roberts play in Charlotte. He was also able to visit with Derrick Rose, who is recovering from an injury but is still traveling with the team. “It was a good day,” Cal said.

For Cal, a big highlight of the day was the two-hour lunch with President Bill Clinton. Cal said he asked Clinton “What would you do if you were in my shoes coaching Division 1 basketball right now?,” and although he didn’t share it with reporters, Cal said the former President’s response was pretty predictable. “You could almost predict his answer because he’s always been about people.” Players first = people first.

Cal doesn’t know what the players will do

The question of the moment is which players will stay and which players will go to the NBA. Cal said he has “no idea” what the players will do, but he has talked to about 19 GMs to gather information for them. He said he’s talked to all of the players, some while they were still in Dallas, and talked to the NBA folks again yesterday to get updates. Cal said he’s being careful to give that information directly to the parents so it doesn’t get distorted along the way. “I don’t want there to be any filter,” Cal said. “Happy, sad, angry, that’s it.”

Cal was “stunned” Willie decided to come back

Like many of us, Calipari said he was “stunned” by Willie Cauley-Stein’s decision to come back to school, and said he wasn’t even considering that option for him. In fact, when he sat down with Willie to talk about his decision, he reflected on how much the talented 7-footer has grown since he’s known him. “Willie, you know when I went to your high school the first time, you had a tennis racket in your hand. The second time I went to your high school, you were playing whiffle ball. And the third time I went to your high school, you were playing kickball. I never saw you with a basketball. I saw you play two football games, where I had a 7′ cornerback/wide receiver.” Wait, Willie played wide receiver??

Cal said Willie told him this when he informed him of his decision to come back: “You know coach, I’m in no hurry to leave. I love going to school, I’m going to be closer to my degree, I still have to grow a player, and we left something on the table there that I’d like to try again.”

Cal confirmed that Willie had ankle surgery

As first reported by KSR, Cal confirmed that Willie had ankle surgery by “the best doctor in the world,” and said he’s got a month or so of recovery.

Still no final decision on the summer trip

Cal confirmed that the team will take a summer trip, but said he hasn’t decided where. ”We’ll probably do something in the summer, but I haven’t made a total decision of what it will be. It’ll probably be something with the World Games.” That means the players will be going up against NBA guys, or as Cal put it, “get beat up by NBA guys.” Returning players, a month of practice in the summer, AND going against NBA competition? That puts the Cats well ahead of the curve once the season starts.

Cal’s hip surgery is scheduled for May 2nd

Cal said he’s scheduled his hip surgery for May 2nd in Lexington, and he’ll take about a month off to recover. Thank God.

“You’re old, you’re grumpy, go away.”

Cal spent the majority of the press conference rehashing his speech about how the NCAA needs to change some things. We’ve heard that A LOT the past few days, so I’ll spare you a full recap, but he did have a good quote in response to those who believe players should go to the league directly out of high school:

“The guys who say let them go out of high school, they don’t want to coach against them. It’s as simple as that,” Cal said.  ”You’re old. You’re grumpy. Go away.”

He hasn’t hired an assistant yet

Despite rumblings to the contrary, Cal said he hasn’t hired an assistant coach yet. ”I haven’t had time. There’s no one I’ve sat down and said, ‘I want you to do this.’ But I will. I haven’t gone through the process. I’ve called some people up. I have work to do.”

First, rest up a little, Coach.

Archie Goodwin scores a career-high 29 points in win over the Kings

Photo Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

While the rest of us were watching Twitter for the latest updates on the players’ decisions, Archie Goodwin made them eat they feet in Sacramento, scoring 29 points in the Suns’ 104-99 win over the Kings. It was a career-high for Archie, who started the second half and scored 12 of those 29 points in the fourth quarter. The highlight? This ridiculous dunk:

Side note: Drew Franklin, currently on his California adventure, was in the stands. Does this make Drew Archie’s good luck charm?

LIVE: John Calipari’s postseason press conference

UPDATE: Cal’s been delayed, so the presser has been pushed back to about 11 a.m. I’ll leave this up so you can listen to the media whine about it.

The waiting continues… (Thursday Show Thread)


Good morning, friends, and welcome to the Thursday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio. Today, Matt and Ryan will discuss the ongoing draft decisions by UK’s players, Jalen Whitlow’s transfer, and any news that comes out of John Calipari’s 10:30 a.m. press conference (which will most likely be about his book).

Also, if you missed the news last night, Governor Steve Beshear, House Speaker Greg Stumbo, Senate President Robert Stivers, and Lexington Mayor Jim Gray have all agreed to come on KSR in a few weeks to debate the Rupp Arena funding issue, so I’m sure they’ll touch upon that as well.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

Topics include:

– Harrison Twins in Orlando?

– Jalen Whitlow transferring

– The Rupp Arena debate

– Tucker Max and John Calipari???

– Much more…

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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: 25 Oddities of Kentucky Basketball

I do this list once or twice a year and always find new additions to put in the mix.  When you’ve played basketball as long as Kentucky has, some odd things have happened.  Here are some of the odder that I’ve come across, ranked by oddness in my opinion:

1. The UK head coach who had the worst winning percentage: Basil Hayden, who had a 18.7% win percentage at Kentucky.  He also has his jersey retired.

2. 6 times an opposing player has scored 50 or more points against UK and all 6 were either Pete Maravich or Austin Carr.

3. Tony Delk actually ranks in the Top 40 for career BLOCKS at UK.  Rex Chapman is in the Top 50.  (Of course, blocks didn’t become an official stat until 1985)

4. Brandon Knight scored more points in his 1 UK season than Forest Sale, Phil Grawemeyer, Cliff Barker, Gayle Rose, Layton Rouse, and Basil Hayden did in their careers.  Those 6 players all have retired jerseys.

5. Kentucky is 14-0 in games played in the city of Memphis but has never played the University of Memphis in that city.  They have played Ole Miss 6 times in that city though.

6. Before scoring 41 points in the NCAA title game in 1978, Jack Givens had scored over 30 points ONCE in his other 122 UK games.

7. It took Dan Issel 8 less games to score 94 more points than Jodie Meeks on the single season scoring list

8. Adolph Rupp only had 1 undefeated team and that team did not win the national title (1954).

9. 15 times a UK player has been chosen as SEC Tournament MVP.  Only Travis Ford was selected twice.

10. Despite his recruiting reputation, Rick Pitino did not have a single Mcdonald’s All-American in 5 of his 8 classes.

11. Only 1 UK player has ever lived past the age of 100: Basil Hayden.

12. UK has played games over its history in 9 Kentucky cities.  But it has never played a game in Richmond (EKU), Murray (Murray State), or Morehead (Morehead State) and only 1 time in Bowling Green (WKU).

13. Tubby Smith never won fewer than 22 games in his 10 seasons.  Rupp won less than 22 games 6 times since 1960.  Hall did it 5 times in 13 years.  Sutton did it 2 times in 4 years.  Pitino did it 1 time in 8 years.  Gillispie did it 2 times in 2 years.  Calipari has done it 1 time in 4 years.

14. Joe B. Hall played at Kentucky for 1 season.  He played in 3 games and never scored a point.

15. 11 of the 20 NBA titles Kentucky alums have won came with the Boston Celtics.

16. Half of Kentucky’s Top 20 all-time scorers only played 3 years at the school.

17. The players who rank #102 (Lou Tsioropoulos), #105 (Ken Rollins), #111 (John DeMoisey), #115 (Forest Sale), #116 (Phil Grawemeyer), #118 (Cliff Barker), #160 (Gayle Rose), #179 (Carey Spicer), #187 (Layton Rouse),  and #191 (Basil Hayden) on the career scoring list all have their jerseys retired.

18. Saul Smith had a 1.59 assist to turnover ratio at Kentucky.  That is actually a better ratio than Cliff Hawkins, Ed Davender, and Ramel Bradley.

19. Kentucky has had 3 head coaches who graduated from the University of Illinois: George Buckheit (44 wins), Clarence Applegran (13 wins), and John Mauer (40 wins).  UK has had only 4 head coaches who graduated from the University of Kentucky.

20. The player who came closest to breaking the 1,000 point barrier but didn’t was Jared Prickett, with 998 points.  James Lee finished with 996 points.

21. If Rod Rhodes had played in 1996, and scored his career scoring average that season (12.2 ppg), he would have finished as the school’s 11th all-time leading scorer.

22. Despite the NIT being the elite basketball tournament in the 1940′s and 1950′s, Kentucky only won that title 1 time, in 1946.  They won 4 NCAA titles in that same 20-year span.

23. There are 16 states that Kentucky has never had a player from.  They are Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nebraksa, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Carolina, Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

24. Only 2 former Kentucky players have won multiple NBA titles: Lou Tsioropoulos and Frank Ramsey

25. UK has only had 2 players serve in the military since 1970: Charles Hurt and Carlos Toomer

KSR’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day

(Darrell Bird | Catspause)

(Darrell Bird | Catspause)

It’s time again for KSR’s Top Tweets of the day. You can participate by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTop10 or just by simply tweeting @KYsportsradio. We will focus most of our attention on Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as usual, there are no limits to our madness.


#10 Tucker Max

You say that like it’s shocking.



#9 Jeff Goodman

I am sure he is standing on campus somewhere waiting for the call.



#8 Robby Trimble

You’ve obviously never read any of their books.



#7 A Forbes

It’s the year of the Cat.



#6 Kyle Tucker

Future Breaking News: Coaches plead with NCAA to adopt a “no seconds” rule.



#5 Maxwell Smith

At least he has a fall back plan.



#4 Pod Katt

Waffle House will be rolling in the money.



#3 Rob Tinsley

Some people aren’t taking it very well.



#2 Not Jerry Tipton

UK Athletics always keeps us on our toes.



#1 Sam Malone

Sam Malone has some extra sass today.


Traveling Calipari’s Thursday News and Views


John Calipari is a baller. At this point, there is nothing else left to be said about him. During his book tour across America, we have seen him in an amazing number of locations. But today may have topped them all. He began the morning on the MSNBC show “Morning Joe”, made his way to something called “Squawk Box” on CNBC, had lunch with former President Bill Clinton, took a jet with Tucker Max to Charlotte for the Bobcats and Bulls, and while there ran into Michael Jordan. Tucker tweeted me and said the two talked about the “One and Done” Rule and Jordan said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver would be pushing hard this summer to get the rule changed to two years. Now I ask you…seeing all that, how does your day compare? I thought my day of doing a remote at Sleep Outfitters, eating lunch with Ryan Lemond at “Smokey Bones”, having a meeting about the KSR Summer Tour at the radio station, organizing my office, eating sushi from “Whole Foods”, watching the WWE Network and cackling on the phone with Bomani Jones for a hour was action-packed…but Calipari puts me to shame again. We really do have the perfect coach for Kentucky here and we probably won’t ever find one better.

With that in mind, three big stories for the day that we need to focus upon:


It takes a pretty big piece of football news to knock the basketball decisions off of the headlines, but today that decision happened as last year’s starting Quarterback Jalen Whitlow announced he would be transferring. It came as a little bit of a shock, as just last Thursday, Mark Stoops was on KSR Radio and said that if the games started today, Whitlow would be the starter. But a week later, Jalen was told that his future might be best served at another position and he decided it was time to make a move. I spoke today with a source close to the program who helped me process the decision a little bit. He told me that Whitlow’s passing hadn’t improved at a strong enough level to really justify leaving him at the position. The other quarterbacks in the system had taken heavy strides and the staff felt good enough with the position depth to make the move. UK wanted Whitlow around and thought he could be a valuable receiver/Wildcat QB for them as they love him as a player and as a person. But, in the end, the Neal Brown offense needs an efficient passer and my source says the belief was that Whitlow, even though he knew the offense the best and had more dimensions to his game, simply had not made enough strides in that area.

I hate to see Jalen go as I think he would have been a valuable member of the team next year and on a team that needs great athletes, he could have been used. But I also understand why he wants to play Quarterback and how with that in mind, a transfer makes sense. I do not believe UK’s struggles last season were because of Whitlow, as he was just the most obvious face of a team with a lot of holes. But, without better passing ability, a change makes sense. This should make UK fans feel good about the improvement of the guys on the roster, as with this move, the Towles/Barker/Phillips Air Raid era has officially begun.


KSR is happy that the draft decisions are taking a long time to be made by the six players left on UK’s roster who are up in the air. The traffic on this site has been insane as fans wait breathlessly to find out who is back. However, as a fan the wait is brutal. I am hearing that we will probably find out about one player this week, but the rest will probably go into next week, meaning we will have more time before the April 27th deadline to wait. Nothing has changed on my end…I still think Randle/Young will leave…I still believe that Alex will stay (although I do think there is some pressure from people around him to go)…I think Dakari is torn but will probably (but not certainly) end up back…and I have no clue on the Harrison Twins. I continue to read people who say the Twins are leaning this way or that, but I still give absolutely no stock to it. This is a quiet twosome who isnt talking to anyone locally and I am of the opinion that the folks around UK still don’t know what the decision will be. The speculation is just that, and at least half will end up looking right as it is a yes/no decision. If the Twins leave, I do expect Kentucky to take another perimeter player and my guess is that part of what will take place with new Assistant Coach Barry Rohrrsen is to figure out where to go if that contingency occurs. So more time waiting…get comfortable.


The Rupp Arena Renovation plan came to a grinding halt late Tuesday night when the Kentucky Senate did not pass the funding necessary for it to begin. There has been a lot of talk about the issue, and we still are left a bit up in the air as to where it stands. I am still surprised and disappointed that the Senate leadership did not approve the money, when they have approved similar money for Louisville’s arena in the past AND approved $60 million this year for the Louisville Convention Center. We have heard reasons from the Senate, but most have to do with “delay in getting documents,” but little on the substance of the issue. This morning on my radio show, I challenged all the major parties to the issue, the Governor Steve Beshear, Senate President Robert Stivers, Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo and Lexington Mayor Jim Grey, to come on my show TOGETHER and debate/talk out the issue. To my pleasant surprise, all today agreed to do it. For scheduling reasons, it won’t take place for a couple of weeks, but I do think at that time, we will know for sure what happened, how it can be fixed and fans can decide who is right and who is wrong. It will be the first time all of Frankfort’s “Big Three” leaders have been in one interview at the same time since they took office. We at KSR appreciate the fact that they would take our forum as the opportunity to make that happen and I do commend them for agreeing to do it.

With that, we are back at it tomorrow on radio and on here…the wait is long, but hopefully the results if these players return will be worth it…

Rupp Arena Debate to Be on KSR Radio


Some big news for KSR Radio tonight as all the major parties to the Rupp Arena funding decision have agreed to come on KSR and debate the issue. Governor Steve Beshear, Senate President Robert Stivers, Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo and Lexington Mayor Jim Grey have all agreed to come on the show at the same time to discuss the Rupp Arena funding decision and where it goes from here. My goal in making this happen was to try to ensure that whatever the result, all parties were forced to be in the same room and they could answer each other’s questions/concerns on the issue without sidestepping. Now we will get it. I compliment all four men for agreeing to the exchange and I think it will be beneficial for fans/Kentuckians when it takes place.

Due to scheduling issues, the actual event will likely be the week of April 28th, but that gives Ryan Lemond plenty of time to get ready with all of his insightful thoughts.

In honor of Willie’s return, his most memorable Kentucky moments



We’ve all had a few days now to delight in the news that Willie Cauley-Stein will be returning for his junior season at Kentucky. After months of speculation that he would likely go to the NBA after this season, Willie being Willie, threw a bit of a curveball to everyone by deciding to give college another year. Willie has always been his own guy, and has provided plenty of interesting and entertaining moments/pictures/fashion statements in his two years at Kentucky. Willie has created a number of highlights on the court, but he’s also proven what a unique character he is… which shows in the fact that he has so many memorable things to add to this list that are not even basketball related. Enjoy some of the best of Willie Cauley-Stein and his time at Kentucky. Feel free to add to the list.

The infamous Sidewalk chalk picture


The picture that has often been talked about, but is nearly impossible to find. When Willie Cauley-Stein was being recruited by Kentucky and committed, famously a picture of him creating art with sidewalk chalk circulated the internet, which should have been the first of many signs that Willie was going to be a fun guy to have at Kentucky. 10 points to whoever finds that picture.


The shirt


Although Willie couldn’t join his teammates int he national championship game on the court, he gave a championship effort in choosing his apparel to wear under his jersey that night.


The Dunk against Auburn (Sports Center Top 10 play)


 “Did you know Willie Cauley-Stein played wide receiver in high school?


Show me a television broadcast crew that hasn’t mentioned this at some point in the telecast and I’ll show you a Rick Pitino.



Willie famously died his hair for a brief stretch in the middle of the season. Willie’s play was actually quite good during his blonde days, leading to the nickname “Goldiblocks.”


“I’m a Willie Cauley-Stein man”



The put-back dunk against Baylor (apologies for the video_

Hakuna Matata tattoo

The most talked about neck tattoo in Kentucky basketball history…for no apparent reason. For about 48 hours, the Twitter world went crazy with 40-year old blogger types fawning over Willie’s neck tattoo that reads “Hakuna Matata.”


“I like to color in coloring books”


During the SEC tournament, video clips of players saying what they liked to do in their spare time played over the big screens. Willie’s answer was classic Willie: “I like to color in coloring books.”

18 pts, 11 rebounds and 6 blocks against Ole Miss (2014) and 16 pts and 13 rebounds against Arkansas (2014)


Harrison Twins Spotted in Orlando


pic by @Cole_worldd2

One of the great things about waiting for the UK players to make their draft decisions (well actually there are no “great” things about it) is that we get to go back to our obsessive selves where we read information into anything. The latest example is tonight where the Twins were spotted in the Orlando airport after taking a plane with the UL Baseball team to America’s favorite family destination. The young man in the pic above took a picture with each twin and tweeted this out and while no information is known (beyond Jody Demling saying they were on the same plane as UL baseball), we still can speculate and ask questions. Most importantly:

1. Why are they in Orlando? Is it a destination? Is it a layover between flights? Is Orlando a connection to Houston? Do you know America’s commercial flight schedule? If you do, how do you know it?

2. Why does this kid have on two different shirts? He clearly layered up, but why go one shirt with one and one with the other? Did he all of a sudden get cold (or warm)?

What will we do once these guys actually make their decision?

Richard Pitino Being Considered by Tennessee


Photo by USA Today

Please make this happen…PLEASE! Jeff Goodman reports tonight that Richard Pitino is in the mix for the job with Tennessee and is in talks with the school. Pitino has only been at Minnesota for one year, won the NIT with Tubby’s players and now could be considered to come coach the Big Orange. The Vols apparently have a couple of other contenders (including former Morehead State coach Donnie Tyndall), but they like Little Ricky and are considering bringing him in.

All I can say (repeatedly) is PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN…Richard looks like he could be a good coach, but considering all the comedy that a second Pitino at a UK rival could bring, KSR is willing to even chip in money to make this happen. Plus, how much fun would it be to see Calipari beat up regularly on another Pitino as we watch the sour faces of a family that simply cant defeat their arch nemesis.

Let me start the chant…”RICKY TO ROCKY TOP, RICKY TO ROCKY TOP!”

Kentucky taking another look at Devonta Pollard?

Remember Devonta Pollard? Two years ago, Kentucky recruited Pollard, a five-star small forward, but he chose to sign with Alabama. A year ago, Pollard’s mother, Jessie Mae Brown Pollard, was arrested and charged with kidnapping a six-year-old child. Although his involvement was peripheral, Pollard himself was charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and transferred to East Mississippi Community College. After a long, hard year in which he had to testify against his mother to avoid prosecution, Pollard is trying to start anew. One of the schools interested is Kentucky. From The Clarion-Ledger:

Missouri, Kentucky and Troy are three schools after the talented forward, but Pollard hasn’t set up visits with any schools. White says he met with Pollard last week and talked recruiting, but that it’s anyone’s guess to where he ends up. 

At Alabama, Pollard struggled, only averaging 3.9 points and 3.1 rebounds. At EMCC, he averaged 12 points and 6.4 rebounds a game, while shooting 59% from the field. His game needs work, but the potential is there. As the roster continues to shake out over the next few weeks, this may be something to keep an eye on. Pollard has until May 21st to decide.

Calipari going to the Bobcats/Bulls game tonight


Photo @TuckerMax

Where in the world is John Calipari? Charlotte, North Carolina to see the Bobcats play the Chicago Bulls. Tucker Max posted this pic of himself and Cal on a private jet headed to the game, a prize Tucker won in the Calipari Fantasy Camp.

Does this mean we’ll get a MKG/Derrick Rose/Cal picture later tonight? There’s no way it tops the absurdity of this one.

WCS Costume of the Day wants an update on the lack of NBA decision updates


We usually refrain from posting kid pictures on here (no offense to your children, we love them, but if we do, we’ll have more kid pictures in our inboxes than your aunt/sister/grandmother/college BFF’s Facebook account combined), but this Willie Cauley-Stein costume was too good to pass up. Well done, girl. Now you just need a motorized scooter.

As another day slowly creeps by without any updates on the players’ decisions, Matt’s had his ear to the ground, and is hearing that aside from one player, most of the NBA decisions will likely come next week. So yes, more waiting. More torture. Hopefully some cryptic tweets to overanalyze.

Miss today’s show? It was a good one. Matt and Ryan were at the new Sleep Outfitters in Louisville and talked a lot about the draft decisions and the news that Jalen Whitlow is transferring. They also spoke to Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, who has agreed to take part in a debate about the Rupp Arena renovation funding drama, along with Senate President Robert Stivers and Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo. We’ve got a call into Governor Steve Beshear, who will hopefully complete the roundtable. Listen in to hear all the latest on the dealings.