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August 29th, 2014

KSR County Spotlight: Always Fun When Your Time Is Spent in Kenton!


Welcome back friends.  Did we get everyone out of the caves?  Still missing a few?  Eh, it happens. Alright, let’s pop onto the AA and head north for our next stop on this wonderful tour … Kenton County!


Kenton County

Kenton County


Founded in 1840 by land GENEROUSLY donated by my Campbell County, Kenton County is one Kentucky’s only two counties to have two legally recognized county seats in Covington and Independence. Having these two good size cities, along with its proximity to Cincinnati makes Kenton County Kentucky’s third most populous county behind Fayette and Jefferson.  Kenton County was named after soldier, frontiersman and all around good guy, Simon Kenton. Simon fought for us in the Revolutionary War and again in the War of 1812 before retiring to his home in Urbana, Ohio.  Simon has generously lent his name to many Kentucky landmarks including Simon Kenton High School in Independence, Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge in Maysville and most famously, the Simon Kenton Harvest Festival down in Washington, KY!


Judging by the amount of fingers on his right hand, this was painted by Matt Groening.

Judging by the amount of fingers on his right hand, this was painted by Matt Groening.


Let’s check out both county seats, starting with Independence. Originally known as Crewitt’s Creek, Independence later received its new name after Kenton County received its ‘independence’ from Campbell County.  Clever, I know. Now a days, Independence is a city growing faster than most.  So fast in fact, Forbes named them the 99th fastest growing city in the nation in 2007. Adding to their accolades, Independence was named the 13th Safest City in Kentucky by Safewise.  This makes it the largest community in the top 15. With multiple parks spread out around the city, Independence gives her residents plenty of places to relax.  The amphitheater at Memorial Park hosts events throughout the summer including concerts, puppet shows and even a magician.  Also, with an abundance of churches, there’s always a festival you can attend.  Make sure to catch the Rusty Griswolds at the St. Cecilia tomorrow, the 30th. They’re a northern Kentucky favorite!


Now onto our other county seat which was founded in 1815, Covington.  Per the last census, Covington has a little over 40,000 residents making it Kentucky’s 5th most populous city. Situated on the banks of the Ohio, Covington residents and visitors can enjoy many of Covington’s attractions and events. You can catch a show at the Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center or the Madison Theater.  Or you can check out the many events going on at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center.  I’ll be checking out Cincy Comicon September 5-7 this year, so long as my Riddler tights are back from the dry cleaners. Looking for an outdoors event instead? We have you covered. Some of northern Kentucky’s best events are held in Covington, including our two favorite German parties, Maifest and Oktoberfest! Since you missed Maifest, come out after Comicon September 5-7 to Mainstrasse Village for some sauerkraut covered bratwursts and a nice, cold doppelbock. Other exciting Covington events include Mardi Gras, First Friday Art Gallery Hop and THE Original Goetta Festival.  If you’re looking for other food options, check out Otto’s in Mainstrasse,  Keystone Bar & Grill, Amerasia, and Blinkers Tavern, home of the Best Steak of Northern Kentucky award two years running! In need of a drink?  Make sure to educate yourself on bourbon and whiskey at the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar on Main Street. That way, you have some game to drop on the ladies once you head to Pachinko’s, Cock and bull or Mulligans.  And finally, I’d be doing Kenton County a great disservice if I failed to mention the famous Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club. The LBYC sits on the Ohio and sees all sorts of kinds of folks.  In one night you’ll see boaters tie up to party with college kids, professional athletes and, per a few emails I received, the occasional cougar or two. So strap on the flip flops and I’ll meet you down there underneath the neon palm trees!




Finally, there are a few famous Kenton County residents we should recognize. While I think we mentioned him in the Campbell County post, our boy Jared Lorenzen was born in Covington.  This puts him along the likes of some pretty important, and random folks. Gail Borden, inventor of condensed milk, lived in Covington. Songwriter Haven Gillespie, co-writer of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” was born in Covington. Great painter Frank Duveneck was born here.  He was the realist. (painting joke)  The two Kenton County names most of you will know are baseball great David Justice and owner of Roush Fenway Racing, Jack Roush. While playing for the Braves, Indians, Yankees and A’s, David Justice amassed a Rookie of the Year award, 3 All Star appearances, and 2 World Series Championships. After a stint working for Ford, Jack Roush formed Jack Roush Performance Engineering in 1976 and has seen 7 titles as an owner in NASCAR’s top 3 series, including a back to back Sprint Cup titles in 03 and 04.


Little known fact ... Jack Roush has survived TWO plane crashes. Maybe don't fly anymore.

Little known fact … Jack Roush has survived TWO plane crashes. Maybe don’t fly anymore.


Well there ya go ladies and gents.  The 12th stop of our tour down, which means we’re officially 10% done. We have a lot of counties. Let’s head out next to our western most tip and see how things are going down in Fulton County!


Remember, if you want your county’s favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant or cool town event featured, hit me up at and we’ll get it on here!

Know Your Wildcat: Ashely Lowery

Photo by: 247 Sports



– Height: 6’1”

– Weight: 220 lbs.

– Class: Senior

– Experience: 3L

– Position: Safety

– Hometown: Cleveland, Ga

– High School: White County

Class of 2011 High School Ranking 

– #59 S 


How He Got Here

Kentucky had seven recruits come out of Georgia in the 2011 class, including Ashely Lowery, Demarco Robinson, and Josh Clemons. Lowery was considered the 50th best defensive back in the country.

Junior Season

Lowery started all 12 games for the Cats for a total of 46 tackles. He added an interception, three pass breakups and a fumble recovery. His interception came against Tennessee and he returned it for 26 yards. The fumble recovery came against Alabama State. He had a career-best 10 tackles in the game against Georgia.

Something You Didn’t Know About Him

Being from the country, he loves to hunt and ride four wheelers.

Something We Made Up About Him

While eating at a Cracker Barrel in Georgia, Ashely challenged the whole staff to checkers. He beat all the employees working that day and came back the next day to do the same. Lowery’s picture is hanging in all Cracker Barrels in Georgia as “Georgia’s Checkers King.”

Unfair NFL Comparison

Earl Thomas, Seattle Seahawks

Outlook for 2014 Season

After sitting out in the spring due to a shoulder injury, Lowery hopes to make a huge impact in his return. Sitting out could have hurt his chance to keep his starting job as a lot of young competition showcased their skills over the summer. Lowery’s experience as a two-year starter will be key to a young and inexperienced Kentucky backfield.


Marcus Lee is HYPED for tonight’s volleyball game


Marcus Lee is at the volleyball game tonight and is HYPED. Face paint and all.

What, didn’t you know Marcus Lee used to play volleyball?

Anthony Davis then vs. now


Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics

Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics

Photo via SLAM Magazine

Our little Brow is all grown up.

(I had to add the first picture just because.)

Kentucky Football Worst Case Scenario: Respect

The University of Kentucky football team snapped a 26 game losing streaking to Tennessee by beating the Volunteers 10-7 on Saturday, November 26, 2011, at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Ky.

Over the week on the show Matt has had fans calling in telling their best case and worst case scenarios for the upcoming football season. Cases range from an 8-4 season and a healthy team to a 0-12 season and the physical collapse of Commonwealth Stadium. While most people are looking at numbers when it comes to the cases, there is something else that would be much more valuable than what is in the Win or Loss column. Respect.

After going 4-20 with no conference wins in two seasons, Kentucky is looked at as the laughing stock of the SEC, and some could even argue in college football as well. Constantly media and coaches alike vote Kentucky as the bottom of the pack, giving the team no respect, even if Kentucky fans disagree because we have personally seen the progress the team has made since Stoops took over.

Because of the progress we have seen as a fan base, It is annoying to hear people talk so negatively about the football program. It is annoying to hear people constantly say Kentucky is a basketball school. Stop. It is not wins or loses that determine what sport a school associates with, it’s the dedication of the fans. While there is obvious dedication to the basketball program, I believe that Kentucky Football fans show ‘a little’ bit of dedication to be so patient with the program and still buy, I believe, over 40K season tickets after back-to-back 2 win seasons. (sorry, I kind of went off on side rant there)

If all these things irritate the fan base, imagine what it does to the players and their self-esteem when playing on the field. This is why no matter what happens this season record wise, it is important for us to at least see a general improvement from the team as a whole. Being respected among peers would be the best thing to help this team. Respect builds confidence and confidence goes a long way.

This season, Respect is my worst case scenario. I believe whether the football world knows it like we do or not it is coming. Kentucky will shock the country.


Your Unofficial UT-Martin Scouting Report

"Come at me bro!"  (Drew Nash/Times-News)

“Come at me bro!” (Drew Nash/Times-News)


The UT-Martin offense wasn’t too bad last year, averaging just under 400 yards per game in a two quarterback system with Dylan Favre and Jarod Neal.  They get the job done, but anytime you consistently are using two QBs, they can’t be that great.  It’s because this offense LOVES to turn the ball over.  Neal threw almost as many touchdowns (9) as interceptions (7) last year for a team that had a -15 turnover margin.  The one thing the offense can hang their hat on: they return four starters on the offensive line.

Mark Stoops and DJ Eliot have made it a primary focus in the offseason to get more turnovers.  There isn’t a better chance to get the ball rolling than against the Skyhawks.  Even though they have four offensive linemen back, only two of them are over 300 pounds.  After fighting against Jordan Swindle and Darrian Miller during the preseason, Bud and Z are going to have fun teeing off on whichever poor quarterback is in the game.


Tony Bell is the bad boy for Tennessee-Martin.  The senior linebacker had 10.5 sacks and 15 tackles for loss last season, earning attention from NFL scouts as a strong safety.  Bell received the praises from Mark Stoops earlier this week, but he’ll have to do most of the work by himself.  There are only four returning starters from a team that gives up a TON of points to Division-I opponents.  Last year they gave up 70 to Eastern Illinois, 63 to Boise State, and 45 to Murray State.

I think Kentucky’s better than Murray State, so it’s safe to assume the UK offense is going to put the Wildcat through one hell of a one-armed pushup workout.  With superior athleticism and conditioning, Neal Brown’s NASCAR offense is going to abuse the Skyhawks in the heat.  If the Cats play like the team I saw practice, they should surpass 50 points before the 4th quarter.

Score:  55-10, but most likely it will be the Cats by 90.

Sports Illustrated Explores the “Changed” Bobby Petrino


Sports Illustrated decided to check in with the folks in Louisville and see to what extent Bobby Petrino has “changed” since he last left the Cards. The article was released a couple of weeks ago, but only went up online today. Since the last time I read Sports Illustrated’s hard copy was the Swimsuit issue in 1999, I didn’t get the details of the article until today…and they are funny.

According to Sports Illustrated (and you can read the entire article here), Bobby Petrino had quite the program going the last time he was there:

Players from that era (2003 – 2007) recall a Wild West atmosphere that included widespread gun use. “It was a bunch of tough guys,” says Craig James, a cornerback from Jacksonville who signed with Louisville in 2005, then left the program and finished at Northern Iowa. “Coach Petrino and his staff went to the slums. When you go to those bad neighborhoods and you bring kids from the streets to a university, sometimes you bring the streets in with them. Guns and fights-I mean we would have riots.”

Riots in the locker room? Well that is nice. But I am sure that is exaggerated right? Let’s see what Tom Jurich said about those guys after Petrino left:

Petrino’s own program, meanwhile, was struggling with discipline problems that wouldn’t become fully apparent until he was gone, and his successor, Steve Kragthorpe, began dismissing Petrino’s recruits. (Some other players quit.) In a 2008 interview with Eric Crawford of the Louisville Courier-Journal, Jurich laid the blame at Petrino’s feet: “Bobby went to areas where he thought he was strong recruiting, and some of them panned out and some didn’t. … We cleared 21 kids out of here, and that’s a lot. That’s a big hit for anybody to take. … But we want to do things the right way.”

So they wanted to do things the right way? Well that’s good Tom…cleared 21 players from Petrino’s era out of the program because they were negative influences. So now that you have brought Bobby back, how does Tom explain it?

Today Jurich takes the hit for Petrino. “I should have given Bobby more oversight,” he says. “Not so much in recruiting, because I think Bobby took the same kind of players we’ve always taken. But we had issues once those players got here. I should have done a better job watching his players. And this time around I will be more helpful in that regard.”

Yes, Tom Jurich as the Athletic Director should have watched over Petrino’s kids. Yeah that makes sense to me. But how else to explain the decision to hire a guy who gave you so much grief? Well maybe UL Trustee Jonathan Blue can explain it in an honest manner:

Blue, the trustee and fan, says, “College sports are a business, first and foremost. People in the Louisville community look forward to attending games and seeing a strong product on the field. Bobby will produce that. This isn’t a governor or a mayor we’re talking about. This is a football coach.” According to a person who attended the meeting at which Petrino’s hiring was unanimously approved by the athletic board, “There was discussion, but there was nothing about marital infidelity. It was mostly Bobby’s flight risk. Is he going to leave again?”

Hey, at least Blue is honest. Character doesnt matter…this isn’t a governor or mayor, just a leader of 85 plus young college students. Apparently Petrino’s character never even came up, just worries about whether he would leave them in the dust again. UL decided, with no disagreement, to hire Petrino so the question becomes, what about now? The Cards have bitten the bullet and hired Petrino, how are things going now? The SI article explains it this way:

But consider this: As SI reported this story, a source with ties to members of the Cardinals’ football program provided information that was then presented to Petrino for confirmation or denial. Just hours after this exchange, Petrino called a staff meeting and, according to the source, who spoke anonymously because he is still employed in athletics, said, “Shut your f—— mouths about things that go on in my building. Things are getting out. Guys are talking. If you’re not happy, get the f— out and leave.”

Changed Bobby huh? Sure thing…

Trey Lyles is up in’s “Meet the Wildcats” series

Photo via UKAthletics’s “Meet the Wildcats” series rolls on, and freshmen Trey Lyles is up. The BBN doesn’t know a lot about Lyles, who has been sidelined with a mysterious leg injury, but he opens up in Eric Lindsey’s piece, talking about how eager he is to get back on the court and the hobby he has that clears his head: puzzles. Lyles says he works puzzles all the time and once put together a 3,000-piece puzzle of Elvis. 

Lyles also talks about why he chose Kentucky over Louisville, and I think you’ll like his answer:

“Coach Cal just stuck out more to me for what he’s able to do and how much he cares for us,” Lyles said. “I came here quite a few more times than I went to Louisville, so I just felt more comfortable here. Just the family atmosphere. All the guys get along. Everybody’s always together. The fans really helped out a lot. Having great people that back you really helps out a lot.”

Check out for more great quotes from Trey, who will be back on the court very soon.

[Meet the Wildcats: Lyles chomping at the bit to join teammates on the court]

UofL’s official DJ’s Tailgating Mix sounds nothing like mine

DJK Dogg, UofL’s official DJ (because of course Louisville has an official DJ), just released his Tailgate Mix for Game 1, and shockingly, it sounds nothing like mine. To be fair, I don’t think that’s what he was going for, but nothing says Cards like hardcore rap on a Monday afternoon at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

UK announces “fan experience enhancements” for game day and they include FREE WATER!


UK is doing their best to improve the gameday atmosphere at Commonwealth Stadium, and this morning, sent out a release detailing all of the “fan experience enhancements” in place for tomorrow’s game against UT-Martin. It’s a LONG list, but here are some of the highlights

  • Fans’ choice in music: UK is partnering with four local radio stations to allow fans to vote on songs from four genres–hip hop, pop, rock, and country. The vote’s been going on all week, and the winning songs will be played during timeouts. If you haven’t checked out the list yet, I encourage you to do so. Some of the options are…interesting. I’ll leave it at that.
  • Players’ choice in music: Earlier this summer, eight UK players chose songs they want to hear right before kickoff and fans voted for their favorites. Tomorrow, you’ll hear Braylon Heard’s choice of “Who Run It” before the the Cats run it back for a touchdown (hopefully).
  • They can play songs and videos between downs now: The SEC changed the rules to allow video, audio and music to be played between downs, which hopefully means we’ll see Za’Darius Smith leading the crowd in some chants on the jumbotrons.
  • The mysterious pre-fourth quarter tradition: UK will unveil a new tradition for the break between the third and fourth quarter tomorrow. What will it be? Randall Cobb leading the crowd in the CATS chant? Please???
  • In-game score updates – Game scores from across the country will be played on a continuous loop on the ribbon boards during the game so you won’t miss a thing.
  • FREE WATER! – Complimentary 10-ounce cups of water will be available to fans at stadium concession stands this season. That means you have no excuse not to rehydrate from your pregame tailgating festivities.

Go Cats. Go free water.

EJ Floreal has earned a Scholarship

AP Photo

AP Photo

A Congratulations is in order for Mr. EJ Floreal.  After one walk-on season, Floreal has been rewarded for his hard work by receiving a scholarship from John Calipari.  He didn’t have any numbers or miraculous plays to point out (except for the dunk in the Bahamas, that was awesome), but he did prove that he’s much more than the track coach’s son: he deserves to be on the court.

EJ brings the intensity to every practice, along with this:


That’s scholarship worthy if you ask me.

Calipari hopes half of the UK players in the NBA have the chance to make the 2016 Olympic Team


True to form, John Calipari is doing a little work on his vacation. Yesterday, Cal spoke to USA Today’s Sam Amick about former Cats and current Team USA members Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins, and how he believes the benefits of being on Team USA outweigh the risks. Cal spoke at length about how much he feels being on the national team has helped Derrick Rose and Davis, the latter of which he predicted could be “the best player in the NBA” in five years. Cal said he hopes the same will happen for Cousins, who he believes could be a “10-time All-Star” thanks in part to the maturity and experience he gains from being on Team USA.

Davis and Cousins make it two Cats on the roster, but by 2016, Cal says he hopes John Wall also makes the squad, along with “half of the guys we have in the league”:

“[Cousins] is going to have more of a desire to make that Olympic team in 2016, as is John Wall (who didn’t make the USA roster) and I’m hoping half of the (former Kentucky) guys we have in the league, 20-something, will have an opportunity to make that roster.”

Whoa. Let’s think about this. By 2016, the following Kentucky players will likely be in the league:

  • Tayshaun Prince
  • Keith Bogans
  • Chuck Hayes
  • Rajon Rondo
  • Jodie Meeks
  • John Wall
  • DeMarcus Cousins
  • Eric Bledsoe
  • Patrick Patterson
  • Enes Kanter
  • Brandon Knight
  • Anthony Davis
  • Marquis Teague
  • Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
  • Terrence Jones
  • Darius Miller
  • Nerlens Noel
  • Archie Goodwin
  • James Young
  • Julius Randle
  • Andrew Harrison
  • Aaron Harrison
  • Willie Cauley-Stein
  • Dakari Johnson
  • Marcus Lee
  • Karl Towns
  • Alex Poythress

First of all, good grief, that’s a lot, and I didn’t even include Tyler Ulis, Devin Booker, and Trey Lyles. Cal’s estimate that half of the UK alums in the league will have the chance to make the team is, in true Cal fashion, a bit much, but I could see Davis, Cousins, Wall, Noel, Randle, and maybe Karl getting a shot. Maybe with Calipari as coach? Thoughts? (UPDATE: As many of you pointed out, yes, Karl would probably play for the Dominican team. Forgive me for a brain fart as I was rushing out the door to drive up to Danville.)

[USA Today]

KSR’s predictions for the 2014 football season


Matt, Drew, Ryan, Jared Lorenzen, BTI, Nick Roush and I have turned in our picks for UK’s 2014 football season. Let’s hear yours.

Kentucky opens as a 20-point favorite over UT-Martin

The line for tomorrow’s game is finally out, and the Cats opened as a 20-point favorite over UT-Martin.

Cats by 24.