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May 28th, 2015

SEC announces UK’s new permanent opponents


Kentucky’s permanent opponents on the SEC’s new men’s basketball scheduling format will be Florida, Tennessee and Vanderbilt, the league announced today. The Cats will play each of those teams twice, while getting at least one game against the 10 other teams in the conference. The remaining two games of the 18-game schedule will be picked on a rotating basis each year.

Here are the permanent opponents for the entire league, beginning this coming season:

Permanent Opponents
Alabama – Auburn / Mississippi State / LSU
Arkansas – Missouri / Texas A&M / LSU
Auburn – Alabama / Ole Miss / Georgia
Florida – Kentucky / Georgia / Vanderbilt
Georgia – South Carolina / Florida / Auburn
Kentucky – Florida / Tennessee / Vanderbilt
LSU – Texas A&M / Alabama / Arkansas
Ole Miss – Mississippi State / Auburn / Missouri
Mississippi State – Ole Miss / Alabama / South Carolina
Missouri – Arkansas / Texas A&M / Ole Miss
South Carolina – Georgia / Tennessee / Mississippi State
Tennessee – Vanderbilt / Kentucky / South Carolina
Texas A&M – LSU / Arkansas / Missouri
Vanderbilt – Tennessee / Kentucky / Florida

For Kentucky, it’s the same three schools as last season.

Someone in John Wall’s crew got him kicked off a flight


John Wall spent Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas, as most professional athletes do, and things went swimmingly until it was time to go home. According to a report from TMZ today, Wall and his entourage were removed from an American Airlines flight after an altercation with a fellow passenger.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the Washington Wizards star had boarded a flight headed to D.C. on May 26th — but before the plane took off, his crew got into a verbal argument with someone else on the plane and a threat was allegedly made from someone in Wall’s group.

We’re told someone from the flight crew called the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for help — and cops boarded the plane to deal with the situation.

The alleged victim told cops he did not want to press charges — but the pilot of the plane decided he did NOT want Wall and his crew to remain on the flight … so they were escorted off.

These are the guys on their way out to Vegas, although I have no clue if any of the people in the photo is the one who started trouble on the flight home:

Off to Vegas wit my dawgs just missin Grizzly…#5Deep !!

A photo posted by johnwall (@johnwall) on

Tempers run high on flights out of Vegas. We’ve all been there, sweating profusely and dying to get home.

It happens.

Big 12 Implements Newest Dumb Rule


You guys aren’t going to believe this. But, the Big 12 is putting into place a rule involving sportsmanship, that every other conference wouldn’t even think of doing. According to David Ubben, “Part of the Big 12’s new sportsmanship policy: Schools can be subject to penalty if they show controversial replays too much in a venue.”

Let’s just think about this for a second. Schools can be subject to penalty – first off, what’s the appropriate penalty? No afternoon nap? No juice box with lunch?

While collegiate sports will always draw a crowd thanks to students and devoted alumni, this is a step in the wrong direction for the Big 12 and the NCAA. One of the best parts of watching a game from the comfort of your own couch is the ability to watch controversial replays. How many times have you argued with friends whether the receiver had a foot inbounds or not?

Let’s just hope the SEC doesn’t even think of implementing this rule.

Andrew Harrison: “I’m ready to prove I’m as good as anybody”


Andrew Harrison worked out with the Pacers today and he spoke to about his afternoon in Indianapolis.

Harrison said he thought he played really well in Thursday’s workout, which also included Terran Petteway (Nebraska), Terry Rozier (Louisville), J.P. Tokoto (North Carolina), Rashad Vaughn (UNLV), and Dez Wells (Maryland). He said he sees everyday as an opportunity and he is ready to prove he is as good as anybody.

The former UK point guard also spoke about his time in Lexington, saying, “It was a great experience playing with all those guys and all that talent. It was fun. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.”

Watch the interview here.

Excerpts from 2015’s Celebrity Commencement Speeches


Hello, friends. You’re looking well. I hope you’re enjoying the summer so far. I see you have a bit of a “farmer’s tan” going on there. But why is there a tan line above your belly too? Where are you wearing cut-off t-shirts? Also, why am I even seeing you without a shirt on? We’re not that level of friends yet.

Friends, I don’t need to tell you that high school graduation season is upon us, where schools across the country are finally catching up to their snow days and sending their seniors out into the world. If you’re like me, you also enjoy reading or watching commencement speeches from some schools’ famous alumni as they return to impart wisdom to the students of their alma maters. Here, then, is a short list of some of this wisdom thus far in a piece we’ll call Celebrity Graduation Speeches. Shall we? We shall. And, as always, have a great weekend.


“Work hard, do your best, take care of your friends and colleagues, be good to your parents, be loyal to those who love you and always, always, always assume that any microphone you see is ON.”
-Andrew Harrison


“Always be open to changes in life, because life will change at every turn. One day you may be a famous defensive end in the National Football League; the next day you may have a sitcom on FOX or you’re hosting a cooking demonstration on Good Morning America or you and Kelly Ripa are challenging The Rock to an egg-and-spoon relay at a live remote from Disney World. Be open to these opportunities. Also, eat at Subway. And use Metamucil. Basically, just say yes to everything because God forbid you aren’t on television for two seconds.”
-Michael Strahan


“After you leave high school today you’ll learn that in the real world some choices in life will be hard, like figuring out where you’ll live or who you’ll choose to spend your life with. Some choices will be easy, like whether or not to make two-hundred-and-seventy million dollars to fight in a boxing match. My advice to you, should you be offered this latter decision, is to take the money, dick around for a while in the ring, don’t really do anything, then spend the next three years tweeting pictures of yourself gambling away gigantic stacks of that money. People love that.”
-Floyd Mayweather


“Best of luck, Seniors, on a fruitful life ahead. I wish you nothing but the best and I look forward to seeing more from all of you in the future. Especially you, blonde girl in the sixth row, fourth from the left. I taped my phone number under your chair.”
-Mark Sanchez


“I’m going to give you the secret advice someone gave me a long time ago, and it will help you to be successful your entire life: two PSI.”
-Tom Brady


“Adjusting to life as an adult is hard. Like, say, maybe you have this guy at your work who’s really good at his job, and you guys are constantly, you know, vying for the same positions, and then one day he falls on his head and you’re like ‘great, now maybe I have a little leg up,’ but then he comes back and plays anyway. I mean, c’mon. And you’re like ‘who comes back to play after falling on your head like that?’ Not play, I mean work. In a workplace, I mean, not a basketball court or something. I’m talking about you guys. Not me.”
-James Harden


“Who Up, Grover Cleveland High School for the Performing and Visual Arts?”
-Doron Lamb

Calipari to Chicago rumors, Coming Soon!


There’s a new coaching vacancy in the NBA and a former Calipari player is the team’s star player. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

The Chicago Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau today, likely for not covering Derrick Rose in enough bubble wrap the past three seasons. Thibs had a .647 career win percentage in Chicago, the seventh highest in NBA history, and that’s still not good enough, apparently.

Thibodeau is an immediate candidate for the New Orleans Pelicans job, the one Calipari was rumored to have interest in earlier this month.

Now we can count on someone out there trying to get the rumor mill churning on Cal to Chicago to coach D-Rose.

Yet another letter from Rick Pitino to a fan

Exactly one week ago from right now, we shared a letter to Rick Pitino from a fan in 1995 concerning Walter McCarty’s diet. Pitino mailed the letter back to the fan with scathing comments, including “Get a life!” and “You need a checkup mentally!”

Well today we were reminded of yet another Pitino letter, this time in 2001 from a UK fan at Auburn with a short message regarding Pitino’s return to Rupp Arena.

Pitino returned to sender with:

Dear sir,

For a PHD your awfully stupid! Read the newspapers and find out what our country is going through. If you know how to read.

— R.P.



To be fair, this wasn’t long after the 9/11 attacks. Still, Rick, a little aggressive with the response.

Also, you’re*

Five Things From Tony Barbee’s First Press Conference


Tony Barbee was introduced to the media for the first time today in his new role as an assistant coach. Barbee, who spent last season on the staff as a special assistant to John Calipari, signed a one-year deal worth $375,000 to replace Barry Rohrssen on May 18.

Here are five somewhat important things he said in this morning’s press conference:


He wants to be a head coach again.

Barbee was a head coach for eight seasons at UTEP (2006-10) and Auburn (2010-14) before becoming an assistant under John Calipari, a role he held for six seasons at Memphis before his first head coaching gig. A former player for Calipari, Barbee enjoys coaching under the UK head coach, but he hopes to get back out from underneath his wing soon.

“I see myself as a head coach and I want to get back in that role,” Barbee told reporters this morning. “But while I’m an assistant coach, I’m gonna do that to the best of my ability.”

Barbee said he looked into a few head coaching opportunities this offseason, but decided to take the hands-on assistant role once it was offered. He insists the one-year contract isn’t about bolting after one season; it’s the contract that was put in front of him and he agreed to the terms.

Calipari hasn’t changed in the almost 30 years Barbee’s known him.

Barbee has known Calipari since he was 15 years old and Cal is the same today as he was the day they met.

“The intensity is still there,” said Barbee. “The passion is still there; the love and the competitive spirit for winning; the passion he has for teaching and helping these young men grow on and off the floor; the love that he has for them.”

“I haven’t seen any change. Just a couple more gray hairs.”

Barbee said Cal has had a major impact on his life, both personally and professionally.

Derek Willis will compete for minutes.

Barbee said Willis will have the opportunity to be in the mix after being trapped behind so much NBA talent last season.

Derek Willis fans, rejoice!

He doubts Calipari will ever get over the Wisconsin loss.

“I don’t know if any of us will,” Barbee admitted. “It was such a special, historic season, and that one loss doesn’t change that. But when you have your eyes on that one prize, and you come up that short and it’s that close, it hurts. But I’m sure, for him, it hurts more that he wasn’t able to help those young men achieve it.”

He said there’s still room to add another recruit to the current class. (Jamal Murray).

Barbee said the staff is excited and comfortable with the current 2015-16 roster, however, there is room to add one more player (Jamal Murray) if someone (Jamal Murray) out there can be a contributor. NCAA rules prohibit him from mentioning anyone (Jamal Murray) by name, but don’t rule out potentially signing one more. (Jamal Murray.)

Coach Cal leads SEC coaches in the “V Throw Challenge”


John Calipari and Avery Johnson led the league’s 14 head coaches in the “V Throw Challenge” at the SEC Spring Meetings in Sandestin.

Like the Ice Bucket Challenge but without the mess, the new V Throw Challenge encourages people to shoot a free throw and challenge five friends to raise money for the V Foundation.

Cal went 1-for-2 at the line.

UK fan names child after Willie Cauley-Stein and Sam Malone

Over the years, we’ve seen UK fans do some crazy things: get tattoos of players’ faces, name their pets after players, and now, name their children after players.

At an appearance at Mt. Washington Elementary School yesterday, a woman told Sam Malone her friend named her newborn baby “Cauley-Malone Clark” after him and his former teammate Willie Cauley-Stein.

Malone tweeted about it, and the mother responded with this picture of little Cauley-Malone:

You know the drill: awesome or weird?

Matt’s last show before vacation (Thursday Show)

All you Matt Jones fans out there, enjoy today’s show because it’s the last time he will be hosting KSR until June 15. Matt leaves for two weeks of vacation after today so enjoy him while you can these next two hours.

Topics include: Calipari’s comments and saying goodbye.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Could UK Be On All NBA Teams by 2020?

NBA 'Cats

Currently Kentucky has a total of 18 alumni spread over 14 NBA teams.  Another 7 guys will be headed into the league next season.  That is a possible 25 players at the beginning of the 2015-16 season.  Of course, guys like Nazr Mohammed and Tayshaun Prince will have to see if they are signed to play somewhere as their contracts have expired.  But the point is that Kentucky is beginning to dot a lot of teams in the professional ranks.  But would it be possible to have a UK player on each and every NBA team?  Below are all the NBA teams with players who are still under contract for next season PLUS the 7 potential draft picks at various locations based on mock drafts:

TORONTO: Patrick Patterson
BOSTON: James Young

CLEVELAND: Dakari Johnson (#53 pick)
INDIANA: Willie Cauley-Stein (#11 pick)
DETROIT: Jodie Meeks

ATLANTA: Andrew Harrison (#50 pick)
MIAMI: Trey Lyles (#10 pick)
CHARLOTTE: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

PHOENIX: Archie Goodwin, Eric Bledsoe
SACRAMENTO: Demarcus Cousins
L.A. LAKERS: Julius Randle

HOUSTON: Terrence Jones
DALLAS: Aaron Harrison (#52 pick)
NEW ORLEANS: Anthony Davis

OKLAHOMA CITY: Devin Booker (#14 pick)
MINNESOTA: Karl-Anthony Towns (#1 pick)

That would be a total of 19 UK players on 18 different NBA teams.  Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson, Brandon Knight, Nazr Mohammed, Rajon Rondo and Enes Kanter are all free agents.

-Safe estimate: 4 of those 6 guys resign for next year.  Let’s toss out Mohammed and Prince.  That would be 23 UK players.

-UK will likely be adding Skal, Briscoe, and Marcus Lee to some NBA roster within the next 2 years.  That’s 26.

-And then if Calipari stays another 3-5 years, you can expect another 2-4 draft picks every year.

I can envision a scenario where if things fall into place correctly and certain guys can last in the league, that Kentucky will have OVER 30 players in the NBA by the beginning of the 2018 season.  And here is the great thing: most of the guys currently in the league and several of the ones projected to go into the league will be long-term NBA players.

So could it ever happen?  Could Kentucky get over 30 NBA players playing at the same time in the league?  Sure, it is very unlikely they would be spread out over the 30 NBA teams, but just focus on the number itself.  30 NBA players at the same time.  Thoughts?

Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day

Summer’s here and so is the perfect summer salad—Wendy’s Strawberry Fields Chicken Salad. Made with hand-sliced strawberries and crisp Romaine chopped right in our kitchens. All topped with warm, freshly grilled chicken. It’s only here for summer and it’s only at Wendy’s. At participating Wendy’s for a limited time
___________________________________________________________________ You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtopten. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:

#10 Kendal Burk and friends

No. The Answer is no.






#9 Tina

But he just got all those nice cards =[.






#8 Not Jerry Tipton

Eh. Close enough.






#7 Ryan Timmons ‎







#6 Jordan Hill ‎

Good luck with that, Jordan.






#5 Sam Malone ‎

That kid is going to be awesome.






#4 Keith Frank ‎

First reaction to these was a long boo, but then I thought they really got the point across nicely.






#3 Wesley Crouch

WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS? The KSR shop is slacking.






#2 Ray J. Vaske ‎

Next Step, basketball.






#1 Nick Bowman ‎

I am going to have nightmares tonight.


May 27th, 2015

Wedding C-A-T-S Fans’ Wednesday Night News and Views

There are UK wedding photos and then there is the one above I received on the Twitter machine earlier this week. I don’t know how or why the Louisville Cardinal was at the wedding, but shout-out to the four Cats fans in the photo for shaming it. You are tonight’s Fans of the Night. You can pick up your prize of free KSR for life any time you’re on the internet. Congratulations!

Getting a late start tonight after a 10 pm homecooked meal and a five-mile run around the neighborhood. Completely joking about the five-mile run. I don’t run.

Let’s do this…


John Calipari said someone will have to “uproot him” to get him to leave Lexington.

Calipari is at the SEC Spring Meetings in Sandestin this week and he was asked on Wednesday if he plans to stick around Lexington. (Because of course he was; it’s all he hears this time of year.)

Cal’s response was one of his best we’ve heard on the subject:

“It took me 20 years to get the job. For me to leave something like this, you’re going to have to uproot me. That’s how I feel.” [The Cats Pause]

There have been rumors of him bolting to the NBA this summer, like every other offseason, and former UK assistant Slice Rohrssen said it’s something that will continue to happen each year. Slice told, “My feelings are that [Calipari] will always be in demand for an NBA job because he’s a players’ coach and he’s coached as many NBA players as there are out there now except he got them before they hit the NBA.”

Between his outrageous new contract and his ability to change the lives of young kids here at Kentucky, it would take the perfect job to “uproot” Calipari out of Lexington at this point. And that job isn’t popping up in the NBA any time soon, if ever.

Calipari questioned NCAA referees’ guts under new rule change.

The NCAA rules committee has asked officials to call more fouls in 2015-16 to reduce the physicality of the game. It’s not the first time we’ve heard things will be called tighter, and Coach Cal wonders what will be different this time around.

Again from the SEC Meetings, Calipari said:

“Here’s what the question will be: How long will they keep calling the fouls? Two years ago, we started this and then no one had the stomach for it. The teams that advanced in the NCAA Tournament that year fouled on every possession. So then we all — me included — went back to football practice. ‘That’s it. Put helmets on. Let’s go. That stuff was a bunch of BS.’ And by the end of the year, that’s how we played and basically made it to the Final Four playing football.” []

If you recall, right around the time of the tweak heading into the 2014 postseason, Calipari said he turned his practices into football workouts.

“The football practice today is going to get us ready to be fouled and play offensively through it,” he said at the time. “And also, we’re going to foul. Now you’re going to call them on everybody now, but we’ll foul now and be physical. Our arms are going to be up. You’re going to see their hands. And that’s how we’ve got to play.”

You can understand his reluctance to believe the “change” next season.

So how ’bout those drunk tweets from Garrick Sherman?

Safe to say Tom Izzo is probably a little pissed at his former player, who will wake up with a WTF DID I DO hangover in the morning.

Honestly, I didn’t mind the tweet about “Kentucky players’ salaries,” but this one CROSSED THE LINE:

1989 is a classic.

The Knicks are considering Willie Cauley-Stein with the fourth pick.

ESPN’s Chad Ford has heard from two separate sources that Phil Jackson has eyes on Cauley-Stein with the fourth pick in the draft. The Knicks want a defender and the Kentucky big man is the best in the class. Of course, trading the pick and loading up on free agents is still the most likely route for New York, but it’s nice to hear Cauley-Stein’s name mentioned as a top-four prospect.

Greg Monroe, Marc Gasol and DeAndre Jordan will also get looks from Jackson to fill the center position.

I really can’t say enough good things about Bloodline on Netflix.

The first three or four episodes are a little slow, but hang in there. It took me a couple weeks to get through the early part of the season but I couldn’t shut it off once things picked up. I binge watched seven episodes last night until around 4:00 am because there was no putting the finale on hold. Had to get there and it did not disappoint.

Andrew Harrison will work out for the Indiana Pacers tomorrow.

Hopefully he’s off the board when the Pacers pick at No. 43. The best scenario is he goes 32nd to his hometown Houston Rockets if he’s not a first-rounder.

And I don’t know how the hell he can return to Indianapolis this soon. It’s been almost two months since you-know-what and there’s not enough money in Mark Emmert’s personal NCAA safe to get me to go back to that city.

It’s Warriors vs. Cavs in The Finals.

Too bad we have to wait over a week for Game 1. Who ya got?

Ryan Lemond and I will co-host Friday’s show and we’d love your suggestions.

Matt’s leaving us with the ship on Friday before two weeks of guest hosts and we’re open to ideas for the show. We may run it back with #AskAnythingFriday or we may bring on a third co-host if someone tosses out the right suggestion. Write us on Twitter or in the comments section if you have someone or something in mind. If not, we’ll just try not to break anything.

Former college basketball player got drunk and trashed the NCAA on Twitter

Garrick Sherman played two seasons at Michigan State before finishing his career at Notre Dame and now he’s enjoying life overseas as a professional.

Why do we care about Garrick Sherman, you ask?


It’s 4:44 am where Sherman is and his season just ended. He admits that alcohol fueled tonight’s tweets.

There are so many more on Sherman’s timeline.

He’s REALLY going to regret this when he wakes up.