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November 25th, 2015

Jimmy Butler wants “Mister Dukie” Mason Plumlee to pay his fine

Jaime Valdez/USA TODAY Sports

The only thing worse than Dukies? Plumlees. That’s why I’m applauding Bulls guard Jimmy Butler for demanding that Mason Plumlee pay the $2,500 fine Butler received for a technical foul involving an incident between the two.

While Butler was trying to set a pick, Plumlee lowered his shoulder and knocked him over, prompting Butler to trip him. From there, the two exchanged words and Butler got a technical, while Plumlee only got a flagrant 1 foul.

After the game, Butler told reporters he’s going to have his agent email Plumlee, aka “ or something,” about it. From the Chicago Sun Times:

“Yeah, he cost me $2,500. I’m going to ask him to pay me back, and I’m not playing. I’m going to ask, nicely. Yeah, I’m going to get that.”

So will it be in letter form?

“I’m going to tell my agent to e-mail or something,” Butler added, before taking one last shot at Plumlee, who attended college at Duke. “I know it’s like or something.”

Jimmy Butler is now

Watch the Cats give back today in Miami

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 4.22.11 PM

Earlier, we saw the pictures from UK’s afternoon at Alonzo Mourning’s Overtown Youth Center in Miami, and now, KyWildcatsTV has some video for us. Check out the team giving back to the Miami community, including a little kid asking Isaiah Briscoe for his mouthpiece:

Freaking adorable.

Pat Riley is hanging out at Kentucky’s practice today


The Cats wrapped up their volunteer activities for the day and are now practicing at the Miami Heat’s practice facility, where they just so happened to run into former Kentucky star and current Heat president Pat Riley.

Check out these pictures of Riley and John Calipari hanging out and Riley speaking to the team before they started their workout:




Riley told the players to “find a challenge” that will push them to be better on and off the court.

That’s a nice idea. In that spirit, I challenge myself to quit putting cranberry sauce on my plate like I’m actually going to eat it. I never eat it.

The Cats are volunteering at Alonzo Mourning’s youth center in Miami



Your University of Kentucky Wildcats landed in Miami a few hours ago and instead of lounging on the beach, they’re at the Overtown Youth Center to hold a special basketball clinic for local kids. The Overtown Youth Center was founded by NBA great Alonzo Mourning, who met up with Cal and the team this afternoon.

Check out these pics from @KentuckyMBB and @CoachCalDotCom:

Cue the Calipari speech about servant leadership in 3…2…1…

Cheick Diallo finally cleared by the NCAA

Bill Self just got quite the Thanksgiving Eve treat. This afternoon, the NCAA announced they’ve cleared Kansas freshman Cheick Diallo to play starting December 1st.

Diallo was under investigation for questions regarding his academic transcript at Our Savior New American High School in New York. Per the NCAA’s ruling, he will have to sit out five games, four of which Kansas has already played. The fifth is tonight’s game against Vanderbilt at 10 p.m. on ESPN. (I’ll be watching that one.)

I’m happy Diallo has finally been cleared because he seems like a nice kid, but January 30th’s game against the Jayhawks at the Phog just got even tougher…

Women’s Hoops defeat Eastern Michigan University 89 – 67

Photo by UK Athletics

Photo by UK Athletics

Matthew Mitchell’s Cats beat the Eastern Michigan University Eagles 89-67 today. Coming back from a three point deficit at the end of the first period.

Kentucky struggled at the start, getting up with an early 8-4 lead, but lost it quickly with EMU first tying it at 13 and then Getting as far down as 22-19 at the end of the first period. The Cats and Eagles went back and forth for the remainder of the first half. But thanks to a 15-2 run in the second period Kentucky went into half time with a 2-point lead at 37-35.

The Cats were able to pull away in the second half due to a 24-4 run at the end of the third period that extended the lead to 66-47. With a comfortable lead, Kentucky went into the fourth period and continued to stretch the lead 86-67 at the end.

Makayla Epps lead the team today with 21 points and eight assists. Janee Thompson also became the fourth player to reach a double-double this season with 16 points and 10 assists just after narrowly avoiding one against Morehead State earlier in the season. Freshman Maci Morris also had a career day collecting 17 points, six rebounds and two assists and going 5-6 from behind the line.

Kentucky also shot a 59.6% field-goal percentage, the best they’ve had since playing Arkansas in 2007 at 60.7%, while holding EMU to just 33.7%.

The Cats next game will be Sunday against Jackson State at 2 in Memorial Coliseum.

Draft your ideal Thanksgiving plate


I’m not going to lie to you guys, it’s a pretty slow day around the KSR Nashville compound, as I expect it is around most workplaces today. Thankfully, CBS Sports’ Chris Towers came up with this fun Thanksgiving game in which you can “draft your best plate” using a $50,000 salary cap.

Here’s mine:

  • Turkey (White Meat): $11,000
  • Baked Potato: $7,000
  • Meat Stuffing: $7,500
  • Corn Pudding: $5,000
  • Dinner rolls: $5,000
  • Pumpkin pie: $8,000
  • Pecan pie: $6,800

That puts me $300 over, but I refuse to back down on any of my choices. If I’m allowed to ax one thing, it would be the corn pudding.

Let’s hear yours.

Five Topics To Discuss This Thanksgiving That Aren’t Politics


Thanksgiving conversations can be a minefield. When discussing how delicious the sweet potato casserole is, you are only one degree of separation from discussing Donald Trump’s coloring. That can take a nasty turn to his infamous immigration plans. Often, turkey tastes less delicious with a side of heated debate.

Obviously, you can’t change your family. But, the good news is that family is the tool that teaches us that you can love people unconditionally, even when you have different opinions. (Facebook didn’t get this memo.) This season, let’s not test this Family + Different Opinions = Unconditional Love Theory. Here are a few safe dinner conversations to have over Trump potato casserole.

Our Heritage

Something about discussing your ancestry can really get people going. This discussion requires a little homework. The website offers you the opportunity to fall down the wormhole of last name investigation. This website will tell you how many people in the world have your last name.   They will also list the top countries with your last name.

It’s possible that all of the website’s information is unsubstantiated. I would, however, enjoy this discussion more than an awkward conversation about a presidential campaign that is a year away.

“Lord, I hope when I get to Heaven, they have Patti Pie”


You can purchase one of Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pies at Wal-Mart for $3.48. In the video above, James Wright Chanel sings the praises of this dessert. His description of the pie makes it seems like the pie could be sold for much, much more. I need to try this pie.

Careful on this one. Don’t call out your momma for pie not as good as Patti’s. I do, however, strongly encourage you to sing the praises of anyone’s desserts as enthusiastically as Mr. Chanel.

The Beaver Moon

This is a real thing. Apparently the full moon in November is referred to as a Beaver Moon. The Washington Post explains “The name ‘Beaver Moon’ originates from the rodents’ need to set traps before waters freeze over.”

This doesn’t clarify anything for me. Are beavers now setting traps? For tasteful dinner conversation, please ask your eldest family member the meaning behind the term.

Being Grateful Makes Us Healthy

According to this article, taking time to give thanks makes you a healthier person. Thanksgiving can give you a healthier heart, better rest, a more optimistic view and improve your overall health. It is possible, however, that you negate all of these health benefits by the plate that you prepare during dinner. But, as long as you give thanks, I think you’re good.

When All Else Fails

When you have exhausted all other topics, stick to the standards. Last week, SNL pointed out that literally everyone loves Adele. While everyone at the dinner table may have different views about refugees, presidential candidates and more, at the very least you can agree that Adele is fiercely wonderful.

Regardless of the topic of conversation, Thanksgiving is a day for loose fitting pants, grateful hearts and time with those you love.

Stoops says his players are “bouncing around” in practice this week

Chet White | UK Athletics

Chet White | UK Athletics

Kentucky must beat Louisville on Saturday to clinch a postseason berth, a fact Mark Stoops says he’s not shying away from this week in practice. On today’s SEC Coaches Teleconference, Stoops said his team is aware of what’s at stake and he’s been pleased with how they’ve been “bouncing around” in preparation for Saturday’s showdown.

“Certainly I’m not just going to stay away from it,” Stoops said of the fact that the team MUST win to ensure bowl eligibility. “I think it’s a very important game and they know that. What matters to me is how we go about our business starting on Monday. I’ve seen really good preparation on Monday and Tuesday, guys bouncing around and having good practices and we need to continue that the rest of the week.”

“I do talk about it just briefly and then we move on because I’m not trying to hide from it either. Our players know what’s out there and what’s at stake.”

Beat Louisville, go to a bowl. Beat Louisville, and it’s a party.

Stoops says he expects Alex Montgomery to go through with his rehab

It’s been a rough road for sophomore wide receiver Alexander Montgomery, who suffered another knee injury during the Vanderbilt game. It’s not the same knee he tore his ACL in a few years back, but it’s still a significant setback that Stoops told reporters will require surgery.

“He needs surgery, so he’ll be out for some good time,” Stoops said on today’s SEC Coaches Teleconference.

According to Jon Hale, Montgomery told reporters a few weeks back that if he injured his knee again, he would consider retiring from the sport instead of going through rehab again. Fortunately, Stoops said he doesn’t believe that’s the case.

“We haven’t had any of those discussions yet,” Stoops said. “I know it was a tough rehab for Alex the first go around, so hopefully he’ll handle it better. He has some experience at it, it’s a tough situation for him but I expect him to battle his way back.”

Hang in there, Alex.

Governor’s Cup Positional Analysis

In a seemingly quiet Governor’s Cup game week, the Cats and Cards are preparing for Saturday’s showdown. Louisville is favored; but after digging in on statistics, schedules, and other factors, I wouldn’t be comfortable declaring either a prohibitive favorite.

Here’s an interpretation of position group analysis:


Quarterback: Louisville

Lamar Jackson or Kyle Bolin? Most likely both based upon situation, weather, down-distance, and momentum. True freshman Lamar Jackson has, at times, put on a freakish athletic show and, on other occasions, reminded Cardinal fans that he is just one year removed from high school. Jackson is most dangerous with his legs; however, he’s shown improvement as a passer. Lexington’s Kyle Bolin was forced into action last year and with the help of DeVante Parker, beat the Cats 44-40. Bolin is a pure pocket-passing quarterback. Within the U of L offense, it all starts and finishes with the quarterback position.

Drew Barker will be making his second start in the biggest game of the year. While I don’t feel Barker is easy to rattle, the moment is going to be awfully big for the redshirt freshman. His first start was efficient as he managed the elements and explosive run game for a 58-10 win over Charlotte. Drew will be helped by a trio of capable running backs.

Running back: Kentucky

Both Boom Williams and JoJo Kemp went over the 100-yard mark against Charlotte. Sihiem King added 5 carries for 90 yards as Mikel Horton remains at the ready. A new wrinkle in a jumbo/short yardage package was the addition of 336-pound fullback, Jacob Hyde. Kentucky is coming off of 415 yards against Charlotte and 225 against a Vanderbilt defense that was only allowing 113 per game.

Louisville’s leading rusher is quarterback,Lamar Jackson. RB Brandon Radcliff has gained 569 yards and scored 5 touchdowns.

Offensive line: Even

Against Charlotte, the Cats had something going on the right side with Cole Mosier and George Asafo-Adjei. It became obvious that part of the Wildcat OL struggles correlated with Asafo-Adjei’s absence due to injury. Left tackle Jordan Swindle will have his hands full on Saturday and will require RB/TE assistance versus Louisville edge rushers. Kentucky has allowed 27 QB sacks and 74 tackles for loss (TFL). UK is averaging 379 yards and 25.3 points per game.

The Cardinals have given up 43 QB sacks and 86 TFLs. Starting three freshmen has been a trial by fire for the U of L front five. Even with the overabundance of lost yardage plays, Louisville is averaging 398 yards per game and 28 points.

Receiver/TE: Louisville

Cards average 253 passing yards per game as it spreads catches throughout a young yet effective receiving corps. Replacing DeVante Parker has proven to be as challenging as Kentucky finding its next Bud Dupree. James Staples and James Quick lead with catches, yards, and touchdowns. TE Mickey Crum has developed into a chain moving target.

Kentucky’s passing yardage has declined as the season progressed. It’s now averaging 210 yards per game. Dorian Baker leads the team in catches as Garrett Johnson tops the receiving corps in yardage. CJ Conrad and Darryl Long have not been targeted nor thrown to; however both are potential first down producing pass catchers.


Defensive line: Even

This advantage or lack thereof may surprise. But, following research, Kentucky and Louisville have two defensive linemen in its Top 10 tacklers. For Kentucky, Cory Johnson is third and Farrington Huguennin is sixth.

Sheldin Rankins leads the Cardinal defensive front with 48 tackles, 5 QB sacks, and 10 TFLs. Rankins will be the best defensive lineman in the game and is assured to play on Sundays. DeAngelo Brown has 6.5 TFLs and 2 QB sacks.

Linebackers: Louisville

The Cards are deep and talented at this position. In the preseason, UofL LBs were considered potentially the best in the ACC. Keith Kelsey, James Burgess, DeVante Fields, Keith Brown, and Trevon Young are active, disruptive, and aggressive. An extremely high number of TFLs and QB sacks/hurries statistically supports: 30 QB sacks and 80 Tackles for Loss.

Secondary: Louisville

Louisville has intercepted 15 passes. Its secondary is not as dynamic as 2014, but still a solid group led by former Georgia Bulldog Josh Harvey-Clemons. He’s joined at safety by Charles Williams. Corners are fellow former Dawg Shaq Wiggins and Trumaine Washington.

Kentucky’s true freshmen cornerbacks are gaining momentum and confidence with each snap. Chris Westry and Derrick Baity will be challenged on Saturday. The Wildcat safeties are its only true, SEC two deep at the position. AJ Stamps and freshman Mike Edwards are this week’s starters with Darius West and Marcus McWilson in the rotation. Given the Cats’ 8 interceptions compared to 15 for the Cardinals, this analysis was close. Louisville has played poor offenses in the closing portion of its schedule.


Kicker Austin MacGinnis’ health is again under the microscope. Miles Butler has ably filled in for the All-SEC performer. Landon Foster has somewhat returned to 2014 form. Governor’s Cup field position battle will be critical.

Louisville’s Traveon Samuel returned a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown, but other than that, the two teams are a wash.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

  • Louisville best position group: Linebacker
  • Kentucky best position group: Safety
  • If it rains: Advantage Kentucky
  • Kentucky wins at home if it plays like it did vs: Missouri (When Maty Mauk existed)
  • Louisville wins if it plays like it did on the road vs: Perhaps NC State. Louisville has not played well on the road in 2015.

What does this mean?

Numbers give the Cardinals a slight edge. The game could come down to which freshman quarterback makes the least mistakes (Lamar Jackson or Drew Barker) and which struggling offensive line plays the best; however, in a rivalry game, the unexpected is expected. Last year’s game broke the trend of the winner goes to the team with the highest rushing totals. If the game comes down to the ground game, Kentucky would have the advantage.

For the Cats to win, it must stay out of certain passing situations. Louisville’s pass rushers are just too good for Kentucky’s offensive line to sustain. Conversely, UK’s pass rushers have to produce QB sacks and TFLs as field position will play a critical role.

As for who wins? Vegas says Louisville. BBN says UK. Card Nation says UofL. As for me, Saturday is a toss-up dependent upon situational execution, field position, and turnovers. For the Wildcats, 1st down offensive plays cannot continue to lead to 2nd and 10 plus. Passes have to be caught. Tackles cannot be missed.

Sit back and enjoy, this one may go down to the wire. 

Rob Lowe and David Spade Talk Tommy Boy on The Late Late Show


If you’re like me, you’re a huge comedy nerd who loves hearing stories from behind the scenes of your favorite comics and their projects — and, if you’re like me, you’re also a gigantic fan of 1995’s Tommy Boy, one of the precious few ageless classics of 90’s comedy. The great thing about James Corden’s The Late Late Show is that its open format brings stars together to chat with one another, so it might not surprise you to know that Rob Lowe and David Spade appeared on the show Monday night and, eventually, the topic turned to Tommy Boy. Seems the presence of uber-handsome man Rob Lowe caused some friction between Spade and Chris Farley which escalated into a full-blown brawl between the two leads.

(Also, for what it’s worth, I never realized that Rob Lowe isn’t credited in the film at all, pulling a Bruce Willis in Four Rooms.)


Doron Lamb signs with pro team in Montenegro


I didn’t think it was possible, but Doron Lamb’s Twitter account is about to get even more interesting. According to Sportando, Lamb has signed with KK Buducnost Voli, a professional team in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Also on Buducnost? Former St. John’s star Omar Cook. After reading the roster, I’m pretty sure everyone else is from Montenegro or one of the other Balkan states. And don’t worry, judging by the videos on their Facebook page, basketball is a BIG THING over there:

Mali dio atmosfere sa večerašnje utakmice :-)#Ono_kad Varvari sa svadbe “svrate” da podrže svoj klub! :-)#BudućnostSeVOLI

Posted by KK Budućnost VOLI on Saturday, October 17, 2015

I don’t even know where to start with that video, so I guess I’ll just say “Who up, Podgorica?”.

Save BIG on basketball tickets during the holidays

Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America

What’s better than spending time with your family over the holidays? Spending time at UK games with your family over the holidays. UK is rolling out some big deals for you to make that happen.

Use the promo code SAVE for $7 off select men’s and women’s basketball games in Rupp Arena and gain access to buy 1, get 1 free savings on tickets to the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Regional and the NCAA Division I Volleyball Regional, hosted by Kentucky. Save big on the following games:

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Sacha Killeya-Jones enjoyed himself last night

CUh30kwUwAAfRK6 (1)

Did you spot a tall kid with crazy hair behind the bench last night? That was future Cat Sacha Killeya-Jones, who just wrapped up a visit to Lexington. Judging by his tweets, he enjoyed himself:

Sacha got a taste of what his future in Lexington will be like when fans lined up for over an hour after the game to get his autograph:


Wow. You people are, well, you know.