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May 27th, 2015

Draft Express breaks down Andrew Harrison’s strengths and weaknesses

Spruce Derden | USA  Today

Spruce Derden | USA Today

Andrew Harrison’s stock has seen a slight bump in recent weeks after strong performances in the NBA Draft Combine and workouts in Santa Barbara. Harrison has gone on record saying he believes he’s the best point guard in the draft, and while Draft Express doesn’t go that far in their new scouting report, Josh Riddell and Mike Schmitz have plenty of praise for Andrew:

Harrison has great size for a point guard, measured at 6’4 ½ without shoes, with a 6’9 wingspan at the NBA Combine. He combines that with a strong frame, with overall measurements more like that of your typical NBA shooting guard than a point guard, which will benefit his cause greatly during the draft process. However, his athleticism doesn’t leap off the page, as he lacks great quickness or explosiveness, which really hampered his transition from the high school to the college game, particularly inside the paint. With that said, his superior size and strength allows him to get to different spots on the floor when combined with his strong ball-handling skills and ability to operate at different speeds, helping him draw fouls a great rate (6.5 free throw attempts per-40 minutes, ranked #2 among DX-100 PGs).

As we learned this past season, that size also helps on defense, an area in which Andrew really improved over his sophomore season; however, one criticism Draft Express has of Andrew is his lack of offense, which Riddell and Schmitz say is the biggest question mark surrounding him right now. More often than not, Andrew was able to cover up his offensive struggles by drawing fouls. To continue to get his stock moving in the right direction, he’ll need to show off more offense in his workouts over the next month.

Draft Express has Andrew going 32nd to the Houston Rockets in their latest mock, and even if he doesn’t make big strides with his offensive game, Riddell and Schmitz say there’s a place for him on the next level:

Harrison’s size, playmaking ability and defensive prowess gives him a tailor-made role in the NBA even without being a prolific scorer, as long as he’s willing to accept his role and buy into being someone who is willing to do the little things. Improving his leadership skills and body language on and off the court will go a long way in that.

Check out Schmitz’s video breakdown of Andrew’s strengths:

Read more and watch a video about his weaknesses at the link below:

[Draft Express]

A crime ring is targeting the Victoria’s Secrets in Lexington, Louisville, and Indiana

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.45.34 AM

You haven’t seen women go crazy until you’ve walked into a Victoria’s Secret during the Semi-Annual Sale. I’m still scarred from the experience a few years back. Ladies love their intimates, so much so that a ring of thieves in the Bluegrass is targeting the Victoria’s Secret stores in the Lexington, Louisville, and Southern Indiana area.

According to Bluegrass Crime Stoppers, a group of two to four females have robbed several stores over the past two months, bringing in large bags and clearing out thousands of dollars of merchandise in under a minute. The speed with which they pull off the heists is kind of ridiculous. Watch them in action:

Do you recognize the panty thieves? Click here to help solve the crime.

Charles Matthews’ latest mixtape will make you feel better about next year


Charles Matthews is sometimes the forgotten 2015 recruit, but it’s time to get reacquainted with the four-star shooting guard. Most pundits agree that Kentucky needs to add Jamal Murray to be a national title contender next season, and while landing Murray would certainly be a coup, Matthews may surprise us all at the three spot.

Matthews’ latest mixtape hit the web yesterday and it’s definitely worth two minutes and forty-one seconds of your day:

Don’t forget that Ulis and Matthews used to be teammates on the Meanstreets AAU team back in the day. As we’ve learned with Antoine Walker, Derrick Rose, Anthony Davis and Ulis, players from a Chicago have a way of exceeding expectations…

There are some new faces on Nutter’s Cats in the NFL wall


Bud Dupree and Za’Darius Smith are settling into their new homes in Pittsburgh and Baltimore, but now, they’ll always have a spot in the Nutter Training Center. Check out the new additions to the Nutter Training Facility “Cats in the NFL” wall, courtesy of graduate assistant Max Drisko.

Something tells me we’re going to need a bigger wall here in a few years.

Offshore sportsbook predicts UK will get 6 wins this season

Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics

Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics

We are now 100 days away from Kentucky’s season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette, which means it’s time for the early lines for the season to trickle out. Offshore sportsbook 5Dimes got things rolling yesterday with their win totals for the majority of the Power 5 conferences.

How many wins do they believe Kentucky will get? Six, which seems pretty reasonable to me given the schedule:

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.40.25 AM

Here are the win totals for the rest of the SEC:

  • Alabama: 9.5 (over -145, under +105)
  • Arkansas: 8.5 (over +120, under -160)
  • Auburn: 8.5 (over +100, under -140)
  • Georgia: 9 (over -135, under -105)
  • Kentucky: 6 (over -120, under -120)
  • LSU: 8 (over -115, under -125)
  • Ole Miss: 8.5 (over -110, under -130)
  • Mississippi State: 7 (over -110, under -130)
  • South Carolina: 7 (over -120, under -120)
  • Texas A&M: 7.5 (over -135, under -105)
  • Vanderbilt: 3 (over -135, under -105)
  • No line yet: Florida, Tennessee, Missouri

At least we’re not Vandy, right?

[CBS Sports]

Do you know what day it is? (Wednesday Show Thread)

…It’s Hump Day! Which means you’re halfway through the week which really only just started. Celebrate by tuning in to Kentucky Sports Radio. Today, Matt and Ryan will talk about the Cavs making the NBA Finals, the UK non-conference basketball schedule, Indiana fans on the attack, and Matt’s new gig as the emcee at the Fancy Farm Picnic in August.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Think Dan Wolken Will Admit When He’s Wrong?

You know my favorite moment of the sports year so far?  When Demarcus Cousins saved that tweet from Clay Travis from way back when just for the moment to prove him wrong.  Because in today’s day and age it doesn’t seem anybody has any accountability for when they make predictions that won’t happen until years later.  Hunting through the KSR archives, I found this little nugget from Dan Wolken.  Remember him?  He was a former Memphis media guy who seemed a little bitter when Cal left Memphis for UK.  He made these comments to The Big Lead back in 2011:

Q: As someone familiar with John Calipari, how’s this scenario: He wins 
a title at Kentucky – the Wildcats will probably open No. 2 in the 
rankings – and the Knicks underwhelm in the playoffs. Could you see 
New York firing Mike D’Antoni and Calipari giving the NBA another 
shot? I can’t see him coming back to the NBA if the job isn’t right, 
but the Knicks – who have two stars – would certainly be right.

WOLKEN: Whether he wins a title at Kentucky or not, there’s no question in my mind that coaching the Knicks is his true dream job. I know Kentucky fans will say that he failed in the NBA before, so why would he want to go back? The truth is that’s why he’d want to go back. Cal doesn’t like the idea he’s perceived as a failure in the NBA (which is actually a bit unfair, though an entirely different can of worms), and it’s probably inevitable that he gives it one more shot before he retires. Who knows how it plays out, but if D’Antoni isn’t there and the Knicks have Amare and Carmelo with the possibility to add Chris Paul, there isn’t a job in all of basketball with more upside. Is Cal going to leave Kentucky to go coach the Raptors or the Bobcats? No, but I think he’ll be in the NBA again at some point. And the nature of the Kentucky job is such that he’ll see the NBA as a bit of an escape. The Kentucky job, especially the pace he’s trying to maintain, is impossible to sustain forever. In Memphis he and his family were able to live fairly normally. He was a celebrity, but Memphis is a bigger city with an NBA team and more going on. In Lexington, it’s just suffocating. I think he knows he can’t do that for eight or 10 years.

Cal is now 6 years completed with the Cats and now with Cleveland in the Finals, it becomes pretty unlikely David Blatt will be fired. Plus, that whole contract extension. Point being, Calipari likely will be at Kentucky AT LEAST 8 years, if the not the 10 also mentioned. Will Dan Wolken be asked about those comments? Probably not.

Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day

We’re kicking up the heat with 5 layers of spice on our new Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken sandwich. It’s our classic spicy chicken breast topped with fresh, diced jalapeños, ghost pepper sauce, Colby pepper jack cheese all on a red jalapeno bun. It’s too hot to last, so try one today!
___________________________________________________________________ You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtopten. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:

#10 Maloy

It’s an addiction, really.







#9 Rachel

YES. You should have. I hope you did.







#8 Megan Calipari

Come on….Listen to KSR more!







#7 Charles Mather

I’m sure it was very intimidating.







#6 John Robic’s Hair

It’s the high life now.







#5 Gabriel Measner

I could watch this a million times.







#4 Cash7⃣

And then he committed to a delicious sandwich.







#3 Trey Lyles

Teachers are always so dramatic.







#2 Barry Whitlock

Don’t worry. There’s still a change Finebaum can’t do it.







#1 S.E. Shepherd

So very accurate. We knew he wasn’t good at hanging pictures on the walls, but not his Television.


May 26th, 2015

BBN in the Sahara Desert wants Tuesday Night News and Views

BBN, you’ve outdone yourselves. Over the years, I’ve seen pictures of Kentucky fans in some crazy places, but this one of a Cats fan in a John Wall (or Twany Beckham) jersey in the Sahara Desert may take the cake.

Sir, you and your camel have earned yourselves some news and views. Please drink a little bit of water because you must be parched.

UK announced the signing of Mychal Mulder

The JuCo shooting guard signed his letter of intent a while back, but UK made the addition official today in a press release:

“I’m so excited to be coaching Mychal,” John Calipari said. “He’s been in a great program the last two years and been pushed hard by a terrific coach. His teams have won and he’s shared, yet he was still rewarded as a First Team All-American. He fits our program.”

I’m not sure what the delay was in announcing Mulder. Maybe UK just wanted to toss some bread crumbs the media’s way during the worst of the summer news drought.

The SEC Meetings are underway in Destin, Florida

…and I’m a little bummed KSR didn’t send me. The meetings, which run through Friday, are pretty much just an excuse for the league’s coaches to hang out in Florida for a week and call it “work,” but a little bit of news is already trickling out. Here are some items that are on the agenda:

  • An early signing period: Outgoing SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said today that the SEC is against the proposed early signing period in mid-December. In February, Mark Stoops became one of the few league coaches to speak out in favor of the early signing period, which would help put an end to big boy programs swooping in and stealing commits from smaller programs late in the game. The SEC is pretty much the big boy league, so the conference coming out against the early signing period isn’t surprising.
  • Graduate transfers: Another hot topic in college football right now is graduate transfers. Currently, the SEC does not allow graduate transfers in football unless the player has a hardship waiver or meets certain criteria. Meanwhile, the ACC doesn’t have any restrictions on graduate transfers. This topic has been in the news a lot lately after former Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson decided to transfer to Florida State after visiting Florida and Georgia.
  • Satellite Camps: The NCAA doesn’t allow coaches to host football camps outside of their state, but there’s a loophole in which coaches can be “guest instructors” at satellite camps anywhere they’d like. The SEC is the only conference that doesn’t allow this practice, and with Penn State’s James Franklin and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh capitalizing on the loophole with satellite camps in hot recruiting areas, there is growing discontent. Today, Slive said the SEC will propose legislation to the NCAA to prohibit satellite camps. Good luck with that.
  • Cost of attendance: Kentucky currently has the lowest cost of attendance (COA) in the conference at $2,284, while Tennessee has the highest at $5,666. The Power 5 conferences are pushing for an annual stipend for student-athletes to pay the COA, but the discrepancies between each school’s COA have some coaches, including Nick Saban, complaining that schools with higher COAs will have an unfair recruiting advantage. If anyone has a good suggestion on how to fix this, please get in your car and drive to Destin right now.

All of those issues are obviously very important, but I’m much more interested in the following:

  • Which SEC coach breaks out the cargo shorts first (my money’s on Bret Bielema)
  • Which media member gets a Periscope of Steve Spurrier on the beach
  • If Nick Saban wears this stupid hat again:

  • What SPF Mark Stoops ends up using because you know it’s got to be crazy high
  • Rookie initiation for Jim McElwain
  • The ratio of media members talking to basketball coaches to media members talking to football coaches
  • Late night snapchats of Spurrier and Les Miles doing something crazy because you know they will

What else?

Matt will emcee of the Fancy Farm Picnic

One bit of exciting news broke tonight when we found out that our own Matt Jones will emcee the annual Fancy Farm Picnic on Saturday, August 1. The Fancy Farm Picnic has become the inaugural event for the statewide fall political season, and being named the emcee is a huge honor for Matt and it also speaks volumes about the popularity of KSR. For more information, check out the press release from earlier.

Willie, Karl, Dakari, and Devin hung out at the “Call of Duty” headquarters today

The four Cats spent their day at Treyarch Studios in Santa Monica, California, where they tested out the new Blacks Ops III. As a video game noob (who, albeit, knows that word), I don’t really know what that means, but I would imagine it’s heaven for an 18-year-old boy.

Surprisingly, Karl Towns wins most interesting outfit of the day.

Eric Bledsoe hung out with Montrezl Harrell and DeSean Jackson at the Cavs/Hawks game

First Trey Lyles, now Eric Bledsoe? Montrezl is buddying up with a lot of La Familia.

The KSR Summer Tour Schedule is out

Break out your day planner or online calendar and find a time to see the guys at one of their many stops across the Commonwealth:

June 22: Prestonsburg
June 23: Paintsville
June 24: Columbia
June 25: NBA Draft (NYC)
June 26: NBA Draft (NYC)

June 29: Shelbyville
June 30: Leitchfield
July 1: Madisonville
July 2: Morgantown
July 3: Hopkinsville

July 6: Morganfield
July 7: Grayson
July 8: Pikeville
July 9: Williamson WV
July 10:Kentucky Speedway

July 13: Cynthiana
July 14: Whitley City
July 15: London
July 16: Peach Jam
July 17: Peach Jam

July 20: Whitesburg
July 21: Manchester
July 22: Somerset
July 23: Harlan
July 24: Dickmann’s

July 27: Campbellsville
July 28: Owensboro
July 29: Benton
July 30: Paducah
July 31: Fancy Farm

Aug 3: Bowling Green
Aug 4: McKee
Aug 5: Glasgow
Aug 6: Jamestown
Aug 7: Monticello (Raft Up)

Aug 10: Frankfort
Aug 11: Maysville
Aug 12: Danville
Aug 13: Lexington
Aug 14: Louisville

See you guys in Danville on the 12th.

So is the guest host schedule for Matt’s vacation

Matt begins his two-week summer vacation this weekend, so we’ve called in some pretty impressive guest hosts to keep the show rolling. Here’s the schedule as we know it:

Monday, June 1: Will T. Scott
Tuesday, June 2: Sklar Brothers
Wednesday, June 3: Jay Bilas
Thursday, June 4: UK Football Coaching Staff
Friday, June 5: Tim Couch and Jared Lorenzen

Monday, June 8: Jon Rothstein
Tuesday, June 9: Matthew Mitchell
Wednesday, June 10: Josh Hopkins
Thursday, June 11: Seth Greenberg
Friday, June 12: OPEN (Waiting on Paul Finebaum to confirm)

That’s quite the lineup. Tune in tomorrow to hear Matt talk about it.

Our own Matt Jones will emcee the Fancy Farm picnic this summer

Congrats to our own Matt Jones, who will emcee the annual Fancy Farm Picnic on Saturday, August 1. Here’s the news release, which hit the wires tonight:

Kentucky’s Premier Political Event Announces Major Kentucky Media Member to Emcee 2015 Political Speaking

Matt Jones, founder of Kentucky Sports Radio, to Emcee Fancy Farm Political Speaking

(Fancy Farm, KY) When the political world descends upon Fancy Farm, KY on August 1st, one of Kentucky’s most well-known sports commentators will be wrangling the political rodeo that has become a must–attend event for Kentucky politicians. Matt Jones, founder of Kentucky Sports Radio, has been selected to serve as the emcee for the 135th annual St. Jerome Catholic Church Picnic’s political speaking. Jones is currently host to Kentucky Sports Radio that has over 30 affiliates across Kentucky and West Virginia, making Jones
the most listened to local voice on Kentucky airwaves.

“We are delighted to have Matt join us for the 2015 Fancy Farm picnic,” said Mark Wilson, chair of the political speaking at the picnic. “While many Kentuckians know about our famous picnic, we think having someone with the reach of Matt’s radio program and website will bring expanded awareness and enhancement to our festivities and political speaking event.”

This year’s picnic will feature candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor of Public Accounts, State Treasurer, and Commissioner of Agriculture. Invitations to speak are also extended to current office holders being the local state legislators, statewide office holders along with the local U.S. Representative and both U.S. Senators.

“It is a tremendous honor and I am very excited to be a part of Fancy Farm this year,” said Matt Jones. “I look forward to helping bring the uniqueness of Fancy Farm to a new audience.”

Jones recently hosted a gubernatorial debate on his radio show, which has become a go-to-stop for major political candidates.

“Kentuckians love their sports and politics. Having Matt serve as our emcee is bringing two Kentucky traditions together and will only heighten the interest in our beloved picnic. We can’t wait for the first Saturday in August to get things going,” remarked Wilson.

The Fancy Farm Picnic, which serves as a charitable fundraiser for the sponsor, St. Jerome Catholic Church, has quickly transformed into Kentucky’s inaugural event for the statewide fall political season. Some of the nation’s most prominent politicians have addressed the crowds from the speakers’ stand, including U.S. Vice-President Alben W. Barkley, former Governor and U.S. Senator A.B. “Happy” Chandler, Vice-President Al Gore and Vice-Presidential candidate Lloyd Bentson, and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The picnic, also known as the world’s largest one day barbeque, annually attracts over 10,000 visitors each year.

This is a huge honor. Bring it in the most ridiculous manner possible, Matt.

UK Fans of the Day Want the KSR Tour Schedule


It is almost that time of year again folks…the KSR Summer Tour will circle the state for eight weeks this summer as we go and visit all of our affiliates and other events around the state. 32 of our 33 affiliates will be hit (Irvine the exception) along big events (the NBA Draft and Peach Jam) and spots around the state with cool things going on (Ky Speedway, Fancy Farm, Frankfort and Shelbyville). It should be a ton of fun. We will announce the specific location of these stops in the coming days, but for now we wanted to make sure that you got the date on the calendar of those stops closest to where you live. We will once again be giving away UK tickets and other prizes so come see us out and about in this state for a fun eight weeks on the road:

June 22: Prestonsburg
June 23: Paintsville
June 24: Columbia
June 25: NBA Draft (NYC)
June 26: NBA Draft (NYC)

June 29: Shelbyville
June 30: Leitchfield
July 1: Madisonville
July 2: Morgantown
July 3: Hopkinsville

July 6: Morganfield
July 7: Grayson
July 8: Pikeville
July 9: Williamson WV
July 10:Kentucky Speedway

July 13: Cynthiana
July 14: Whitley City
July 15: London
July 16: Peach Jam
July 17: Peach Jam

July 20: Whitesburg
July 21: Manchester
July 22: Somerset
July 23: Harlan
July 24: Dickmann’s

July 27: Campbellsville
July 28: Owensboro
July 29: Benton
July 30: Paducah
July 31: Fancy Farm

Aug 3: Bowling Green
Aug 4: McKee
Aug 5: Glasgow
Aug 6: Jamestown
Aug 7: Monticello (Raft Up)

Aug 10: Frankfort
Aug 11: Maysville
Aug 12: Danville
Aug 13: Lexington
Aug 14: Louisville

Please come out and see as many of the shows as you can…they are a lot of fun and it is always a good time around the state. You never know who will show up, what we will give away or how many run-ins with the authorities Ryan Lemond will have. It should be another fun summer on the road…


8 Things UK can do with the Kirwan and Blanding Towers

UK recently announced plans to keep the Kirwan and Blanding dormitory towers vacant for the upcoming school year. The 23-story towers have been a fixture on UK’s campus since they were built in 1963, but over the years, have fallen more and more into disrepair. Demolishing or renovating the towers would apparently cost more than $10 million, so there is no long-term plan for them yet. Until the administration decides what to do with them, they’ll remain vacant.

Well, just letting the towers sit there sounds pretty boring to me, so I spent the day coming up with some ideas on what the university can do with them. Shoutout to Fake Barney for his contributions.

1. Use them for the ultimate basketball walk-on try out

Sam Malone, Brian Long, and Tod Lanter are gone, and while UK has already added one walk-on for next year’s team in Jonny David, there are still a few spots open. Being a UK walk-on is the dream of a million kids across the Commonwealth and it isn’t for the faint of heart, so why not hold a Hunger Games-style competition to find the cream of the crop? Each floor could have a different UK basketball-related obstacle, such as:

  • Basketball drills (obviously)
  • Dodging jersey chasers
  • Who can post the most interesting behind-the-scenes Instagram/tweets
  • Racing the stairs against Alan Cutler
  • Answering stupid questions from the media while still being polite
  • real life Super Smash Brothers Tournament
  • Turning one floor into a giant cold tub to see who stays in the longest
  • Reciting the entire first chapter of “Players First”
  • Clapping/cheering competition
  • Middle of the huddle hype dance-offs

To make things interesting, release a live wildcat in the tower to eliminate the weakest competitors. Whoever comes out first/alive makes the team.


2. Let them decompose for 25 years then use them as a zombie apocalypse training center

The towers are already in pretty bad shape, so why not let nature take them over for a while and then use them as a training ground for a future zombie apocalypse ala “The Walking Dead”? Willie Cauley-Stein is a huge fan of the show and often told reporters that one day, he wants to learn to fight zombies. Once Willie’s done with basketball, invite him to run the “Willie Cauley-Stein Center for Fighting Zombies and Making Cool Graffiti.”

3. Put all of the UK fraternities in one and the sororities in the other

Think of how fun this would be. Frat houses are gross anyways, so put all of the frats in one building, one per floor, and sororities in the other. Install zip lines so people can go between the two for parties. Put in cameras and make it the ultimate college reality show.


4. Turn them into a Crazy UK Fan Rehabilitation Center

The Kentucky fan base is the best in all of sports, but we definitely have our share of crazies. To help the crazies “see the light,” lock them in the towers for “rehab.” What qualifies as “crazy”?

  • People who email Matt more than three times per week
  • People who call into Calipari’s radio show to complain or tell him how to coach
  • Anyone who complains about autograph tours
  • Actually, anyone who still writes letters to the editor
  • KSR comment section trolls
  • Anyone who wants to “FARRRR CAL”

To give the crazies perspective, put TVs in each room and play all of the Billy Gillispie games on loop.


5. Sell them to KSR for our new headquarters

Sure, they’d need some major renovations, but our sponsors can help us out with that, right? Wendy’s, Boone’s Butcher Shop, and Sleep Outfitters could all open up shop, and we could make at least one of the towers into an entertainment complex for fans. Fake Barney can run the daycare, Shannon could host booty-shaking contests, Drew could open a bar, Ally and Fake David Beckham could give soccer lessons, Josephine could run a chicken and dumplings restaurant, I could finally have an apartment to stay in when I come in for games…the possibilities are endless.


6. Give one floor to each UK player in the pros

In the Calipari Era, former players returning to campus has become an annual tradition. As a way to say thank you, why not give each UK player drafted a floor of the towers? There are 23 floors in each, 46 total. If all seven players are drafted this summer, there will be 25 UK basketball players in the pros, so give some to the NFL Cats as well. Renovations shouldn’t be a problem since they all make pretty good money.

Doron Lamb may not be in the NBA anymore, but he was part of a National Championship team and he’s hilarious, so give him a penthouse.  Can you imagine the parties? Who up? Doron up, up in the penthouse, girl.


7. Turn them into Haunted Towers

Between the football and basketball programs, we have enough ghosts to fill up more than two towers. Billy Gillispie probably needs something to do, so invite him to be the resident ghost. Not spooky enough? Play Kentucky Joe over the intercom 24/7.


8. Win #9 and burn them down

Couch fires are so 2012.

2017 Georgia QB picks up UK offer

Chase Brice from Loganville, Georgia received a scholarship offer to play football at the University of Kentucky today. The 6-foot-3, pro-style quarterback also has offers from Louisville and Miami, among others.

Kentucky does not have any commitments from the 2017 class. The Cats have one QB commitment in 2016 in Gunnar Hoak.

You need to see J.D. Harmon’s one-handed backflip catch


Kentucky cornerback J.D. Harmon made an incredible one-handed catch while doing a backflip at the UK football practice facility, and shared it on his Instagram today. I didn’t think it was possible to top Javess Blue’s backflip catch earlier this month, but Harmon managed to do that by using only one hand.

Messing around with my dawg @loso_onetre the other day

A video posted by JD (@badboyprince11) on

Now let’s see how he defends the pass next season. That’s what matters.

Cal and Jamal Murray in the Alltech Herald

Alltech Herald

Alltech Herald

In a Behind The Scenes feature on pg. 22 of the latest edition of the Alltech Herald, there’s this photo of John Calipari and Jamal Murray on the Alltech Rebelation stage during Murray’s official visit to UK. As the caption points out, Cal is previewing his talk the next day, the one that blew up with the mention of last season’s goal being eight players in the NBA Draft.

Murray looks comfortable listening to Coach Cal. He should probably go ahead and commit to Kentucky.