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September 19th, 2019

Exactly how loud are those Cowbells? Ask the upperclassmen

Butch Dill | Getty Images

There’s nothing that defines Mississippi State football more than the cry of their signature cowbell. The noise has been echoing over the speakers at Kentucky football practice all week, but the upperclassmen on the team know the pumped-in noise will hardly compete with the real thing.

In fact, Calvin Taylor says the fake noise “doesn’t even compare at all” to what the Cats will hear inside the stadium this Saturday.

“It’s always loud. The first time – my redshirt freshman year – when we played them there it was so loud. I’d always heard about it, but it’s pretty loud,” Taylor added. “It’s cool though.”

On the other hand, defensive lineman Marquan McCall has no time for this cowbell nonsense. The sophomore hasn’t traveled to Starkville yet, but he’s not too worried about the distraction.

“I personally don’t know about Mississippi State,” McCall said when asked about the ‘bells. “We’re not focused on [any of that]; we’re just ready to go get them, play hard and stop the run. That’s it.”

This Saturday will mark Sawyer Smith’s first road game in the SEC. Even though he has some experience in hostile environments, it’s understandably hard for him to fully imagine what all of those cowboys will actually sound like in person.

“Every away game is different; everywhere has a different vibe. I’ve never heard hundred of cowbells; I’ve never heard that,” Smith laughed. “It’s going to be funny to listen to, I’m sure, for 60 minutes. I’m ready for it. It’s going to be fun.”

Cowbells? Fun? Let’s hope the Kentucky fans who decide to brave the game in Starkville feel the same way by the fourth quarter. Stay strong, BBN.


KSR Show Thread 9/19: Fish tales in Trigg County

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September 18th, 2019

WATCH: Bud Dupree volunteers at LaRosa Boys and Girls Club

Bud Dupree is one of the most successful former Wildcats currently playing professional football, but he’s also leaving his mark in Pittsburg off the field. His latest project? The outside linebacker recently spent time at the LaRosa Boys and Girls in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

The Boys and Girls club offers after-school programs to children in the area, including workforce development programming, music production and arts programming. For Dupree, it was all about giving back to an organization he’s been involved with for a very long time.

“We had Boys and Girls clubs growing up, and it was always fun to be a part of that,” Dupree said in a video published by the Steelers organization. “So to come out and actually help now and see the progress they’re making is an absolute blessing.”

Dupree was given the honor of cutting the grand-opening ribbon before spending time playing uno, taking selfies and just hanging out with some local kids. He also showed off his “rap skills.” Well, sort of. You can decide that for yourself:

On a more-serious note, it really is awesome to see a former Cat making such a positive influence in his community.

“We just give kids the opportunity to actually see people in the flesh and not just see them on TV, but to see them in the community. It gives them a better perspective on what it takes to make it and be in our shoes,” Dupree said. “And to let some of the kids know that you’ve be in the some similar situations that they’ve been in in their lives. It’s always good to see someone of your caliber being an actual person so you know you can strive for greatness.”

Greatness, indeed.

Kash Daniel responds to ankle-twisting allegations: “Absolutely not”

Kash Daniel and the rest of Kentucky’s defense spoke with media members Wednesday evening, so No. 56 was finally able to officially respond to allegations he purposefully twisted Kyle Trask’s ankle following one of the Gator’s failed two-point conversions last Saturday. Of course, he responded in the most ‘Kash Daniel’ way possible – definitively, and with some grit.

“Do I talk a lot of crap? Absolutely. Do I bump a dude here and there to get underneath his skin and talk while I’m doing it? Absolutely. That’s a part of my game; that’s what I do. But am I out there to deliberately hurt somebody? Absolutely not.”

A video began to surface online Sunday showing an incident between Daniel and Florida’s quarterback, which showed Daniel’s hand near Trask’s foot after the play. The video doesn’t give viewers a clear view of the incident, but it is clear Daniel eventually rips his hand from the pile before jawing with Trask. The two were quickly separated.

Since the allegations started, it’s been hard for Daniel to take the criticism without having the chance to properly respond.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut about it; I’ve been biting my tongue as long as I can.”

As far as the “dirty play” criticisms go, Daniel is hearing none of it.

“That’s something I actually hold close to me. I’m a victim of a dirty play. If you don’t believe me, I’ve got a plate and seven screws in my right ankle to prove that,” Daniel said, referencing an injury he had in high school.

Daniel went on to list some of his lasting injuries from throughout his football career before detailing what he says actually happened with Trask.

“This surgically-repaired hand has two screws in it, [and] if enough weight goes on it, it still hurts like a you-know-what. My hand is caught underneath here, I instantly get stepped on, I’m trying to move shit around, I pull my hand up there last second… I got it stuck under a lineman’s leg with all that weight on it. Then I pulled it free from that, kept moving stuff, kept hitting legs and finally pulled it through. Maybe [Trask] felt something weird – I don’t know. But I’m not out there to twist nobody’s ankle or hurt nobody. End of story.”

And what did the Gators have to say on the field after the incident?

“I heard something [number] 56, and I play with an F-you mentality. When I hear someone say my number, I’m going to turn around and say it right back to them.”

To watch Daniel’s re-enactment of his hand during the incident, check out Eli Gehn’s video for LEX18 below.

Mississippi State quarterback update: Who plays against Kentucky?

Sep 14, 2019; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Garrett Shrader (6) falls after being lofted into the air against the Kansas State Wildcats during the fourth quarter at Davis Wade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Bush – USA TODAY Sports

Another week… Another opportunity for Kentucky to face a backup quarterback? Maybe.

Mississippi State’s senior quarterback Tommy Stevens went down after back-to-back sacks in the second quarter of the Bulldog’s game against Southern Miss two weeks ago. He started for the Bulldogs the following week, but he was pulled from the game in favor of true freshman Garrett Shrader, who also came in for Stevens following the initial injury. Stevens’ shoulder has been “stiffening up” during the games, potentially affecting his passing ability and accuracy.

Bulldogs head coach Joe Moorhead noted Stevens’ health is further along this week than it was before the game against Kansas State last Saturday. Stevens seemed to agree, although he did say he’s “taking it day by day.”

“I don’t know – it’s kinda hard to think about as far as where I was last week. It’s a whole new week,” Stevens told media members in Starkville. “Yeah, I’d say it’s fair – I think I feel better.”

The starting quarterback may not sound 100 percent confident in his response, but his coach hopes he’s able to play a full game against Kentucky this weekend.

“It would be awesome, just from a consistency standpoint,” Moorhead said. “We fell off from a completion percentage standpoint [against Kansas State without Stevens]. There were times where protection broke down on some third-down stuff, too.”

Stevens was pulled from the game last Saturday after several mistakes leading up to the Bulldog’s eventual loss to Kansas State. In the first half, he threw his first interception of the season and later fumbled; in the second half, he missed an open target, then threw another interception. Coach Moorhead subbed in Shrader following the senior’s second turnover. However, that was far from the Bulldog’s original plan, even after Stevens’ Week One injury.

“Tommy [Stevens] was very motivated to play and wanted to come back and help the team… I think he has earned that right as a fifth-year guy that if he is healthy enough to play that we give him the start,” Moorhead said of his decision to start Stevens last week. “He wanted to try it out and see how it went. It just got to the point where we didn’t want to leave him in the game if he wasn’t going to be able to perform at 100 percent. We had to move on.”

Despite “moving on” to Shrader in the second half, the Bulldogs fell to Kansas State, 31-24. Here’s a quick comparison of both QB’s numbers from the game, via ESPN.
“Quite frankly for a true freshman, I think he’s performed at a very high level,” Moorhead said of Shrader. “You don’t want to put it all on a true freshman’s back and have him throw the ball all over the yard. But he rushed the ball for [82] yards and had some nice completions.”

When you look at both teams’ stats from the entire four quarters, it’s hard to believe Mississippi State found a way to lose that game.

However, Shrader isn’t the only backup option for the Bulldogs. Keytaon Thompson also earned reps leading into the Kansas State game, although Coach Moorhead says the junior is still recovering from an upper-body injury suffered during camp. Thompson’s earned two career starts during his time with the Bulldogs, but he lost the preseason quarterback competition to Stevens this season. He entered the transfer portal before ultimately deciding to remain at Mississippi State. Thompson hasn’t appeared in a game so far this season, despite being listed as a co-backup alongside Shrader on the Bulldogs’ depth chart.

As far as the Wildcats are concerned, Mark Stoops doesn’t see a QB change affecting Kentucky’s defense.

There’s really not much difference in what they do and how they call plays, how they run the offense,” Stoops said at his press conference Monday. “There’s really not much difference at all. Both of them are very effective at running the [quarterback] run game that they like to do; both of them are throwing the ball well. It’s set up off of their power run game. Not much has changed.”