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July 7th, 2015

KSR’s Guide to the 2015 Peach Jam


Despite what your KSR Summer Tour t-shirts say, the KSR crew will NOT be at the Peach Jam, which starts on Thursday. A scheduling snafu will keep Matt, Drew, and Tomlin away from scenic North Augusta for the first time in…well…as long as I can remember, and the Hooters waitresses are reportedly already in mourning; however, just because KSR won’t be there in person won’t stop us from covering it extensively. (Has it ever before?)

Six 2016 players with offers from Kentucky will play in the tournament, the finals of the Nike EYBL circuit. The 2016 class is loaded and Kentucky still has a lot of ground to make up with the best of the best, so this weekend will be crucial for John Calipari and staff to make a good impression after a spring of combating negative recruiting.

Who wants to be next? Here are six candidates and when they’ll be in the spotlight…

UK Targets to Watch

Harry Giles
Power Forward

6’10”, 230 lbs.
AAU: Team CP3

247Sports Composite: No. 1 overall
247Sports: No. 2 overall, No. 1 PF
Rivals: No. 2 overall
ESPN: No. 1 overall

Leaders: Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Kentucky, Kansas

Buzz: After an impressive showing at the U19 World Championships, Giles remains atop Calipari’s 2016 wish list, but most believe the North Carolina native will choose to stay at home to play for Duke, UNC, or Wake Forest.

Jayson Tatum
Small Forward

6’8″, 190 lbs.
AAU team: St. Louis Eagles

247Sports Composite: No. 4 overall, No. 1 SF
247Sports: No. 11 overall, No. 2 SF
Rivals: No. 3 overall
ESPN: No. 2 overall, No. 1 SF

Final list: Duke, Kentucky, and Saint Louis

Buzz: Like Giles, Tatum impressed at the U19 World Championships. Duke is considered his leader, but his father is pushing him to stay home and play for St. Louis. Could Giles and Tatum team up again for Blue Devils? (Please no.)

Malik Monk
Shooting Guard

6’3″, 170 lbs.
AAU team: Arkansas Wings Elite

247Sports Composite: No. 5 overall, No. 2 SG
247Sports: No. 3 overall, No. 2 SG
Rivals: No. 6 overall
ESPN: No. 5 overall, No. 1 SG

Leaders: Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon, FSU, Kansas, SMU, St. John’s, UNC

Buzz: In a true testament to the crazy world of recruiting, Monk announced today that he will announce his top five on his brother’s new radio show in August. His brother was a two-sport star at Arkansas, and the home state Razorbacks are considered his favorite.


Miles Bridges
Small Forward

6’7″, 225 lbs.
AAU team: The Family

247Sports Composite: No. 19 overall, No. 3 SF
247Sports: No. 23 overall, No. 3 SF
Rivals: No. 24 overall
ESPN: No. 7 overall, No. 3 SF

Leaders: Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina, Iowa State, Michigan

Buzz: Bridges was considered a Michigan State lean until Kentucky offered in late April. The Cats now have a 62% lead in his Crystal Ball.

Udoka Azubuike

6’10”, 280 lbs.
AAU team: Georgia Stars

247Sports Composite: No. 24 overall, No. 3 C
247Sports: No. 12 overall, No. 1 C
Rivals: No. 26 overall
ESPN: No. 19 overall, No. 3 C

Leaders: Florida State, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky

Buzz: Florida State is honing in on the Nigerian native, and with Jonathan Isaac committing to the Seminoles earlier this week, that could be a pretty appealing option since Azubuike has spent the past three years in nearby Jacksonville; however, Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke are all still in the hunt for “Baby Shaq.”

i (1)

Marques Bolden

6’10”, 236 lbs.
AAU team: Pro Skills

247Sports Composite: No. 17 overall, No. 1 C
247Sports: No. 33 overall, No. 4 C
Rivals: No. 14 overall
ESPN: No. 15 overall, No. 1 C

Leaders: Kansas, Baylor, UConn, North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke

Buzz: Bolden got an offer from Kentucky in May, although Kansas is considered his early leader after offering him back in July 2014. Bolden’s got good touch and athleticism for a player his size. Of note: Bolden attends DeSoto High School in Texas, the alma mater of Duke player Matt Jones. Also of note: Bolden’s AAU coach is Jeff Webster, who also coached Julius Randle.

One more to keep an eye on

i (2)

Michael Porter, Jr. (2017)
Small Forward

6’9″, 190 lbs.
AAU team: Mokan Elite

247Sports Composite: No. 2 overall, No. 1 SF
247Sports: No. 2 overall, No. 1 SF
Rivals: No. 2 overall
ESPN: No. 2 overall, No. 1 SF

Offers: Baylor, Colorado, Duke, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Syracuse, Virginia, Washington

Buzz: No, no no, not THAT Michael Porter. Phew. This Michael Porter doesn’t have an offer from Kentucky yet, but it may very well come after Calipari sees him this weekend. This Michael Porter plays for Mokan Elite, the same AAU team Willie Cauely-Stein played for in high school. That worked out well, right? Again, this Michael Porter is not that Michael Porter.

Games to Watch


Mac Irvin Fire vs. Team CP3 (Harry Giles), 9 a.m. ET

Harry Giles is all anyone can talk about on the recruiting circuit right now and even though Thursday morning’s schedule is packed, you better believe coaches will keep an eye on his court.

The Family Detroit (Miles Bridges) vs. Georgia Stars (Udoka Azubuike), 9 a.m. ET

Kentucky has had some difficulty recruiting at the small forward position lately, and with Jonathan Isaac committing to Florida State and Jayson Tatum leaning towards Duke, UK’s best option at the three may be Bridges, who will play against Azubuike’s Georgia Stars.

Playaz Basketball Club vs. St. Louis Eagles (Jayson Tatum), 9 a.m. ET

The first chance to see Jayson Tatum play after a big week in Greece. Something tells me Cal will be straddling a few courts Thursday morning.

Team Penny vs. Arkansas Wings (Malik Monk), 10:30 a.m.

Monk is one of the best scorers in the class, and therefore always entertaining to watch. He burst onto the recruiting scene after an impressive showing at the Peach Jam last summer. What will happen this go around?

Georgia Stars (Udoka Azubuike) vs. Pro Skills TX (Marques Bolden), 6 p.m. ET

A showdown of two of the top centers in the class, this will definitely be a marquee matchup Thursday evening. Azubuike has slipped a little in the rankings lately, so it will be interesting to see him go up against Bolden, another big man the Cats are targeting.


Team Takeover (VJ King) vs. Arkansas Wings (Malik Monk), 9 a.m. ET

In case a Louisville fan hasn’t told you fifty times since then, King committed to the Cards last month. There was some question on whether or not King held an offer from Kentucky and it will be interesting to see how looks when compared to Monk, one of the elite players in the class.

Pro Skills TX (Marques Bolden) vs. The Family Detroit (Miles Bridges), 10:30 a.m. ET

Another chance to see two UK targets battle it out.

Team Final (Tyus Battle) vs. Team CP3 (Harry Giles), 12 p.m. ET

Battle decommitted from Michigan last month and took an official visit to Syracuse, likely his next destination. Plus, more Harry Giles.

Team CP3 (Harry Giles) vs. Team Takeover (VJ King), 9 p.m. ET

More Harry Giles and a chance to root against a future Louisville player. Sign me up.


Las Vegas Prospects vs. Pro Skills TX (Marques Bolden), 9 a.m. ET

The first of back-to-back chances to see Bolden, whose team will play Albany City Rocks (a very underrated team name, if I may say so) at 10:30 a.m.

Arkansas Wings (Malik Monk) vs. Team CP3 (Harry Giles), 12 p.m. ET

The best game on the docket, in my opinion. Giles is considered by most the best player in the class and Monk the best scorer. Who will elevate their game at the summer’s biggest tournament?

King James vs. St. Louis Eagles (Jayson Tatum), 12 p.m. ET

Tatum broke a Greek player’s nose with a dunk over the weekend in Greece. What will he do next?


Semifinals, Teams TBA, 9 a.m. ET, ESPNU

Finals, Teams TBS, 12 p.m. ET, ESPNU

Which player are you most excited to see?


Quarterback Omelet

Omelets are my favorite breakfast food and can be made out of a collage of fixings. Developing quarterbacks is like cooking up a tasty omelet, ingredients may vary but eggs and heat are non-negotiables. Here are three ingredients for a QB Omelet:

  1. Footwork-In our quarterback omelet, the egg is footwork. Can’t start cooking without it and is the fundamental mainstay in the finished product. Stay with me here. I know and trust two quarterback teachers, Ryan Hockman and Donny Walker. Both are highly astute in the fundamentals and nuances of the position. Listening to both QB specialists and high school coaches practicing their trade; one distinct commonality exists, proper footwork. Footwork is a general term, my role is to translate general to literal. Fundamental footwork can be examined from examples such as knee bend, plant foot, point foot, and hip rotation to follow through. These coupled with drop back techniques are mandatory for a mere completion not the finished product. Let’s start with knee bend. With the point leg alone (right handed qb’s left leg), extended straight toward the receiver with little bend leads to the football sailing off target. Too little bend in a shortened distance from the plant foot also leads to inaccuracy. Hip rotation to follow through can be described in a common basketball action. While shooting a three pointer, the shooter is taught to use his/her knees for propulsion then transfer basketball to goal by following through with a shooting hand extended. Same principle applies. Football throwing motion starts and finishes with the foot placement, propulsion is with hip rotation towards receiver. This weight transfer is where velocity is generated. You may be thinking that at the college level all this should be second nature, well it isn’t. Fundamentals, especially footwork has to become so repetitive it morphs into muscle memory.
  2. Quick Thinking-Mental processing is the heat that fuels the frying pan also a necessity unless you plan on consuming your omelet through a straw. Once proper fundamentals become habit, decision making takes over. Within 2.75 seconds, a quarterback has to make a fight or flight decision. Only in this case, fight is not throwing dukes but throwing the football and the flight reflex refers to scrambling. Think about that for 2.75 seconds. Takes me longer than that to decide between black or blue dress socks. Within this task lies the ability to quickly process information. What kind of information you may ask? Called play intent, proper formation and personnel, understanding of all 11 offensive players role in that play, snap count, and audible if applies just to name just a few. Throw in a mandatory working knowledge of 11 defensive positions and taking a peak at the play clock and we’ve not even gotten to the point the football is snapped. Again, as in footwork, mental processing is improved only through repetition and experience. Not by coincidence, in two quarterback posts this is the second that refers to between the ear function.
  3. Arm strength-This is an unnecessary add-on ingredient like jalapeno peppers or mushrooms. You can still enjoy an omelet without it, but more is better. I’d be safe to bet that on every SEC campus there is a fraternity member with a stronger arm than the team’s starting quarterback. Only during Hail Mary situations does this matter. When earlier proclaimed that Kentucky’s quarterback has to maintain an 80% completion rate in “simple” completions these throws aren’t 40 yard downfield throws more like 5-10 yard range. I’ll spend very little time here. If the feet are right; proper decision made, I’ll say it again, this is the easiest part and least important of the equation in the cookbook.

I apologize if this post was overly technical but it will prove necessary as we move into the season when we’ll dissect QB play in detail. Going into 2014, Patrick Towles understood that proper fundamentals define the position and sought solutions to throwing motion errors. This tremendously helped as he also showed that his focus on his trade. As the season wore on and SEC defenses forced smaller throwing windows it should have been clear that these fundamentals are non-negotiable. Southeastern Conference cornerbacks expose flaws as do 4.4 running, mind-reading safeties. Unfortunately, these are all too common lessons learned by first year starting quarterbacks. He’ll be much better for the experience. Drew Barker’s maturation is in process. Hopefully he has watched and learned the “Why” of quarterbacking fundamental importance. By the way my omelet preference is loaded with onions, peppers, sausage, bacon with extra hot sauce and side of buttered toast. I’m off to Waffle House.

Tom Crean should delete this old tweet

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 6.26.06 PM

It seems more and more people are having to answer to old tweets lately, and this one from Tom Crean in 2013 is one he’d probably like to have back today.

Crean tweeted, “Happy Birthday to World Renowned Jared Fogle. Subway’s finest got it all started at IU. Great representative of what success looks like.”

Of course, Fogle is the talk of the internet today after the FBI raided his home as part of a child pornography investigation early this morning. Before the current investigation, Fogle allegedly rented out his massive porno collection from his IU dorm room.

Here’s this picture again for absolutely no reason…

Twitter might be ruining the draft for some


Professional drafts might not have the highest ratings. In a world full of distractions it is hard to sit down and watch it from start to finish, especially the 3-day spread of the NFL draft. However, I am one of those people that somehow sits through this tedious task just to see where my favorite players are going. For obvious reasons, the NBA draft is a lot easier to sit through than others.

These days you don’t have to worry about watching the draft with the information Twitter provides. In fact, it’s probably more beneficial to just go through your day and just follow on Twitter thanks to writers like Adrian Wojnarowski and Adam Schefter who tweet picks and trades minutes before we see it on TV.

But is that ruining the draft? More beneficial doesn’t mean better.

Does finding it out on twitter two seconds before ruin the mystery? A little bit. These days, reporters seem to be more worried about getting the scoop (rather it be right or wrong), than to let a person have their moment.  This is especially true when players find out they are being traded on twitter rather than by their team.

The argument against this ‘rant’ is simple: Stay off Twitter. 

That’s not as easy as it sounds. Besides that fact that most of us have phone dependency issues, Twitter is hilarious during the draft and I don’t want to miss out on the sarcasm and insults it has to offer with every pick made.  Let’s not event get started on how boring the commentary is on the broadcast every year.

I guess, like most things, you have to take what you get how you get it. Schefter, Wojnarowski and all. After all I am pretty sure there are bigger issues than twitter out there in the world than this little nuisance.

Does it annoy you any?


Alright, which one of you is behind these high heels in Middlesboro?


Someone is going around Middlesboro and nailing high heels to poles around town, and it’s creeping everyone out. Whoever is doing it is somehow climbing up high to hang the pumps and no one can find out why. Middlesboro Police do not believe there is anything criminal, but we need an explanation.

One man in town told WKYT, “There’s a lot of jokes stirring up about the electric men and the rates going up. It’s a cheaper way for them to get up the pole, but I don’t believe that.”

Whatever the reason, it’s really weird and it’s making Matt’s hometown crazy.


Wayne Blackshear says he sacrificed his own game for Louisville success

These quotes out of The Chicago-Tribune pretty much sum up why the elite never reach their full NBA potential at Louisville. (Because it’s Louisville first, remember?)

Wayne Blackshear learned “Louisville first” the hard way. Once a top 10 player in America out of high school, Blackshear’s stock plummeted and now he’s left hoping to earn a spot in San Antonio as an undrafted free agent.

In a recent interview with the Tribune, Blackshear admitted, “I sacrificed my game a lot at Louisville for team success. I tried to fit in too much. I really couldn’t show what I could do.”

Blackshear doesn’t regret going to Louisville, and he said Pitino made him a tougher person, but his own game suffered because of it. Instead of playing his game, he kept quiet and accepted his role in the system.

“I believe I should have had more opportunities to show what I could do. I had to become a spot-up shooter in college — that’s not me. I learned to keep my mouth shut and keep moving forward.”

Cards forever!!!

[The Chicago-Tribune]

Conway Twitty & True Detective


After nearly 36 hours of continuous searching and refreshing, I finally found the video I’ve been looking to share with you all since Sunday night.  On Sunday’s True Detective, we found out that one of the leads who’d appeared to be really dead (like, really, really dead) was actually alive–won’t say who.  That was confirmed only after a super weird, amazing opening sequence that was awash in David Lynch stylings.

Even better, the Twin Peaks-ish opening featured a strange, perfectly-out-of-place cover of “The Rose” by a singer doing his best impersonation of KSR favorite, Conway Twitty!  Words don’t really do the intro justice, so I’ll just leave this here [some spoilers in the video] (The embed for the video is apparently disabled, but clicking on Ray Velcoro’s sweet mustache will get you there):



Willie Cauley-Stein cut his dreads

It didn’t take long for Willie Cauley-Stein to find a barber in Sacramento. Willie debuted a new haircut today at mini-camp, ending the very-short lived dreadlocks he sported at the NBA Draft and his introductory press conference with the Kings.

Gone, but not forgotten…


Trey Lyles signs deal with Utah, finally

For whatever reason, it took Trey Lyles longer than most to agree to a deal with his new team. Lyles sat out his first NBA summer league game last night as he and Utah worked out the specifics of his rookie contract.

Today, Lyles and the Jazz agreed to a deal worth $10.4 million over four years.

I have no idea if he will play tonight in Utah’s second summer league game, scheduled for 10:00 pm ET. He hasn’t practiced or participated in any team activities.

Andrew Harrison tried to make the poster of the summer

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.07.54 PM

Give it up for Andrew Harrison and his attempt to end the career of Jordan Morgan in today’s summer league game. Harrison got out on a fast break and tried to throw one down on Morgan, but was called for a charge instead.

Lincoln Duff is in Orlando and he caught it from this angle:

Harrison scored five points with four turnovers in only 19 minutes of action, after playing 29 minutes on Sunday. It was not his best day of his young NBA career.

To make matters worse, Russ Smith was the star of the game with 20 points on 9-of-12 shooting, including the game-winning basket. Harrison and Smith are competing for the third point guard spot in Memphis.

Tune in to NBA TV right now to watch Aaron Harrison and Charlotte.

Sleep Outfitters’ Tuesday Recruiting Roundup


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For today’s Sleep Outfitters Recruiting Roundup, we will take a look at five names making news over the last few days. Three are among the best high school basketball prospects in the country, while the other two are potential additions to Mark Stoops’ 16th ranked class.


Malik Monk

It was around this time last year when Malik Monk BLEW UP at the Nike Peach Jam, scoring 40 points in front of John Calipari and the UK basketball coaching staff. The 40-point performance wasn’t even Monk’s best in the 2014 EYBL circuit, believe it or not. He set the record with 59 points in a game at an event in Sacramento last April.

Monk will return to North Augusta tomorrow for his final run at the Peach Jam. Calipari will have eyes on him once again, as UK and the home state Arkansas Razorbacks compete for Monk’s commitment.

Ranked No. 3 overall in 247Sports’ 2016 class rankings, Monk recently announced he will trim his list to a final five schools following the Peach Jam. Bank on UK being in the mix when he names the five schools next week.


Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum

Giles and Tatum are two of the biggest names in the 2016 class and they showed why over the weekend, leading Team USA to gold at the FIBA U19 World Championship. Calipari has been drooling over the two potential superstars since he saw them early in their basketball careers, way back in 2013. Tatum was the first member of the class to receive an offer from UK; Giles was a close second.

Giles and Tatum are very close friends and they haven’t shied away from throwing out the possibility of being a “package deal” in college. The problem is, they both have Duke very high on their lists and it is the likely destination if the two do indeed pair up at the next level. Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated recently said they could become “the greatest package deal of all-time.”

However, Kentucky is still in the hunt for each prospect, and with Calipari on the prowl, we know to never count UK out. Maybe one, or both, will answer Cal’s call of “Who wants to be next?”

Tatum dunks all over Greek defender


Brock Miller

Switching over to football, there is a three-star linebacker with heavy interest in the Cats and he hopes to visit Lexington this month.

Brock Miller, a 6-foot-4 outside linebacker from Florida, recently included Kentucky in his final eight schools, along with Mississippi State, California, Virginia, Virginia Tech, NC State, Boise State and Minnesota.

He told, “(Kentucky was) my second offer and first big-time offer, so it’s definitely cool to think about that. We went up and visited back in February and I got to meet all of the coaches and stuff. It just really feels like a family atmosphere and everybody really likes me there. I just think it’s a really good school.”

Miller hopes to make his decision before beginning his senior year of high school this fall.


Tate Leavitt

Leavitt is ESPN’s No. 1 JUCO offensive tackle and he very well may be the next in line to commit to Kentucky. Kash Daniel specifically mentioned Leavitt as a priority after announcing his own commitment to UK over the weekend, but Mark Stoops will have to compete with Brother Bob and Oklahoma, as well as Illinois, Missouri and Texas Tech for Leavitt’s services.

In a recent interview with, he had this to say about UK: “They’ve been really good to me, especially on the visit. I’ve had a great relationship with Coach Schlarman, Coach Marrow and even got to know Coach Stoops while I was there. When I was on the visit, it really showed me how important I was to them. They had everybody who would have an impact on me if I go there come in just to be on my visit. Coach Stoops was in Florida the day before. He flew in just for my visit. It was nice to know how important I was to them. Like I said, I was really comfortable, not only with the coaches but at the university, too.”

He will take another visit to Lexington on July 17.

Keith Bogans and Daniel Orton join Portland for Summer League

The Portland Trail Blazers will have two former Kentucky Wildcats on its roster in Las Vegas next week. 11-year veteran Keith Bogans and international journeyman Daniel Orton were named to the official 16-man roster, announced today. Other notables include Noah Vonleh, Pat Connaughton, Meyers Leonard and Arnett Moultrie.

The Phoenix Suns also released its official roster today and it includes Devin Booker, Archie Goodwin and Josh Harrellson, as expected.

Go Cats.

Lexington attorney wants UK games off “conservative” radio stations

Richard F. Dawahare wants University of Kentucky games pulled from WLAP, the home of all things Wildcats and KSR’s radio shows (morning, pregame and postgame) in Lexington.

Dawahare, an attorney, writes, “It is no secret that these stations are exclusive provinces of conservative ideology. They spew propaganda with a breathtaking lack of regard for truth and with a pervasive tone of contempt and ridicule for those with a different perspective.”

Dawahare missed one important fact here: Matt Jones isn’t spewing conservative ideology, and I’m not sure anyone is on WLAP more than Matt Jones during basketball and football seasons. Not to mention, Ryan Lemond, who may be second to Matt in hours logged on WLAP’s airwaves, would rather take another rabid dog bite than talk politics.

But Dawahare insists the games must be removed from our favorite Lexington radio station. He wants them pulled from WHAS in Louisville, too.

We cannot continue to allow our beloved Cats and Cards to be part of any entity that perpetuates this culture,” he wrote in the Herald-Leader. “When enough of us insist that we use our schools to further their foundational ideals — the pursuit of truth and the betterment of our world — change will come.”

It appears Dawahare adopted our “Facts are optional” mantra here.

[Get our college games off hate-filled radio networks]

Andrew Harrison on NBA TV at 1:00 pm

Andrew Harrison will soon play his third NBA Summer League game with the Memphis Grizzlies. The former Kentucky point guard and his fellow NBA hopefuls will tip off with Orlando’s Blue squad on NBA TV at 1:00 pm. The game can also be seen online through the NBA Summer League Live streaming service.

Harrison needs a strong showing after two mediocre performances over the weekend. He went 5-for-13 from the field in two games, drawing criticism from Memphis basketball columnist Tom Firme:

Josh Riddell explained in his DraftExpress scouting report that Harrison doesn’t finish well, isn’t explosive enough to beat pro opponents off the dribble and settles for difficult shots.

The 20-year-old didn’t show any change in his first two summer league games. He shot 5-of-13 from the field, taking poor jumpers and struggling to finish in tight space.

Without considerable shooting progress, Harrison would need to make his presence felt in areas besides scoring. [Bleacher Report]

Today he will be going up against a backcourt that includes Peyton Siva and 2015 NBA All-Rookie First Team selection Elfrid Payton. Aaron Gordon and “Super” Mario Hezonja, the fifth overall pick in the draft, will also be playing for the Magic.

Tune in.

Josh Forrest named to Chuck Bednarik Award Watch List

Kentucky senior linebacker Josh Forrest is one of 80 players named to the Chuck Bednarik Award Watch List, the Maxwell Football Club announced this morning. The Chuck Bednarik Award is given annually to the nation’s top defensive player, regardless of position.

Forrest led Kentucky in tackles last season as a junior, recording 110 tackles with one sack, two interceptions and a forced fumble. The in-state product racked up a career-high 20 tackles against Tennessee, in addition to four other games with double-digit tackles.

Phil Steele named Forrest a 2014 third-team All-SEC selection.

60 days ’till kickoff…