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February 22nd, 2017

Pitino Mad.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.39.23 PM

If you thought John Calipari had a bad halftime experience with fans, wait until you see Rick Pitino’s halftime tirade.

A much better look from ESPN:

At least he didn’t flip them off.

Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day

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#10 Wattsittoya

You get what you pay for, I guess.




#9 David Brooks

Nightmares are on the horizon for me.




#8 John Robic’s Hair

Doomed from the start.




#7 gene

I wish this had happened.




#6 Not Jerry Tipton

Can someone check on the state of Indiana? Are they okay?




#5 Trey Minton

The streak continues. Feed him the ball=we can’t lose.




#4 David Scott

We’ve all been there…




#3 Sarah Hopkins

I feel ya, Sarah.




#2 Christian Perry

I guess that’s where he’s been all these years.




#1 New Orleans Pelicans

It’s happening. Blue Orleans.



Cole Cubelic Believes Matt Elam still has the Ability to Play in the NFL


Matt Elam transformed from a powerful five-star recruit to a fizzling reserve.

Elam was used sparingly as a freshman before he was forced into a starting role as a sophomore, following Melvin Lewis’ season-ending injury. ¬†With 23 tackles in 2015, Elam appeared to be turning a corner, set up for a breakout junior season. ¬†Instead, he was absent from the stat-sheet for ten games and recorded just¬†nine tackles, two less than his freshman total.

Even though Elam’s trajectory¬†tends to favor the pessimist, Cole Cubelic believes Elam can still turn around his career.

“It’s pretty obvious that we’re all waiting on Matt Elam to sort of morph into what he can be. ¬†His ability is not mythical. ¬†It’s there,” the former Auburn center and SEC Network analyst told Freddie Maggard on The Depth Chart Podcast.

“It’s just, he’s gotta harness it. ¬†He’s gotta get his weight under control and find some consistency. ¬†Then he could play in the NFL for a really long time because you don’t just get guys who are 6’5″-6’6″ and over 330 pounds that can move that way.”

For some, push has to come to shove for the player to decide it’s time to change. ¬†With just a year left, Cubelic believes urgency can transform Elam into the player we thought he would be.

“If he can get in shape. ¬†He was 340 at one time last year, and that’s manageable for him. ¬†If he balloons back up to over 355-365, that’s when it gets problematic because you get two good plays and you’re done. ¬†I think he’s a guy that if he can find a way to get into shape, and a lot of times that light goes on right before the senior season or late in the career. ¬†Guys realize all of a sudden, ‘Man, I’ve only got one more year to do this.’ That’s when it comes on a lot of times. ¬†I saw it happen firsthand. ¬†So if he can come around, I think the gut on the interior of that d-line could be solid.”

Hear everything Cubelic and Freddie had to say on The Depth Chart Podcast.

The Depth Chart Podcast Featuring Cole Cubelic


The Depth Chart Podcast returns with Freddie’s favorite college football analyst, the SEC Network’s Cole Cubelic. ¬†The former Auburn center specializes on the offensive line, but he doesn’t just discuss the performance of Kentucky’s offensive line. ¬†Cubelic looks ahead to 2017, breaks down the UK defense¬†and opens up about his interview with Tom Herman shortly before the coach left¬†Houston for Texas. ¬†There’s much more with Cubelic, plus….

— ¬†Freddie trashes Mizzou after hearing chants from their fans at last night’s basketball game.

— ¬†Praise, not hyperbole, for Benny Snell.

— ¬†New sound effects!

— ¬†Our confidence in each position heading into spring practice.

— ¬†Two new words Nick learned from¬†young people.

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After Arrest, Former Wildcat Gerad Parker Loses Coaching Job

Parker as a GA in the 07-08 season.

Parker as a GA in the 07-08 season.

Gerad Parker had multiple coaching opportunities after his stint as Purdue’s interim head coach expired, but a Tuesday night arrest has sidelined for the former Lawrence County and UK wide receiver.

Parker was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in West Lafayette.  Parker was driving the wrong way down a one-way street when he was stopped by police.

Following his departure from Purdue, Parker was set to link up with former colleague Joker Phillips at Cincinnati as the school’s running back coach. ¬†The Bearcats hired him a month ago, but he resigned on Friday to coach wide receivers at East Carolina. ¬†Before the hire was made official, Parker was arrested. ¬†Now East Carolina will not let Parker become a member of the coaching staff.

Parker's mugshot from Fox 59.

Parker’s mugshot from Fox 59.

Parker apologized on Twitter — “I’m sorry to all my fiends and family. ¬†Thanks to all that have reached out and shown support.” — but that Tweet has since been deleted.

Will Indiana Finally Fire Tom Crean?

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.08.19 PM

After the Indiana Hoosiers played another night of awful basketball, losing¬†to a 14-13¬†Iowa team by six, Matt Jones and Mary Jo Perino weighed in on Dwight Schrute’s Tom Crean’s future. ¬†After years and years of skating on thin ice, it might finally be time for Crean to go.

Watch Wednesday’s entire episode with Matt and MJP after the jump.


Nuggets from John Calipari’s Call-In Show


Cal’s Quick Take on the Mizzou Game

They out-fought us. ¬†There’s no excuse for it. ¬†It’s kind of disappointing the way we started.” ¬†But Calipari knows it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. ¬†“The last part of the game we played well. ¬†We didn’t turn it over, we made free throws. ¬†We made stops. ¬†We got tough rebounds.”

What¬†disappointed Calipari¬†the most was the¬†team’s¬†transition and pick-and-roll defense.

A Call for Consistency

“We have to¬†have a team full of guys that you know what you’re getting when you stick them in the game.”

Calipari is realistic. ¬†People have bad days, it happens. ¬†Calipari just wants the parameters of their play to shrink. They should only be 5-8 percent better or worse than what they do each game. ¬†Right now, the guys aren’t just playing a little worse, they are¬†forgetting how to tie their shoes.

“You can’t go for 25 and then not catch a ball.”

Another Request for Consistency

Cal¬†needs to see more consistency from referees too. ¬†He’s not blaming refs for a close game,¬†“Our issues aren’t officiating,” but it does get frustrating. ¬†“I would just tell you this, whatever is happening out there, the only thing I want is consistency.”

Quarters or Halves?

The NCAA could soon join every other basketball league in the world and move from halves to quarters. ¬†One caller asked for Calipari’s preference, but he really didn’t have one.

“I’ll be honest. I haven’t spent anytime thinking about it,” he admitted. ¬†“If it makes our game better, that’s fine.”

A Solution to Humphries’ Struggles

Of all the fantastic suggestions from fans to coaches, this might be the most brilliant. ¬†One caller (I believe her name was Sue) believes that Isaac should ride a bike and jump on a trampoline for ten minutes before and after practice, “to get the brain thinking about jumping.” ¬†The caller is worried the connections between Isaac’s brain and his jumping muscles isn’t fast enough to rebound.

Calipari (kind of) agreed with the caller, echoing the need for Isaac to consistently play with bend in his knees, so he can be prepared to spring into action.

The Team Watched Tape from the Ole Miss Game

Calipari went back to their first SEC road game, a 23-point blowout, to show them a dozen or so clips of their defense. ¬†The tape showed them playing aggressively to win 50/50 balls, something that’s been in short supply recently.

The Great Experiment

Cal discussed the process of experimenting to find the right combination for each team by comparing this one to the 2011 and 2014 teams.

“Every year we go through this. ¬†2014 we lost three of our last four. ¬†In 2011, we couldn’t win a road game. We were figuring out how to play,” he said. ¬†“When you’re us, the whole season is experiment to figure out how we’re at our best in March.”

The best way to figure it out: by playing close games. ¬†“We’re not near where we need to be, but we got tough games coming up.”

A Pair of Cats are “Banged Up” After the Missouri Game

Photo by UK Athletics

Photo by UK Athletics

Kentucky’s backcourt took a few shots last night, and I’m not talking about jumpers.

On tonight’s call-in show, John Calipari revealed De’Aaron Fox and Isaiah Briscoe are both banged up following Kentucky’s ten-point win over Missouri.

Fox has a bruised knee¬†from the pile up following a rebound. ¬†“He’ll get treatment. ¬†We’ll see what happens tomorrow. ¬†Isaiah hurt his ankle,” Cal said.

The team had meetings today but did not practice. ¬†Until they practice, Calipari is unsure about their status for Saturday’s game.

“We will see. ¬†Hopefully they’re both ready for the game. ¬†It will be a¬†little¬†tougher if they’re not.”

Josh Pastner says John Calipari should be on Shark Tank


Lots of good stuff from Georgia Tech head coach Josh Pastner on Evan Daniels’ new podcast today.

For the Kentucky crowd, Pastner raved about John Calipari, who he worked under and then replaced at Memphis. He said Cal is “a polarizing figure” and¬†“you’ve gotta be crazy to follow him,” which he did when Cal left for Kentucky.

In my favorite part of the show, Pastner talked about Calipari’s marketing ability and business acumen:

“If he started a pizza joint on a street corner, he would become a millionaire off of that,” Pastner said of his old boss. “He is so smart. His marketing skills are as good as they are around anything in college basketball. His business savvy is so — it’s unreal.”

He should be on Shark Tank… He’s so smart, he’s like (Mark) Cuban and those guys in how smart he is and the way he can run companies.”

Other fun stuff from Pastner’s interview:

— When Calipari took the UK job, Pastner was all set to join him as an assistant coach. “I was excited to go to Kentucky. I was so pumped up and I was recruiting for Kentucky after he said he was going.”

— Pastner had already turned his office keys in to leave Memphis when the Memphis AD called him in to offer him the head coaching job. Up until that moment, he had always felt bad for whoever would have to follow Coach Cal.

— Pastner also reminded listeners of the helicopters surrounding Calipari’s Memphis home when he was considering the Kentucky job. “When he took it, the city was in absolute mourning. It was unreal. People were so depressed… They did not want Cal to leave.”

Listen to more fun Pastner stories in the podcast:

Ole Miss charged with Lack of Institutional Control and that’s not a good look

After receiving its amended Notice of Allegations in its football case, the Ole Miss program is self-imposing a one-year postseason ban for the upcoming 2017 season.

Multiple reports on the interwebs say the Rebels have been hit with the Lack of Institutional Control, which isn’t a good look.

USA Today’s Dan Wolken says NCAA is going in for the kill:

Ole Miss travels to Lexington this fall and your boy Hugh Freeze is in trouble.

Check out this ranking of Coach Cal’s best NBA players

Our dear friend Aaron Torres over at released a ranking of John Calipari’s former Wildcats who are currently in the National Basketball Association. And though he won’t admit it, I firmly believe this is Aaron’s indirect response to Colin Cowherd’s asinine comments about the ex-Cats “underwhelming” in the league.

In the rankings you’ll find Anthony Davis up first at No. 1 overall. Behind him, John Wall at No. 2. Behind him, Davis’ new teammate, DeMarcus Cousins. Then there’s the debate of Eric Bledsoe or Karl-Anthony Towns at No. 4, which went to Bledsoe in a close call here.

You’ll have to click here to check out the entire rankings to see where each Wildcat falls on the rest of the list.

The best part is it never gets old seeing all the Kentucky names in the league. The ranking is a great¬†visual reminder of¬†the Cats’ “underwhelming” NBA dominance.

Best Quotes From DeMarcus Cousins’ First Press Conference

DeMarcus Cousins was officially introduced as the Pelicans’ new starting center in a press conference down in New Orleans earlier today, and if it was his first test with his new organization, he passed with flying colors.

Cousins was funny, honest and very candid in his remarks about leaving Sacramento and moving to the Big Easy. Many of his best quotes from the afternoon have been passed around Twitter and replayed¬†on ESPN, but I’ve narrowed it down to my favorites for the Boogie-lovin’ crowd here on KSR…


— When asked about teaming up with Anthony Davis in the Pelicans’ new front court, Cousins said, “You got a little fire, you got a little ice.”

Fire and Ice, love it.



— Vlade Divac reached out to Cousins after the deal went through, but the two did not speak. “It’s done,” Cousins said of the whole thing.

“The way it was done and the dishonesty that came with it. But I‚Äôm okay with it,” he added.

— In the funniest part of the press conference, when asked how competitive he is, Cousins replied,¬†“About 17 technicals worth.”

—¬†Cousins said Anthony¬†Davis sent him a text that read,¬†‚ÄúYo, I really want you to come to New Orleans,‚ÄĚ but then blew it off without realizing he was actually being recruited. ‚ÄúI kind of ignored him because I didn‚Äôt know how to answer it. Then I ran into Dell (the Pelicans GM) and it‚Äôs just like ‚ÄėWhat the hell is going on?”

— The lack of talent on the Kings roster was weighing on him in Sacramento:¬†“I would go home, just stressed out, pulling my hair out, you know, praying, praying, praying: Just send me some help.”

— And the most exciting quote of the day? “We can wreak havoc on this league. Will it happen overnight? Probably not, but our potential is scary.”


Watch Cousins’ entire press conference:

Westgate LV lists Kentucky as the favorite to win the title


While our pets’ heads are falling off here in Lexington, many¬†people¬†outside of the Big Blue Nation see the Wildcats as a legit title contender in the NCAA tournament.

In fact, the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook, known as the world’s largest sports book, currently lists Kentucky as the favorite to win it all at 6-to-1.

No. 3 Kansas is next at 7-to-1 odds; followed by No. 10 Duke, No. 1 Gonzaga and No. 5 UCLA, all at 8-to-1 odds for the championship.

This says Las Vegas respectfully disagrees with the “No way this team reaches the Elite Eight”¬†and “They won’t make the second weekend”¬†crowds.



Cousins to wear new number in New Orleans for “new life”

After wearing the No. 15 throughout high school, his one season at the University of Kentucky and his six-plus years with the Sacramento Kings, DeMarcus Cousins has a new jersey number.

Cousins will wear the No. 0 with the Pelicans.

When asked why the change, he simply told ESPN, “New life…”



At today’s press conference down in the Big Easy, Cousins told reporters he and Anthony Davis will be like “Fire and Ice” in the Pelicans’ frontcourt.

“I think we can wreak havoc on this league,” he said. “The potential is scary.”


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to run to the mailbox to see if my Pelicans gear has arrived yet.

Watch Tony Delk’s full explanation for starting Mulder over Briscoe

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.41.55 AM

On last night’s¬†SEC Now, Tony Delk and Pat Bradley explained how they would fine-tune Kentucky’s starting lineup in order to get the best group of five on the floor.

Delk made the case for putting Mychal Mulder ahead of Isaiah Briscoe to add another three-point threat and to open up driving lanes for De’Aaron Fox, which you can hear for yourself in the clip below:

Zero percent chance Calipari sits Briscoe for Mulder, right?