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September 14th, 2014

George R. R. Martin’s Saturday News and Views


Hello, friends. Tomorrow marks the 66th birthday of A Song of Ice And Fire (aka Game of Thrones) author George Raymond Richard Martin. So, in hopes that he will quit killing everyone we know and love, let’s celebrate!

Martin was born in 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey. He began writing science fiction in 1970 and wrote several novels and screenplays before starting the A Song of Ice and Fire series in 1991. The first book, A Game of Thrones, was published in 1996. Each successive novel seemed to attract a wider following, and in 2007, HBO decided to turn Martin’s story into a television series – resulting in the mega-hit Game of Thrones that we know today.

Interestingly, the A Song of Ice and Fire series is supposed to include seven books. However, Martin has only completed five to date (the last being released in 2011), and has no clue when he’ll be done with the sixth. This is a bit worrisome for book-readers, as the show has already caught up to the fourth novel and will supposedly be showing the fourth and fifth books next season. Martin typically has a 5-6 year gap between books, so it’s very likely that HBO will finish Martin’s story before he gets the chance to – and fans who have been reading the series for almost 20 years will likely have the ending spoiled prematurely. Ouch.

Anywhoo – Happy Birthday, George. Go Stannis.

It’s a record-setting year in Tent City


UK Athletics announced that there were 760 tents in Tent City this morning, breaking last year’s record of 755. The department had to send out a warning that people who weren’t already in line probably won’t receive a ticket:

Based upon our estimated numbers, any tent or camper not already in line for Big Blue Madness tickets is not likely to receive control cards later today at 2 p.m. ET,” Deputy Athletics Director DeWayne Peevy said. “We will still maintain a limited number of tickets online for those who do not receive control cards or were not able to camp out. Some of those tickets online will have a slightly obstructed view. Due to the anticipated stage set-up inside Rupp Arena, the view may be partially obstructed during a portion of the event for the following sections: 11, 34-44, and 238-241.

The tickets themselves won’t be handed out until tomorrow. You people are actually crazy.

The Courier-Journal gave us another reason to unsubscribe


There was a bit of an uproar this morning when the Courier-Journal ran the above photo on the front page of the Sports section. The picture doesn’t exactly gel with the content of the piece, and the paper apologized this afternoon – but the damage has been done. If there’s any one who still believes the Courier is unbiased, well.. okay no one actually believes that.

Stoops and Marrow to visit the Dowell twins



With a bye-week looming, Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow will be attending a game that features the Dowell twins this Saturday. Andrew (four-star running back) and his brother David (four-star safety) are two of Kentucky’s top targets for the class of 2015. Four-star commit Alex Stump will also be playing in the game. The Twins are considering Northwestern, Kentucky, Vandy, and Wisconsin. Come on down.

Timberwolves offer Eric Bledsoe max contract 

eric bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe has been a free agent for quite some time now. However, things could be changing soon; the Minnesota Timberwolves offered him a 4-year, $63 million dollar contract today – which could be hard to turn down. With Bledsoe, Wiggins, and an improved Anthony Bennett, the Timberwolves could be fun to watch next season.

ESPN publishes story about Hal Mumme

Finally, go read ESPN’s piece about former UK football coach Hal Mumme if you haven’t already. Great stuff.


That’s it for now. See ya’ll later.

Great Moments From A Young Football Season

We’ve got the bye week blues here at KSR as like Stoops we “want to go” and watch the team take on Vandy. Still the bye week offers a time to reflect on the first quarter of the season before moving on to a tough stretch of  eight straight games before ending the season with Louisville. On top of that basketball and Big Blue Madness are just around the corner so this is the final week without much going on until April. With that said let’s look back at some of the best moments from this year’s young season:

Braylon Heard’s Amazing Runs

Braylon Heard has proven to be the truth on the ground so far this season. His two carries against UT-Martin were nothing short of spectacular as he rocketed up the field for two touchdowns on two touches. The greatest moment of the first touchdown was seeing Patrick Towles running behind his back as Kentucky scored for the first time in 2014. He was injured on the second touchdown trip but bounced back well against Florida this past weekend. Florida didn’t give up much on the ground but Heard still managed to rack up 3.3 yards per carry against the vaunted Gator defense. With Heard only entering his junior year the rest of this season and next look to be bright for the young running back.


 Za’Darius Bats a Pass

Big Z started off the season without an impressive stat sheet as Stoops and the crew played the defense close to the chest for the first two games of the season. Then came the Florida game and Za’Darius broke out. Big Z was a part of a team high 11 tackles against the Gators but his best play when he got in the air to swat a Jeff Driskell toss. The game was tied up 3-3 but the Gators were knocking at the door on UK’s five yard line. Matt Jones was wide open but as Driskell released the ball Z got up and deflected the pass. Florida had to settle for the field goal and UK scored on the next drive to take a 10-6 lead. Za’Darius and Bud are set up to have a monster back half of the year.

What have been your favorite moments of these first three games?


The Big Ten is an Embarrassment to All Humanity

big ten 2

Big Ten 2014:  Now with 100% more Rutgers!


My weekly post typically previews Kentucky’s upcoming football game.  However, with the Cats headed into a bye week, that was not an option this time.  Despite this, and according to a strongly-worded letter from KSR’s legal team, I am still contractually obligated to generate a post this week regardless of Kentucky’s schedule.  (They can’t make me write a good one, though.)  Without a Kentucky contest to focus on, we will take this opportunity to focus on college football’s national scene.  Specifically, the roaring dumpster fire that is the Big Ten.


For those younger readers, you may be surprised to learn that the Big Ten was once a viable conference .  Ohio State and Michigan were both annual contenders for the national championship.  Teams like Iowa, Illinois and Michigan State were also respected national programs. Nebraska and Penn State, of course, have celebrated football traditions, but not so much since their inclusion into the Big Ten.  As strange as it seems under the current model of college football, the Big Ten was considered to provide the greatest college football product for a great deal of the 20th century.


Things began to unravel for the Big Ten about the time the BCS era began in 1998.  Of the sixteen year tenure of the BCS, the Big Ten produced only one national title, with 2002 Ohio State.  During the same time-period, the SEC produced nine BCS National Champions among five schools. Tennessee, LSU (twice), Florida (twice), Alabama (three times) and Auburn.  Not only did the Buckeyes produce the Conference’s only BCS Champion, Ohio State is the only Big Ten school to even play for a title in the BCS era. Beyond college football’s biggest prize, the Big Ten has struggled mightily in all post-season matchups.  The Big Ten has not produced a winning bowl record since 2009.  But as bad as things have been for the Big Ten during the reign of the BCS, it may have hit  rock bottom in the early portion of the 2014 season.


If the Big Ten is looking to write some sort of redemption story that Tom Rinaldi emotionally narrates over soft piano music on a very special Sportscenter segment, it is not off to a banner start in 2014.  Three weeks into the college football season, the Big Ten is a combined 1-10 against Power Five Conference opponents.  That lone win is courtesy of storied Big Ten program Rutgers, who slipped past Washington State in a clash of college football heavyweights 41-38. On the bright side, the Big Ten is 5-3 against the MAC this season.  Other impressive Big Ten efforts to begin the season include Indiana losing to Bowling Green, Iowa once again falling to Iowa State, TCU throttling Minnesota 30-7, Washington State hammering hapless Illinois 44-19, Virginia Tech ending Ohio State’s National Championship hopes in week two with a 14 point upset win at the Horseshoe, and Michigan being shut out at Notre Dame 31-0.  Based on all of this wreckage, it has become clear very early in the college football season that the Big Ten is already out of contention for the inaugural college football playoff.


So what does any of this have to do with the Cats?  It is arguable that no school has benefited more in the last couple of years from the collapse of the Big Ten than Kentucky.  It has been well documented that much of Mark Stoops’ recruiting success has been tied to raiding the fertile recruiting state of Ohio.  Of the 28 players signed in Stoops’ historic 2014 recruiting class, 11 hailed from the Buckeye State.  That ratio is even a bit higher with Kentucky’s current 2015 commits, with 6 of the 14 being Ohio kids.  To be fair, Kentucky has only occasional beaten out Ohio State for players, but the Cats have frequently beaten out fellow Big Ten schools like Michigan State, Nebraska and Illinois.  At the height of Big Ten power in the 1980′s and early 1990′s, these kids would not have come south to Kentucky.  The Wildcats are currently locked in a recruiting battle with Ohio State for superstar running back Damien Harris, and may lead for his services, a premise which would have seemed absurd a few years ago.  This battle would be much more slanted in the Buckeye direction if the Big Ten was still a formidable conference.


In short, the Big Ten is terrible, and that is good news for the Cats.  I apologize to my friends and family in Big Ten land.  As our friend John Short might say, you are fine Americans, and frankly you deserve a conference which provides half-way entertaining football and a conference name that is more mathematically precise.  So to leave those of you who support Big Ten schools with a positive feeling, here is a picture of Purdue’s giant drum.  Enjoy!

purdue drum


Rex Chapman arrested in Arizona


Former UK player Rex Chapman has been arrested in Scottsdale, AZ on suspicion of multiple shoplifting incidents which employees say have been happening over the last few months.

Sgt. Mark Clark said at least seven different times Chapman allegedly would pick up items from the Apple store and make it look like he was paying for the items through the self-checkout, using an IPhone app. He then allegedly took the items to a local pawnshop and sold the items for cash. Employees were able to identify Chapman due to the four years he spent playing in Arizona for the Phoenix Suns.

He is accused of stealing $14,000 worth of items from an Apple store. He is charged with nine counts of theft and five counts of trafficking in stolen goods. All counts are felonies.

This is a developing story and we will have more information up as we receive it.

This profile of John Short will make you smile


We’re big John Short fans here at KSR. In fact, he’s a KSR Hall of Fame inductee. Over on, Larry Vaught has a great profile of John Short written by Tina Cox. Tina sat down with Short for a few hours, in which he told her his life story, including how he became a UK fan, who gave him the “bigguns” line, and the one thing he would change about UK sports talk shows (the answer will make you chuckle). If you’re looking for a feel good story on a Friday afternoon, this is it:

[Guest post: UK super fan John Short truly is a Great American himself in so many ways]

Someone get my man a tent or some tickets or something


So we’re sleeping in truck beds now?

It’s all for the love of the Cats.

Watch Damien Harris accept his Under Armour All-American jersey

Damien Harris was formally introduced as an Under Armour All-American yesterday in a ceremony at Madison Southern High School. You can see the video of his jersey presentation in the video above from the good people at Under Armour.

As you can see, Harris is a very well-spoken young man and he’s not too shabby at carrying the pigskin too. He’ll make a great Kentucky Wildcat one day.

Don’t forget to wake up early for a shot at Big Blue Madness tickets


No one in the world should wake up at 7:00 am on a Saturday for anything, but tomorrow morning is an exception. Those fans who didn’t camp out around Memorial Coliseum this week will need to get up to join thousands of others in the Ticketmaster waiting game. A limited number of Big Blue Madness tickets will be available online at the Ticketmaster website and it’s worth sleeping with your laptop so you can roll over and give it a shot.

If you do get through and lock down some seats, you will only be allowed four per household. Be happy with four, though, because it’s not easy getting any.

Good luck, Cats fans.

Here’s the link.

Minnesota offered Eric Bledsoe a max deal


The waiting game has paid off for Eric Bledsoe. After turning down a very attractive offer to stay in Phoenix, it appeared he was headed toward being without a team during the start of training camp. But now the Minnesota Timberwolves are likely going to land him with a max contract offer for the former Wildcat. The reported deal is worth 63 million over four years, the most he can get from anyone.

Remember when Eric Bledsoe was living in a car? Now he’s rich. Soon-to-be 63 million rich.

Courier-Journal claims it’s unbiased, these cartoons say otherwise


If the Courier-Journal is as unbiased as it claims, someone please explain the reasoning behind the two different approaches toward the season-ending injuries to Kevin Ware and Nerlens Noel. Both could’ve potentially ended their young basketball careers, but as our own Not Jerry Tipton pointed out, the C-J’s cartoons scream favoritism.


Airbnb Reviews from Tent City



Hello, friends. How are you? What have you been up to? Hey, why aren’t you talking? Hello? Friend? Wait a minute this IS A MANNEQUIN DRESSED AS YOU. Oh, there you are! Ha! You got me. I totally fell for it. Good one. Where did you get a mannequin?

Friends, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the line for Big Blue Madness tickets is in up and running and Tent City is in full force. If you’ve never been to Tent City, it’s kind of like Bonnaroo for the types of people you might see at your local barber shop. You have to get there early to get in line or you’re sunk — and getting a good place in line isn’t easy. That’s why it’s fortunate, then, that the hip new app Airbnb has begun to list open tent spaces in Tent City for those seeking accommodations. If you’re not familiar with Airbnb, it essentially allows you rent a room, a house, a space or just a bed for the night from someone who has an extra one open, and for a predetermined fee. But what spaces are available on Airbnb for Tent City 2014? And how are the reviews? Let’s look at some potential candidates in a piece we’ll call Airbnb Reviews from Tent City, shall we, and see if there are any deals out there? Enjoy, friends, and I’ll see you here next week.


Orange Tent, Northwest Corner
About this listing:
Spacious mylar tent sleeps three, offers moon flap and vented windows. Easy access in and out, light and airy.
Accommodates: 3
Nearest Restroom: 45 feet
“Not bad, close to Qdoba”
images-1images-1images-1images-1 by Marion P.
Linda and Tad were great hosts; they had Nutri-Grain bars and Capri-Suns for when we needed a snack and they really made us feel at home. Comfortable, warm. Will be back. Four stars.


Peaceful Oasis in Tent City, Close to Memorial
About this listing: Large, comfortable four-person dome tent, 63 square feet, with fiberglass poles and WeatherTec moisture repellent system.
Check-in time: 2:00 pm
Pet-friendly: No
“Great tent except for Gary”
images-1images-1images-1 by Jennifer H.
Was recommended to this tent by friends. Very nice tent but host Gary kept trying to hold my hand. Woke in the middle of the night to him watching me sleep; insisted on calling the tent “Smoochville” and trying to kiss me as he claimed to be the “Mayor of Smoochville.” Good tickets not worth this. Some underwear may still be missing. Avoid at all costs.


Great Spot for Superfans, Center of Tent City
About this listing: True Blue fans host other Wildcat supporters in six-person tent with zippered doors and cushioned tarp floor. Wind-resistent walls/roof.
Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes
Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice
“Perfect for Willie Cauley-Stein fans”
images-1images-1images-1 by Charles O.
Debra and Steve seemed really cool at first, big fans of Willie Cauley-Stein; later in the evening they started showing me pictures they drew of Willie as a half-man, half-dragon and reading fan fiction about him as a space wizard in love with a human woman named “Moonwolf” (clearly supposed to be Debra). When they told me they’d pay me $5,000 if I kidnapped him I called a friend to come pick me up. They are keeping my deposit and I’m okay with that.


Luxury Camping Above-Ground
About this listing: Heavy-duty polymer material, rainfly, metal pole support, sky-vue window
Minimum Stay: 1 night
Meals: No
“Wayne Just Tried to Kill Me”
images-1images-1 by Brad M.
Can somebody please tell the police I’m in the back of a truck tent and my host wayne just told me tried to give me a WILDCATS 2014 tattoo with a paperclip and when I refused he said he was going to murder me i convinced him to let me have time to write this review and im using it as my message for help im behind the papa johns please somebody help me two stars will not use this location again


Compact and Cozy
About this listing: Petite turnkey tent with great Memorial Coliseum view; friendly host.
Smoking: No
Accommodates: 1
“This Tent is for a Dog”
images-1 by Lawrence P.
Do not be fooled by the photo; this is a tent made for a dog. The picture is of a small dog, not a regular size tent with just a very large dog, like I thought. It is a very misleading picture and if you are a normal-sized human this is not the tent for you. The dog is very cute, however. And the view of Memorial is nice.That part is accurate.


De-stress and relax in peace!
About this listing: Woven polymer material, rain/wind resistant
Bed: None
“What is this thing?”
(no stars) by Shane T.
Too small. I want my money back. Body got cold during night. I better get great tickets for this. Next year will be getting in line early, with my own tent.

Blast From Tent City Past: Yellow Tent Guy

Of all the great people to come through Tent City, ‘Yellow Tent Guy’ will forever be remembered as one that wasn’t so great. At all. You probably remember: we spotted him in the UK timelapse video (seen above) for having what can only be described as a disaster of a performance setting up his tent. I don’t know how long it took to finally get it done but the sun came up and he had still made zero progress toward getting it up.

After KSR called him out on the website, he was featured on Deadspin and several other national media outlets, leading Kentucky Wildcats TV to go back again for an interview:

Well, guess what ‘Yellow Tent Guy’ is up to now? He rebounded by joining KSR as one of our college writers. (We’re all about second chances here.) His name is Aaron Perkins and he is back at Memorial Coliseum this year, with help:

He was also around for Wednesday’s Za’Darius Smith Cupcake Giveaway:

But we’ll always know him as ‘Yellow Tent Guy.’

Win up to $10,000 this weekend on a $2 bet on DraftKings

KSR and DraftKings are back together for Week 3 of the NFL season with another $100,000 prize pool fantasy contest. For the low cost of two measly dollars, you can enter the contest with a chance to walk away with $10,000, the top prize for the first place winner. The top 11,500 places will walk away with some form of payment and, as always, first time depositors receive a 100 percent bonus up to $600.

The contest is open now so click here and draft your squad. You’ll have $50,000 imaginary dollars to draft eight offensive players and one team defense. I recommend loading up on Titans because they have the Bengals this week.

Good luck.

KSR + DraftKings Play-Action $100K Week 3 Fantasy Contest 

Stoops and Marrow going to see the Dowell Twins this weekend

Four-star safety David and his twin four-star running back Andrew Dowell are two of Kentucky’s top prospects in the 2015 class, and with a bye weekend ahead of them, Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow are making them a priority. 247 Sports’ Steve Wiltfong is reporting that Stoops and Marrow will attend the Lakewood (Ohio) vs. St. Edward-Cincinnati (Ohio) Elder game Saturday, where they’ll get a chance to see four-star receiver commit Alex Stump and his twin teammates, the Dowell brothers.

The Dowell twins, formerly committed to Northwestern, are down to Kentucky, Vandy, and Wisconsin. David is considered the 16th best safety in his class and Andrew the 25th best running back by 247 Sports Composite. They visited Kentucky on August 2, and the Cats are currently the 54% favorite in their Crystal Ball.

Watch them goof off in their school’s parody of a SportsCenter commercial:

[247 Sports]

Relive the ‘glory days’ with ESPN’s Hal Mumme piece

(h/t @HalMumme)

(h/t @HalMumme)

Apparently ESPN the Magazine realized what Big Blue Nation can do for its numbers after last month’s Jared Lorenzen piece became one of the top read articles in the history of the magazine. This month they decided to stick with Kentucky history by doing a piece on Hal Mumme titled “Yoda of the Air Raid Offense, he is.”

Arguing the thought that Nick Saban is the greatest coach in recent history, the main focus is on the development of the air raid offense. It goes through Mumme’s entire history as a coach, including his time spent at Kentucky. With interviews from Mumme and Tim Couch, they talked about the start of Kentucky’s 1997 season, Mumme’s first year.

Kentucky’s first game under Mumme in 1997, against state rival Louisville, feels like the first tremor of an earthquake. Couch threw for 398 yards and four touchdowns in a 38-24 win. “Everyone — the players, the fans, the coaches — was looking around after I threw my first touchdown like, ‘Oh my god, this is awesome,’” Couch says. Three weeks later at Indiana, Couch tied an SEC single-game record with seven touchdown passes. He threw for 355 yards in an overtime victory against Alabama, the first time Kentucky had beaten the Crimson Tide since 1922. “Early on, it was easy,” Mumme says. “No one knew how to defend it.”

Although we heard a great interview from Mumme through Couch and Lorenzen when they hosted the radio show over the summer,  Mumme has not really been open to interviews about his time at Kentucky since he left. So it is nice to see him opening up in this interview now.

For more from Tim Couch, Mike Leach, the life of Mumme and his time at Kentucky make sure to read the article. It’s a good one.