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August 19th, 2014

The Happiest Kid In The Bahamas Wants Tuesday Night Football Notes


Do you remember when you got your first Kentucky Wildcats t-shirt? If you do, were you as excited as this little guy? I don’t know the boy in the photo but I’m a big fan after seeing his reaction when someone handed him a UK t-shirt in the Bahamas. He gets to break KSR’s “No-Kids” rule on the site tonight because his excitement can’t be topped.

Let’s give him some football updates tonight since he’s seen plenty of good basketball…


Your new starting quarterback speaks.

One day after being named the starting quarterback at the University of Kentucky, Patrick Towles was available to the media for questions following Tuesday’s practice. Towles, speaking about his new job, told reporters, “I’m super excited. It’s a great opportunity. It’s something that I’ve wanted for my entire life. To have this kind of opportunity is awesome. I’m super excited.”

“I felt like I gave everything I had,” he added. “I gave 110 percent of what I got. I found peace in that and whatever the outcome was is what it was going to be.”

Towles said Stoops first sat him down and told him he still has work to do before he’ll be a starter, but quickly said “just kidding” and handed him the reins to Kentucky’s offense. “The color dropped out my face,” said Towles.

Towles admits he would not be in this position if not for all of the work he put in over the summer.

Monday and Tuesday’s practices were “pretty solid” offensively.

Neal Brown said things were good through most of Tuesday’s practice until some dropped balls and slacking off in the two-minute drill to wrap up the day. He is excited to have his starter and he’s looking forward to Towles getting the majority of the reps with the first team from here on out. The main focus this week has been the passing game and that will be the focal point of Wednesday’s practice as well.

Mike Edwards will enroll at UK this fall.

It turns out Mike Edwards, a class of 2014 signee, won’t need shoulder surgery after all. The four-star defensive back from Ohio tweeted he will no longer undergo surgery on his torn shoulder labrum and he will be in Lexington for school on Wednesday. Edwards originally planned to have the surgery and enroll in January, as of last month, but that’s no longer the case.

Edwards will likely redshirt, considering he missed an entire summer and two weeks of fall camp, unless he makes a surprising impact right away in the secondary. Still, great to have him on campus and working with the team. Loads of potential.

Eli Brown and Jordan Jones plan to redshirt in 2015.

Brown and Jones, two linebackers on the current commit list, already have plans to redshirt in 2015. Both players suffered injuries last year, their junior seasons, and plan to take advantage of an extra year in the UK weight room when they arrive on campus next spring. That’s a position in need, so let’s hope UK is in a position to let them take their time in the system.

A four-star running back from Youngstown picked Pitt over UK.

So it turns out Vince Marrow isn’t invincible in his hometown like we originally believed. UK lost the race for Darrin Hall, a four-star running back from Fitch in Youngstown, to Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Hall was also considering Michigan State.

Then again, UK has its eyes on a bigger prize at running back, so maybe it’s not a loss at all.

Damien Harris, come on down? Please?

Joker Phillips spotted hanging out in Arkansas.

According to Danny West, a Razorbacks football reporter, Greg Schiano and Joker Phillips were “hanging out with Arkansas’ staff as observers.” I don’t know what that means, if it means anything at all.

Steve Jones has a nice interview with Damien Harris.

Harris told him, “Kentucky obviously is close to home and close to family and friends and all that, and the program is on the rise. It’s kind of one of those things where I’ve been there before. A program that hasn’t necessarily been good in the past, but is getting in the process of turning it around. It’s almost something I’m kind of familiar with being like I was in high school.”

Read more here.

Again, please come on down?

Rich Brooks accepted Randall Cobb’s #IceBucketChallenge.

Alan Cutler’s #IceBucketChallenge with Jared Lorenzen and Shane Boyd is hilarious.

Cutler took it like a champ. Love it.

A Patrick Towles Refresher

Image Via Zimbio

You can’t keep a good man down

The Patrick Towles story is one of redemption. In two seasons in Lexington he had never really gotten close to taking control off the starting job. In fact, with the commitment of Drew Barker last fall many thought he was so far down the depth chart that he’d end up transferring. Instead Towles went to work and was rewarded yesterday by being named the top Cat under center. But just who is the man calling the shots for Mark Stoop’s young roster? Let’s take a look with this refresher course on Patrick Towles.

Lorenzen V Towles

Coming out of high school Towles was dominant in pizza eating and slinging the football.  He was so dominant on the field that most recruiting services had him listed as one of the top QBs in the nation.

Class of 2012 High School Ranking

– #9 pro-style QB, #1 in Kentucky, starstarstarstar

– #33 QB, starstarstarstar

– #10 pro-style QB, #1 in Kentucky starstarstar

– ESPN Recruiting: #32 athlete (yes, really), #1 in Kentucky, starstarstarstar

However, when Towles arrived on campus he was a bit further behind than expected. Joker made the decision to redshirt his would be star until the injury bug bit in game 6.

VS. Mississippi State

Kentucky was being blitzed by Mississippi State back in 2012 as they only muster 5 yards of offense through the first quarter. Whitlow was sent to the bench and Towles got the call for his first start. Patrick appeared to be a gamer in his first appearance on the field. He instantly ignited the Cats’ offense by going 5/5 for 71 yards capped off with a nice 32 yard TD to La’Rod King. The lead was cut to 7 but in true Joker era fashion the Cats ran the ball three times on their next possession.

The Bulldogs scored a field goal and never looked back. Towles would sprain his ankle on the next series and his freshman year looked to be finished.

Throw In the Towles

The idea of a medical redshirt was kicked around in order to save what was already a lost season 8 games into the year. Instead the Joker staff decided to finish the year with a two quarterback approach that would see Pat come in to play one series or throw one pass. It was baffling as Joker seemingly decided to give up on the season and truly throw in the towel.


Stoops’ first year as coach saw a three way battle for the quarterback job with Max Smith, Jalen Whitlow, and Patrick duking it out. Patrick finished third in the race for the second time in as many years as Mark Stoops decided to redshirt the sophomore QB. Patrick’s chances at making an impact were getting slimmer with each day. He could have easily given up but instead he went out and did something about it.

Towles went to work with quarterback guru George Whitfield and changed his game. His release sped up. His footwork improved. He started to find consistency. Rumors began to come out of spring camp that Towles could be the favorite for the job. The rumors proved to be true as the kid from Highlands was announced as the starter.

The Outlook

As a redshirt Sophomore Towles could be poised for a major breakout playing in the Air Raid. At 6’5, 230, Patrick has the physical tools to go out and make a real name for himself. If he is able to put up major yards within the offense perhaps we will only see him for two years in Lexington instead of his remaining three. Either way with two years between Towles and wunderkind Barker the QB position has some depth we haven’t seen at Kentucky in quite some time.

Last year in the SEC only two teams saw their starting quarterback lead the team onto the field in all 12 games. Injuries seem to plague this position as players like Jadeveon Clowney lurk on opposing defenses. If Towles can find a way to stay on the field for the majority of the season, Kentucky can have some QB consistency for the first time since Mike Hartline.

How much of an impact do you expect Towles to have in his first starting role?

10 Things I Learned In The Bahamas (The Clean Version)


Good evening, sports fans. Drew here, back at the KSR Lexington office after defying the odds and surviving 11 days on Paradise Island with only a couple of small wounds and one traumatizing blow to my bank account to show for it.

Tonight, as I sit here wishing I were in bed, I’d like to share with you some of the things I learned in the Bahamas. Matt gave us ten on the radio this morning and I’m passing mine along here on the website for those who are interested. If you would like the NSFW lessons, the stories I really want to share, track me down some time and I’ll be happy to tell you all about the adults-only pool on Saturday and the cab ride home Sunday night. Those two stories, and several others, aren’t for the kiddos.


1.) Karl Towns is the nicest human being in the world and I refuse to listen to anyone who says otherwise.

My biggest takeaway from the entire trip is being around Karl Towns and seeing what an incredible young man he is. He’s truly the nicest person I’ve ever encountered and he’s only 18 years old. At one point late in the week I asked him his favorite moment of the trip and he told me, “I really enjoyed going to the church to wash the children’s feet.” I said, “Karl, you had 19 and 10 in your second game and you’ve spent an entire week in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Don’t give me the ‘media’ answer, tell me what’s been the most fun.” He said, “Seriously, volunteering our time to make an impact on their lives meant so much and I had a blast. I gave one kid my favorite socks off my feet because he was the last one left and they ran out. I couldn’t let him be the only one to not get socks.”

Yeah, take a second to let that tug on your heart string. It is one of the many stories I could share of Karl being the perfect human being all week. He was genuinely excited to meet each and every fan and he is going to make Big Blue Nation very, very, very proud as we get to know him even more. Think of all the generous things guys like Nerlens Noel have done since leaving, and then get ready to see Karl do them on a weekly basis.

2.) If two guys you just met at the bar ask you to go out into the middle of the ocean on their boat the next day, throw a case of beer on ice, meet them at the marina, and hope they, or the sharks, don’t murder you.

Looking back, maybe it wasn’t in my best interest to go out into the middle of the ocean with two strangers on a fishing boat, but it’s one of my favorite memories of the week. My thought process was: One of the guys, Chris, had a massive beard so I knew he could be trusted. Bearded guys go by the same code you regular folk wouldn’t understand. And Ty, the captain of the vessel, was too drunk to explain the boat or how boats work at the time of the invite so I assumed he would be too hungover to tie me up and toss me in the water. So, I went. And it was awesome.

We went wayyyyy out into the water and talked about all of the terrible ways we could die out there without the world ever knowing. That was almost the case when Chris noticed a pretty severe gas leak from one of the spare cans, just as Ty fired up another Bahamian cigarette a few feet away. Now, I’m not quite ready to leave this earth, but I must admit, death by boat explosion off the coast of Paradise Island would be one hell of a way to go out. You can’t script that.

3.) If Karl Towns is the nicest 18-year-old, Tyler Ulis is the meanest. 

I didn’t have many personal interactions with Tyler on the trip, but we all saw what a mean S.O.B. he is on the basketball court. His play may be the biggest story of the Big Blue Bahamas games. He is so advanced for a freshman point guard in August and he plays with the cliche ‘chip on his shoulder’ every time he is in the game. So active on both ends, amazing court vision, and a surprisingly deadly three-point shot.

If it’s been said once it’s been said a thousand times: Cal is going to have a hard time keeping Ulis off the floor next season.

4.) Slice has no idea what he signed up for.

I heard Slice telling a couple of stories about how crazy some of the Kentucky fans were in the Bahamas and how much BBN loves its basketball. I told him, “Coach, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until the Big Blue Madness campout.”

He claims to know what to expect, but I hope Kentucky Wildcats TV has a camera on him the first time he pulls into the Joe Craft Center when Tent City is up and running. That is when he will really see the passion of UK fans and he will truly see, “You people are crazy.”

In related news, Slice is still awesome.

5.) When the Cain pool at The Cove says ‘Adults Only,’ it means ‘ADULTS ONLY!!!’

That’s all I’m saying. If you ever get a chance to go, don’t you dare let that pool water get in your mouth. There isn’t enough chlorine in the world.

Very nice scenery, though.

6.) Da’Sean Butler is almost as nice as Karl Towns.


(AJ, Hubby, Me, Da’Sean Butler, an unforgiving Sean)

Butler was hanging out with UK fans all week, often apologizing for what he did to the 2010 team in the Elite Eight. My friend Sean, who wasn’t ready to forgive, went as far as to kick Butler in the shin (pretty hard too) when I first brought the former Mountaineer over to our table at Dragons. Butler said, “Did you just kick me in the shin?” Sean said, “Yep. And you deserved it.” That somehow led to the two of them being best buddies all week, plus an invitation for us to visit him in France next summer.

As Hubby put it, “I hate to love that guy.”

7.) Marcus Fuggins is KSR’s favorite non-UK college basketball player.

Fuggins, a center for Morehead State, drew the unfortunate honor of sitting in the middle of the KSR gang on the flight to the Bahamas, a flight that consisted of Morehead players and coaches, KSR, and no one else. Keep in mind, we had all been stuck in the airport for several hours before boarding, so it was an obnoxious ride between the very inebriated Tall, Hubby and the Turkey Hunter. (I fell asleep.) A few days later we ran into Marcus at the casino and he stopped and asked for the guy in the jumpsuit. That “guy” was Hubby and that jumpsuit was this:

Tall, Hubby, and Sean Woods

Fuggins and Hubby hugged it out like they’ve been boys for life and we named him our favorite non-UK player. He’s invited to any and all KSR functions from now on.

8.) Nothing in the Bahamas is cheap.

Whatever number you have in your head, multiply it by at least three. That’s what you’ll need to go down there and really do it right. I’m thinking about live-streaming my reaction whenever I look up my balance later this week. Flener bet me I can’t keep a straight face. He predicts laughter or tears. I’m thinking it’ll be both.

9.) Coach Cal’s swagger is at an all-time high.

NOTHING will bring Calipari down from the high he is on after seeing his team play competitively in August. He warned BBN on the radio broadcast, “Don’t let anyone bring us down because they’re going to try to. DON’T DO IT.”

Before the exhaustion set in around Friday evening, Cal was bouncing around the resort, high-fiving fans and having a blast. He likes his team this year, no doubt. We might even get an “I love my team” before the year is over.

10.) Kentucky is really good at basketball.

But you don’t need me to tell you that. You have six games saved on your DVR to confirm what you already knew all summer. It’s going to be a fun year.

Go Cats and shout-out to the Donnelly family for the dinner at Chop Stix.

Kentucky Football Position by Position Preview: Defensive Backs

Part seven in an eight part series previewing the 2014 Kentucky football Wildcats.

neloms pic

JD Harmon looks to explain the mysteries of the “interception” to Wildcat secondary.




Fred Tiller 6-0, 170 Jr. Homerville, GA

JD Harmon 6-2, 201 So. Paducah, KY (Tilghman)



Cody Quinn 5-10, 172 Jr. Middletown, OH

Nate Willis 6-0, 168 Sr. Pahokee, FL

Jaleel Hytchye 5-10, 167 So. Cincinnati, OH



Ashley Lowery 6-1, 220 Sr. Cleveland, GA

Marcus McWilson 6-0, 210 So. Youngstown, OH

Zack Blaylock 6-0, 191 So. Marietta, GA



AJ Stamps 6-0, 199 Jr.-JC Vicksburg, MS

Glenn Faulkner 6-2, 195 Jr. East St. Louis, IL


It is nearly here.  In only a few short days, it will, at long last, be game week for the Big Blue.  By this time next week, Kentucky’s first pregame depth chart will be released.  (A weekly ritual that is a Fall version of Christmas morning for college football nerds like myself.)  A few days after that, the Cats will take the field at Commonwealth Stadium in year two of the Mark Stoops’ program reconstruction project.  Whether the 2014 squad will initiate the new dawn for which Wildcat fans pine will depend in large part on the progress of the position group upon which Stoops built his reputation; the secondary.


The optimistic view:

On a roster in which inexperience is a the general rule, the secondary is comprised largely of veteran players.  The depth chart at corner features five players who have started at least one game as a Wildcat.  Senior Ashley Lowery is a two year returning starter at one safety position, and highly-regarded junior college transfer AJ Stamps, who enrolled at Kentucky in January and starred in Spring Drills, will start at the other.  Only one incoming freshman defensive back, Kendall Randolph, is likely to see game action for the Wildcats.  With a full year in Kentucky’s defensive system under their collective belts, this veteran group should show dramatic improvement in year two in Mark Stoops’ defense.

The pessimistic view:

If you want to be a Negative Nellie about the whole thing, you might point out that the returning players, trumpeted above for their experience, were not all that great last year. The Cats finished 11th in the conference in passing defense, last in third down defense, last in passes defended and last in interceptions.  In fact, seven players in the SEC recorded more interceptions than the Cats did as a team in 2013.  Even more of an indictment of the 2013 secondary, of Kentucky’s lofty team interception total of three, only one lonely pick was made by a defensive back.

The neutral (or as close as I can muster) view:

When it comes to the 2013 Kentucky secondary, the pessimistic view is fairly persuasive. The interception total is not necessarily a huge deal in and of itself.  Interception total is a strange, cyclical stat that does not necessarily reflect a secondary’s ability to cover.  More damning of the Cats’ efforts last season is the  inability to get off of the field on third down.  But the sub par effort of the secondary in 2013 does not necessarily predict similar struggles in 2014.  Since he began working as a college coach in 1996, Mark Stoops has always coached defensive backs.  As defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach at both Arizona and Florida State, these units, and the defenses as a whole, made dramatic improvement in year two of his tutelage.  Florida State, for example, moved from 108th nationally in total defense in year one to 42nd in year two.  Stoops’ attention to and expertise in this area of the defense should yield similar improvement in Lexington in 2014.


Even though most of the projected starters return, Kentucky has nonetheless improved personnel in the secondary.  This begins with safety AJ Stamps.  Of all of the positions that the Cats have struggled to fill over the years, safety is among the most glaring.  The great defenses around the SEC feature rangy athletic safeties who can both support the run and cover.  AJ Stamps may be the first true impact safety Kentucky will field since the days that Melvin Johnson was knocking Chris Doering into an alternate dimension.  Stamps recorded 51 tackles, including a sack, 9 pass break-ups and 4 interceptions as a sophomore for junior college national champion East Mississippi in 2013. Kentucky was able to edge out Urban Meyer and Ohio State for his services.  Stamps’ presence in the secondary should elevate the play of the rest of the group.  Though not listed as a starter, the return of JD Harmon at corner is also a huge addition to the secondary.  Harmon, who missed last season over academic issues, earned a starting job as a true freshman walkon out of Paducah in 2012.  His two picks that season were more than the secondary mustered in total last season.  At 6-2, Harmon gives the corner position a rare combination of size and coverage ability.



Coach Cal wants you to guess where he is

“Walking on the field, doing a little thinking when I saw Yankees in the stadium. Reminded me of the stadium Yankee Stadium.”

Tuesday Practice Notes: Patty Ice Takes the Mic


Practice may have ended in up downs, but Patrick Towles still had a smile on his face when he met with a crowd of media members after practice today.  Much like Mark Stoops and Neal Brown, Patrick described winning the role as “relief,” but it came at a cost.

When the QB race was decided last year, he sat down with Brown who told him that he needed to improve in certain areas.  This year the conversation started the same with Brown telling Towles, “Last year at this time I brought you down here and told you that you needed to get better.  Unfortunately I’m going to have ask you the same thing.”

“All of the color went away in my face,” Towles said.  “I was glad that I was sitting down.”

Since the announcement Towles has gotten the monkey off his back.  He described the relief as though he’s a Senior on his High School football team again, calling all the shots while solely focusing on UT-Martin.

Brown always believed that Towles carried himself like a starter on the field, embracing the role as a vocal leader.  Winning the starting QB battle is just one of many battles he plans on winning this year, “He has a realistic expectation; he’s the starter, now he has to go out there and play like one.”


-  Just because he’s a big quarterback, doesn’t mean Patty Ice can’t use his legs.  Brown said that Towles clocked in at 19.8 MPH yesterday on the GPS system.  I’m not sure how you convert that into 40-yard dash speed, but you can say that he probably has better pick-me-up than my Honda Accord.

-  With the first real hot day of summer camp, players are definitely feeling the wear and tear from camp.  Many players, especially the young receivers, are going through less reps to save their bodies.  Many are still non-contact or dealing with minor injuries: Bud Dupree, Josh Forrest, Javess Blue, Boom Williams, the list goes on and on.  Luckily, Alex Mongomery is the only person Brown has serious concerns for next week.

-  With a starting QB in place, Brown is using the final two weeks to improve on obvious passing situations.  They’re much better in the pass game, but Brown wants them to execute “when the entire stadium knows it’s going to be a pass.”  They’ll begin prepping for UT-Martin towards the end of the week, but Neal Brown finished his gameplan for next week months ago.

ESPN most excited to see UK platoon


Earlier today ESPN writer Eamonn Brennan wrote (with a sense of humor, I might add) about his thoughts on his excitement to see the UK Platoon system. Brennan has a great metaphor of a knot to explain the predicament Kentucky found themselves in with so many starters returning this summer.

That’s what I’m most excited to see in 2014-15: a real, legitimate five-in-five-out platoon, a team so big and talented that its coach can split it into two discrete groups and still almost always have the five best players on the court.

There are, after all, only so many minutes to go around. Lineup calculus can be the most difficult, nuanced knot a coach must untie. At this early date, it’s clear Kentucky really does have 10 totally starting-spot-worthy players on its roster. Back in April, the idea was more like a funny concept for a video-game simulation. Too much size? Too many players? Why untie a knot when you can slice it in half?

He has a point. This year it isn’t just one player I am most excited to see, it’s the entire team. In the Bahamas, we got to see the first glance of the platoon and I was left just wanting to see more. It worked until Poythress was hurt, which was worrisome. However once WCS and Lyles return to the court, there will be two 6th men waiting on the bench to replace a player who might not be having a good game.

We should probably enjoy it while we can, though. Calipari will be doing something which hasn’t really been seen in college basketball before on this level. Once Kentucky starts winning games on this new system people will call it unfair and make it out to seem that Kentucky has no morals. Just like people who say you can’t win with Freshmen, there will be a group of people bringing the ‘clutter’ the team has suffered from in the past. (They always find a way right?).

What are you most excited for this season after seeing the games in the Bahamas? Is it more of the Platoon system?

Darrin Hall picks Pitt



As expected, 4-star running back Darrin Hall committed to Pitt over UK and Michigan State this afternoon. Pitt was the frontrunner for the Youngstown running back, but the Cats were in the conversation thanks to Vince Marrow. Of course, this loss won’t hurt a bit if Damien Harris, UK’s top 2015 target and #1 running back in the nation, picks the home state Cats over Ohio State, Alabama, Florida, and Texas A&M on December 13.

Eli Brown and Jordan Jones plan to redshirt next season

905835 1290957

Patrick Towles winning the quarterback battle has shown the value of a redshirt season. In fact, on Media Day, Mark Stoops said that unlike Vanderbilt’s Derek Mason, he believes in redshirting players, singling out offensive linemen Ramsey Meyers and Kyle Meadows, and defensive tackle Regie Meant as players whom he expects to have breakout years after redshirting their freshman seasons.

It looks like two of UK’s 2015 commits are already planning to redshirt their freshmen years in order to get a feel for the system and develop under Erik Korem’s training program. Four-star linebacker Eli Brown told the Bowling Green Daily News he plans to sit out his freshman year, and Justin Rowland is reporting that three-star linebacker Jordan Jones wants to do the same. Brown is coming off an ACL injury from last season, and says he’s finally back to 100%, which is very good news.

After years of relying on freshmen to have an immediate impact, it’s comforting to know that UK’s recruiting is finally at a level where we can redshirt to prepare for the future.

[The Bowling Green Daily News]

Willie Cauley-Stein’s prom picture is just as awesome as you would expect



Those clothes are so bright, they’ve gotta wear shades.

Terrence Jones reaches out to family of gang shooting victim


Over the weekend, 21-year-old Ervaeua Herring was killed in a gang shooting in Portland, Oregon, leaving behind a one-year-old child. Sadly, she was also pregnant. Former Cat Terrence Jones grew up with Herring in Portland and is now stepping in to help the family. According to KPTV, Jones has donated gifts and supplies to Herring’s family, and is encouraging people to come forward with information about her murder. There is a $1,000 reward.

Good on ya, T. Jones.


Anthony Davis drawing comparisons to Bill Russell


Anthony Davis is not Bill Russell yet. And maybe he never will be. Bill Russell is one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball, and to even be mentioned in the same breath as a player of that caliber is an honor in and of itself. Following his strong 20-point outpour against Brazil the other night for Team USA, Anthony Davis continues to draw praise as one of the most exciting up and coming stars in the NBA. Davis is starting to move out of the “potential” category and into the “now” category though. 

Yesterday on First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless went back and forth a bit on Davis, which brought up the subject of Bill Russell. Smith was ready to go there now…

“This kid is special. Listen, he plays on both ends of the floor. He has continued to develop his jump shot. He’s athletic. He can put the ball on the floor. He’s smart, plus he plays defense. He’s a shot blocker. And even though he’s relatively young in his professional career, as a collegiate– he left a champion. So because of all of that, he has all the requisite skills necessary. He’s humble, yet he’s fiercely competitive. I love this kid’s game. His upside is tremendous. I think New Orleans has something special in him. I think the NBA has something special in him.

I sort of agree with the great Larry Brown when he once compared this kid’s potential to that of Bill Russell. He’s got those kind of skill sets.”

Bayless (shockingly), wasn’t quite ready to say that Davis had reached “special” status yet, claiming that it’s still merely potential and that the fact that his New Orleans team didn’t make the playoffs was a sign that he wasn’t “there” yet.


Jaylen Brown says he could wait until the spring to sign

Image via

This summer, one of KSR’s recruiting crushes has been Jaylen Brown, the star of the AAU summer circuit. UK, UCLA, Kansas, and Georgia are considered the favorites for Brown, who recently vaulted to the top of Scout’s 2015 rankings. There were rumors that Brown wanted to commit on his birthday, October 24, but he told over the weekend that he’s “probably not going to sign or commit until after basketball season.”

This is good news for the Cats, who have been trying to get Brown on campus for a visit, specifically for Big Blue Madness on October 17. If Brown waits until the spring to commit, he’ll be able to see which Kentucky players go pro and which stay, which could greatly impact his decision. He’s already scheduled to visit Kansas on October 10 for the “Late Night at the Phog” festivities, and plans to release a Top 10 list after the Elite 24 game on August 23.

Here’s his latest mixtape:

Patrick Towles accepts the Ice Water Bucket Challenge from Jared Lorenzen

I’ll keep posting these until you all tell me to stop…

Mike Edwards finds out he doesn’t need shoulder surgery, will enroll at UK tomorrow


It’s been a rough offseason for the UK secondary. Freshmen safeties Mike Edwards and Darius West have both gone down with injury, Edwards to his shoulder and West to his leg, and were thought to miss the season. However, Edwards (aka “Badger”) tweeted a few minutes ago that he found out he doesn’t need shoulder surgery and will be able to enroll at UK for his freshman season. In fact, he’s headed to Lexington tomorrow.

Even though we still don’t know the extent of Edwards’ injury and how long it will take him to get back to full speed, this is good news. Even if he redshirts, he’ll have an edge on the competition next season.