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January 27th, 2015

Devin Booker still has love for Mizzou


Missouri began recruiting Devin Booker when he was in middle school, long before Kentucky was knocking on his front door. His father is a basketball legend at Mizzou and Devin came very close to becoming a Tiger as well. But in the end, it was Kentucky, the best basketball decision.

“That’s what it came down to,” Booker said today. “We talked about it together forever, for days on days, and I just came up with the best decision for me.”

Though Kentucky was his choice and where he’s lighting it up this college basketball season, he hasn’t forgotten the school that was on him in the very beginning.

I still have a lot of love for Missouri,” said Booker. “They have a special place in my heart.

Watch Booker talk Mizzou, playing against old men, and defense in today’s interview. Marcus Lee had some things to say, too:

Coach Cal on needing a loss: “It depends how we would deal with it.”


During his pre-Mizzou press conference today, Coach Cal was asked if he would prefer a loss before the postseason. Cal said it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t know how his guys would respond, so it depends. He also took the opportunity to remind us that the December 2011 loss to Indiana was better for Kentucky in the long run.

“It doesn’t matter. Again, how, it all depends. It depends on how we would deal with it. I know at Memphis what we did: we took that game, we cut it up, and our kids went to another level. The Indiana game, was that lucky for us or lucky for them? Was that good for us or good for them? From that point, my team went (raises hand above head) there, but you know what, it was pretty good for (Indiana). The problem was (Indiana) had to face us again and it wasn’t so lucky that they had beaten us early. There was no way my team wasn’t going to win that game.”

Cal also said the undefeated talk hasn’t come up in the locker room and it’s not on his mind, although I have a hard time believing the latter.


LIVE STREAM of John Calipari’s Pre-Missouri Press Conference

You’ll never guess which team is No. 1 in ESPN’s new power rankings

Chet White | UK Athletics

Chet White | UK Athletics


That’s right, the Kentucky Wildcats are sitting atop ESPN’s new college basketball power rankings, voted on by several ESPN personalities and released earlier today.

“The Wildcats are still rolling along, making life miserable for opposing offenses. They lead the nation in blocks and are second in points allowed,” the website reads.

Behind Kentucky you’ll find:

2.) Virginia
3.) Gonzaga
4.) Wisconsin
5a.) Arizona
5b.) Duke
7.) Kansas
8.) Villanova
9.) Notre Dame
10.) Utah

Reading about Kentucky being No. 1 never gets old.

Father and son arrested for assault of Louisville high school basketball coach

A father and son have been arrested for allegedly assaulting the Doss High School basketball coach following a loss to Trinity over the weekend.

Demetrius Franklin, the father of a Doss basketball player, has been accused of punching coach Tony Williams multiple times as Williams walked to the locker room after the game. The son, Daelyn Franklin, is also accused of joining in on the attack and striking Williams in the face.

The Franklins (no relation to me, that I’m aware of) claim Williams is the one who did the assaulting. They were arrested at the Hall of Justice in downtown Louisville while trying to take out a warrant on Williams.

[Wave 3: Father, son arrested following postgame assault of basketball coach]

Matthew Mitchell has a future as a kindergarten teacher


Matthew Mitchell has a future as a kindergarten teacher if his career as a women’s basketball coach and Bruno Mars impersonator do not work out. Coach Mitchell stopped by The Lexington School last Friday to talk to the young KinderKlasse minds.

Watch as he teaches them the Cats chant in this video below:

Coach Mitchell Expert Speaker! from TLS Website on Vimeo.

Mobile ticketing now available for Kentucky games

UK Athletics and Ticketmaster have partnered up to make the ticket-purchasing experience easier on Kentucky fans through a new mobile ticketing app. Fans can now avoid phone calls, long waits and the hassle of keeping up with paper tickets by doing all that stuff on their cellular device. Tickets can even be transferred from phone to phone on the occasion one cannot end a game.

Season ticket holders and fans who have ordered single game tickets through UK can access tickets on using their iPhone or Android devices. Those fans wishing to use mobile ticketing should log on to their My UK Account and select the corresponding event.

Mobile tickets can be scanned at all Rupp Arena entrances.

The new technology will also be available for football games next fall.

Cleveland Browns interested in Joker Phillips

Former UK head coach Joker Phillips may have a new job in football soon. According to the Orange and Brown Report, the Cleveland Browns have had several conversations with Phillips and they’re leaning toward a hire. Phillips will coach the wide receivers if the deal gets done.

First order of business if Joker gets the job: Tell Josh Gordon to stop smoking weed.

Let’s call John Feinstein (Tuesday Show Thread)

Big show today, Cats fans. We have an undefeated basketball team, National Signing Day is next week, Louisville is trying to copy KSR and John Feinstein thinks Virginia is the best basketball team in America. Tune in to the show and hear the guys call Feinstein to ask him why he’s the only media member to take Virginia over Kentucky. It’ll be good.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

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Flener’s Bachelor Running Diary: Episode 4 “Would You Rather?”














When it comes to The Bachelor I’m here for three things. The cat fighting, the tears, and the delusion. While you can argue that those three things are one in the same, you probably shouldn’t. If you are here for an in depth review of what girl he should pick, go somewhere else. You won’t enjoy this. I have no interest in the final outcome of the show. The future happiness or despair of the contestants on this show is of no concern to me. He will pick someone, they will be apart “trying to make it work” while the show airs. They will appear happy at the reunion show, then you’ll see something like this or this a week or a month later. The format of this column, as always, will be a running diary of my thoughts throughout the show. There a lot of places to go for Bachelor commentary so let me thank you for choosing a sports website. Let’s get involved, what do you say?


Preview, Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3


I missed the first 15 minutes of the show because something went wrong with my DVR. One could also argue that something went right with my DVR.

I also watched Gone Girl right before this so my crazy girl awareness is on 100 right now. If you’ve never seen Gone Girl and you want to be able to trust women besides your Mother for the rest of your life DO NOT watch Gone Girl.


Since I missed the first 15 minutes, I asked you guys to help me fill in the blanks. You did not disappoint.

I guess not everything can be perfect about her.


8:15- The first thing I see is Kelsey complaining about being at a lake that is not as nice as the lakes in Michigan. Then God stung her with a bee in the sweet meat for her bad attitude. What is the sweet meat, you ask? The sweet meat is the inner thigh area between your knee and your groin. Quite possibly the most disgusting part of a male body, not so bad on the females.

8:18- “I’m a camping virgin and virgin camping” says Ashley I., a virgin. I would have said “I am NOT camping.” Because man do I love not camping. 

8:25- Ashley I. just called Kelsey fake. Reader (and friend) Josh had this to say…

*Insert fire emoji, cause she just got burned!

8:29- Ashley S. is back at it. She is singing songs that do not contain real words. Speaking of being back at it, Mackenzie is talking about aliens. Again.

8:34- Ashley S. then gets some time alone with Chris. If my DVR would have worked I would go back and get this word for word but the best I can do because Ashley S. does not speak actual english phrases normal people are familiar with is this : “What are you? What are you? I mean I know you’re a scorpio…” and then later she closes with this: “I love everything about you, and I hope that resonates within yourself tonight.” Who talks like this? If someone told me they hoped something resonated within myself tonight I would hope they were talking about tacos.

8:36- Kaitlyn got the group date rose. She had this to say “I’m so happy about this. And I’m drunk.” You know what, I appreciate the truth.

8:40- Ashley I. went to Chris’ tent and woke him up out of a dead sleep to tell Chris she was a virgin and then she did everything except tell Chris she was a virgin. They were really close talking too. Michael Kinney makes a great point…


8:45- Jade gets picked for the princess ball date and Ashley I. is salty because Jade is getting pampered by a crazy looking person with pink hair. Ashley I.’s thirstiness is unquenchable. I could have given her all the Citrus Cooler Gatorade I saw at the gas station yesterday and the girl would still be thirsty. And really the only reason I mentioned her thirstiness was so I could talk about Citrus Cooler Gatorade.  WHY CAN I NEVER FIND IT?!?! I see Citrus Cooler Gatorade once a presidential term. It is the best flavor and it’s not even close. Does Gatorade hate money? Does Gatorade hate me? Is Gatorade just trolling us? I almost bought all of it. If I had 3 wishes one would be for a lifetime supply of Citrus Cooler Gatorade. The other two wishes would be a billion dollars and for someone to tell me what the hell is wrong with Ashley S.


8:59- Ashley I. put on one of the extra dresses for the Cinderella date that she wasn’t invited to go on. That’d be like if I would’ve shown up to the game in South Carolina on Saturday in a Kentucky uniform and tried to start on the blue platoon.

9:05- They are pimping the Cinderella movie on the show tonight. First the dresses and now a commercial at the hour break. I know I’m not the demographic they are aiming for and I know that because under no circumstance am I going to see it. If you gave me a choice between locking me in a room with both Ashleys on this show or going to see Cinderella then lock the door pal.

9:09- Six girls got wedding dresses for a group date. Wedding dress girl from last season would’ve been all like “Nah it’s cool I brought my own.”

9:12- The girls get in a plane and fly to San Francisco in the wedding dresses. They all think they are going to do a fake wedding with Chris. They are not doing that at all. They are going to run a tough mudder course in a wedding dress. I’ll leave this quote from Becca here with no further explanation: “I gave up after the big balls.”

9:15-9:25 – Jillian wins the one on one date in the tough mudder challenge. Then she proceeded to talk about fitness and the gym for 30 minutes before she busted out the “Would You Rather” game. She asks Chris if he would rather have sex with a homeless person or abstain from sex for 5 years. Chris does not answer and then does not give Jillian a rose. I’ve played WYR. WYR is a fun game amongst close friends in the privacy of a car or a home. But “Would You Rather” is like middle school girls basketball. It’s fun for the participants but it’s not meant to be watched.

9:34- Ashley I. is going to try this “tell him I’m a virgin” thing again. She gets it out this time. Chris didn’t care. She thought Chris cared. So she cried. Ashley I. completely lost control tonight. She’s like Jessie Spano in the episode of Saved By the Bell where she took caffeine pills to stay up and study.

9:39- We find out Becca is also a virgin. The only difference is Becca is chill about it and not crying and hasn’t tried and failed two times to tell Chris this fact about herself. She is the anti-Ashley I. I think she even has real eyelashes and doesn’t pretend to be on dates she didn’t get invited to go on.

9:47- After Chris gets questioned by Britt about the way he is distributing roses, he walks into the room full of girls to assure them his has the right intentions and that if any of them didn’t believe it that they could go home. Mackenzie says “I don’t know whats going on. I’m super confused.” Considering she has talked about aliens more than once this season, I feel like that is something she could say almost all the time about every situation.




-Carly and Megan get roses, which makes sense. They’ve spoken on camera this season.

-Samantha gets a rose, which does not make sense. She has not spoken on camera this season. I’m not kidding. I have not seen one clip of her talking to Chris or in an interview with producers.

-Mackenzie gets a rose. I think she understood this part, but I can’t be sure.

-Kelsey gets a rose. Kelsey also stars in the “next week on the Bachelor” as the girl who all the other girls have started to hate. Always one of my favorite people every season. She is then seen throwing a fit and laying on the ground crying in her Rose Ceremony dress. Look for big things out of Kelsey next week.

-Becca and Ashley I. get roses giving them a total of four flowers between them.

-And the Final Rose goes to Britt, leaving us with 11 girls because Kaitlyn & Jade got roses on dates.


So not getting roses are someone named Nikki who never spoke, Juelia, and Hall of Fame crazy person Ashley S.


Ashley’s exit speech was every bit as crazy as you’d hoped Ashley S.’s exit speech would be.  “I feel nothing. Like I have no feelings at all. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not worried about anything at all. Chris, all I have to say to you is nothing.”


Bachelor Running Diary readers, all I have to say to you is nothing. Until next week, I hope this post resonates within you this week…




BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Do Calipari teams improve in 2nd meeting?

This week, UK gets to face-off with 2 opponents that they have already seen this season in Alabama and Missouri.  Obviously, the first meetings went quite well as UK handled both games quite easily.  But it’s commonly known to beat the same team a 2nd time (or 3rd time if the SEC Tournament falls that way) can be a bit more challenging.  So just how has John Calipari handled multiple meetings with the same teams during the same season?  Below I have listed every opponent that Cal teams have faced multiple times in a season with the site listed and outcome/margin.  And below each season I have listed overall record in rematches and whether or not UK improved the margin of the game the 2nd or 3rd time around.

Georgia (Home-Road): Won by 8, Won by 12
Florida (Road-Home): Won by 12, Won by 8
South Carolina (Road-Home): Lost by 6, Won by 21
Vanderbilt (Home-Road): Won by 13, Won by 2
Alabama (Home-Neutral): Won by 11, Won by 6
Tennessee (Home-Road-Neutral): Won by 11, Lost by 9, Won by 29
Mississippi State (Road-Neutral): Won by 6, Won by 1
IMPROVED MARGIN: 3 out of 8 games

UCONN (Neutral-Neutral): Lost by 17, Lost by 1
North Carolina (Road-Neutral): Lost by 2, Won by 7
Georgia (Road-Home): Lost by 7, Won by 6
Alabama (Road-Neutral): Lost by 2, Won by 14
South Carolina (Road-Home): Win by 9, Win by 31
Ole Miss (Road-Neutral): Lost by 2, Won by 9
Florida (Road-Home-Neutral): Lost by 2, Won by 8, Won by 16
Tennessee (Home-Road): Won by 12, Won by 6
Vanderbilt (Road-Home): Lost by 4, Won by 2
IMPROVED MARGIN: 9 out of 10 games

Indiana (Road-Neutral): Lost by 1, Won by 12
Louisville (Home-Neutral): Won by 7, Won by 8
South Carolina (Home-Road): Won by 15, Won by 34
Tennessee (Road-Home): Won by 3, Won by 25
Georgia (Road-Home): Won by 13, Won by 30
LSU (Road-Neutral): Won by 24, Won by 9
Florida (Home-Road-Neutral): Won by 20, Won by 15, Won by 3
Vanderbilt (Road-Home-Neutral): Won by 6, Won by 9, Lost by 7
IMPROVED MARGIN: 6 out of 10 games

Vanderbilt (Road-Home-Neutral): Won by 2, Won by 4, Lost by 16
Texas A&M (Home-Road): Lost by 12, Won by 4
Tennessee (Home-Road): Won by 10, Lost by 30
Auburn (Road-Home): Won by 22, Won by 10
Florida (Road-Home): Lost by 17, Won by 4
IMPROVED MARGIN: 3 out of 6 games

Louisville (Home-Neutral): Won by 7, Won by 5
Mississippi State (Home-Road): Won by 22, Won by 10
Arkansas (Road-Home): Lost by 2, Lost by 4
Georgia (Home-Neutral): Won by 25, Won by 12
LSU (Road-Home-Neutral): Lost by 5, Won by 1, Won by 18
Ole Miss (Road-Home): Won by 16, Won by 14
Florida (Home-Road-Neutral): Lost by 10, Lost by 19, Lost by 1
IMPROVED MARGIN: 3 out of 9 games

All total, Calipari teams are 35-8 overall in rematch games during his tenure and have improved the margin of the game in the 2nd (or 3rd) outing in 24 of 43 games.  What’s the point?  The point is feel very confident about UK winning both games this week and feel 50% confident that they will win by more than they did in the first meeting.

KSR’s Top Ten Tweets of the Day


Darrell Bird

We will focus most of our attention on relevant Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as per usual, there are no limits to our madness. You, the KSR fans, can also participate in our top-10 tweet countdown by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTopTen, or by tweeting @KySportsRadio.


#10  Marcus Lee



#9  John Wall


#8  Adam

You’re not alone, sir.


#7  Not Jerry Tipton

Sorry, Rick.


#6  Lost Lettermen

Been drinking with Drew Franklin, RPI?


#5  Jax Teller

Class act, Petrino


#4  Quentin Johnson

Tackle him.


#3  Alex Bumm

I did. I truly did.


#2  Hardwood Paroxysm

Not human.


#1  Sacramento Kings

Thank you, Snowmageddon.


@BrennanKSR + Funkhouser

January 26th, 2015

Monday Night News and Views

As our friends in New York and the northeast brace for this potentially historic blizzard, the show must go on here in Kentucky. We’re over halfway through the regular season basketball schedule, football signing day is right around the corner, and one former Cat is gunning for LeBron’s crown as the NBA’s best. Read all about those, and more, in tonight’s News and Views.


Kentucky is the unanimous No. 1 in the USA Today Coaches poll, finally.

Meanwhile, the Cats received all but one of the first place votes in the AP poll. John Feinstein was the only media member to put Virginia ahead of Kentucky in the ballots. The 64 other voters respectfully disagree.

Dominique Hawkins likely to return to the starting lineup.

Coach Cal used Trey Lyles with the blue platoon and played only nine players against South Carolina, leaving Dominique Hawkins on the bench. Today, Cal said missed practice time was the reason behind the decision to sit Hawkins after moving him to the starting lineup against Vanderbilt.

“Dom’s been injured,” said Cal. “So he didn’t get put in the rotation.”

There ya go.

Devin Booker won this week’s Devin Booker Award, given to the SEC’s best freshman.

Booker is the SEC Freshman of the Week for a third consecutive week and the fourth time this season. He scored 18 points in Saturday’s win in Columbia and had an easy six at home against Vanderbilt last Tuesday.

Marcus Lewis will commit to either Kentucky or Miami next Tuesday.

Lewis, a top-100 player in the 2015 class, announced that he will announce his decision next Tuesday, one day before Signing Day. The four-star defensive back is down to Kentucky and Miami and it could go either way at this point.

Mark Stoops and members of the UK staff will make an in-home visit on Saturday for one last pitch to join the BBN. Immediate playing time will be one of the many selling points they throw his way, no doubt. It also helps that Jabari Greenwood, Lewis’ good friend and high school teammate, is already committed to Kentucky.

Realllllly need this one to boost the 2015 class.

UK added a new preferred walk-on quarterback.

Davis Mattingly from Louisville Male committed to Kentucky on Monday, he announced on Twitter. Mattingly will be a preferred walk-on and plans to redshirt next season.

“I thought UK was the best option for me, and I thought it would fit me well with the new offensive coordinator,” he told the Courier-Journal. “They told me they have been trying to get me for a long time. … It’s a very cool opportunity for me. My dad went there. My sister goes there now. I’m very excited to get to play for my home state.”

Three-star defensive tackle flipped from UK to Ohio State.

DaVon Hamilton from Pickerington, Ohio has flipped from Kentucky to Ohio State. Word leaked over the weekend that Hamilton was slipping when he received an offer from Urban Meyer and he made the switch Monday night.

Hamilton is the second commit to leave UK’s class to join the Buckeyes. Wide receiver Alex Stump flipped his decision back in October.

Stoops expected to hire Andy Buh to coach safeties, per WKYT.

According to our good friends at WKYT, Mark Stoops was “very impressed” during a recent interview with Andy Buh, a former defensive coordinator at California. Buh will likely take over Craig Naivar’s role as safeties coach if Stoops makes the hire.

It was reported earlier this month that Buh will join the staff at Arkansas, but that never happened.

Anthony Davis is really good at the game of basketball.

Davis had 32 and 10 against Nerlens Noel and the Sixers and he needed only 30 minutes to do it. The former Cat went 12-of-19 from the field, 8-for-8 at the stripe, and added three assists, three steals, four blocks and zero turnovers.

Nerlens went 1-for-9 from the field for two points in equal minutes.

John Wall, man.

The ol’ left-handed, between-the-legs, split-two-defenders assist for a dunk. Just the way you draw it up.

Go Cats.

KSR’s first SEC road trip was a success

The Kentucky Sports Radio crew made its first SEC road trip over the weekend to UK’s away contest at South Carolina, a big win for the Cats. You saw the game and you’ve read the aftermath, so tonight I’ll share with you a recap of our trip.


The ride down was a tight squeeze.

Only six more hours of this. #CantFeelMyLegs

A photo posted by Drew Franklin (@drew_franklin) on

We went 6’2, 6’4 and 6’7 in the backseat, not the ideal length for almost seven hours of car time. Luckily the Ford Explorer had an extra third row seat for Flener, although it didn’t offer much more space with all of our luggage.

Matt’s music selection is improving.

There’s still plenty of old country to suffer through, but he’s opened up to sprinkling in the occasional 90s rap song to keep me sane. Keith Whitley and Jagged Edge have never sounded so good together.

The Triangle Stop in Saluda, NC is the best gas station in America.

When we stopped for gas between Asheville and Columbia, we didn’t expect a booze-fueled half hour of hanging out with the locals inside the store. What was supposed to be a quick stop to break the seal and stretch the legs turned into a beer tasting session for the passengers at the bar in the gas station. Yes, there was a bar. Inside the gas station.

The Triangle Stop looked like any other gas station you’ve ever been in, but tucked away in the back corner, next to the bathrooms and across from the Doritos, was a small bar with eight or nine taps coming out of the wall. We had to try a couple of pints and talk about Coon Dog Day, the small town’s summer festival. It would be wrong to leave such a wonderful opportunity behind.


Karen there in the orange, she told us everything one could want to know about Saluda. We’re like best friends now.


I miss her.

Friday night in Columbia was fun.

Dinner was blackened sustainable red fish, Spanish chorizo and pepper etouffee over a classic low country chicken bog at Motor Supply Bistro. We followed that up with drinks at Tin Roof and drinks, dancing, paying the DJ $20 to play Taylor Swift and bumping shoulders with Hells Angels at Woody’s.

If you’re ever in Columbia, go to Woody’s.

It was tough to pay attention during Saturday’s pregame show.

Matt and I were courtside at 9:30 am for the pregame show and we were not alone in the building. The South Carolina dancers were rehearsing their halftime peformance in front of us, and they could hear everything we said.

I’m not mad at Saturday morning right now. A video posted by Drew Franklin (@drew_franklin) on

What were we talking about again?

Arena security tried to remove the blue from the student section, but two UK fans wouldn’t budge.

By now you’ve heard the story of the two girls in the student section who were asked to cover up their Kentucky gear. We were standing there as it all played out and I have to commend them for not giving in. They pay tuition like all of the other students (the students who were yelling “KICK HER OUT”) and they deserve to wear whatever they want.

That was a B.S. move by arena security.

Kentucky fans were everywhere.


Gamecock Jesus is a real thing and he loves South Carolina basketball more than anyone should.

He has arrived! Yes Gamecock Jesus. YES. #GoCocks #MensBasketball #BeatKentucky @jkhucks @callmecourt1107 @emilyelizabethmason

A video posted by Rachel Johnson (@rachelwjohnson) on

That’s an old man in the South Carolina student section and he did not sit down the entire game. Someone told me he’s been going to games for 30 years and the students love having him around in their seats.

Also, he was wearing Crocs. I feel like you should know that about him.

We should do this more often.

But with smaller people in a larger car. And we have to stop in Saluda, even if it’s not on the way.

LSU? We’re going through Saluda.

Missouri? Mandatory stop in Saluda.

Vandy? Yep, Saluda.

Marcus Lewis to decide next Tuesday

Marcus Lewis is down to Kentucky and Miami and he will commit to one of the two schools next week. Lewis said today he will announce his final decision on Tuesday, the day before National Signing Day.

Lewis is a four-star safety, ranked No. 8 at his position and 80th overall by He took his official visit to Kentucky back in December and gave Miami his last visit, earlier this month.

Landing him would be HUGE for the Cats.