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September 14th, 2014

Watch Mark Stoops’ Monday press conference LIVE on WatchESPN


Mark Stoops is in the Wildcat Den for his weekly Kentucky football press conference today. Tune in via WatchESPN to hear his comments regarding the week off and the upcoming SEC home opener with Vanderbilt in Commonwealth Stadium.

If you can’t access WatchESPN or are too busy at work to sneak away, Nick Roush will be by with a rundown of Stoops comments later this afternoon and our friends at Kentucky Wildcats TV will have the entire video online for your viewing pleasure.

Beat Vandy.

Kentucky and South Carolina will kick off at 7:30 pm

Kentucky’s October 4th home contest with South Carolina is set for 7:30 pm on the SEC Network. The Saturday morning SEC Nation gameday show will be broadcast live from outside Commonwealth Stadium that morning at 10:00 am, plus it’s opening weekend of Keeneland.


Vegas money is piling on UK in a must-win game

Gamblers love the Cats this weekend at home against Vanderbilt despite UK losing three straight to the Commodores and going winless in the SEC in the last two seasons. Kentucky opened as a 10.5 point favorite and the line has moved all the way up to -15.5 in several Las Vegas sports books. That’s quite a swing after a day and a half or so on the board.

Remember, UK scored a grand total of 14 points in its last three meetings with Vandy while giving up 100, so the Cats are now favored by more than they’ve scored in three years. This is a must-win game and a cover will have Big Blue Nation looking toward South Carolina with confidence.

Go Cats.

The Vandy week depth chart is here

© Kim Klement

© Kim Klement

Kentucky football’s Monday morning depth chart is out and there are no surprises on either side of the ball. UK looks to be in good health after the bye week and ready to take on the Commodores.



Tight end
85 Steven Borden, 6-3, 246, Sr-1L
80 Ronnie Shields, 6-5, 254, Sr-3L

Left tackle
77 Darrian Miller, 6-5, 292, Sr-3L
68 Nick Haynes, 6-5, 319, Fr-RS

Left guard
74 Cole Mosier, 6-6, 348, Fr-RS
75 Zach West, 6-4, 318, Jr-2L

72 Jon Toth, 6-5, 301, So-1L
57 Zach Myers, 6-3, 287, So-Sq

Right guard
69 Ramsey Meyers, 6-5, 300, Fr-RS
64 Max Godby, 6-4, 298, Sr-1L

Right tackle
70 Jordan Swindle, 6-7, 306, Jr-2L
73 Kyle Meadows, 6-5, 294, Fr-RS

Wide receiver
9 Demarco Robinson, 5-10, 158, Sr-3L
6 Blake Bone, 6-5, 198, Fr-HS

Wide receiver
1 Ryan Timmons, 5-10, 195, So-1L
82 T.V. Williams, 5-10, 160, Fr-HS

Wide receiver
8 Javess Blue, 6-0, 191, Sr-1L or 2 Dorian Baker, 6-3, 197, Fr-HS
81 Rashad Cunningham, 6-4, 225, Jr-1L

Wide receiver
87 Joey Herrick, 6-1, 197, Jr-1L
19 Garrett Johnson, 5-11, 176, Fr-HS

14 Patrick Towles, 6-5, 238, So-1L
12 Reese Phillips, 6-2, 218, Fr-RS or 7 Drew Barker, 6-3, 216, Fr-HS

39 D.J. Warren, 6-0, 251, Sr-3L
10 Jeff Witthuhn, 6-3, 246, So-Sq

Running back
5 Braylon Heard, 5-11, 189, Jr-Tr or 3 Jojo Kemp, 5-10, 194, So-1L

Special teams

Long snapper
59 Kelly Mason, 6-3, 223, Jr-2L

13 Jared Leet, 6-3, 196, Jr-2L

99 Austin MacGinnis, 5-10, 168, Fr-RS

9 Landon Foster, 6-1, 198, Jr-2L

Kickoff returner
18 Stanley “Boom” Williams, 5-9, 200, Fr-HS
5 Braylon Heard, 5-11, 189, Jr-Tr or 11 J.D. Harmon, 6-2, 201, So-1L

Punt returner
9 Demarco Robinson, 5-10, 158, Sr-3L
1 Ryan Timmons, 5-10, 195, So-1L


Defensive end
94 Za’Darius Smith, 6-6, 263, Sr-1L
91 Farrington Huguenin, 6-4, 275, Jr-2L

Defensive tackle
90 Melvin Lewis, 6-4, 320, Jr-JC
69 Matt Elam, 6-7, 375, Fr-HS

Defensive tackle
50 Mike Douglas, 6-4, 288, Sr-3L
67 Cory “C.J.” Johnson, 6-3, 299, Jr-JC or 96 Regie Meant, 6-4, 286, Fr-RS

Defensive end/Linebacker
6 Jason Hatcher, 6-3, 242, So-1L
47 Jabari Johnson, 6-1, 276, Jr-1L

Defensive end/Linebacker
2 Alvin “Bud” Dupree, 6-4, 264, Sr-3L
41 TraVaughn Paschal, 6-4, 257, Sr-2L

Middle linebacker
45 Josh Forrest, 6-3, 236, Jr-2L
41 TraVaughn Paschal, 6-4, 257, Sr-2L

Weak-side linebacker
22 Khalid Henderson, 6-1, 228, Jr-2L
33 Ryan Flannigan, 6-2, 225, Jr-JC

24 Blake McClain, 5-11, 194, So-1L
29 Kendall Randolph, 6-0, 168, Fr-HS

3 Fred Tiller, 6-0, 170, Jr-2L
11 J.D. Harmon, 6-2, 201, So-1L

5 Ashely Lowery, 6-1, 220, Sr-3L
15 Marcus McWilson, 6-0, 210, So-1L

1 A.J. Stamps, 6-0, 199, Jr-JC
28 Eric Dixon, 5-11, 193, Sr-3L

16 Cody Quinn, 5-10, 172, Jr-2L
21 Nate Willis, 6-0, 168, Sr-1L

It’s Vandy week! (Monday Show Thread)

Mornin’ sports fans. Kentucky Sports Radio radio is back after a fun-filled weekend, with eyes on the upcoming Vanderbilt game. Today we kick off the week with a recap of the last two days and a preview of what lies ahead.

Matt and Ryan are talking Rex, UK football recruiting, packing Commonwealth Stadium and getting that first SEC win under Mark Stoops. Have a listen.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Monday Morning Playcalling Breakdown (3-Game Recap)

Every Monday I will detail with little commentary how the offense generated yards after each game.  I will break it down into 1st down, 2nd and long, 2nd and short, 3rd and long, and 3rd and short situations and tell you how many passes and runs were called in each situation, along with the success or failure of those situations.  And then you have the opportunity to discuss how you thought the coaches did with the playcalling.  Of course, there was no game this weekend so this gives us a good chance to talk in generalities about the first 3 games.  Certainly a ton of positives can be examined but there still is progress to be made.

Run: 49 rushes for 230 yards (4.7 ypc), 3 TD
Pass: 30-46, 527 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 2 sacks for -11 yards

2ND AND LONG (6 yards or more)
Run: 19 rushes for 156 yards (8.2 ypc), 1 TD
Pass: 13-28, 182 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 2 sacks for -18 yards

2ND AND SHORT (5 yards or less)
Run: 16 rushes for 122 yards (7.6 ypc), 2 TD
Pass: 4-5, 6 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT, 1 sack for -12 yards

3RD AND LONG (6 yards or more)
Run: 3 rushes for 11 yards (3.7 ypc)
Pass: 14-24, 245 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

3RD AND SHORT (5 yards or less)
Run: 16 rushes for 80 yards (5.0 ypc), 1 TD
Pass: 2-5, 9 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, 2 sacks for -13 yards

So, what stands out to you from these stats?  Have you been satisfied with Neal Brown’s playcalling at this point in the season, and if not, what would like to see more out of the offense?  My quick analysis:

-UK has been very good on 1st down.  They have been balanced and successful with both the run and pass.  This helps so much to give yourself reasonable 2nd and 3rd downs.  As Rich Brooks always highlighted, you have to get the negative yardage plays out of there.

-Love the YPC on 3rd and short because that translates to UK converting those more often than not, which they have.  Past teams have struggled in all scenarios on 3rd down but this team has been much better.

-The one area I would like to see a little more variety is 2nd and short.  That is often a situation where you can attempt to be aggressive but UK has generally stuck to the run in those scenarios, playing it safe.

KSR’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day

Darrell Bird Catspause

Darrell Bird Catspause

It’s time again for KSR’s Top Tweets of the Weekend. We will focus most of our attention on Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as usual, there are no limits to our madness. You can participate by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTop10 or just by simply tweeting @KYsportsradio.

#10 MadisonSouthernBands

Oh boy. This should be good.





#9 Ryan Timmons

What a great way to reveal your inner child while still acting like an adult.





#8 Nick Fulkerson

There he is!




#7 EJ Floreal

Welp. Found her.





#6 Matt Kazunas

This is Matt’s way of slowly getting back at ATT for bad service. He is taking over Safari one test phone at a time.





#5 Sam Malone

Didn’t your mom ever tell you not to get in the car with strangers? Or go back to their hotel rooms?





#4 Amanda Lemond

See? Ryan is great with kids!





#3 Not Jerry Tipton

Petrino should write a book so people understand this.





#2 Hal Mumme

This is the greatest picture ever and I don’t care if anyone disagrees.





#1 Kyle Skaggs

Some guys just don’t know how to take ‘no’ for an answer.


UK Fan Of The Day Wants Sunday Night Notes

Matt is experiencing technical difficulties at the KSR Louisville office this evening so I got a late Sunday night call-up from the night post bullpen to help out. Forgive me for being a little behind and messing up your Sunday bedtime reading routine; we’re doing the best we can given the circumstances. I should also point out that I just got in from a three-day bachelor party in Atlanta so there may be more typos than usual. Bear with me, friends. Now let’s get to some quick-hitters from the weekend…


Rex Chapman’s arrest shocked us all.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when reading the text messages (lots of them) at dinner Friday night. Rex Chapman, King Rex, arrested for shoplifting at an Apple Store? No way, I thought. This has to be made up. But then I pushed my blue cheese wedge to the side and read the details from the Arizona news report and it blew me away, as I assume it did you. The former Kentucky great is alleged to have stolen $14,000 worth of Apple products on seven different trips to the Scottsdale store and pawned the goods off for cash. To me, that’s about as low as someone can get. The steal-and-pawn move is an act of desperation and it’s shocking to see Rex Chapman, King Rex, stoop to that level. I don’t know what’s going on in his life that put him in that situation but I hope he lands back on his feet and recovers from this embarrassing low.

Kentucky football landed a new commitment.

The Cats had a bye on the football field, but Stoops still managed to come up with a win off of it by landing a prized recruit from the 2015 class over the weekend. Jason Strowbridge, a four-star defensive end from South Florida, announced his commitment to Kentucky on Twitter, picking UK over the likes of Louisville, Miami, Tennessee, North Carolina and North Carolina State. He still plans to take five official visits and will consider the other schools, but he is the 15th member of UK’s recruiting class, for now. Yahtzee.

Ohio State offered Alex Stump.

Current UK commit Alex Stump picked up an offer from the Ohio State University on Sunday. The four-star wide receiver is from Cleveland, so Kentucky’s got some work to do to keep him around. Clearly Urban Meyer believes Stump can be flipped, but Stoops isn’t giving his prized receiver up without a fight. He and Vince Marrow attended Stump’s game in Cincinnati on Saturday, although Ohio State was also there.

Kentucky opened as a 10.5 point favorite over Vanderbilt and the line keeps moving.

Before the season, many people thought Vandy would enter that game as the favorite. Now the Cats carry a double-digit point spread after hanging with Florida in the Swamp. It is already up to 14.5 points after opening at 10.5. Time for that first SEC win under Stoops! #PackCWS

Skal Labissiere enjoyed his official visit to UK.


He sent a selfie from his hotel on SnapChat and posed with Coach Cal in the locker room in Rupp Arena. “Visit to UK went great today,” he posted with the photo below.


We’ll have more from Labissiere’s official visit to Kentucky tomorrow.

John Cena attended a Kentucky basketball practice.

Cena wrestled Brock Lesnar in the main event of the WWE pay-per-view in Nashville tonight. I don’t know who won but I’m sure the spanish announce table was shattered at some point in the night.

Tyler Ulis CAN dunk…

… on a lowered goal.

I asked Ulis in the Bahamas if he can throw one down on a 10-foot goal and he told me his hands are two small to palm the ball but he can off a well-placed lob.

Matt took a selfie with Matthew Mitchell and John Calipari.

Wait a minute… He asked me to help out tonight because his Wi-Fi was down. That looks like a party to me.



Dy’Shawn Mobley is doing big things at EKU


Dyshawn Mobley celebrates after scoring a 69 yard touchdown against Georgia. (Photo by Erin O. Smith)

(Photo by Erin O. Smith)

Running back Dy’Shawn Mobley surprised a lot of people at the end of last season when he announced that he would be transferring to Eastern Kentucky University. Mobley was a break-out star in the final two games of UK’s year; he rushed for 92 yards and 1 TD against Georgia, then tallied 143 yards on 17 carries against Tennessee. However, Dy’Shawn cited difficulties with running backs coach Chad Scott as a catalyst for his decision to transfer, and he now suits up for the Colonels.

So far, he’s adjusted pretty well. Here are his stats from 2014:

@ Robert Morris (Aug. 28th): 25 carries, 142 yds, 0 TDs, 5.7 yd avg
@ Miami Ohio (Sept. 6th): 13 carries, 28 yds, 0 TDs, 2.1 yd avg
vs. Morehead St. (Sept. 13th): 6 carries, 123 yds, 1 TD, 20.5 yd avg
@ UT Martin (Sept. 20th): 11 carries, 183 yds, 3 TDs, 16.6 yd avg

2014 average: 13.75 carries, 119 yds, 1 TD, 8.65 yd avg
2013 average (at UK): 7.17 caries, 50 yds, .17 TDs, 6.97 yd avg

Besides the clunker against Miami (OH), Dy’Shawn has been tearing it up in his new home. His team hasn’t been doing so bad either; Eastern Kentucky is currently 4-0 and sits atop the standings in the Ohio Valley Conference. While the decreased level of competition has contributed to Mobley’s improved performance, it’s good to see him succeed at EKU. Best of luck, Dy’Shawn.


Kentucky opens as a 10.5 point favorite against Vandy


The folks in Vegas have released their NCAAF lines for the week, and Kentucky has opened as a 10.5 point favorite over Vanderbilt. For what it’s worth, 5Dimes Sportsbook (one of the biggest on the internet) currently has UK as a -13.5 point favorite.

For a team that hasn’t won an SEC game in two years, some might worry that opening a conference game as a double-digit favorite will put some added pressure on UK. However, coming from someone who has watched the Commodores in person several times – there really shouldn’t be much to worry about. Go Cats.

EDIT: The line has now moved up to -14.

Former Cat Todd Svoboda is doing well in his battle with cancer

photo by David Perry

photo by David Perry

This winter, former UK walk-on and fan favorite Todd Svoboda was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – an aggressive form of bone cancer.  The River City News in Covington, Kentucky, published a great piece yesterday about Todd and his fight. Apparently, he’s winning:

“His treatment is working. Todd is once again fighting a hard battle and winning. He says he’s got a couple of rounds of chemo to go, then he’ll be in “surveillance mode” – basically making sure the cancer doesn’t come back.”

That’s certainly great news. However, Todd’s battle isn’t over. He still has a few rounds of chemo left, and he wants to share this message:

“Just tell all the fans out there – no matter who they cheer for – that I need your prayers,” he said. “And I thank them for that.”

I’m sure that won’t be a problem. Get well soon, Todd.


ESPN’s Football Power Index really likes the SEC


With 8 teams in the top 25 of today’s AP poll, it’s safe to say that the media likes the SEC. However, after yesterday’s action, ESPN’s Football Power Index is even more in love with the conference. What is the FPI? Good question. Here’s how ESPN describes it:

The Football Power Index (FPI) is a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team’s performance going forward for the rest of the season. FPI represents how many points above or below average a team is. Projected results are based on 10,000 simulations of the rest of the season using FPI, results to date, and the remaining schedule. Ratings and projections update daily.”

Yay, computers! Here are the latest FPI rankings (I’ve also listed each team’s position in the AP poll for comparison):

1. Alabama (3)
2. Texas AM (6)
3. Auburn (5)
4. Georgia (12)
5. Florida State (1)
6. Oklahoma (4)
7. Oregon (2)
8. Ole Miss (10)
9. Baylor (7)
10. UCLA (11)
11. Mississippi St.(14)
12. LSU (17)
13. USC (18)
14. Notre Dame (8)
15. Stanford (16)
16. Clemson (unranked)
17. Ohio State (22)
18. BYU (20)
19. Wisconsin (19)
20. Arkansas (unranked)
21. Florida (unranked)
22. S. Carolina (13)
23. Arizona St. (15)
24. Michigan St. (9)
25. Utah (unranked)

As you can see, the computers are very reverent of the SEC. Not only are there 10 teams in the top 25, the FPI also says that the four best teams in the country are in the conference. It’s certainly a small sample size; we’ll see if it holds as the schools continue to beat up on each other in league play.

In case you were wondering, Kentucky currently comes in at 45th with a projected 6-6 record. I’ll take it.

[Full List]

Noel had a barber in London for the draft


Nerlens Noel looks amazing at the draft last year, didn’t he? I am glad his hair turned out so well since he apparently went to London to get it done, according to the London School of Barbering. The school is offering a great deal on Pro Demo- Afro Caribbean Haircuts so we can look just like Noel! All we have to do is pay for travel to London to get it.

You might remember that picture from Noel’s instagram last year after he got his hair cut at Denny Moes Barber Shop.

S/o to Denny Moes Barber Shop for hooking me up with the fresh cut! #DraftReady

London….Denny Moes…..Same difference, right? I know websites like this never really use real pictures, I just thought it was funny they picked Noel’s out of anyone in the world.


(H/t: Blue Jesus)


SEC comes in strong for AP top 25


The SEC is coming in strong this week for the AP Top 25. The SEC came in with eight teams, which is good for the conference, but bad for Kentucky. Pac-12 came in with five teams and the Big Ten and Big 12 had 4. the ACC only had one along with the AAC, after Louisville dropped out.

Here is a full look at the rankings.




Madness in the sky

So cool! Wildcats TV flew a drone around tent city to get a look from above. This really helps you soak in how big it really is for anyone who hasn’t seen tent city in person before.