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November 21st, 2017

How Kentucky Will Adapt Without C.J. Conrad

One week ago, C.J. Conrad said: “I’ve been here for three years now, the past four games is the best the tight end group has played all-around.”  Today, Kentucky is out of tight ends.

How time changes everything.

Today Conrad had surgery to repair a broken left foot.  While taking the injured Conrad’s reps in the Georgia game, redshirt freshman Justin Rigg sprained his ankle and is now in a boot.  Greg Hart played sparingly with a cast on his right hand.  He got that cast taken off, just to put another one on his left hand.

“We’re all banged up,” Hart said.  “We’re still doing some things, truckin’ along, just trying to figure it out.  With us banged up, there’s obviously some limitations, but it is what it is.”

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran is still not entirely sure how the offense will change.

“I don’t know yet,” Gran said.  “We’ve been pretty good at 10-personnel.  We’ve been pretty good in two-minute drill.  We’ve been pretty good at that, so whatever we got, we’re going to play with it.  We’re going to make it work.”

Kentucky was having success running the ball in formations that featured multiple tight ends.  The personnel groups are divided into a numbering system.  10-personnel means UK is using one running back and zero tight ends, compared to the two tight end 12-personnel package that has brought them recent success rushing the ball on the edge.

Gran makes the lives of defensive coordinators difficult by throwing a ton of different personnel groups onto the field.  Without the tight ends his options are limited, but it also creates an opportunity to show Louisville stuff the Cards have never seen before on film.

“I can’t tell you all of that,” Vince Marrow said with a big-barreled laugh when asked how the offense will change without healthy tight ends.

“But I can tell you this: our guys are ready to play.  We do some good things in 10-personnel, but we also got other tight ends.  I can tell you this: all of them guys are going to be ready to play.  Whether we’re in 10 personnel or 12 or 11, those guys are going to play hard for C.J.  He means that much to a lot of guys on this team.”


Hart is dedicating his final game to the guy who’s been by his side since he arrived at UK.  Despite his health, Marrow has already seen Hart respond.

“Greg has miraculously looked very good out there, because he was kind of banged up.  All of those guys are banged up.”

We don’t know what UK’s offense will look like without a healthy group of three tight ends, but we do know Conrad’s Kentucky teammates will rally around him.

“I think what happened to C.J. has added more energy,” Marrow said.  “You see all the support for him.  I just think everybody’s going to play hard for the young man. I really believe that.  You don’t get too many — you don’t recruit too many guys like that.  I got very close with the young man.  He’ll be back, but you miss him in the room.  It was the first time he wasn’t in that room today.  I think our guys are going to play hard for him.”

KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

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#10 Lynda Clark

That looks like the perfect street for them!

#9 brian yochum

But remember when he fumbled?

#8 Matthew Alexander

That’s how I remember it.

#7 Katie McDowell

Just be louder than them. That’s all that matters.

#6 Nick Carroll

Ryan? Is that you?

#5 Austin Stevenson

Where were YOU when he fumbled?

#4 Dalton Jones


#3 hydrangeas areblue

Gobble gobble!

#2 David Bryant

Well that is one amazing friends.

#1 Pilgrim Cass

Oh snap.


DeMarcus Cousins distributed food in New Orleans’ 9th Ward for Thanksgiving

Ashley Amoss/

This weekend, former Wildcat DeMarcus Cousins helped distribute food for Thanksgiving to those in need in New Orleans’ 9th Ward.

The 9th Ward was one of the main areas destroyed by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, and the recovery process to get it even remotely restored has been long and challenging.

Here’s the clip:

This is just one of countless examples of Cousins giving back to the community and donating his time and money. In just a few weeks, we will be seeing “Santa Cuz,” the star center’s annual event where he takes local children out shopping and buys them toys and gifts for Christmas.

But remember, DeMarcus Cousins is a “thug” and only cares about himself.

Keep making us proud, Boogie!

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Cats in the NFL Week 11 Recap

Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

It was a tough day for the Packers as Brett Hundley threw 3 interceptions on the way to a 23-0 loss to the Ravens. Randall Cobb had just 3 catches for 34 yards in the loss.

Za’Darius Smith was on the opposite end of things as the Ravens get back to 5-5 with a victory over the Packers, Smith finished with 2 tackles along with 3 QB hits in the win.

The Steelers are looking like the team that is going to challenge New England in the AFC as they extended their winning streak to 5 games with a 40-17 win over the Titans. Bud Dupree had a nice game with 2 tackles and one tackle for loss as the Steelers improve to 8-2. 

Wesley Woodyard had a quiet game in the Titans loss to the Steelers, the Georgia native had just 2 tackles as the Titans record falls to 6-4.

Avery Williamson saw his playing time increase against the Steelers, and finished the game with 4 tackles. Williamson’s performance in the last 8 weeks of the season will have a big impact on his upcoming free agency this off-season. 

Danny Trevathan was forced to sit out a 2nd straight game with a lingering calf injury as the Bears fell to the Lions by a score of 27-24.

Kentucky is the most inexperienced college basketball team in over a decade

John Calipari told us from the beginning this team would be rough to start the year, and he sure wasn’t lying. Five games into the year, the Cats are 4-1, but none of the victories have come in convincing fashion.

With just one junior and zero scholarship seniors, we all knew this Kentucky team was young, but how young exactly?

According to Ken Pomeroy’s data, this is the youngest college basketball team he has ever recorded since starting in 2007.

Over a decade, several ridiculously young Kentucky teams under Calipari, nothing like this.

Coach Cal talked about that statistic on the John Calipari Show and what it means for his Wildcat team this season.

Even with this team being so young, the Cats are still getting every team’s best effort, and they struggle as a result.

Because of this ridiculous youth, massive leads like the 21-point lead the Cats had last night against Troy magically disappear, and the end result isn’t as pretty as fans would hope.

We knew these kids were young, but I’m not sure people realized they were historically young.

No better time to mature than now, boys.

Matt and Mary Jo check the Hey Kentucky! voicemail before Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and people across the Commonwealth are just happy and dandy, ready to spread the love. It’s a beautiful time, really.

Matt and Mary Jo went through the Hey Kentucky! voicemail to listen to all the wonderful messages people had for them, giving them a warm and fuzzy feeling before the holiday season.

Take a look below:

Also, the Hey Kentucky! crew knew a guy was guilty based on how he chewed his gum. Take a look:

For more Hey Kentucky! head here.

There’s Extra Juice at Practice Ahead of Governor’s Cup

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran had a little extra pep in his step when he walked off the practice field.  Everybody left the field fired up.  After all, it is rivalry week.

“It’s rivalry week.  It’s awesome.  It’s what you coach for and it’s going to be a great atmosphere,” Gran said.  “I love the attitude.  They came out with a lot of juice.”

Garrett “Juice” Johnson agreed, and so did his quarterback.  The players know what is on the line this Saturday.

“There’s a little bit extra juice,” Stephen Johnson said.  “Guys are flying around a little bit quicker, knowing what’s at stake, knowing what kind of game this is.”

Since Johnson put Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals in a coffin to end the 2016 season, his life changed.  When he looks into a mirror he still sees the same ole Stephen, but everybody else sees the guy who beat the Heisman Trophy Winner and they want to talk to him about it.

“All the time.  The last couple days in class, people have come up to me to talk about it,” Johnson said.  “It’s a really big rivalry, something we don’t have to get motivated for.  You just have to come out and play.”

The hardest part: waiting until Saturday to take the field.

“It’s Louisville.  It don’t take nothing for us to get motivated for that,” said Vince Marrow.  “We want to close out with eight wins, represent this university well and play for these seniors.  This is really our first class that’s graduating.  We want to send these guys out with a win and get ready for a bowl game.”

Stoops compares Lamar Jackson to Michael Vick on the Mark Stoops Show

With the Governor’s Cup taking place at Kroger Field on Saturday, all eyes are on Lamar Jackson and how in the world the Wildcats are going to slow him down.

On tonight’s Mark Stoops Show, the Kentucky head coach compared the Louisville quarterback to former NFL superstar Michael Vick in terms of making guys miss and needing excellent team defense to limit his success on the ground.

So how has Mark Stoops and the Wildcat defense simulated the reigning Heisman trophy winner in practice?

Zy’Aire Hughes and Charles Moushey.

Beyond Lamar Jackson, Stoops realizes it’s going to take a strong effort out of his team to defeat Louisville on Saturday.

As far as personal success goes, Stoops says he’s happy with the development of the offensive line and how they’ve found the right recipe with the rotation. With Drake Jackson finding success at the center position, the rest of the pieces have fallen in line and the unit is consistent as a result.

Stoops says the running game has developed in a big way with the help of consistent play from the offensive line.

Stay tuned for news from the John Calipari Show.

Campus Starbucks Releases Basketball Spice Latte

Editor’s Note: The following was written by Harold Leeder, editor-in-chief of The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of fake news you can’t count on.

For most coffee shops, Pumpkin Spice is the seasonal beverage. But here in the bluegrass, November means basketball season. That’s why Starbucks is now offering a basketball flavored latte.

Shift manager Denise walks us through the process. “We start with espresso and steamed milk. Then we add three pumps of the ‘Court Side Syrup’. It’s a mixture of locally sourced sweat from Rupp Arena and high fructose corn syrup. We finish it off by squeezing the air out of an entire basketball into each cup.” Denise tossed the deflated husk into a recycling bin. “The only dribbling those’ll be doing is on your chin,” she added with a smile.

“Everyone on the team has been in to try it.” said barista Kyle. “Except Dillon Pulliam. Not sure I’ve met him.” He looks at the name written on the cup he’s just finished and yells “Phillum. Your order’s ready. Phillum.” A saddened Dillon Pulliam takes the cup and mopes to the creamer station.

The flavor hasn’t been a slam dunk with all the patrons.

“I think it’s disgusting,” said UK student Shelton Manzana. “It smells like hot asphalt. Why didn’t they just put some lines on a macaroon?”

The company is also now offering some specialty Basketball Lattes named after the coaches. The ‘Joe B. Hall’ is decaffeinated with splenda. The ‘Rick Pitino’ is served with a splash of creamer onto your jeans. And the ‘Billy Gillespie’ comes with a shot of scotch on the side and a BLT with a bite taken out of it.

The coffee shop is also keeping with the season by selling some holiday themed music CD’s. Like Coach Cal’s harmonica heavy Christmas album, which includes the title track, “Harp! The Herald Angels Swing”.

The shop says they plan on keeping the flavor all the way to the NCAA. “Depending on how things go this could be on our chalk board till mid April,” says shift manager Denise. “We’re definitely not selling out of these anytime soon.”

To keep up with The New Circle Circular, like the Facebook page or follow Harold Leeder’s Twitter Account.

Jarred Vanderbilt participating in light basketball workouts

Just a few weeks ago, there were whispers five-star freshman Jarred Vanderbilt would not be suiting up for the Kentucky Wildcats this season. He fractured his foot in practice during the preseason, and despite an initial timetable for return listed as January, John Calipari was adamant that he wouldn’t rush him back to action anytime soon.

Following an exhibition matchup for the Wildcats, Calipari told reporters the team received positive news on a potential return for the injured wing sooner rather than later.

Last night before Kentucky’s victory over Troy, Vanderbilt was on the court for light warmups before fans got to Rupp Arena.

The Kentucky Men’s Basketball account posted a quick video on Twitter of the talented freshman moving around well:

On Friday night, Vanderbilt was working on light shooting drills and went through a small shootaround with the team.

This afternoon, Calipari released another segment of “The Mailbag,” where he talked about what the addition of Vanderbilt will bring to the Wildcats.

“Well the first thing is, we gotta get him on the court and see if he can play,” he said. “I wouldn’t want him to play at 70-80%. He’s gotta feel healthy enough to run up and down the court and fly up and down and feel good about it. At the end of the month, we’ll put him on the court, he’ll start practicing, and then we’ll play it by ear. Obviously having another talented player like Jarred really helps our team.

Sounds like we’ll see the talented freshman suit up for Kentucky in December at some point.

The Cats need an offensive spark, and they just might be getting one soon…

Get Discounted Governor’s Cup Tickets on Black Friday

UK Athletics

When you travel into the Black Friday chaos Friday morning, there’s one more place to add to your shopping list: Fayette Mall.

UK Athletics is offering discounted tickets for Saturday’s matchup between the Cats and the Cards.  Instead of paying $60 or $80 to watch the Governor’s Cup, you can sit in the upper level for just $40.  Tickets will be available at the Fayette Mall guest services location beginning at 6 a.m. until 10 a.m.

That’s not all you can get on Black Friday.  You can also save on tickets to the Harvard and UIC men’s basketball games, as well as women’s basketball and gymnastics tickets.

If you weren’t planning on helping send the seniors off with a Governor’s Cup victory at Kroger Field, you’re out of excuses.  Make the move to Fayette Mall Friday morning.

For more information click here.

Newspaper mixes up DeMarcus Cousins and Kirk Cousins

As we know all too well here at KSR, typos happen, and this one is pretty funny.

DeMarcus Cousins was ejected from last night’s Pelicans/Thunder game for elbowing Russell Westbrook in the head and, in their summary of the incident, one newspaper got their Cousins mixed up, much to Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins’ delight:

Kirk’s street cred just went through the roof.

The KSR Football Podcast: Week 12 Loss to Georgia


After a loss to Georgia, all eyes are on the Governor’s Cup.  In honor of Thanksgiving and Rivalry Week, the KSR Football Podcast shared why they’re thankful to hate Louisville, they remember that one time Lamar did the Heisman pose and then fumbled, and…

—  Very important instructions for the listeners.

—  How Drew is giving the Cats good Mojo.

—  What UK does without C.J. Conrad.

—  Life after Stephen Johnson.

—  How many rushing yards does UK need to beat Louisville?

—  Dad Talk with Freddie and Jared.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.


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