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June 28th, 2016

Big Blue Blueprint: A Statistical Path to the Postseason


In just a few weeks, Nick Roush and I will be traveling to Birmingham for SEC Media Days. Throughout the summer I’ve frequently been asked, “How can the Cats win six games”? The answer is complicated. There’s no player that is elite enough or in a strategic position that can single-handedly carry UK to the postseason. Thus, this post will address six statistical categories that require improvement:



Scoring Offense

2015: 24.7 points per game.

2016 Goal: 29.7 points per game.

— One way to score more points is to eliminate dropped passes, especially those of the end-zone variety. With the vast majority of returning receivers having significant game experience, there will be zero excuse for this trend to continue. From Dorian Baker to Ryan Timmons, all eyes will be on the talented yet customarily unreliable group of pass catchers.

— Score touchdowns in the red-zone. Field goals keep you close; touchdowns win games. Do I really need to discuss the Vanderbilt debacle again?

— Lessen required yardage to convert on third down. Conversely, improve yardage gained on first down. On far too many occasions, the Cats played behind the chains.



Rushing Yards Per Game

2015: 162 yards per game.

2016 Goal: 195 yards per game.

— UK runners have to increase their endurance and stamina. Attrition is natural for the position, but the old adage rings true to this day, “can’t make the club in the tub.” Long runs from scrimmage need to finish in the end-zone.

— Eddie Gran inherits a position which I feel was mismanaged in previous seasons. Nonsensical substitution patterns coupled by the mid-season Boom Williams situation, there seemed to be turbulence within the running back corps. I don’t suspect this will be an issue in 2016.

— The Wildcats have four RBs with game experience including Boom Williams and JoJo Kemp, who have combined for 2,701 career yards. The two veterans provide a formidable one-two punch. OC Eddie Gran favors the power run. The Cats’ offensive line strength is at Guard and Center. Of all the categories, I’m most confident in saying that rushing for 195 yards per game goal will be accomplished.



Passing Completion Percentage

2015: 54.9

2016 Goal: 62.5

— Let’s be perfectly honest, when talking heads and coaches say that UK’s pass completion percentage needs to increase, they are directly speaking of or at Drew Barker. Last season, Barker completed 50% of his passes to go along with 1 touchdown, 2 interceptions, and 364 yards. Even with those suspect numbers, it quickly became obvious that Mark Stoops and staff felt that Barker’s ceiling was much higher than the departed Patrick Towles. Barker showed improvement during spring practice. However, the proof will lie within his results on September 3.

— Barker’s pocket presence and fundamentals must continue to improve. At times against Louisville, he appeared lost. In all fairness, the entire offense had the same facial expression and body language. Having a dedicated quarterback coach (Darin Hinshaw) should cure pocket deficiencies, confidence issues, and improve decision making ability. Again referencing spring practice, there were distinct instances of Barker’s enhanced technique.

— Patrick Towles and Drew Barker faced with far too many 3rd-and-Forever downs. These situations forced both to throw low percentage vertical or deep routes.

— Complete high percentage throws. With confidence comes accuracy. Accuracy initiates momentum. Momentum leads to touchdowns.


via UK Athletics

Photo by UK Athletics

Total Yards Surrendered Per Game

2015: 394.2

2016 Goal: 355

— In the 3-4 defense, nose tackles Matt Elam and Naquez Pringle’s obligation to provide interior push and occupy blockers are paramount tasks. If not successful in one or the other, offensive linemen will have free reign to get their hands on linebackers.

— By estimation, Coach House’s inside linebackers have less than 100 college snaps under their belts. Disciplined key reading and intelligent pursuit angles will come with trial and error results. Courtney Love needs to be who we think he is. In other words, Love needs to take control of the defense.

— 17 Quarterback Sacks and 53 Tackles for Loss were embarrassingly low totals. Forcing action across the line-of-scrimmage, or disruption plays, are principal.


Ware eyes down the running back, via Gary Moyer of The Cats' Pause

Ware eyes down the running back, via Gary Moyer of The Cats’ Pause

Quarterback Sacks

2015: 17

2016 Goal: 28

— Although young, Kentucky’s secondary is as talented and skilled as any UK grouping I can remember from the past two decades. But IF there is no pass rush, an average at best SEC quarterback will pick them apart.

— Southern Miss’ Nick Mullens will test the Wildcat pass rush in week one. Using Mullens as an example, if a 4,000-yard passer is given four to five seconds to dissect coverages, only bad things will happen.

— Courtney Miggins, Regie Meant, Kengera Daniel, Denzil Ware, and others will be called upon to influence opposing quarterbacks on a consistent basis. DJ Eliot may have to institute creative blitz packages if his defensive linemen are not successful. Cornerback and Nickel blitzes can only help, but also places defensive backs in precarious situations. Thus, the front three defensive linemen must win a higher percentage of one-on-one pass rush scenarios.



2015: 39.60 yards per punt.

2016 Goal: 42 yards per punt.

— In 2015, Kentucky finished 14th or bad enough for last in the SEC.

— Inconsistent punting along with substandard kicks in crucial moments of critical games were highly influential in the season’s outcome. No sugar coating this one, the punt team has a great deal of work to do.

— As the only scholarship punter on the roster, true freshman Grant McKinniss has no other choice than to grow up in a hurry.


The goals provided above aren’t intended to place Kentucky at the top of the SEC’s statistical categories. The proposed numbers would rank the Cats in mid-pack. If these benchmarks are met, Kentucky will play in the postseason. If not, then for the fourth consecutive year, postseason narrative could again read “one or two plays away.”

Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day


Spicy food isn’t for everyone, it’s for you. That’s why Wendy’s is bringing back the heat with The Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken. With pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapeños, a jalapeño bun, AND ghost pepper sauce, we really kicked it up a notch. And don’t forget the Ghost Pepper fries – for those that really want to crank up the heat.

You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:


#10 Nick Nafpliotis

He’s not already?


#9 Brendan Westerfield

Seems like you need to sort out some scheduling problems.


#8 Michael Owens

When is Ramsey not thinking about Matt?


#7 girl beer sports

I support this.


#6 Lindsey Ketcham



#5 Randolph Vance

*drops mic


#4 David W. Schmidt

What we put on Facebook really does come around to bite us.


#3 Bubby McCormick

I’d believe that.


#2 Pitino’s Revenge

Probs not.


#1 J. Parker West

He can’t even get grammar right.



Aaron Harrison will be the Hornets’ Summer League Centerpiece

During his Rookie season, Aaron Harrison was not what you would consider a “top priority,” rarely dressing as an active player.  This summer, the script is flipped.

As the only active player on the Orlando Summer League roster, Hornets’ summer league coach Patrick Ewing is putting the team on Harrison’s shoulder.  “He knows all the things we want out of him, what we expect out of him,” Ewing said.

Harrison told The Charlotte Observer that he’s up for the challenge, excited to be thrown back into the ring.  After playing on college basketball’s biggest stage for two years, it was tough taking a backseat on the bench.

“This was probably the first time since I was 8 years old that I was on a team where I didn’t play much and was one of the better players on the team,” Harrison said. “Sitting on the bench was different.”

Lucky for Harrison, he was in good Kentucky company at the end of the bench.  Out for most of the season with a shoulder injury, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist helped Harrison learn from the sideline, making the best out of his time on the bench.

“He knows,” Harrison said of Kidd-Gilchrist’s basketball savvy. “I feel like he’d fit into any team in the NBA, based on the way he plays. That’s about effort and I think that’s how I’ll find my way into a rotation. Do everything. And he helped a lot.”

We will soon see if those lessons from the bench translate onto the court.  The Hornets’ Summer League Schedule:

Saturday, July 2 vs. Orlando Magic White at 11 a.m.
Sunday, July 3 vs. Indiana at 1 p.m.
Monday, July 4 vs. Oklahoma City at 5 p.m.
Wednesday, July 6 vs. Dallas at 3 p.m.
Friday, July 8 TBD

[The Charlotte Observer]

Introducing The KSR After Show


Welcome my fellow Kentucky Wildcat fans to what will soon be the new KSR After Show! I am so ecstatic to be able to announce that the KSR After Show will now be presented at its rightful place in the sports blogging universe, right here on Kentucky Sports Radio. Starting tomorrow, June 29, the KSR After Show will be here everyday for you to enjoy, and will allow you to easily put your two cents worth in on any of the topics that Matt and company give us to stew on throughout the day.

Before we get started tomorrow, the appropriate thing for me to do would be to let all of you know what the KSR After Show is, what I hope it will be, and things to expect and look for going forward. So, let’s huddle up and break it down.

What is the KSR After Show you ask?

Well, the KSR After Show is exactly what it sounds like: a place for continuing all of the conversations that Matt and the gang on KSR start for us. The hope is that it will be somewhat created and run by you as well (we’ll get into that here in a bit). Most of us watch television and have our favorite shows that we indulge in regularly (It was amazing but I’m personally super bummed that Game of Thrones is now over), so most of you will probably have an idea of what an “After Show” is: a platform for individuals or hosts (me) and fans (you) to discuss a particular television show after it airs. Some examples include Talking Dead after The Walking Dead, After the Thrones Kentucky Thrones Radio after Game of Thrones, or any of the After Shows that the Afterbuzz TV Network broadcasts. The KSR After Show is an adaptation of an after show, but for our very own KSR.

Each day following the KSR Radio Show, I will be posting the After Show to discuss the topics that Matt and the guys (or whomever may be hosting that day) laid out for us. I’ll put my non-expert and underwhelming two cents in on those topics that you will all probably hate, but that’s the beauty of it all. I’ll be giving each and every one of you lots of opportunities to underwhelm, over-exaggerate, and hopefully amuse us all with your own hot takes, which is a perfect transition into the next question I know you want to ask…

How can you get involved and be a part of the KSR After Show?

Each day, there will be several ways for you to get involved and have some fun with this. Like I said, in addition to each day laying out and continuing the discussions from KSR, the KSR After Show will have many different segments, including various polls, quizzes, Matt’s Twitter mentions, listener/reader voicemails, text messages, emails, and, from time to time, contests and games I might want to try.

So, if you had a hot take and, for whatever reason, were not able to get on the morning KSR Radio Show (Line 5?), or maybe your hot take came to you at 12:01 pm or later, the KSR After Show will be here for you to shout your legendary take from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, and we’ll share it with Big Blue Nation for them to inhale and enjoy with the rest of us too.

Here’s how you can get involved (Any relevant voicemails, and text messages will be posted on tomorrow’s inaugural KSR After Show!):

  • Call or Text the KSR After Show Hotline at: 980-50-KSRAS (980-505-7727) and leave your voicemails or text messages, which will be posted to tomorrow’s After Show for all of BBN to enjoy
  • Email the KSR After Show at:
  • Send any relevant and/or hilarious pictures to the KSR After Show on Instagram at: ksraftershow
  • Or we can always connect on Twitter at: @ksraftershow 

I’ll talk to you tomorrow, BBN and my fellow KSRers. Let the fun begin!

Recruiters give Tips for those who want to be Recruited

 Garry Jones | AP

Garry Jones | AP

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that modern collegiate recruiting is a messy business.  The stakes are high, high enough to lead people to do crazy things.

Even though many people have probably tired of the social media surrounding recruiting — the commitments, the decommitments, the never-ending process — at the end of the day a college scholarship can change the future of a family.  They are coveted by many, but only given to few.  The New York Times spoke to six coaches in a variety of NCAA sports to provide advice for those who want to reach the next level.  Unsurprisingly, their responses revolve around common sense.

“There are kids I don’t recruit because I see their social media.” — Audra Smith, Clemson women’s basketball coach

Social media has become a powerful tool in the recruiting process, just listen to Hal Mumme’s anecdote from last week.  Not only has it become another avenue of communication between players and coaches, it’s provided more opportunities to be seen with film services like Hudl.  But social media reflects its user; most teenage users have dumbass tendencies.  It’s not just when they change their name to “Naturalbornkilla” or something along those lines, it’s when they consistently post inappropriate remarks.  The beautiful tragedy of social media is that it doesn’t even need to be misused consistently.  It only takes one time to shut the door on a golden opportunity.

“If your child is talented and loves it, be sure to provide them with competitive opportunities to grow their game and to gain exposure but keep it in perspective. Candidly, I worry about the money that is spent today on competitive youth sports.” — Gene McCabe, Washington and Lee’s men’s lacross coach

You don’t need to specialize and spend 11 months a year playing one sport.  Not only is it an easy way to get burnt out, repeated motion can lead to significant injuries.  Multi-sport stars carry high capital in Freddie Maggard’s evaluation process, a process that isn’t different than most coaches.  Besides, sports are supposed to be fun.  Why limit yourself to just one?

“We look for athletes who are also serious students, ones who are challenging themselves in the classroom by taking tough courses and doing well in them.” — Lisa Miller, Harvard women’s lacrosse coach

Of course the Harvard coach is focused on academics, but this trait isn’t unique to the Ivy League.  How many times have you heard Lamar Thomas talk about being consistent on and off the field?  He said it all spring and at least three times while hosting KSR.  The easiest way to measure how one is performing off the field is by seeing what they’re doing in the classroom.  Not everyone can be valedictorian (but the fact that I was might prove otherwise), but you can prove that you’re a hard worker by simply showing a report card.

“The kind of athlete I’m looking for is one who can handle adversity.” — Audra Smith

Mommy and Daddy, you might think you can help them solve their problems in high school, but you’re really just making things worse.  They’re going to have to figure it all out in college, so why set them back?  If the athlete thinks they deserve more playing time, they should be the one talking to coach, not you.  That’s how things will work in college.  It will not be easy, it will be a struggle.  The sooner they learn how to appropriately react to adversity, the better.

“I ask them: what are your goals, what do you hope to accomplish, and how is your behavior now helping you accomplish those goals?” — Nick Saban

“The process” is infamous coach speak, because it’s the truth.  Good habits create good results.  Forming a daily routine with your eyes on the prize, along with some talent and a little bit of luck, could have you sitting next to Saban.

For more advice: What College Sports Recruiters Can Teach Your Child

Answers To Your Topix: Paducah


Answers To Your Topix returns this week with a stop in lovely Paducah at the far west end of the state. Known for its fast food restaurant and quilt museums, Paducah is the 17th most populated city in Kentucky.

And like all cities around the Bluegrass, it has crazy people on its Topix thread. Let’s answer some of their questions.


Title: Outback restaurant

Posted By: Mikki (Indianapolis, IN)

Worst service ever.


Yeah but the bloomin’ onion is delicious.

Fun fact: Men’s Health named Outback’s loaded cheese fries the Worst Food In America for its 3,000 calories. And now I want it.

Title: What to do?

Posted by: Obsessed (Unitied States)

I have totally fallen for my roommates ex. She is an amazing woman who is everything I have every wanted in a lady. I am sick that I didn’t meet her first. I think about her all the time. She has no idea and being the lady I know she is she would never go out with me. So do I tell her and take that chance? Or do I just keep my mouth shut?


Obsessed, you should definitely take that chance. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, bud. Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly!

But know it will get very awkward around the house if you succeed.

Title: Uber takes opens June 9 in paducah

Posted By: wags (United States)

Low and behold Uber is here finally a quality taxi with tremendously lower fares Jeremy Davis and another gentlemen that can’t be mentioned at the moment because of his affiliation driving for a bitch are now both Uber ambassadors and are opening in June I was told today but what do I know I’m just one of there employees and the pay is great medical and dental Insurance along with new cars and Iphones you are out nothing in expenses lime the other taxi services or should I say sleezy services especially CHIZ where I was asked by a driver a skinny white haired guy last week if I wanted to buy meth come on we don’t need these people on the road here in Paducah.


Congratulations! You have written the longest sentence in existence.

Title: Breastfeeding… how old is too old

Posted By: Disgusting (Paducah, KY)

How old is too old for a kid to breastfeed?



Title: Recent HS grad stripper?

Posted By: Lotus (Paducah, KY)

PLEASE HELP!!! I recently graduate high school and want to enter workforce. All my live was told I would make a good stripper by my family. I was offered college money but wonder if stripping would be better? Or could I get with a suga daddy? I want to make my family proud!

What should I do?


Definitely get with a suga daddy. Strippers work late nights and college is hard.

Title: Best Basketball Shooters in Western Kentucky History

Posted By: Basketball Enthusiast (Albertville, AL)

I’m a big time basketball fan. Love to see what everyone’s opinion is of who is the best shooters that have come out of or area. I have my own personal list and thoughts, but would love to hear some other’s opinions


Patrick Sparks, duh.


Tune in next time when we visit the Topix threads of another one of the state’s finest cities. Any suggestions?

Mark Stoops’ Unfavorable Ranking

© Mark Zerof

© Mark Zerof

We’re less than two weeks away from SEC Media Days, the lovely time of the year where media moguls gather to rank teams, players and coaches based simply on preconceived notions.

The Sporting News is ahead of the game, ranking all FBS coaches, as well as those in each power five conference.  In the 14-team SEC, Kentucky’s Mark Stoops sits near the bottom at No. 13. The “lowdown” from the coach they rank No. 70 overall in the FBS:

Stoops is coming back-to-back 5-7 seasons with back-to-back 2-6 records in conference play. It’s been a tale of two halves the last two years. Kentucky is 9-3 in the first half of the season and 1-11 in the second half. Stoops needs to pick up that one win that can get the Wildcats back to a bowl game.

The Rest of the SEC:

1. Nick Saban, Alabama
2. Les Miles, LSU
3. Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss
4. Gus Malzahn, Auburn
5. Bret Bielema, Arkansas
6. Jim McElwain, Florida
7. Butch Jones, Tennessee
8. Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M
9. Dan Mullen, Miss. State
10. Kirby Smart, Georgia
11. Will Muschamp, South Carolina
12. Barry Odom, Missouri 
13. Mark Stoops, Kentucky
14.  Derek Mason, Vanderbilt

It’s hard to complain about Stoops’ spot.  Odom at Mizzou might be the only person worth a grievance.  Their biggest mistake lies with the Mississippi schools.  Freeze has produced plenty of results, but the NCAA punishment is looming, all while Mullen overachieves in Starkville.

A few other noteworthy coaches in their Top 128: Troy’s Neal Brown #109, Cal’s Sonny Dykes #60, WKU’s Jeff Brohm #58, Texas’ Charlie Strong #34, Washington State’s Mike Leach #28, Louisville’s Bobby Petrino #22.


Karl Towns will host a “Rookie of the Year” Camp at UK in August


Karl Towns has had quite a busy summer so far, but that’s not stopping him from making plans to host a camp in his old Kentucky home. Today, UK announced that Karl and John Calipari are teaming up to host the “Rookie of the Year Camp” on August 3 in Lexington.

The camp is open to boys and girls ages 7-17, and will touch on all aspects of the game, including passing, shooting, dribbling, defense and additional skill work. According to UK, Towns will personally work and interact with each and every camper. (Knowing Karl, this is definitely true.)

If you’re interested, you can find more information and register here. You better hurry, because I have a feeling this one will sell out fast.

The Phoenix Suns Wildcats bond in San Diego



While most of us are stuck at the computer, the Phoenix Suns and their many Kentucky Wildcats are in San Diego doing some team bonding. Over the past few days, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Devin Booker, Tyler Ulis, and the rest of the Suns did some spinning on the beach:

Some yoga:

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. #dntbescared

A photo posted by Eric Bledsoe (@ebled2) on

And even paintball:

I’m not sure where Archie Goodwin is, but it’s good to see the Cats — err, the Suns — bonding nonetheless.

UK’s Kyle Higgins will swim against Michael Phelps tonight at the US Olympic Trials


Need something to watch tonight? Tune in to NBC around 8:55 p.m. to watch UK’s own Kyle Higgins swim against Michael Phelps in the semifinals of the 200 meter butterfly at the US Olympic Trials.

Earlier today, Higgins won Heat 6 with a time of 1:57.41, breaking the UK record by a full second, which, if you know swimming, is one hell of an accomplishment. Tonight, he’ll be in lane three of heat two, right next to Michael Phelps…you know, the greatest swimmer of all time:

The top eight finishers in the 200m fly semifinals advance to the final, which is tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on NBC. The top two finishers in the final will represent the United States in Rio in August.

You got this, Kyle. We’ll be watching.

Ricky Lumpkin is back on campus today


Guess who’s back in town? Former Kentucky defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin. Lumpkin, who plays for the Indianapolis Colts now, is back in Lexington for a visit, and this afternoon, worked out with current Kentucky defensive tackle Regie Meant, who posted the picture above on Twitter.

Earlier today, Lumpkin posted a picture of Commonwealth Stadium and the new practice facility:

Lumpkin signed with the Colts in January after stints with the Oakland Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals. While in town, he visited another favorite haunt:

Old friend how have you been #drakes

A photo posted by Ricky Lumpkin (@rickylumpkin) on


The Herald-Leader is moving its printing operations to Louisville

Here’s an interesting piece of news that got lost in the shuffle yesterday afternoon: the Herald-Leader is moving its printing and packaging operations from Lexington to Louisville in August, and putting its iconic building in downtown Lexington on the market.

The news, advertising, audience, and administrative staffs will remain in downtown Lexington in a space to be determined. Because of the move, 25 full-time and four part-time employees will be laid off. Once a staff of 550 in the early 2000s, the paper will now have a staff of 125 employees, making this yet another sad chapter in the decline of print media.

I remember driving past that building with my parents growing up and dreaming of working there (I think I even applied to be an intern during high school). My, how times have changed.

[Lexington Herald-Leader]

John Calipari is back from Spain


Well, that was a short trip. After heading to Spain on Saturday for the FIBA U17 World Championship, John Calipari is already back in the Bluegrass. Calipari watched Team USA take on Egypt on Sunday, giving him the opportunity to scout several 2017 targets, including Wendell Carter, Kevin Knox, and Gary Trent Jr., along with 2018 targets Immanuel Quickley, and Javon Smart.

Whereas his trip over was full of TSA wonder (they made him take off his belt and his pants fell off!), Calipari said the return trip was “pretty uneventful.”

Why not spend a few days enjoying the beautiful Spanish sunshine? Because Calipari’s gotta go to work. Not only does the July evaluation period begin next week at the Peach Jam, 2017 point guard Quade Green will visit UK in the coming days. Green visited Duke and got an offer this past weekend, and judging by his comments to’s Pat Lawless, he is looking for the same during his trip to Lexington:

“I’m headed to Kentucky in the next couple of days, which I am looking forward to,” Green said. “Hopefully I get an offer from the time that I am there and I’m interested to see how my conversation goes with the coaches.”

Clearly, Calipari is all in on Trae Young at point guard in 2017, but Cal has never shied away from offering multiple guards in one class. Something interesting to keep an eye on in the coming days.

Until then, let’s watch Green work:

Alex Poythress will play for the Orlando Magic in the NBA Summer League


Good news for one of our favorites: Alex Poythress will play for the Orlando Magic Blue squad in the NBA Summer League in Orlando. Poythress, who went undrafted last week, is one of six college players invited to join the squad for the one-week, 25-game event, which begins on Sunday. If he performs well, Poythress could land a free agent contract with the Magic or another team.

Also of note on the Orlando Magic Blue roster: UNLV’s Stephen Zimmerman, once a UK target; and Mississippi State’s Gavin Ware. Here’s their schedule, with 24 of the 25 games airing live on NBATV:

Saturday, July 2, 1:00 p.m.: Orlando Blue @ Indiana
Monday, July 4, 3:00 p.m.: Orlando Blue @ Detroit
Tuesday, July 5, 1:00 p.m.: Orlando Blue @ Miami
Thursday, July 7, 1:00 p.m.: Dallas @ Orlando Blue
Friday, July 8: Championship rounds

Best of luck, Alex. You got this.

Moving expenses may have prevented Pat Summitt from becoming UK’s women’s basketball coach

After her passing this morning, the sports world is reflecting on the life and career of Pat Summitt. Summitt was the head coach at Tennessee for 38 seasons, leading the Lady Vols to eight national championships, 18 Final Fours, and 16 SEC Championships. Summitt started her career at Tennessee in 1974 at the age of 22, but as the Herald-Leader’s Mark Story wrote yesterday, there was a time in which she considered taking the women’s basketball coaching job at Kentucky. Kentucky reached out to Summitt in 1976, and, as an avid Adolph Rupp and Kentucky men’s basketball fan, she listened.

“At that time, I had no way of knowing what the (financial) commitment to (women’s basketball) would be here,” Summitt said of Tennessee. “And, because it was Kentucky, I thought that job had a lot of potential.”

Alas, the course of women’s basketball history turned over $100.

“If my memory is right, I was making $8,900 at Tennessee,” Summitt said in 1998. “Kentucky was offering $9,000. I didn’t think I could afford to move for $100.”

Looking back, there have been some interesting near-misses with famous coaches in UK Athletics history, but this may take the cake.

Could we not have shilled out a few extra hundred dollars to help Pat move to the Bluegrass??

[Lexington Herald-Leader]