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July 25th, 2016

Mark Stoops sees “a totally different mindset” in his team this summer



Mark Stoops came on KSR this morning to talk about the new training facility and give us an update on how his squad’s doing less than two weeks before fall camp. There seems be a new swagger around the program in recent weeks, thanks in large part to the new training facility, which a national analyst told Matt is in the top five to ten training facilities in the country. When Matt shared that comment with Stoops, he agreed.

“I would definitely have to think so. What’s so nice about our facility is, so many people are pinched for space like we have been for all these years. We were far away from the stadium, far away from the indoor [practice field],” Stoops said, mentioning how in the past, he’s had to have busses ready to take the team from the Nutter Training Center to the Nutter Field House if lightning was in the area. “With our new facility directly tied into our indoor, basically 50 feet from our stadium, we have beautiful practice fields I’m looking out at from my office. The building itself, it’s everything I thought it would be. There’s no doubt it’s one of the top facilities in the country.”

Even before the facility opened, Stoops said he noticed a “totally different mindset” in his team during summer workouts.

“There’s no doubt. We do see them training, we see them running, but we are allowed to work with them on some football skills,” Stoops said. “I’ve been amazed at how committed our players have been just because there’s a totally different mindset. You can see it and feel it. When you walk out on that field tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m., every player will be here, they will all be in their position groups and they’ll be grinding on their technique and certain aspects of the offense and defense that we’ll work with them on.”

Part of that mindset? Attention to detail, a luxury UK hasn’t been allowed in previous years.

“Just their commitment level and the way they’ve been just focused on their work, it’s different because it’s so long, it’s so monotonous, it’s so hot throughout the summer, but they’re focused, their attention to detail is there, they’re trying to put the fine strokes on things, and that’s what it takes. We’ve been too broad stroked. We’ve had to change so much and get them in shape, get them bigger, get them stronger, get them mentally and physically to a point where they can handle and endure a tough schedule. Now, they’re putting the fine strokes on things and you can see them doing it at a very early time and that’s what I’m excited about.”

Listen to Stoops’ interview below:

“No bullsh**”: Stoops expects improvement at linebacker

stoops aint scared, come at me bro

To say linebacker is an area of concern heading into this season is an understatement. On today’s show, Mark Stoops addressed the issues at linebacker, particularly outside linebacker, where he admitted UK “really struggled” last season. To help, Stoops moved defensive coordinator DJ Eliot from inside linebackers to the outside linebackers in the spring, which he expects will help immensely.

“Coach Eliot, really, that’s his expertise. There was nobody I could go hire that knows what we want to do better than him,” Stoops said. “The great success we had at Florida State had a lot to do with how we played at in- and outside linebacker. He coached those guys and knows exactly what we want. He moved to inside because he was defensive coordinator and needed to be connected with pass run, the whole deal. We moved him back to outside linebacker, he knows how to train those guys, he knows how to coach them.”

Also helpful? Experience. Losing Bud Dupree and Za’Darius Smith was a tough blow to the unit a few years back, but Stoops likes what he sees from his returning players, particularly sophomore Josh Allen.

“You’re not going to recruit a better looking outside linebacker in the country,” Stoops said of Allen, who had to play the position as a true freshmen last fall. He also doled out praise to De’Niro Laster, who had to sit out last season after transferring from Minnesota.

“You’ve just got to bring them along. You guys have heard me talk about how hard it is to play that position,” Stoops said, getting a little fired up. “That’s where it’s hard, Matt, when you’re trying to piece the whole thing together when you come from where we came from.”

“You know I don’t like making excuses, there’s no bullsh—BS, it just is what it is. It just takes time to put it all together at every position and play at the level you need to play at to win in this league. You look at who we play and that’s a big part of it. We don’t discuss it because it is what it is. But put us in another league and believe me, wins come a lot easier.”

Listen to Stoops’ entire interview below:

Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Weekend


The new Bacon Mozzarella Burger goes beyond the cheesy and savory
flavor you’d expect because unlike some other guys, Wendy’s makes it with
fresh, never-frozen beef, and oven-baked, thick cut bacon. Plus a garlic
parmesan sauce and garlic brioche bun that make the whole thing a
deliciously different Bacon Mozzarella Burger you can only expect from

You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:

#10 Grant Peters

This picture is amazing.



#9 Dan Donovan

Disney D. Lamb



#8 matt hisle

I love it.



#7 George Armstrong

Maybe that’s why I decided to go on a run today.



#6 Melvin Dillon

Starring Rob Harris.



#5 Brandon Knight

Knight making the Big Blue Nation proud. Awesome stuff.



#4 Caviar King

Major upgrade.



#3 Bucky Small Hooves

Ben should of locked this drawer.



#2 Amanda Lemond

Safe answer is always “no”.



#1 Top 5 Bert

I don’t want to know.




The Best Movie Trailers from Comic-Con

You don’t need to see a trailer to be convinced to go see Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn should be more than enough motivation.

Each year nerds flock to San Diego for a mid-summers convention on all things nerd.  You don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy the product.

The pictures of people in CosPlay (a.k.a adults playing dress up) are entertaining, but the best results are the trailers released for upcoming movies.  Superhero movies are usually the big winners, but they’ll sometimes throw you for a loop.  Get the popcorn ready and enjoy the best of what #SDCC16 had to offer.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Harry Potter comes to America with Eddie Redmayne as the protagonist.  To land a guy who’s got back-to-back Best Actor noms is a pretty strong move.  Also starring Colin Ferrell, you don’t need to be a Harry Potter nerd that visits Harry Potter World (a.k.a me) to enjoy this one.

Kong: Skull Island

I’m still pretty pissed they wouldn’t open this ride when I was down at Universal Studios, but I can get over that with some F Bombs from Samuel L. Jackson.  Here’s to hoping Kong’s origin story is dedicated to the memory of Harambe.

Doctor Strange

Superheroes meets Inception.  If Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t involved, I wouldn’t be interested, but seeing Sherlock in a cape has piqued my interest.

Justice League

I don’t think this is the first Justice League trailer, but it’s pretty neat nonetheless.  I still haven’t gotten around to see Batman vs. Superman, but since I don’t see Superman in this trailer, I’m assuming he lost.  Not a fan of Affleck’s raspy voice, but he’s got a Bruce Wayne that I can appreciate. Regardless, I have a feeling The Flash is going to steal the show.

Wonder Woman

Those who did see Batman vs. Superman told me she was better than either of the title characters.  After watching this trailer, I understand why.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  This movie is going to be excellent; satire grown-ups can enjoy with their kids.  I dare you to watch this without smiling.  Besides, if I was Batman, the password to the Batcave would definitely be, “Na na na na na na na BATMAN!”


Watch Tremont Waters’ Highlights from Las Vegas

John Calipari’s three prospective point guards in the 2017 class were split up last weekend.  Trae Young and Quade Green played for Team USA in the FIBA 18U Americas Tournament.  Stateside, Tremont Waters’ Expressions Elite team was in Las Vegas for the Fab 48.

Waters plays alongside Nick Richards, the second-ranked center in the country who is high on Kentucky.  Waters placed UK in his top seven, but Connecticut appears have taken the lead as the Cats intensify their talks with Quade Green.

While Young is an outlier that plays like Steph Curry, Green and Waters share a style similar to Tyler Ulis.  They are both smaller guards that can use miraculous methods to create enough separation to release a shot.  If there is a difference between the two, Green is more physical near the rim whereas Waters’ range extends farther.  Check out Tremont’s step-back in the highlights below.

40 Days till Football Season: Highlights from the Last 40 Wins

Randall_Cobb collegeandmagnolia

We are 40 days away until the football season kicks off against Southern Miss at Commonwealth Stadium.  After three years of construction and more than $165 million spent, the UK football program is heading in the right direction.

Before we look ahead to Stoops’ pivotal fourth season, it’s appropriate to look back.  It’s taken more than eight years for the Cats to win 40 times, compared to 64 losses.  40 wins ago UK beat No. 1 LSU, the apex of the greatest football season many Kentucky football fans have ever seen.

Since then, I don’t have to tell you there haven’t been many highlights, but here is the best of the best.

2007: UK Beats FSU in the Music City Bowl

“Kentucky beats Florida State in a bowl game” is an impressive statement, no matter how many Florida State players were suspended before the game.  Even though the second half of the ’07 season didn’t go as well as the first, the 35-28 win provided an exciting exclamation point to cap-off Brooks’ best season at UK.

2008: A Liberty Bowl Win over East Carolina

The Cats couldn’t have won a record third-straight bowl game without Ventrell Jenkins.  The scoop-and-score from the defensive lineman with 3:19 remaining in the game is one of the most impressive plays in program history.  It’s not just because the 300-pounder outran skill players 50-yards for a touchdown, the stiffarm down the sideline removed the mouthpiece from an ECU Pirates’ mouth.  Seriously, you gotta watch the game-changer.

2009: SEC Road Wins

Kentucky won three times on the road in the SEC in 2009.  Yes, that happened.  Sure, one was Vanderbilt, but beating Georgia on the road rarely happens.

The year before Auburn won the National Championship, the Cats beat the 5-1 Tigers at Jordan-Hare  thanks to Randall Cobb and Morgan Newton’s ability to run out of the backfield.

2010: A Fourth Consecutive Governor’s Cup Win

The game was ugly, but the four-year streak over Louisville is the best run the Cats have ever had in the Governor’s Cup series.  2010 was the last time Louisville lost to Kentucky.

2010: Down Goes Spurrier

Randall Cobb’s 24-yard touchdown reception with 1:19 to play gave the Cats their first win against Steve Spurrier after falling to the Ole Ball Coach 17-straight times.

2011: Rocky Topped

Drew Franklin’s Scoop of the Century was what led Kentucky to their first victory over Tennessee in approximately 372 years.  Matt Roark’s quarterback heroics will live in Kentucky football lore forever.

2013: Spring Game

In the middle of the most difficult time to be a Kentucky football fan (back to back two-win seasons), the 2013 Spring Game provided optimism the program desperately needed.  More than 50,000 fans showed Mark Stoops that the Commonwealth cares about their football team.

Remembering what Mark Stoops started with is important.  “Almost” is never good enough, but it doesn’t hurt so bad when you realize where the program was in the Spring of 2013.  More than 50,000 people showed up just to say “we care,” even though they were treated to a game best described as “ugly.”  If those 50,000 are show up this fall, rest assured, they’ll see exponentially better talent on the field.

2014: JoJo Kemp Changes the Game

Arguably the greatest moment of Mark Stoops’ three year career, the WildKemp attack in the Chrome Domes was a moment the BBN needed.  In hindsight, many like to downplay the accomplishment because the Gamecocks weren’t as good as we initially thought.  It doesn’t matter.  Coming back to win a game off a tip-drill score from Bud Dupree…it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Kemp’s postgame interview still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  “I came here to change the program around and that’s what we’re doing.  We’re changing the game.  Why not Kentucky?  Why not us?” Watch it again.

2015: New CWS Opens with a “Boom”

It was so good it seemed scripted.  On the first play from scrimmage at the New Commonwealth Stadium, Boom Williams exploded for a 75-yard touchdown.

2015: Stoops Beats a Ranked Team

While many probably consider winning an SEC game on the road as a greater accomplishment (at South Carolina), people love to forget that Missouri was a Top 25 team when they lost at Commonwealth Stadium last year.  It was the first time Kentucky defeated a Top 25 team since Cobb took down Spurrier.

Calling Kentucky’s last eight years a “roller coaster” is a cliche, but the metaphor is too easily applied to this program.  The BBN was on top of a giant hill after beating number one LSU.  After hitting a few high points, the ride came to stop under Joker Phillips and was nearly derailed.  Since Stoops joined the program, they’ve slowly rebuilt the program.  All that’s missing is a big moment to help the ship take off.

For all the apprehensive Kentucky football fans, you’ve put up with poor play for a long time.  Before you cash out, it’s worth waiting out, if only for a little longer.

Coach Cal is Used as an Example During Basketball Media Training

The freshmen can't contain their 😂.

The freshmen can’t contain their 😂.

This year’s Kentucky basketball freshman are spending the evening receiving media training.  There are many lessons to be learned, but the one John Calipari learned in 1994 is the highlight of the night.

The freshmen were shown Cal’s 1994 spat with John Chaney during his postgame press conference after UMass took on Temple.  Brad Calipari, Wenyen Gabriel and Bam Adebayo shared the moment on Snapchat.  Bam was cheering on Coach Cal when the two coaches got after it.


If you forgot how it went down, here’s the 1994 footage in its entirety.


Last Year’s Cats to Host Big Blue ProCamp


Three Cats from last season’s basketball squad are teaming up to provide young Kentucky fans with an experience of a lifetime. What could you want more as a young Wildcat fan than meeting the players you watch sport the blue and white night in and night out? Speaking as someone who grew up a diehard UK fan, there would’ve been nothing I wanted more.

For the first two days of August, MidAmerica Sports Center in Louisville will be hosting the Kroger Unplug and Play Big Blue Basketball ProCamp in partnership with Tide presented by SunnyD with Tyler Ulis, Jamal Murray, and Alex Poythress. The camp might also be the winner of the “Longest Basketball Camp Name of All Time” contest.

Boys and girls grades 1-12 can pay $199 to participate in the two-day camp and also receive an autograph from the three players, a limited edition camp t-shirt and a camp team photo.

All three players promoted the event via their social media accounts earlier today with basically the same caption, letting Kentucky fans know they are excited to be hosting the camp.

Hosting the @kroger Big Blue ProCamp with my guys @BeMore27 & @AlexTheGreat22!

A photo posted by Tyler Ulis (@tulis3) on

To learn more about the camp and even register a camper, visit the camp website here.

UK Football Coaches Move Into the New FTC

@CoachHinshaw shared these photos with, "Having a great first day at the new #UKFTC best facility in the country!!! #BBN"

@CoachHinshaw shared these photos with, “Having a great first day at the new #UKFTC best facility in the country!!! #BBN”

Last week the players and coaches were able to see the new $45 million Kentucky Football Training Center for the first time, but they had to wait to move in for good.

Today the coaching staff was put to work in the New FTC for the first time.  The players will have to wait to move in until training camp begins on August 4.  Until then, the coaches are learning how to utilize all of the new technology and transforming their office space into home while the finishing touches are put on the rest of the unfinished spaces.

Coach Schlarman is enjoying his new, (temporarily) pristine view from the second floor balcony.

Lamar Thomas was excited to enter the building this morning.

When players visit his office, this is the message they’ll be greeted with on his desk.


If you want to see more of the facility, you can read my review, or take a tour with Avery Williamson, Courtney Love, Greg Hart and JoJo Kemp.


If Cincinnati Joins the Big 12, a Call Needs to be Made


The last week or so, the biggest talk in the college sports world is the likely expansion of the Big 12. Whether it’s the national or local media – I live in Cincinnati – the Bearcats are a name that is in the middle of it all. If this all happens, there needs to be a call placed immediately by Mitch Barnhart and the rest of the athletic department.

There needs to be an immediate football series between Kentucky and Cincinnati. UK would get another Power 5 team on the schedule to go with Louisville and on top of that it’s a natural rival. It’s not like Cincinnati is a dominant football school, but they are good enough that it would be a quality win rather than playing a Southern Miss, etc. It would help with recruiting even more into Ohio as the coaching staff can use the ‘play a game back home’ or ‘play against your hometown team.’

Again, it might just be because I’m living in Cincinnati now, but it seems like this would be the easiest call to make. What do you think?

KSR After Show: Ryan’s Wiki Leaks (7/25/16)

Welcome, Big Blue Nation, to the KSR After Show! I hope you had a great weekend and stayed nice and cool. Now it’s time to crank things up a notch as we kick off the week by breaking down today’s Kentucky Sports Radio, which was live from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Today, Matt, Ryan, and Drew gave us a recap of the weekend, a lot of football talk and news, and Mark Stoops joined the show to help spark our enthusiasm for the upcoming season, and much, much more.


Feel free to continue all of these conversations here on the KSR After Show, or you can:

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Today on Kentucky Sports Radio:

Tonight’s speakers at the DNC are Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, and Elizabeth Warren.


WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 12: First lady Michelle Obama speaks to students about higher education during an event at the Bell Multicultural High School, November 12, 2013 in Washington, DC. The first lady told students to commit to their education so that they can create a better future for themselves and their country. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Drew says he’s read Elizabeth Warren’s book.


Football practice starts in 12 days!


A national media person said he now thinks Kentucky is in the top 10 and potentially top 5 in athletic facilities.

The new facilities have retina scanners that must be used to gain access. 


Eddie Gran made an inappropriate joke at the Women’s Clinic over the weekend.


While speaking at the women’s clinic, Gran said that Coach Hinshaw says we have 13 periods in practice but women only have 1.

I don’t know if it’s a huge deal because I’m not even sure if it makes sense. Although he shouldn’t have tried to even go there, and if Tyler Thompson was there and says it came off as offensive, then I believe her. I’ve got to imagine that this was not a prepared joke and it just came to him. One of those things that sounds ok and funny in your head, but isn’t once you hear it out loud.

The guys once stole an Allen Iverson rubber duck from the arena that they are in for the convention.


Did you know the Mission Impossible movies are true stories? 


Lamar Thomas’ trash talk continues

He said he likes his new boss more than his old one. I’m with the fellas here, I love Lamar’s attitude and his trash-talking nature. Not only is it fun to follow and watch, but I think it’s a good way to get the players fired up and ready to follow you into battle on the field.  So, I think it’s a brilliant move to stir things up and give these guys more reasons to stand by him. Without going overboard of course, which I don’t believe he has done.

Ryan is a premature “booer” and sometimes wiki leaks…

I don’t want to know what that is insinuating.

Mark Stoops joined the show.


  • Logistics wise, the new facilities help tremendously with practice and overall everyday functionality.
  • He is the most proud of having the facilities now for the current players; helping on the recruiting front follows, that but is also enormously important.
  • Stoops is really proud of all of the people involved in getting the new facility done and of how quickly it all came together.
  • These new facilities will help UK football for 50 years.
  • Coach is already impressed with the team’s focus and drive.
  • The team does need to improve on the defensive line, but they are getting better and better everyday.
  • Coach Eliot has moved from coaching inside linebackers to outside linebackers, where he has more expertise and will help bring all of the young guys on the roster to build up a better defensive front and attack.
  • Stoops is so fired up he almost cursed on the radio.
  • He doesn’t hear all of the trash talk that goes on, specifically with Coach Thomas, but he says when he hires guys, he knows who they are and he knows that when Lamar speaks, he has substance behind his words, so the swagger and talk is fine.

It’s hard not to get excited when listening to Mark Stoops speak. You can tell he has no problems getting the team jacked before games. I just really hope all of this translates on the field this season. As a fan of UK football, and as a fan of Mark Stoops. I want to see him here and having success for many years to come, not just the next two.

Ryan thinks Tim Kaine is a NASCAR driver. 


People forget that Gimel Martinez had a Hitler Stash.


KSR Football fan love lessons:

“It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.” Matt Jones

Drew says we need to rebound and it’s time to swipe right on Kentucky football.


Would you vote for Kayne West for President? How about John Calipari? 

Between the two, it’s not even a debate, I’m picking Coach Cal every time. I don’t think I could vote for Kayne. He does seem like a very intelligent dude, but some of the things he says are so ridiculous. It would be pretty scary if he was commander in chief.

Ryan’s favorite statement is “You can’t fix stupid.”


Even with all of the disappointment, why can’t we be excited about football?

Yeah, why can’t we? Why does it have to be one or the other? Even if you felt embarrassed or let down last season, that’s no reason not to get behind the team this year and hope, and cheer for the best! That’s the definition of a true fan to me. So, I am excited, hell I can’t wait to start hearing things from practice, let alone how pumped I am to get to that first game against Southern Miss.

UK Football’s slogan this year is “Finish”


Wait… Think I got that wrong. Seriously though, do you like “finish” as the slogan or rallying cry for football this year? Can you think of any better ones?

The NBA pulled the All-Star game out of Charlotte, North Carolina because they did not change their discrimination law.  

Now the NCAA has asked for all tournament destination spots to define their discrimination laws by August. They have also hinted that if their laws are not up to the NCAA’s equality standards, then those locations may not be eligible to have game played in their state, which, of course, affects the state of North Carolina as well. The NCAA Tournament games that are played in North Carolina every year essentially give Duke and UNC home games and may be no more if the laws do not change.

This is commendable to both the NBA and NCAA. For once, they’ve both gotten it right here I believe. The only way they are ever going to invoke change is if they stick to their guns and do — or don’t do with this matter — what they say they won’t. The state of North Carolina is now going to miss out on millions and millions of dollars after losing the All-Star Game. I’m sure that will be felt pretty severely and cause lawmakers to rethink their positions on discrimination laws in their state.

Thank you, BBN, for joining us on the KSR After Show! Have a great Monday evening!

UofL Board of Trustees holding special meeting tomorrow to discuss President Ramsey’s resignation

Is tomorrow the day James Ramsey is finally out at UofL? According to WHAS’ Chris Williams, the UofL Board of Trustees has called a special meeting for tomorrow at 9:30 a.m., and “Consideration of President’s Resignation” is on the agenda:


On Thursday, Board of Trustees Chairman Junior Bridgeman announced Ramsey’s resignation, but said it wouldn’t be official until the board approved it at their next meeting on August 16. Judging by tomorrow’s special session, it appears that timeline has been moved up.

Now, the real question becomes whether or not Ramsey will also resign from his position as President of the UofL Foundation, the true center of corruption. (I’m guessing no.)

Want to tailgate in The 1865 Club? It just got a lot cheaper

In April, UK announced plans for “The 1865 Club,” a group of luxury tailgating suites that can accommodate up to 30 fans each. Each private suite will have approximately 300 feet of indoor entertainment space, with a kitchen, four high-definition televisions, heat and air, a full-size refrigerator, and half-bath. Each suite – located outside the southwest corner of Commonwealth Stadium in the green space adjacent to the President’s Pavilion – will also have an outdoor entertainment space with a television and exterior awning.

At the time, the suites were priced at $6,000 to $8,000 per game, or $50,000 for the whole season, but last week, UK sent out an email telling interested parties that the price has been lowered to $5,000 per game, or $30,000 per season. That includes 30 passes per suite, but does not include game tickets. (For more information, contact Elizabeth Briggs at

So…$30,000 for seven home games. Would you do it?

Picture of the Day: John Calipari and MKG in a diner in New Jersey


Where do you go for lunch in New Jersey when you’re John Calipari and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist? Apparently, Penn Queen Diner in Pennsauken, New Jersey. Cal and MKG stopped by the diner yesterday after attending the funeral for Carol Rose, the mother of famous sports agent and longtime Calipari friend Leon Rose.

Outside of the diner, Calipari posed for another picture with MKG, whom he called “one of the hardest workers I’ve ever coached.”

Is it just me or has Cal actually lost weight? Maybe MKG’s work ethic is rubbing off on him.

Quade Green puts UK in his final 13


You know it’s a slow news day when I’m reporting that a basketball recruit included UK in his list of top 13 schools, but hey, that’s late July for you. Five-star point guard Quade Green listed UK in his top 13 schools on Twitter yesterday, along with Arizona, Duke, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Temple, Villanova, Virginia and Xavier:

(I really hope that little smiley face is a nod to the fact that he’s only narrowed his list to 13 and people are still reporting on it.)

Green is the third point guard in the 2017 class UK offered behind Trae Young and Tremont Waters, and was one of five UK targets on the USA U18 Team that captured gold over the weekend at the FIBA Americas Championship in Chile. Kentucky continues to prioritize Young over Green and Waters at point guard, but given the roster exodus on the horizon, I’d expect Cal to try to snag two of the three, and Green’s put in a good showing this summer. Duke is still considered his favorite, with 81% of the predictions in the 247 Sports Crystal Ball.

All of this is really an excuse to watch Green’s highlights, because what else are we going to do on a day as miserably hot as this one?