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November 21st, 2014

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Play of the Game or Play of the Year?

All six feet of Dominique Hawkins went up over a Boston defender to finish off a beautiful lob from Devin Booker with a two-handed slam. Perfect execution and extreme confidence from Booker to throw it up there to Hawkins, who didn’t let him down.

Kentucky 89, Boston 65


Cats put away the pesky Terriers 89-65

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It wasn’t as fun as the Kansas game, but the Cats eventually put away the pesky Terriers from Boston University 89-65.

Aaron Harrison led all scorers with 19, but Devin Booker was close behind with 15 points and an impressive SEVEN assists. Nice MVP pick, Drew Franklin.

More coming throughout the night…

UK vs. Boston U. LIVE BLOG

Live Blog UK vs. Boston LIVE BLOG

Dominique Hawkins gets the start in place of Alex Poythress

Alex Poythress isn’t feeling well and will sit out this game, so Calipari says Dominique Hawkins will start in his place and share the position on the blue platoon with Derek Willis.

15 minutes ’til the live blog. The game will be on Fox Sports South, so let’s get an early start on sharing the links…

This Kansas fan fulfilling a bet wants tonight’s over/unders


This Kansas fan bet a KSR reader that the Jayhawks would beat the Cats. That didn’t happen, so he had to sport Kentucky gear at work today, which I must say is a nice improvement. Isn’t it nice to be on the winning side for once in seven years, Kansas fan?

Tonight’s game will likely be a blowout, so to keep things interesting, let’s set some over/unders:

1. Points scored by UK: 85.5

2. Points scored by Boston: 50.5

3. Dancing Guy rail slides: 3.5

4. Blocks: 11.5

5. Dunks: 10.5

6. Drunk callers to the postgame show: 1.5

7. Platoon changes: 5.5

8. References to the “Can UK beat the 76ers” debate: 2.5

9. Number of times people ask for a link on the live blog: 20.5

10. “Third platoon” points: 3.5

Let’s hear it.

Scouting Report: Boston Terriers





Kentucky Basketball Scouting Report

Opponent: Boston University             Date: 11/21/14


  • Extremely good 3-point shooting team! 17/40 (42.5%) so far this season.
  • They are a jump shooting team; 33 of their 42 field goals have been assisted.
  • Very small team. Undersized forwards and no real size on the bench.
  • Not the same Boston team from the last couple years, new guys in expanded roles.


#0        G         Eric Johnson: 6’2’’ 180                     FR.

Not sure if he will get the starting not this evening or not, split starting the first two games with fellow freshman Cheddi Mosley. Johnson is an athletic guard who can do a little bit of everything.

#2        G         John Papale: 6’3’’ 190                       JR.

Papale is one of the most accurate shooters in the country.

Papale is one of the most accurate shooters in the country.

3-POINT SHOOTER!!! Papale is one of the best pure shooters in the country, shooting well over 40% for his career. He has already connected on 6 of his 13 attempts this season and is second on the team with 14 points per game. While he is certainly a shooter first and foremost, he is a pretty good passer and can get some offensive rebounds.

#21      G         Cedric Hankerson: 6’5’’ 190             SO.

Hankerson is definitely the Terriers best playmaker; he is averaging a team leading 15.5 points and 6.5 rebounds a game so he knows how to make plays for himself and others. He will shoot the 3 a lot, but what he is best at offensively is getting to the foul line. Very good all-around offensive player.

#22      F          Nathan Dieudonne: 6’7’’ 225            JR.

2012 Kentucky Mr. Basketball from Trinity High School. Nathan has had a very good career for Boston through his first 2 seasons, he started all but 1 game last season and averaged 5.2 points to go with 4.7 rebounds. Through the first 2 games this season he is averaging 8 points and a team leading 9.5 rebounds. Can knock down an open 3.

#32      F          Justin Alston: 6’8’’ 220                    JR.

Alston is an athletic forward who can score in some creative ways around the basket. He is one of the few Terrier players who isn’t a shooter. Not a very physical around the basket.


#15      G         Cheddi Mosley: 6’3’’ 175                 FR.

A very talented, athletic guard who started the opening game for Boston. He is a very, very good 3-point shooter and will really be looking to score when he is in the game.

#3        G         Eric Fanning: 6’5’’ 190                      SO.

Fanning redshirted last season after transferring from Wagner where he had a very solid freshman campaign. He is a good athlete who provides some size on the perimeter. Fanning can shoot the 3, but is at his best going to the basket and getting to the foul line.

Keys to the Game

  • Don’t be over confident. I think that how we come out and play early this evening will tell a lot about this team and our leadership. We already had a slow start in a classic “trap game” versus Buffalo, so I would like to see us avoid that tonight. I know we just beat Kansas by 32, but let’s come out and take care of business from the opening tip.
  • Dominate the glass. This is essentially always going to be a key for Kentucky because it is something we should do against every single team on our schedule. Against the Terriers tonight, with nobody over 6’8’’ in their rotation, we should be able to get second chances and finishes around the rim at will.
  • Protect the 3-point line. Our length and size should help us really contest their 3-point shots and turn them into drivers. Most of their rotation guys can really shoot, but they aren’t nearly as comfortable when attacking the rim off the dribble. If we can make them turn down 3’s for contested 2’s this could be a long night for BU.

Brandon Ramsey


Alex Poythress doubtful for tonight?

Darrell Bird l 247 Sports

Darrell Bird l 247 Sports

BREAKING NEWS! According to Ryan Lemond and his mysterious sources on the KSR Pregame Show, Alex Poythress is sick and is doubtful for tonight’s game.

Is this Derek Willis’ night to shine? Sam Malone says he’s joining the headband brigade:

Seth Greenberg says teams will have to control the tempo to beat the Cats

Our ole pal Seth Greenberg was on “SportsCenter” today to discuss this weekend’s games, and when asked his thoughts on Kentucky, Greenberg said this squad is one of a kind. “They are special, there is no doubt about it,” Greenberg said. “The thing that impresses me most is they play together. They share the basketball. When blue platoon is on the court, the white platoon is engaged.”

Greenberg scoffed a bit at the undefeated talk, but did say that in order to beat Kentucky, teams will have to control the tempo of the game. “How you beat them is you have to own the tempo of the game. You either have to speed them up or slow them down. You gotta keep them off the glass,” Greenberg said. “But this team has great depth, great talent.”

So far, we’ve yet to play a game in which the outcome is still in question in the final five minutes, but Greenberg said he’s curious to see who Cal plays at the end of the game if it’s close. “If they get in a possession basketball game, a time and score game, how are they going to handle it? Who’s going to be on the floor?”

This goes back to Cal’s “finishing five” question we tackled a few weeks ago, but after three real games, I’m going with the Harrison Twins, Trey Lyles, Willie, and Karl Towns.

Get ready for the Terriers with the KSR Pregame Show

Only a few more hours until the Cats take on the Terriers, which gives me an excuse to post this classic clip from “Best in Show.” Once that’s over, tune in to 630 WLAP for the KSR pregame show with Matt, Drew, and Ryan live from the Rupp Arena food court. The show will be streaming live on

Stick around for the Texas Roadhouse Countdown to Tip-Off Pregame Show on the UK Sports Network.  A list of affiliates around the state can be found here or you can listen online here.

Feel free to comment below.

KSR County Spotlight: Go Bananas In Fulton County!


Hey there! Feels like I haven’t seen you in forever. That drive down here took longer than I thought. But we’ve arrived, so let’s pick up where we left off and talk about our next stop on this county road trip … Fulton County!


Fulton Co


Sitting at our westernmost point, Fulton County was established in 1845. Fulton County was named after famous inventor, Robert Fulton. Fulton is widely regarded as the developer of the first commercial/practical steamboat.  In addition, he was hired by Napoleon Bonaparte to design the world’s first practical submarine, the ‘Nautilus’ in 1800. Given their large amount of shoreline on the Mississippi, Robert Fulton seems to be an appropriate namesake for the county.


"That's my boat." - Robert Fulton, and Forrest Gump

“That’s my boat.” – Robert Fulton, and Forrest Gump


Formed from Hickman County, Fulton’s county seat is the city of Hickman. However, Fulton County’s largest city is actually Fulton. So Fulton County is below Hickman County, but has a county seat named Hickman even though their largest city is Fulton. Hold on, this geography lesson gets weirder. Fulton County is home to an exclave known as Kentucky Bend. An exclave is a part of a state that is separated from the main part of said state by surrounding foreign land. Essentially Kentucky Bend is a portion of Kentucky completely surrounded by Missouri on the top, and Tennessee on the bottom. Residents of Kentucky Bend have to enter Tennessee in order to get back to the Kentucky. More of Kentucky Bend’s rich history can be perused over at KSR’s sister site,


Does it look like an ice cream cone to anyone else, or am I just hungry?

Does it look like a guy holding an ice cream cone to anyone else, or am I just hungry?


Speaking of food, let’s check out ‘The Banana Capital of the World’ (yep, you read that right), the city of Fulton! To elaborate, around 1880, South America was shipping all of their bananas to New Orleans, where they were loaded into railroad cars and sent north to Chicago. The only problem was that about halfway along their journey, the bananas would start becoming too hot, and spoiling. So in order to keep them cool, these trains would stop in, you guessed it, the city of Fulton so they could ice up their bananas from the Fulton Ice Plant. With about 70% of the country’s bananas rolling through Fulton, it was deemed the Banana Capital of the World. With all of this banana history, doesn’t a big banana celebration sound appealing? Every September, Fulton and her twin city of South Fulton, Tennessee hold their annual International Banana Festival. For 7 potassium filled days, visitors can enjoy numerous fantastic events including the Banana 5k, the Banana Ball, The Miss Banana Pageant and of course, the Banana Bake Off.  However the highlight of the festival is always the 1-ton Banana Pudding, considered the world’s largest. These residents will be pudding in a lot of work so visitors can have the time of their lives.  Before splitting from Fulton, make sure to check out the details of this amazing yearly event HERE.


There's no way I miss this next year.  Photo courtesy of

There’s no way I miss this next year. Photo courtesy of


Well folks, I hope you enjoyed our triumphant return to the tour of Kentucky counties. We’ll keep this tour steaming forward as after all those bananas, there’s no chance of cramping.  Let’s head back east and go hang out with my good friends Mila Kunis and Jim Beam, in Bullitt County!

Remember, if you want your county’s favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant, or cool town event featured, hit me up at and we’ll get it on here!



Kobi Simmons visiting this weekend

It looks like 2015 four-star big man Thomas Bryant won’t be the only recruit on campus this weekend. This afternoon, 2016 five-star point guard Kobi Simmons tweeted that he’ll also take an unofficial visit to Kentucky this weekend.

The 6’5″ Georgia native is considered the fourth best point guard in his class and and visited UK for the Alumni Game last year. UK visited him in Alpharetta earlier this month. Recently, he visited Kansas, Ohio State and Missouri, and also has offers from Louisville, Syracuse and Texas.

Enjoy yourself, Kobi. Enjoy these highlights, readers:

Brian Long is ready for tonight

In a promising sign for the third platoon, Brian Long hit the half court shot in today’s shootaround. Long’s dad is in town from New Jersey for tonight’s game, and something tells me he’ll get to see his son play in Rupp.

Kentucky Stole My Fish: Top 10 Tweets of the Week


The Kentucky basketball program has always its detractors. It comes with the territory when you’re the winningest program in the history of ever. However, there are a few fans of rival programs who have taken that hate to a whole new level. For a collection of all the salt, shade, envy, awe, and downright stupidity offered up by opposing fans on message boards, Facebook, etc., follow @UKStoleMyFish. As a reminder, these are actual posts from actual people. For real.