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July 6th, 2015

BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Your Completely Ridiculous, Hypothetical SEC East Champion Scenario

Every year before the football season begins, no matter how bad the UK team appears to be, I come up with a scenario where UK can win their first ever SEC East Championship and advance to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game.  Most years it’s truly insane stuff.  This year though, I get this weird feeling that the scenario below is not that far-fetched.  It would only require UK to win TWO SEC road games, one of which is Vanderbilt.  It allows them losses to South Carolina, Auburn, and Mississippi State.  It basically boils down to if they can pull off a huge upset AT GEORGIA.  But considering over the last decade it seems UK plays better against Georgia than anybody else in the SEC, I tend to think that is not a crazy thought.  So below is the 2015 SEC East Champions Hypothetical Situation:

Week 2
Kentucky loses at South Carolina
Georgia wins at Vanderbilt

Week 3
Kentucky beats Florida
Georgia beats South Carolina

Week 4
Kentucky beats Missouri
Florida beats Tennessee
Ole Miss beats Vanderbilt

Week 5
Ole Miss wins at Florida
Alabama wins at Georgia
Missouri beats South Carolina
Tennessee beats Arkansas

Week 6
Missouri beats Florida
LSU wins at South Carolina
Tennessee beats Georgia

Week 7
Auburn wins at Kentucky
Georgia beats Missouri
LSU beats Florida
South Carolina beats Vanderbilt

Week 8
Mississippi State beat Kentucky
Alabama beats Tennessee
Vanderbilt beats Missouri

Week 9
Kentucky beats Tennessee
Texas A&M beats South Carolina
Georgia beats Florida

Week 10
Kentucky wins at Georgia
Missouri beats Mississippi State
Florida beats Vanderbilt
South Carolina wins at Tennessee

Week 11
Kentucky wins at Vanderbilt
Auburn beats Georgia
South Carolina beats Florida

Week 12
Missouri beats Tennessee
Texas A&M wins at Vanderbilt

Week 13
Arkansas beats Missouri
Tennessee beats Vanderbilt

Kentucky: 5-3
Georgia: 4-4
Missouri: 4-4
South Carolina: 4-4
Tennessee: 3-5
Florida: 2-6
Vanderbilt: 1-7

US Women’s National Team’s Monday Morning Wakeup


On this 4th of July weekend most of the country was captivated by the US Women’s National Team, who destroyed Japan 5-2 to take the World Cup title and bring it back to the good old USA for the first time since 1999. The Women’s Team dominated the Cup defensively and had the offense kick in just in time in the Finals to make the victory a rather easy one and allow for celebration all over the United States. There aren’t enough times in our country when women’s sports are highlighted, but when they do and people can rally around them, it is always a great moment. The 1999 team’s World Cup victory may have been one of the signature moments ever in women’s sports and while this one didn’t seem to quite be on that level in terms of cultural significance, it was nevertheless a huge that garnered big ratings throughout the country. Congrats to the team and I hope everyone celebrated winning it all on our nation’s birthday weekend. What could be more patriotic…:

What to look for in the day ahead:

2016 Recruiting Heats Up

This week marks the start of the key stretch of summer recruiting for high school basketball stars as the July period hits its massive crescendo. The Peach Jam strikes at the end of the week and for John Calipari, his massive travel schedule all around the nation begins. UK is looking at an odd situation in 2016. The class is absolutely loaded, with a ton of top talent but the elite of the elite don’t necessarily have Kentucky as their top choice. The three best players in my view (Jayson Tatum, Harry Giles and Josh Jackson) all played this week for Team USA in the Under-19 World Championships and they were a force to watch. They were the leaders (along with Jalen Brunson who will play this year at Villanova) for the team winning the Gold and they showcased why the could end up one day being all top 5 Draft picks. Unfortunately, Giles will probably stay in his home state (North Carolina with Duke or UNC), Tatum seems to favor Duke and Jackson likes Kansas/Arizona. UK is on all three, but none seem to be favoring the Cats and thus Calipari will have to strike with others in the deep class. He has offered 12-15 kids so far and over the next two weeks, we should get some more indications of just who out of that group will be the most likely future Wildcats to come to Lexington.


If you don’t yet have the KSR iPhone App, get it, because it is probably the best thing we have done. We send out alerts on it to your phone (only for big things) and the app allows you to visit the site in ways you never have seen. We have more features coming this fall, and you can already listen to all the Podcasts by one click of the button. So just do it…download it and if you have an Android phone, trade it in for an iPhone…its worth it.

Kash Daniel picks the Cats

So Kentucky straight Kash homie on Saturday in the shortest Signing ceremony in the history of recruiting. It was over in 4 minutes and Kash picked UK and we were all happy. He also talked a little UL trash right after it (which I loved) and cemented his place with the Wildcats in what should be one of the best classes we have seen in our lifetimes. The class is ranked 13 on Rivals and if they get JUCO OL Tate Leavitt, could move into the Top 10. Either way, there are so many players committed that if they are kept together, the staff will only have a few small holes to fill, a great spot to be in this early in the process. Kudos to Mark Stoops, Vince Marrow, the Coordinators and Assistants for a job well done.


The news late Friday of Aetna’s purchase of Humana made me slightly nervous. As you can see from the chart above, Humana is our biggest company in the state and the worry about the 12,000 jobs leaving the city of Louisville is one that has been discussed throughout the city over the weekend. Early indications are that some of the business will stay and government officials say they are cautiously optimistic…but one thing that is obvious in such situations is that you never know at this stage how things will go when a new company takes over. We just have to hope that one of our state’s best corporate citizens can still remain a key part of the community.

NBA Summer League

I wrote last night about watching Andrew, Aaron and Dakari this weekend in their first NBA Summer League games so I won’t go over that ground again (just scroll down and take a look), but all those guys are back in action over the next two days. They each are playing big minutes for their team and in Aaron’s case, he moved aside the starting PG and is now at that position for the Charlotte Hornets. Even though the other UK guys (and Julius Randle and James Young) will take the court later in the week, the three players with the most at stake are playing crucial games right now…they may be some of the most important they will have and I am hoping they continue the solid level of performance we have seen thus far.


Before you get your week off to a start, check out these two articles on KSR done by the Hopkinsville paper and writer Chris Jung. The first is a good description of the KSR Tour stop in Hopkinsville and goes into some detail about what you could expect if you came to one…and the other is a Q and A with me in which the writer asked me my thoughts on Rick Pitino, Pat Forde, Kyle Tucker and a ton more. Both are worth checking out if you are a KSR fan.

Anatomy of a KSR Tour Stop

Q and A with Matt Jones

We go this week to these 5 places with the KSR Radio Tour. Come see us:

Monday: Morganfield Southern States
Tuesday: Grayson Simply the Best Restaurant
Wednesday: Pikeville Bank 523
Thursday: Williamson Appalachian Wireless in the Williamson Mall
Friday: Kentucky Speedway

July 5th, 2015

Kash Daniel commitment completes “clean sweep”

If you haven’t heard by now, Kentucky football’s latest Yahtzee came yesterday afternoon when four-star linebacker Kash Daniel picked Kentucky over Louisville and South Carolina. Now that Daniel has committed, Kentucky officially has the top three recruits out of the state. The other two being four-star offensive linemen Drake Jackson and Landon Young.

The Courier-Journal’s Kyle Tucker spoke to JC Shurburtt, a national recruiting analyst for 247Sports about what Daniel can bring to Kentucky along with Jackson and Young.

“It’s huge to have three guys that are Army Bowl guys this year, and to get them all, it’s gigantic. Every recruit in the country watches that and they’re going to be hearing ‘Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky’ over and over again during the broadcast.”

“I think the guy can go to Kentucky and be the leading tackler for the Wildcats three years. Just tough as nails, knows the game, is extremely talented and has a good upside. When you’re trying to play football in the SEC, you can never have too many guys like this.”

Read the full article here.

The #BBN can watch Kash Daniel, Landon Young, and Drake Jackson in the U.S. Army All-American game January 9 on NBC.

Watching Andrew, Aaron and Dakari


I am a sucker for the NBA Summer League and have been for the past couple of years. It comes at that time of the year when nothing else important is on television sports-wise (I love watching the Tour de France, but more for its nap-inducing qualities and the announcers’ voices). This year KSR will be making a trek to the Vegas Summer League, but play has already begun in Orlando, with a few teams kicking off their play. Thus, I spent a few hours this weekend watching the games involving the UK guys and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed them. It turns out that the Orlando league includes the three players from UK in the most precarious position (Andrew, Aaron and Dakari), and since it is likely you spent the weekend oding something besides watching Summer League basketball, I decided to give you a review of what you missed:

Andrew Harrison:

Of the three, Andrew looked the most NBA-ready and based solely on what I saw in Orlando, the most likely to make the team. The Memphis Grizzlies had Andrew in their starting lineup and played him a ton of minutes, although surprisingly most of it was at the Shooting Guard position. This may have been due to the fact that the Grizzlies also have Russ Smith and his height requires him to play the point, but regardless Andrew spent most of his two games at the two guard. He played both games consistently and his stats reflected it. Andrew had 10 points in the first game, 9 in the second, but most importantly fit into the flow of the play well. He attacked the basket when it was available, made a number of good passes, was serviceable on defense and limited his turnovers while averaging around 24 of the 40 minutes a game. His team plays up tempo (at least in the Summer League) and that served him well, allowing him lanes to attack and he did a great job making decisions both games as to when to go to the rim and when to pass. I divide Summer League players into two categories…those that look like they belong in the NBA (about 20% of them) and those that don’t (the rest). Andrew was in the first group and seems likely to me to find a way onto the roster.

Aaron Harrison

It was a tale of two games for me for Aaron Harrison as my opinion changed dramatically between Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday Aaron scored 10 points, and started strong. But then as the game went on, he seemed a bit out of sorts, lost on defense and never totally in the game flow. Part of this was due to his team, as Frank Kaminsky was dominant for most of the game (he was the best player I saw over the two days worth of games…much to my surprise actually) and PJ Hairston shot the ball constantly (and poorly) thus dominating most of the action. However whatever concerns I might have had on Day One dissipated on day 2, was Aaron was great in the game against his brother for the Charlotte Hornets. He had 16 points, 8 assists, started the game at Point Guard (on Day One, he came off the bench playing Shooting Guard) and truly found his rhythm. He shot the ball poorly from outside both days (he only made one three pointer, calling to mind Jay Bilas’s Draft Day comments that Aaron is a shooter who isn’t making shots), but he attacked the rim perfectly and totally dominated Russ Smith (who guarded him) on the offensive end. Reporters who cover the Hornets were tweeting about how Aaron looked like he belonged in preseason camp and he was probably the story of Day Two. It was a much needed good performance from a kid who wants to shake off the disappointment of Draft night. Through two days, Aaron seems to be on track to take the next step.

Dakari Johnson

Dakari only played one game over the last two days and it was starting at Center for the Oklahoma City thunder team. He was solid, 7 points and 11 Rebounds, and if you watched the game, you saw a lot of what he did at Kentucky. He took up space down low, played solid defense and rebounded well when the ball was in his area. He struggled quite a bit on the pick and roll, and really had difficulty the couple of times he had to guard Kaminsky. However he was solid and looked to be in good shape after the Draft. He fared better than the other former Cat on the Thunder, Marquis Teague (who didn’t play and wasn’t even wearing the same shorts as the rest of the team) and the fact that he started was a good sign. But the best player on his team was Mitch McGary and Dakari simply blended in with a good performance. I have no idea what his future holds and I want to see him play a couple of more games…but if you believe his likely role in the NBA is a long-term backup Center in the league, he did nothing to suggest that couldn’t be achieved through his first game in the Summer League.

All three players have a number of more games and will each have to make more strides to make their teams. But for all three, especially Aaron, the weekend seems to have been a success, which is very good news.

USA WINS THE WORLD CUP! USWNT earns their third star



The USA Women’s National Team pulled a UK-UCLAesque beating on Japan’s national team today to become World Cup champions for the third time in USWNT history with a score of 5-2. Carli Lloyd made history when she became the only American to score a hat trick in the World Cup, doing so in just sixteen minutes. Her first two came in minutes 3′ and 5′ and then her third came at minute 16 from midfield after Lauren Holiday’s goal in minute 14.



The last time that USA played in the World Cup Finals was in 2011 against Japan in extra-time, making tonight’s victory that much sweeter. The other two USAWNT World Cup titles come from 1999 against China and 1991 against Norway.

As if Carli Lloyd’s hat-trick wasn’t historic enough, the USA is also the first time to win three World Cup titles and tonight’s match-up was also the highest scoring in World Cup Finals history.


What Politicians Can Learn at the Poker Table


Alas, ’twas not to be…again.  After an extraordinary run of luck in my maiden, bucket-list-sealing jaunt through the 2012 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas (read about it here), the next three annual attempts to relive my glory have fallen far, far short.  This year’s journey began promising, but when I found myself at around 12:30 AM holding the second best starting hand in the game – two kings – I quickly was reminded that it is indeed the very worst hand when you run into a pair of aces.

Oh well…it was all for a good cause.  Seriously.  And I learned again that my prior profession (politics) and my current passion (poker) have a lot more than just bluffing in common. If last week’s WSOP Little One for One Drop tournament was any indication, politicians of all suits could learn a stack about moral leadership from the pros at the green felt.

One of the most popular competitions at the 46th Annual World Series of Poker (behind of course the celebrated Main Event, which lunges toward its final table of nine this weekend), Little One for One Drop is one part cut-throat competition, the other, charity fundraiser. Eleven percent of all event proceeds benefit One Drop, a nonprofit created in 2007 by Cirque du Soleil founder (and high-stakes poker player) Guy Laliberté with the mission of providing clean water accessibility to some of the globe’s most arid and polluted regions.

The event buy-ins, plus a coordinated WSOP effort to urge all of its winners to donate at least 1 percent of their earnings to One Drop, net the charity more than $7 million every year. Moreover, says Alexandre Meunier, One Drop’s director for philanthropic development, the widely publicized tournaments and the high-profile volunteer efforts of poker pros help “bring public attention to the global scarcity of water, [encouraging] people to go to their political leaders and demand change.”

The marriage of political advocacy and poker wouldn’t surprise close observers of both; indeed, the two zero-sum games are really two sides of the same chip. As esteemed political prognosticator and poker savant Nate Silver told me, “politics and poker share the feature of being both very prosaic and very poetic”: Building your chip stack by grinding with careful mathematical calculations is akin to developing a sound get-out-the-vote effort through micro-targeted polling and door-to-door canvassing; riding an electric run of great cards and lucky flops is as thrilling as being uplifted by a gifted political orator. Of course, Silver—who poetically surged to near the top of the of the leaderboard on Day 1 of the 2013 Little One event, only to meet a prosaic bustout on Day 2—concedes that poker is the “more refreshing” of the two contests: “It’s pure, undistilled competition, with no intrigue, no B.S.”

There’s also no disputing that the two games require similar skill sets. A career in politics could in fact prepare someone quite well for a life at the poker table. Consider:

• Serving up fiery, red-meat orations at partisan rallies or stump-speaking amid hostile, heckling crowds at open events can help a poker player perfect the art of projecting confidence… or alternatively, vulnerability… and shape a poker face to confuse opponents as to the strength of any particular hand.

• Retail campaigning—the hand-shaking, back-slapping, and baby-kissing—enabling someone to observe, listen to, and really understand people, can be employed powerfully in a game in which you have to read the strength of your opponents’ hands by their facial expressions and body language.

• Late-night, smoke-filled, back-room, legislative negotiations—tests of endurance and concentration—provide invaluable practice for sitting long hours at tables with adversaries who’d say or do anything to provoke you or otherwise knock you off your calculated strategy.

• Waiting out filibuster blockades, partisan stall tactics, and special-interest foot-dragging—to win even the smallest of policy victories—can equip anyone with the resolve to withstand days of numbing boredom at the poker table, and to resist all temptations to take risky gambits that could send the player to the rail.

But what’s perhaps more clear from observing the World Series of Poker is how much today’s politicians could learn from the celebrated card game.

Poker legend T.J. Cloutier, whose book Championship No Limit and Pot Limit Hold ’Em taught a generation how to play the game (including this recovering politician), believes that many politicians could pick up a lot about adversity—and how to transcend it—at the card table: “Poker players have to deal with a lot of difficult, high-pressure situations, just like politicians,” Cloutier remarks. “But the most successful poker champions are able to shrug off bad beats. That’s not something you see too often in politics.”

Jim Fannin, a mental-performance coach who’s counseled many of the best poker players in the world (as well as hundreds of sports stars and Fortune 500 CEOs), says his core poker advice is equally applicable in the arena: “Politicians are too easily swayed, too easily influenced by special interests and lobbyists… there’s just way too much cluttering their minds. I’d advise them [like my poker clients] to clear their mind of everything, and let intuition take over. Intuition has real-time information that the conscious mind does not process. When you do what your intuition tells you is right for your constituents, your country… your political success will be uncanny.”

And perhaps the best tricks come from The Magician himself,  Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari, who took home $18 million in 2012’s inaugural Big One for One Drop tournament. Esfandiari told me that he revels in the camaraderie among the most talented professionals, who leave their battles at the table, in contrast to the politics as usual in hyper-partisan Washington: “Unlike most politicians, we’re not always putting our personal interests above the people in the world… We just get good things done.”

Could the World Series of Poker emerge as a personal-grudge-drained model for post-partisan politics? Perhaps not. But if a few more politicos took the mental strategies and compassionate approach modeled by the world’s leading card sharps, the promise of clean-water accessibility promoted by One Drop could be just the tip of our melting icebergs.

A version of this essay appeared previously at The Daily Beast.

Get ready for football season at the Kick-Off Luncheon

If you’re a UK Alumni or friend join Mark Stoops, Shannon Dawson, D.J. Eliot and the Greater Louisville UK Alumni Club for the 2015 Kentucky Kickoff Luncheon on July 31 in Louisville at the Galt House.

For those that want to go, tickets for UK Alumni Association members are $50 dollars and non-members are $55. Tables for 10 are also available for $500 and you can get a joint sponsorship for the Kick0ff and Tipoff luncheons for $1500 which includes tables at both events.

If you want to preview of the new highlight video, hear the coaches talk about the upcoming season or ask those hard-hitting questions on this season that you’ve been dying to ask since the Louisville game ended last November, RSVP by July 22. You can do so by calling 800-269-ALUM (2586) or going to

If you want to learn more about the event that really sets the football season in motion email John Ryan and Steve Rush at

September fifth is right around the corner Cat fans, hold tight.

(Image via @ukstoopstroops)

(Image via @ukstoopstroops)

Aaron shines, but Andrew wins in NBA Summer League matchup



For the first time in their pro careers, the Twins faced off in their second summer league game of the season. While the Grizzlies won 79-75 and Andrew had nine points and grabbed six rebounds, Aaron was the one who shined today. Aaron started at point and had 16 points, lead the team in assists with eight and had four rebounds.

After the game NBA TV interviewed the Twins and Andrew admitted that they wanted to silence the haters.

Watch the full interview and highlights from the game:

Jamal Murray turned down contract for Kentucky

CIS9GW_UAAA42hy (1)Last week, Jamal Murray ended John Calipari’s recruiting drought (R.I.P April 2015- June 2015) after he committed to play for the Wildcats this upcoming season. Murray is the missing piece for next year’s team and apparently he chose Kentucky over more than just Oregon. According to Hype Hoops Canada, Murray turned down a seven-figure pro contract to play for Cal.

Read about it here: 247 Sports

I don’t know about you all, but I am definitely excited to see Murray’s handling alongside Ulis and Briscoe in the back court next year.

BLOCK of the Year?


The 2016 High School recruiting class is one of the best in the last 10 years. At the top of the class are five guys of tremendous talent and three of those (Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum and Josh Jackson) would potentially be the top three picks in next year’s NBA Draft if they were eligible. All three are playing for Team USA in the Under-19 World Championships and all three are starting because of their tremendous talent. The Cats are recruiting all three and would love any to end up in Lexington, including Jayson Tatum. His explosiveness is unbelievable and he has had a tremendous week dunking on everyone…well except until today’s finals. Tatum went to the basket against Croatia and…well he ended up on the receiving end of the block of the year.

Harrison twins face off in Orlando Summer League

Harrison hug

Here is your friendly KSR reminder that at 3:00 p.m. on NBA TV the Harrison twins will be playing each other for the first time since leaving Kentucky in the Orlando Summer League. Andrew, who was drafted in the 2nd round by the Memphis Grizzlies will know Aaron’s game undoubtedly better than any of his teammates.

Aaron made his rookie debut yesterday with the Charlotte Hornets on Day 1 of the Orlando Summer League games, one game before his brother did the same. Aaron finished his debut with 10 points, five rebounds, three steals and two assists in 22 minutes. Andrew had eight points, including a made three-point attempt, three assists and no turnovers in his debut with the Grizzlies. Both will get a chance to showcase their talents again today, but rather than complementing one another like they did in blue, they will have a chance to shine on their own.

And for one last memory, here’s the clip of Andrew telling Aaron to “shoot” his game-winning three against Wisconsin. Too bad we won’t see a connection like this anymore. *insert sobbing face*


The importance of landing Kash Daniel

A commitment from four-star linebacker Kash Daniel makes three high school All Americans in the 2016 recruiting class joining Drake Jackson and Landon Young. They will join the other four high school All-Americans already on UK’s campus for the upcoming season. Rivals college football recruiting expert, Justin Rowland, was quick to recognize how key Daniel will be for Kentucky. He mentioned in a string of Tweets yesterday that Daniel might be the “most college-ready linebacker Kentucky has landed in several years”. With Daniel’s advanced defensive skills and signs of offensive leadership from commit Drake Jackson, it’s looking like this recruiting class is going to be one of Kentucky’s strongest yet.

Four-star WR Tino Ellis places Kentucky in his final 6



2016 wide receiver Tino Ellis announced yesterday that he has narrowed his options down to six schools, one of those being Kentucky. The 4-star receiver from Hyattsville, Maryland says he is planning to make his decision on July 31st. Though Ellis hasn’t shown signs of favoritism, keep an eye on the Hokies as his cousin Donovan Riley plays cornerback for the team. With that and his home state of Maryland in the mix, we will see in 26 short days if Mark Stoops can work his magic and bring Ellis to the bluegrass.


Sunday Morning Links


Rub those sleepy eyes, BBN, and get your Sunday best on because we’ve got a full day for you! We know you’re moaning and groaning at how yesterday’s celebratory decisions might be hitting you hard now, but never fear, Sunday is the chance to start anew. So with a clean slate ready to start the day, here are a few links from across the World Wide Web to get you off on the right foot.

— What could be more American than a hot dog eating contest? An upset at the hot dog eating contest on America’s birthday, that’s what! ESPN, thankfully, has all of the action covered for you from yesterday’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. The winner ultimately consumed 62 hotdogs and buns, but we’ll leave it to you to find out who pulled the upset. []

— Experts are liking the 2015-2016 Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, according to some folks over at the Courier Journal. In the article, Jay Bilas, Gary Parrish and Mike DeCourcy all agree that Kentucky is going to be a force to be reckoned with and should be the preseason No. 1. But honestly, who’s surprised? []

— USA Today is weighing in on the upcoming Women’s World Cup Final match that will ensue today between our own Team USA and Japan. All of the experts have the U.S. scoring two goals and ultimately winning the match, but we’ll have to see for ourselves tonight at 7:00 p.m. []

— As if you didn’t get enough red, white and blue yesterday, the Bleacher Report posted a slideshow of photos from athletes celebrating America’s Independence. From the classic boat ride on the lake to a little celebratory weight room action, these celebrity athletes did it all (and they have the pictures to prove it). []

— While you’re waiting to cheer on the U.S. in their final soccer match of the World Cup today, don’t forget to check out a few former Wildcats as they continue their NBA rookie season in Day 2 of the Orlando Summer League. SB Nation has the schedule and all of the preview info you’ll need to sit back and enjoy a nice Sunday of sports, like the good Lord intended. []

See you back here in a few. ‘Merica.

Uncle Sam’s Post 4th of July Sunday Morning Wake Up


uk uncle sam

Good morning Big Blue Nation, I hope you’re feeling extra free today as you nurse those 4th of July hangovers and look forward to another year of celebrating the red, white and blue. So while you’re hopefully still reminding yourself that not only are you a member of the best country in the world, but also the best fanbase, stick around with us today for some NBA Summer League action and a little taste of America doing what it does best…winning.

Here are some things you may have missed:


Kash Daniel committed to Kentucky


Yesterday Coach Mark Stoops and his University of Kentucky Wildcats received a commitment from All-American Kash Daniel, for the 2016 recruiting class. Kentucky beat out South Carolina for the four-star Kentucky-bred linebacker, which made celebrating America’s freedom a little sweeter.

Orlando Summer League kicked off for some former Cats

Former Kentucky Wildcats, Aaron and Andrew Harrison as well as Dakari Johnson, made their NBA Summer League debuts yesterday in Orlando. Aaron Harrison had 10 points, five rebounds, three steals and two assists in 22 minutes for the Charlotte Hornets who were playing Dakari Johnson and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Johnson finished with 11 rebounds, one assist and one steal in 23 minutes. Following the Aaron/Dakari matchup, Andrew Harrison had eight points and three assists for the Memphis Grizzlies. Overall it was a successful start for these former Cats in their summer NBA debuts.


David T. Foster, III | Charlotte Observer

David T. Foster, III | Charlotte Observer


UK took over the SEC Network

You might’ve noticed during your 4th of July festivities that UK athletics completely took over the SEC Network. From throwbacks like the 2007 Kentucky vs. Louisville football game when “Stevie Got Loose” to the close UK/UL basketball matchup from this past season, it was all blue all day long.

Now here are a few things to look forward to today:

The Harrison twins will face off at 3:00 p.m.

Wisconsin v Kentucky

Kentucky’s own Aaron and Andrew Harrison will play against each other for the first time in the NBA during Day 2 of the Orlando Summer League at 3:00 p.m. The two each brought something different to the table during their time at Kentucky so it will be interesting to see how they handle one another’s strengths and weaknesses. So sit back, relax, and get ready to watch your favorite twins battle it out in the big leagues.


Team USA plays for the World Cup Championship


The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team will play for the World Cup Title in a revenge match against Japan at 7:00 p.m. today on Fox. After defeating Germany to advance to the finals, the U.S. is looking to clean up some unfinished business from their previous World Cup finals loss to Japan in 2011. You can keep your 4th of July decor hanging proud and tune in to cheer Team USA to victory.