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September 14th, 2014

Connor Pack’s Thursday News and Views

Connor Pack’s pulse raced as he peeked around the door at the giant crowd of students assembled in Morehead State’s rec center. The crowd was three deep on the sidelines of the court and rimmed the second floor balcony, and they were all here to see him, even the basketball team. Adrenaline pumping, Connor tugged on his t-shirt and walked into the gym to raucous cheers. He searched for his buddy across the court, who nodded at him, basketball in hand.

“Here we go, Connor,” he thought to himself. “Here we go.”

Bouncing to the bassline of whatever song was playing, Connor took a deep, dizzy breath, yanked his shirt over his head and ran down the court towards the basket. The ball dropped into his sight and he grabbed it, taking one more big step before launching himself at the rim.

For a moment, Connor thought he had it as his fingers grazed the cool metal. For that beautiful, weightless moment, it was his.

And then he hit the floor. And heard the laughter.

As his arm began to throb beneath him, Connor thought ruefully, “At least I made them laugh.”


Big Blue Madness Campout begins

At 5 a.m. Wednesday morning, the annual stampede across Avenue of Champions began as fans rushed to stake their spots for the Big Blue Madness Campout. This is looking like another record-setting crowd, with 680 tents reported around Memorial Coliseum on Wednesday night. The popularity of the Big Blue Madness Campout has boomed under John Calipari, who has already made one appearance to tell the crowd “You people are crazy!”. There is no fanbase like the Big Blue Nation, and in turn, there is no event like Big Blue Madness Campout. (Stop right there, trolls: Duke’s Krzyzewskiville only allows 100 tents at a time, and even then, students only have to check in once a day to keep their spot in line.) The crowd will only get bigger as the week goes on, and players have already made the rounds to hang out with fans, including former Cat Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The scene so far has been awesome, but…

…Someone needs to explain the campout to Malik Newman


Or he can just commit to Kentucky and find out for himself next year.

Calipari went to see Carlton Bragg Wednesday night, will visit Tyus Battle, Cheick Diallo, and Isaiah Briscoe on Thursday

John Calipari took a brief break from his recruiting tour across the country to give away some TempurPedic pillows and a mattress to some lucky campers at the BBM Campout on Wednesday afternoon. From there, he headed to Cleveland, Ohio to see 2015 forward Carlton Bragg on Wednesday night. Bragg is considered the 5th best power forward and the 15th overall player in the country, and recently narrowed his list to Kentucky, Arizona, UCLA, Kansas, and Illinois. Kansas and Illinois have recruited him the hardest so far, but one visit from Cal has been known to change the game a time or two.

After seeing Bragg in Ohio, Calipari has a full slate of visits on Thursday, traveling around the New York/New Jersey area to see 2016 combo guard Tyus Battle, 2015 forward Cheick Diallo, and 2015 point guard Isaiah Briscoe. Briscoe currently doesn’t have an offer from UK, but could very well pick one up after his in-home visit with Calipari on Thursday night.

Cheick Diallo says Slice speaks French

While researching Cal’s upcoming in-home visits, I came across this funny nugget from ZagsBlog: according to Cheick Diallo, UK assistant Slice Rohrssen speaks French:

Kentucky assistant Barry “Slice” Rohrssen moved to Kentucky from Pittsburgh, where he had already established a relationship with the Mali native, in part because he speaks a little French.

“Little bit,” Diallo said. “He’s not really good.”

Slice speaking French with his heavy New York accent is something we need to hear ASAP.

Skal Labissiere raves about in-home visit with Cal days before coming to Lexington

Memphis has long been considered the favorite for Skal Labissiere, but Kentucky may be gaining ground. Calipari visited Labissiere earlier this week and when USA Today’s Jason Jordan asked Skal about it, he said “Let’s just say it went great!”. Skal will arrive in Lexington for an official visit on Friday, and aside from Big Blue Madness or Cal’s new NBA Combine, I can’t think of a more impressive sight for a recruit than BBM Campout.

Cal says the Harrison Twins are down to 4% and 4.5% body fat

One thing fans immediately noticed about the Harrison Twins during the Bahamas tour was how much more in-shape they are compared to last season. Calipari tweeted on Wednesday that the Twins’ body fat is down from the teens to 4% and 4.5%, and I’m going to stop talking about it because it’s kind of creepy.

The football team started Vandy prep

It’s the bye week, and in any other year, that would mean almost all of our focus would be on the BBM Campout; however, after UK’s thrilling performance against Florida, football is still very much on the minds of the BBN. On the SEC Teleconference Wednesday morning, Mark Stoops said the team just started preparing for Vandy, and he’s looking forward to “creating some winning habits” in the coming weeks. We are too. Stoops said he was particularly pleased with his offensive line, specifically the four redshirt freshmen–Cole Mosier, Nick Hayne, Kyle Meadows, and Ramsey Myers–who “went in and competed their tails off” against the Gators. That HAS to sound encouraging to certain elite skill players in the 2015 class…

Jason Hatcher had a great quote about “the new Kentucky”

The sophomore defensive end spoke to reporters after practice on Wednesday and gave Kyle Tucker this awesome quote:

“We’re not the same Kentucky team we were last year, and we want to make sure people know that,” Hatcher said. “When people say, ‘Why Kentucky?’ now they kind of see.”

Have you gotten your tickets to #PackCommonwealth for the Vandy game yet? There are still $20 General Admission tickets available, so no excuses.

Matthew Mitchell will co-host KSR tomorrow

If you’re not excited about Thursday’s show, you’re about to be. Matthew Mitchell will co-host the show with Matt and Ryan, and help them out in a new segment called “Name Your Least Favorite Restaurant.” (Except if it’s Brasabana or any of our other sponsors.)  Something tells me we may get in trouble for this one.

Jim Boeheim calls out Calipari for “disingenuous” complaints about Coach K and Team USA

Boeheim hands

Earlier this week, Adrian Wojnarowski wrote an article for Yahoo Sports slamming Mike Krzyzewski for using his position as head coach of Team USA as a recruiting advantage for Duke. The article raised some eyebrows, as one could argue that any coach in Krzyzewski’s position would do the same. Today, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, who was an assistant coach for Team USA, stuck up for Coach K and said that John Calipari has complained to him about Coach K’s extra access, which Boeheim feels is “a little bit disingenuous”:

Boeheim said Kentucky coach John Calipari has complained to both him and USA Basketball about the extra access.

Boeheim noted that Calipari coached the Dominican team and happened to land Karl Towns, a top 2015 prospect who played on that team. Boeheim said Calipari has agreed to coach the United States Pan-American team next year.

“It’s a concern he has raised before,” Boeheim said. “That particular case he has mentioned. He’s said he thinks its an advantage. He got the No. 1 recruit in the country. It’s a little bit disingenuous of him. I like John. We get along fine. He feels Mike is getting an advantage. You could make that argument. But Duke isn’t getting any better players than they ever have.”

Leave it to Boeheim to not only stir the pot, but try to use Calipari to make it boil.


“We Ask You Wednesdays” Vol. 16



The off-season is technically over, but the folks here at KSR love getting your input on things… relevant and bizarre. We have to get a little creative around here sometimes.Earlier this summer I started a weekly series called “We Ask You Wednesdays,” that brought in some great responses from many readers via Twitter. Most of you all, All of you all, Everyone but my Mom and Dad,Some of you all probably hate it, but it’s either this or I’ll post another Trey Lyles mix tape.

Each week, the question will change and we will hit on a variety of topics, mostly UK-related… but you never know. Each week the best responses will make it on to the website.  This week’s ninth volume of the “We Ask You Wednesday” allowed Kentucky fans to answer the following question via Twitter in 140 characters or less: IF YOU WERE PLANNING BIG BLUE MADNESS THIS YEAR, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR “WOW FACTOR” OR BIG MOMENT/GUEST/PERFORMER?






 I think some other names have to go first, but I like the idea of hanging someone’s jersey in the rafters at Madness…


  Someone tried to fly a coach in on a motorcycle. That’s just not as cool as Drake…  

Ryan Lemond and his Body Shapes Medical mojo might be better suited for such tasks…


    Oh no, no, no. But also kind of a little bit yes.   

That’s creepy. But a little bit awesome at the same time.




The Volleyball team handed out BBQ at Tent City today

And even if you weren’t there to enjoy it in person, KyWildcatsTV has you covered with this footage. Admission to the team’s game against Lipscomb on Friday at 7 p.m. is free, so come on out to support the ladies. It all goes down at Memorial Coliseum, and I bet Marcus Lee will be there.

Big Blue Madness Campout Superlatives


Big Blue Madness Campout officially began this morning, and so far, there already 680 tents on the grounds around Memorial Coliseum. I won’t be able to make it to the campout until late Friday night, so, like many of you, I lived vicariously through the pictures of others on campus today (special shoutout to JC Ausmus in particular for her help). To celebrate some of my favorite sights so far, I’m channeling my inner yearbook editor and handing out superlatives.

Best Shirt:

April Priddy gets high marks for her custom shirt, which plays on Cal’s famous “hump ditty ditty” line from the Bahamas.

Most creative way to pass the time:


Saturday morning is a long time from now, you know.

Smelliest Setup (tie):

DSCN1079 DSCN1065DSCN1081 DSCN1092

Props to these campers for taking the spots next to the porta-potties and the dumpster. Something tells me that’s going to seem like a terrible idea come Saturday morning.

Weirdest thing to have signed:


This lady had plenty of things for Marcus Lee to sign, but the oddest may be what appears to be a UK-theme ukulele. Knowing what a goofball Marcus is, I’m surprised he didn’t start playing it.

Biggest Tent:


Smallest Tent:


Although I’m pretty sure it’s meant for a child under four feet tall (or maybe Tyrion Lannister), this is my favorite tent so far. Bonus points if she actually sleeps in it the entire campout.

Most popular tent:


This adorable little tent was spotted at least three times today. Walmart special?

Best fictional sign that needs to be a real sign:


If you see Kentucky Joe approaching your campout, zip up that tent ASAP.

Most protected if it rains (tie):

DSCN1062 DSCN1063

Not satisfied with only one tent for protection if it rains, these people put tailgating tents on top of their normal tents. Laugh now, but if there’s a downpour, they’ll become the most popular people there.

Best Cornhole form:

MKG may have a wacky shooting form, but his cornhole form is on point.

Creepiest mask:



Teacher’s Pet:


These folks have been at campout for a few years now, and, understandably, are still our favorites. Flattery will get you everywhere, campers. Bonus points for the Photoshop of Matt as Mr. January.

DJ Eliot Speaks after a Bye Week Wednesday

Mark Stoops DJ Eliot

-  Bud Dupree is sack-less through three games.  Frankly it’s stunning, but just because he isn’t filling up the box score, he’s still making the impact on defense that we expected.

Teams have had to go out of their way to stop Bud, sliding protections or bringing extra blockers.  DJ Eliot isn’t worried about the stats, he’s worried about all of that extra attention, “He’s taken a lot of things away.  If you look at who the most important guys on the team are, they’re not always your ‘stat guys.’  I think that’s evident in the NFL.  The highest paid guys aren’t always the stat guys, it’s the guys that take a lot of plays away.”

-  All of those situational drills are paying off.  The Cats were not clutch last year.  The plays that make the biggest differences in the game are the toughest.  Last year in the red zone, 3rd down and 2-minute drill they simply could not hold up.  After laboring in situational drills for over a year, Eliot’s defense has finally caught on.

They bent, but rarely broke Saturday.  “Yards don’t really determine wins and losses, it’s situations and you HAVE to play situations well,” Eliot said.  “If it’s 13 and 15, and you gave up 13, you win.”

-  The Cats looked much more aggressive on defense last week, using the cornerback blitz in man coverage to put additional pressure on Jeff Driskell.  It looked different, but it was still much of the same.  Eliot said the Cats had the same percentage of blitzes against Florida and Ohio.  It might have been the same percentage, but it looked a lot better last week.

-  Eliot’s biggest problem last week was wide receiver Demarcus Robinson.  Robinson finished with 15 catches for 216 yards and 2 touchdowns.  The frustrating part for Eliot, is the corner’s were there ready to make the plays, but too often failed to execute, “The longest pass he caught went off our cornerback’s shoulder pads.  It was a lot of stuff that we could have prevented.”

-  Za’Darius Smith saved a touchdown Saturday.  On a 3rd down, the Cats brought the house, leaving the short pass WIDE open.  Luckily Big Z was there to put his hands up for the touchdown-saving block.  The play was all a part of Eliot’s master plan as defensive coordinator.  “We call them zero pressures.  We tell the rushers that they have to prevent quick throws,” Eliot said.  “That’s a coaching point.”

Newman, Diallo, Bragg, Jones and Maker to play in the Hoop Fest

Several elite UK targets will play in this year’s Marshall County Hoop Fest, scheduled for December 4-6. Malik Newman headlines the list of 2015 stars that includes appearances from Cheick Diallo, Carlton Bragg and Derrick Jones.

Thon Maker, the No. 1 player in 2016, will also be in town to compete against Newman’s Callaway High School. Callaway will also come to the McCracken County Festival of Hoops later in the year.

Check out the full schedule below via the Herald-Leader’s Ben Roberts:

Marshall County Hoop Fest

Thursday, Dec. 4
4 p.m. – Marshall County vs. Massac (Ill.) girls
5:15 p.m. – Marshall County vs. Dyersburg (Tenn.)
6:30 p.m. – Sunrise Christian (Kan.) vs. Orangeville Prep (Can.)
7:45 p.m. – Graves County vs. Massac (Ill.)

Friday, Dec. 5
4 p.m. – Oak Hill (Va.) vs. White Station (Tenn.)
5:30 p.m. – Sunrise Christian (Kan.) vs. Quality Ed (N.C.)
7 p.m. – Callaway (Miss.) vs. Archbishop Carroll (Pa.)
8:30 p.m. – Huntington Prep (W.Va.) vs. Arsenal Tech (Ind.)
10:00 p.m. – Arlington Country Day (Fla.) vs. Carlisle School (Va.)

Saturday, Dec. 6
9 a.m. – Marshall County vs. Madisonville North Hopkins girls
10:30 a.m. – Marshall County vs. Owensboro
Noon – Hopkinsville vs. Lausanne (Tenn.)
1:30 p.m. – McCracken County vs. Lincoln County
3 p.m. – Christ Presbyterian (Tenn.) vs. La Lumiere (Ind.)
4:30 p.m. – Archbishop Carroll (Pa.) vs. Villa Angela-St. Joseph (Ohio)
6 p.m. – Oak Hill (Va.) vs. Our Savior (N.Y.)
7:30 p.m. – Huntington Prep (W.Va.) vs. Arlington Country Day (Fla.)
9 p.m. – Orangeville Prep (Can.) vs. Callaway (Miss.)

Saturday Night Live – Season 40 – What We Know So Far

Michael Che

On September 27, 2014, NBC will begin the 40th season of Saturday Night Live.  40 years of “Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night!”  While some people say that the show isn’t what it used to be, or that it has been on the air well past its prime, you may be right.  However the show is still going on, whether you like it or not. So at Funkhouser, we’re taking a look at some of the news items that have come down the pike leading up to the milestone season for SNL.


Weekend Update: Strong Out, Ché In


It was announced on Thursday that Cecily Strong would be no longer working as an anchor at the Weekend Update desk.  While many were upset about the change (more so that it was Strong leaving, not Colin Jost), others were excited about her replacement, Michael Ché.  Ché is a stand-up comedian who joined the SNL writing staff last season, as well as being a correspondent on The Daily Show this year.  Ché will make history as the first black Weekend Update host in SNL’s long tenure.  Check out his stand-up from Late Night With Seth Meyers:

The change was made as Lorne Michaels said in The New York Times: “It struggled to find an identity last season.”

Cecily Strong’s twitter account went through a brief period where it look like it had been taken down right after the announcement of the change.  However, she popped up on Instagram to let everyone know that it was all going to be OK:

“I don’t see this as me leaving update, just as me being on update in a looser, goofier way that is a lot more fun for me and in a way I think I’m better at. And now I get to do features with the very funny and wonderful Michael Che! No point in being angry or sad for me for something I’m genuinely happy about! Unless you are just a person who enjoys being angry or sad. Then I guess play on, playa.”

No diggity, no doubt.


Davidson – The Only New “Featured Player”, So Far…


There was a bit of a SNL cast shake-up over the summer, with the “loss” of John Milhiser, Noël Wells and Brooks Wheelan.  Nasim Pedrad also left the show so that she could co-star in the new Fox sitcom, Mulaney (Produced by Lorne Michaels, starring John Mulaney, co-creator of Stefan).  Also, Mike O’Brien had some genuinely funny moments last season, but he’s returning as a writer and not an on-air talent.  So that means we’ve got some spots to fill.  However, at this point, only one hire has been made and that’s 20 year old Pete Davidson. (As a Doctor Who fan, I thought they hired fifth doctor Peter Davison, but of course, I was wrong).

So what do we know about Pete Davidson?  Honestly, not much.  He’s a stand-up comedian out of Brooklyn, New York.  His stand-up has led him to be taken under the wing of Nick Cannon.  Cannon brought him along as a cast member of the reboot of Wild ‘n Out, the improv comedy show on MTV, where they “make up things from the top of their domes” (that’s an actual line).  Through his performance on Wild ‘n Out, Davidson has garnered appearances on MTV’s Guy Code, Adam Devine’s House Party and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  He also had a stand-up set on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year:

Good Luck, Pete!


SNL Bringing The Hosts Early - Everything is Awesome!


It was also announced on Thursday that our Star-Lord, Chris Pratt will be the host for the premier episode of the 40th season.  NBC loves, as does Funkhouser, some Chris Pratt.  He seems to be a genuinely funny guy and will be down for any of the silly situations that they put him in.  The star of Guardians of the Galaxy will also be joined by the musical guest on his episode, Ariana Grande, so there’s that.

In the second episode of the season, SNL will be bringing back an alum of the show.  Sarah Silverman will be the host on the October 4th episode, with other NBC favorite, Maroon 5 as the musical guest.  Sarah Silverman, who recently won an Emmy for her special, “We Are Miracles”, has some potential for “make sure you watch it live,” because, well, she’s Sarah Silverman.

UPDATE (12:22 PM): It has just been announced that Bill Hader will host the October 11th episode of SNL.  Hader has been working with Amy Schumer on a movie called Trainwreck, which is set to hit theaters in 2015.  In the movie, his best friend is played by LeBron James (as LeBron James).  The musical guest is Hozier, who had a hit in “Take Me To Church” on the Alt. charts.  So get ready for some Stefon on October 11th, because I’ll be watching at New York’s Hottest Club, “Booooooooof” with narcoleptic club owner Snoozin’ Lucci.

Saturday Night Live had a tough run of hosts last year.  There were some that you thought might actually surprise you, in my case, Jim Parsons.  Nope, that episode was a big ole’ stinker.  It could have possibly been the worst episode of the season.  So SNL is bringing out some big guns for the first three episodes of the year, letting some strong comedic actors do some heavy lifting, while Ché and Davidson get settled into their roles.

There will also be a three-hour primetime special in honor of the 40th season, which is sure to be some giant retrospective of the series.  Expect former cast members to appear, as well as clips from the 40 years of Saturday Night Live.


What We Don’t Know…


Just a little over a month ago, the world lost one of the greatest voices in television history, Mr. Don Pardo.  Saturday Night Live certainly will not be the same without him.  Lorne Michaels has said that there will be a tribute planned for Pardo, as well.  That being said, there is going to have to be someone to be the new voice of the late night sketch show.  No announcements have been made yet, but I have a strong feeling that they’ll bring in long-time SNL Writer and voice of the Tonight Show, Steve Higgins…

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 5

Higgins has still lent his voice over the years to Saturday Night Live to cold open intros, among other things. He’s still been a part of SNL all this time, and his voice would be an easy transition, since it’s something you’re used to hearing on the program.  But, that’s all speculation.  We’ll find out the answer on September 27th, the date of the season premier.

Are you looking forward to season 40 of Saturday Night Live?  Who would be your ideal guest for the show? Also, who do you think is going to take over the announcing duties in Studio 8H at Rockefeller Plaza?

Za’Darius Smith passed out cupcakes to campers


Za’Darius Smith stopped by Tent City a couple of hours ago to hang out with campers and hand out cupcakes, according to at least two fans. I don’t know why Za’Darius had cupcakes but I’m not the least bit surprised to see him out mingling with Big Blue Nation. He would stay all night if Stoops would let him.

As for the population of Tent City, the last report from UK said there were 680 tents, up 30 from the morning count. That is 10 behind last year’s record-setting pace but the campout is still young and growing.

Go Cats.

John Calipari will be in Cleveland tonight

Don’t worry, it’s just a recruiting trip. Coach Cal is flying up to The Land to visit with five-star power forward Carlton Bragg, the No. 15 overall player in the 247Sports Composite rankings. The two are planning to meet up around 8:30 pm, possibly to watch The Goldbergs together.

Bragg plans to visit Big Blue Madness next month for his official trip to Kentucky. He took an unofficial visit to Lexington around this time last year and has hosted the UK staff several times.

His Crystal Ball predictions are tight but UK leads at 32 percent, narrowly ahead of Kansas and Ohio State.

Mark Stoops on his offensive line play against Florida


Mark Stoops went on the SEC teleconference today to talk about football things, most of which sounded a lot like what he said yesterday on KSR and after practice. But he did talk in depth about his offensive line and how youth stepped up against the Florida front seven.

Stoops said, “They really played and fought extremely hard. At one point, during critical portions of that game, which they were all critical, we were playing with four freshmen. We had four redshirt freshmen that really went in and competed their tails off. We had a walk-on redshirt freshman left guard started and played the whole game, Cole Mosier. Nick Haynes had to come in because we’ve had injuries both to Kyle Meadows and Darrian Miller. When Darrian went down, so it was Ramsey Meyers and Kyle as well.”

“I really thought they played very well under the circumstances,” he continued. “Playing on the road in a very difficult environment against some very talented football players. Obviously they did some things that we need to get corrected and some things that we were overmatched at times, but there were other times where they protected extremely well. We were able to throw the ball down the field. So they did some good things and really grew up quite a bit, so I was quite pleased with how they fought and who they played.”

Stoops also singled out Darrian Miller as a top performer on the line. The veteran played through an injured shoulder late in the game after taking a few series off. Miller saw Meadows come out and knew he needed to man up and play through the pain. “He really showed a lot of guts,” said Stoops.

Hey, Damien Harris, you hear that? Four freshman played well in the Swamp.

MKG Makes a Campout Appearance


UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes


Some notes on the beginning of an exciting weekend in Lexington:

— It is of course time for Big Blue Madness Campout and from what I am hearing this could be the wildest scene so far in the history of Campout. Not only are a record number of tents expected but I am hearing that there will be a number of cool things going on for fans that are in attendance. Most of the players have already made an appearance and I would expect more to show their faces this afternoon and evening. Calipari is doing recruiting visits all week, but will be around occasionally (he has already made one trip) and we are doing the KSR RADIO SHOW live at 10 am on Friday. I always tell people that BBM Campout is the best indicator of UK fandom of almost anything that we do. It is uniquely Kentucky and has all ages/types of fans in one place celebrating the Cats. It should be quite the scene and maybe you will get a moment like this as well:


— The collective freakout of the UL fan base about the Antonio Blakeney de-commitment has been brilliant to watch. Blakeney decided (as others before him have as well) that committing to Louisville is a foolish decision and 11 days after doing so, went in another direction. UL fans are all claiming it is because of either (a) Nike (b) Calipari or (c) both. They are furious and have begun their “CALIPARI CHEATS” rhetoric that they bring out every time their lovable hair-plugged coach loses a recruit. I still don’t know how rationally the Card fans can’t understand this one obvious fact. IF you are a 5 star recruit (as Blakeney is) AND you want to play in the NBA (as Blakeney surely does) what possible reason would you have for picking Louisville over Kentucky. Louisville has produced three, yes three, semi-decent pros in the last decade (Dieng/Clark/Garcia), while Kentucky potentially has 7-8 guys who will get drafted THIS YEAR. Going to Kentucky is the smart/safe play, not Louisville. So why in the world would Calipari need to cheat? Now, simply being Calipari and Kentucky is enough.

Today UL announced that they were cutting off all ties with Blakeney…I did that move too Cards fans when I was at Duke..when a girl dumped me, I said that I would never, ever, ever get back together with her…at that moment her tongue was already down Shane Battier’s throat. It made me feel better nonetheless, and hopefully it did for you as well.


How good was Mark Stoops on KSR yesterday? (you can hear it here if you missed it or subscribe to the KSR podcast here to listen to everything we do). I firmly believe that Stoops is at his best on our show, as he is more laid back, open and honest than he is when he is in the bigger media settings. You could feel the emotion he had about the game as he went through the tough plays and how he is bouncing back from them. At the end of the interview, I seriously wanted to go and put on the pads and play for him…even though I don’t particularly like to be tackled or hit. He has that level of motivation…I think he is the perfect coach for Kentucky and the big win is coming…I firmly believe it.


pic by Barstool Sports

— The Jameis Winston story is a perfect example of the difference in generations and what the internet has done to modern sports. Winston got up and apparently said a vulgar phrase that is a popular internet meme as a joke in the FSU cafeteria. A bunch of students saw it, tweeted it and then the race was on to get the news viral. Deadspin got the first lick and then Pat Forde spent the rest of the day writing students trying to get more information. While Winston’s comment was undoubtedly stupid and showed a lack of anything resembling self-awareness as to his position on campus, I disagree with suspending him. Yes, I know his history but most people making this decision have no idea what he was doing. He was repeating an internet meme that comes from a news video and has become the thing to say on college campuses as a dare. That doesn’t make it right but it also doesn’t make it malicious. It is basically just a dumb thing college students do…which is what college students should be allowed to do…dumb things. Winston has to know that he is in a position of attention and thus he should avoid the vast majority of dumb things college do….he hasn’t and that is a problem with his judgment. But at the same time, people shouldn’t overreact simply because what he did sounds awful to people of a generation that don’t even know what a “meme” is. He is being suspended for a half, which doesn’t outrage me, and it is clear that Winston has some growing up to do, as his numerous stupid decisions have showcased. BUT, four years ago this would have been a nothing story and chances are some of you folks reading this have kids/brothers/sister/etc who have said the same thing…especially if they are under 25. Just remember that when you are saying what a horrible person he may be.


— Speaking of stories that are fascinating, we have had two good days of conversation on the Nicholasville biking lady who was arrested last night for riding again in the middle of Nicholasville Road. For those of you who haven’t followed it, she has been cited numerous times for creating dangerous conditions by riding down the middle of Nicholasville Road on her bike. The police have said, “just ride on the shoulder” and she has said, “no, its bumpy!” So instead she causes traffic hazards on the busiest road in Kentucky. After she lost a one day trial on the issue last week, she said she would not change her behavior. Now she has been arrested again and is looking at potential real jail time. The issue has led to the cyclists vs the world fight that we often see, and I am firmly with the world in this case. While I like cycling and think more of us should do it for environmental reasons, there are SOME ROADS YOU CANNOT RIDE ON! If they are too congested, you actually make life crazy dangerous for everyone else. Nicholasville Road would be at the top of that list so I am with the Jessamine County police here. The bike lady however is diligent and has a Youtube page with her various interactions with drivers who yell at her. The one below is with a grandmother who screamed at her, but also showcases just how dangerous having her on the road can be:

And with that, enjoy campout. I will be out there tonight and hope to see everyone on Friday for the show:


Coach Cal gave away a TempurPedic mattress and pillows to campers


Two lucky BBM campers will be sleeping a little more comfortably than they anticipated outside Memorial Coliseum this week after they were randomly selected as the winner of Coach Cal’s TempurPedic mattress giveaway this afternoon. Congrats to Morgan and Kaitlyn, winners of the new bed, and to other lucky fans who received free TempurPedic pillows.

I remember when we used to sleep on piles of gravel with nothing but pizza boxes and trash bags for beds. Campers these days have it so easy; it’s like they’re at a five-star resort. TempurPedic pillow, try getting some shut-eye with your head resting on a cast iron manhole cover behind the trash compacter. Back then it was about survival of the fittest.


Win up to $10,000 this weekend on a $2 bet on DraftKings

KSR and DraftKings are back together for Week 3 of the NFL season with another $100,000 prize pool fantasy contest. For the low cost of two measly dollars, you can enter the contest with a chance to walk away with $10,000, the top prize for the first place winner. The top 11,500 places will walk away with some form of payment and, as always, first time depositors receive a 100 percent bonus up to $600.

The contest is open now so click here and draft your squad. You’ll have $50,000 imaginary dollars to draft eight offensive players and one team defense. I recommend loading up on Titans because they have the Bengals this week.

Good luck.

KSR + DraftKings Play-Action $100K Week 3 Fantasy Contest