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January 29th, 2015

If you weren’t a fan of Buckhorn before, you will be now

Beginning right now, at this very moment, you have a new favorite high school basketball team in Kentucky. It’s the Wildcats. The Buckhorn High School Wildcats from Perry County. You love them, don’t you? Exactly.

Buckhorn, your new favorite team, took down University Heights Academy today in the first round of the Kentucky Touchstone Energy All “A” Classic in Frankfort. But never mind that, check out the sweet mullets the players are rocking this season.

How can you not love the Buckhorn mullets???


2016 SEC play to be interrupted by SEC/Big 12 Challenge

ESPN announced today that all 10 of next season’s SEC/Big 12 Challenge games will be played on Saturday, January 30, meaning the SEC will have a small break in the conference action to welcome our friends from the west.

The move was done to draw more attention to the challenge, says Mike Slive.

If I were a bettin’ man, I’d put money on the Cats seeing Kansas in late January next year.

John Feinstein on KSR, defending Virginia over UK and calling Rupp a racist

John Feinstein, the one person to give Virginia a first place vote in the AP poll, was a guest on Kentucky Sports Radio radio this morning and it was… it was something.

Feinstein and Matt talked about the national media’s perception of John Calipari, a hypothetical 10-game series between Kentucky and Virginia, and Adolph Rupp’s reputation as a racist.

Does Feinstein think Rupp was racist, Matt asked?

“Yes,” he said. “That’s my opinion. Yes.”

Well alright. Tell us how you really feel.

Feinstein can be heard at the halfway point of the first hour below:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Anderson: “We’re not Kentucky…”

Kim Anderson kept it really real during an appearance on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City today. The hosts of The Day Shift brought the Missouri head coach on to discuss tonight’s Kentucky game and Anderson said what everyone with eyeballs already knows.

“We’re not Kentucky yet,” Anderson told the show. “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Um, yeah, A LOT of work to do, Ken. Missouri’s lost its last five games since opening conference play with an overtime win against LSU. One of those losses was the 49-pointer at Kentucky.

Anderson would add, “I think our guys are excited to be playing at Mizzou Arena against a team like Kentucky.”

Kind of like they were excited for the last one to end?


Kim Anderson wrote a letter to Mizzou students

Missouri head coach Kim Anderson really wants students to attend home basketball games. He sent the student body a letter last night — before the Kentucky game, coincidentally — asking students to fill Mizzou Arena and cheer on the team during the final stretch of games.

But attend class and get your homework done first, kids.


Stone Cold Willow launching an investigation into the Richmond bar fight


Don’t worry, everybody. Stone Cold Willow is launching an investigation into the Richmond bar fight. We can all sit back and wait to see what he uncovers. He’ll get to the bottom of it.

I have decided to Conduct my own Investigation in the EKU-UK Bar Fight Case. #JusticeWillBeServed

A photo posted by William Bolden (@stonecoldwillow) on

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What If… Duke Had Defeated Kentucky in 1966?


1965-66 Duke Blue Devils, courtesy of

John Feinstein, a Duke graduate, cited a game that happened 49 years ago while explaining his reasons for voting Virginia No. 1 in the AP poll (seriously, he did). These weren’t off-the-cuff comments. Feinstein actually put these remarks about the 1966 UK team in writing (and his dislike of one-and-dones, McDonald’s All-Americans and scoring 80 points) in an email to Rick Bozich.

The game Feinstein was referring to, of course, was the 1966 National Championship game between Kentucky and Texas Western. Kentucky’s roster was all-white at the time, like many schools in the 1960’s. Texas Western, as we all know, started five African Americans — and beat Kentucky.

To advance to the championship game, Kentucky defeated Duke in the national semifinal. I’ll just let the 1966 Duke team photo speak for itself. If Duke had defeated Kentucky, setting up Duke vs. Texas Western, would a “Glory Road” movie ever exist? Would the game still have been made into a history lesson?

Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t; but I highly doubt John Feinstein would care if it would have been Duke. And possibly, his Top 25 vote would now have to do with things such as wins, losses, margin of victory, talent and strength of schedule.

Feinstein joins Matt on this morning’s radio show. It should be a good one.

We’re at Fan Outfitters in Lexington! (Thursday Show Thread)

Kentucky Sports Radio radio is at Fan Outfitters in Lexington this morning for a live broadcast of today’s show. Join Matt and Ryan at the Tates Creek location from 10 am to noon to meet the guys and hear what they have to say.

John Feinstein will be calling in to explain his hatred for Kentucky, so buckle up for that one.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Explaining How Kansas is #1 in the RPI

You will need to file this post under “pointless things to worry about”, although I think most of my posts would probably fall under that category.  Nonetheless, there has been some grumbling and griping amongst the fanbase about the fact that despite being the #1 ranked team, almost unanimously, in the AP poll, being undefeated and hardly challenged, and at almost 50-50 odds to win the national title, Kentucky is not ranked #1 in the RPI rankings, which are commonly used in the NCAA Tournament.  And while the reality is that if UK is 34-0 come tournament time it won’t matter in the least, they will have their #1 seed and play in Louisville and all of that, it’s still interesting to see an objective computer ranking not think the Cats are #1 in the country.  Now, if that team that was beating them in the rankings was Virginia, I think most fans would just ignore it.  The Cavs are undefeated too, have some stunning scores, and so be it.  But the fact that the #1 team is KANSAS has many fans in an uproar. Not only has Kansas lost 3 games this year, but one of them was to Kentucky……by 32…..on a neutral floor.  It was the biggest margin of victory in 15 years for a Top 5 matchup.  And yet this computer ranking thinks the Jayhawks have a better resume.

So why is this?  Well, to understand how in the world Kansas is #1, you need to understand how the RPI is calculated.  So, here is a simple explanation I found:

The RPI is calculated by using 25 percent of the team’s winning percentage; 50 percent of its opponents’ average winning percentage; and 25 percent of its opponents’ opponents’ average winning percentage. A team with a record of 8-0, opponents’ winning percentage of .600 and opponents’ opponents’ winning percentage of .450 would have an RPI of 0.6625.
That would read:
(1.000 x 0.25) + (0.600 x 0.50) + (0.450 x 0.25)= 0.6625.

The hard math comes in the adjustments. Since 2004-05, the NCAA has weighted home and road victories. Home victories and road losses are factored by 0.6, while road victories and home losses are factored by 1.4. If a team is undefeated and plays an equal number of games at home and on the road, it does not affect the RPI. Games against your team are not factored into the opponent’s winning percentage. In other words, if Team B is 7-1, with the only loss coming to Team A, then their record for Team A’s RPI would be considered 7-0.

It’s a math person’s formula but the key things to keep in mind on why Kansas is ahead of Kentucky:

1. Margin of victory is not considered: Kentucky’s neutral court victory by 32 over Kansas is weighted the same as if UK had beaten them by 1.  Same goes for the rest of UK’s blowout wins.  Basically, UK is not getting credit for just how dominating they have been.

2. Lack of bad opponents: Kansas has not played a team yet this season that currently has 10 losses.  Kentucky already has 4 such teams on it’s schedule.  The 7-11 Boston U., 3-15 Montana St, and 6-12 Missouri games are weighing down UK’s number.  Every Kansas opponent except for 8-9 UCSB has a winning record and it looks like it might stay that way, except for Texas Tech.  Point being, the “opponents winning percentage” part of the formula is trending greatly towards Kansas.

3. The SEC: The league is probably better than it has been in the past, but the Big 12 might be the best league in the country.  By shear logic, the combined league record of all teams in both leagues will be equal numbers of wins and losses.  But in the non-conference, the Big 12 kicked ass.  A combined 94-20.  Only one team had more than 3 losses in the non-conference.  In the SEC, six teams have 4 or more losses.  A combined record of 114-51.  And those records are not changing.  So every time Kentucky plays an SEC opponent, it will be factored in a little less than when Kansas plays a Big 12 opponent.

Here is the reality of the situation: depending on if/when Kansas loses again, it could legitimately still be the #1 RPI team in the country.  Their strength of schedule in the non-conference was so good, and their conference opponents are so much better than the SEC, that their rating is going to be strong, especially without a margin of victory component.

If you care about this at all, and you shouldn’t, what you have to cheer for are Kansas home losses.  If Kansas drops a home game, even to one of the better teams in the league, their RPI will suffer.  But keep in mind that if Kentucky slips up at all this year, especially at home, they might not have a chance at the #1 RPI if Kansas and/or Virginia keep winning.

But again, you shouldn’t care.

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KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day

(Darrell Bird | Catspause)

(Darrell Bird | Catspause)

We will focus most of our attention on relevant Kentucky sports-centric tweets but, as per usual, there are no limits to our madness. You, the KSR fans, can also participate in our top-10 tweet countdown by using hashtags such as #BBN #KSR #KSRTopTen, or by tweeting @KySportsRadio.

#10 Trey Lyles

You might need to plug your phone in.





#9 Rob Pierce

Make sure someone at least could video it.





#8 Aaron Harrison

Love this attitude





#7 Kenny H

If you are questioning the purple Dinosaur then maybe this isn’t the sports radio show for you.





#6 Doron Lamb

Scientist Lamb.





#5 Ray J. Vaske

Nice try, Ray.





#4 Rodney’s On Broadway

Oh no. You’re found out, Ryan.





#3 Jackie Long

“collective chill pill”





#2 Kaz Brown

Accurate for athletes, I’m sure.





#1 Robbie Hill

This made me laugh more than it should have.


January 28th, 2015

Wednesday Night News and Views


Hey there, Cats fans. Drew here, doing the News and Views thing before wasting a few more bedtime hours on Friday Night Lights. I really wish I had never started that show. It won’t end and I hate how old all of the “high schoolers” look. And how none of the quarterbacks can throw a football. Or pretend to know how to throw a football. Or hold a football. Seriously, where did they find so many guys with zero football experience? That Saracen kid couldn’t start for Ryan Lemond’s pee-wee team, yet he leads the team to state as QB1? Dumb. And Tyra’s like 36 and she’s been in high school for three seasons. So dumb. I can’t wait to get in bed and watch it until 4:00 am and then complain tomorrow morning about how tired I am.

But anyway, your boy up there in the photo is standing in front of the Roman Colosseum and he’s doing three-goggles so he gets some KSR love tonight before we hit the day’s news.

And my apologies for the Friday Night Lights rant. That came out of nowhere.


Kentucky to face Missouri tomorrow night, again.

It’s another late start Thursday night when the Cats travel to Missouri for a rematch of the January 13th contest in Rupp Arena. Kentucky won that first meeting, 86-37, but the Tigers were without the team’s second leading scorer, Montaque Gill-Caeser, in that one. Of course, it’ll take more than the addition of Gill-Caesar to make up 49 points, but the road game will be a much bigger challenge for Kentucky than the first meeting.

That being said, Kentucky covers this…

UK opened as an 18-point favorite over Mizzou.

The line shifted a half-point to 18.5 on Wednesday. Put me down for a bill on the Cats.

Isaiah Briscoe named a McDonald’s All-American.

John Calipari has only one 2015 McDonald’s All-American, for now, but is in talks with eight others. Below you’ll find the rosters for the two teams with the the names of current UK targets italicized.


  • Dwayne Bacon, SG, Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.) – Florida State
  • Antonio Blakeney, SG, Oak Ridge (Orlando, Fla.) – LSU
  • Isaiah Briscoe, PG, Roselle Catholic (Roselle, N.J.) – Kentucky
  • Jaylen Brown, SF, Wheeler (Marietta, Ga.) – Undecided
  • Thomas Bryant, C, Huntington Prep (Huntington, W.Va.) – Undecided
  • Cheick Diallo, PF, Our Savior New American (Centereach, N.Y.) – Undecided
  • Henry Ellenson, PF, Rice Lake (Rice Lake, Wis.) – Marquette
  • Jawun Evans, PG, Justin F. Kimball (Dallas) – Oklahoma State
  • Luke Kennard, SG, Franklin (Franklin, Ohio) – Duke
  • Dedric Lawson, PF, Hamilton (Memphis, Tenn.) – Memphis
  • Ben Simmons, F, Montverde Academy (Montverde, Fla.) – LSU
  • Diamond Stone, C, Dominican (Whitefish Bay, Wis.) – Undecided


  • Carlton Bragg, PF, Villa Angela-St. Joseph (Cleveland, Ohio) – Kansas
  • Jalen Brunson, PG, Stevenson (Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Villanova
  • Deyonta Davis, PF, Muskegon (Muskegon, Mich.) – Michigan St.
  • P.J. Dozier Jr., PG, Spring Valley (Columbia, S.C.) – South Carolina
  • Brandon Ingram, SF, Kinston (Kinston, N.C.) – Undecided
  • Chase Jeter, C, Bishop Gorman, (Las Vegas) – Duke
  • Malik Newman, SG, Callaway (Jackson, Miss.) – Undecided
  • Ivan Rabb, C, Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland, Calif.) – Undecided
  • Malachi Richardson, SF, Trenton Catholic Academy (Trenton, N.J.) – Syracuse
  • Caleb Swanigan, C, Homestead (Fort Wayne, Ind.) – Undecided
  • Allonzo Trier, SG, Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.) – Arizona
  • Stephen Zimmerman, C, Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) – Undecided

The eight uncommitted players are the last remaining players on Cal’s board, so Briscoe can expect some company in Chicago before it’s all said and done.

Matthew Mitchell also has a McDonald’s All-American in UK Hoops signee Taylor Murray. It’s the sixth consecutive year UK Hoops has a representative in the game.

I have a new favorite Doron Lamb tweet.

I’m not sure this one will be topped. Ever.

Coach K really likes his 1,000 wins.

Duke led Notre Dame by as many as 10 in the second half before Coach K called off the dogs to keep #CoachK1K alive for a few more days. The Blue Devils will travel to Virginia on Saturday, so the 1K party may continue on into next week.

Tonight’s loss gave Duke its worst start in the ACC since the 1995-96 season.

We’re one week away from National Signing Day.

Scroll down to see how the 15-man class stands as of now. The staff has lots of work to do between now and next Wednesday but there are still some big names with UK in the mix. It’ll go down to the wire with the potential of some flips toward UK and last-minute additions.

Can’t stress enough how much the Dowell twins’ decommitment really hurt the class. What a dagger.

Joker Phillips is now a Cleveland Brown.

Our former head football coach will oversee the wide receivers in Cleveland under Mike Pettine. It’ll be Joker’s first coaching job in the NFL and he has the impossible task of getting Josh Gordon’s head on straight.

Early prediction: He goes after Randall Cobb.

Early prediction 2: Cobb ain’t going to Cleveland.

John Feinstein will be a guest on Kentucky Sports Radio tomorrow.

The guys tried on Tuesday and couldn’t get ahold of Feinstein but they’ve locked him down for a phone interview on tomorrow’s show. The Duke grad will join Matt and Ryan on air to explain why he put Virginia over the Cats in the AP… and why Duke lost tonight.

Go Cats.

Anthony Davis helped to the locker room with a leg injury



*** UPDATE ***

He walked back out and checked in the game minutes later.

As you were.

“We Ask You Wednesdays” Vol. 31



The season is well under way, but the folks here at KSR love getting your input on things… relevant and bizarre. We have to get a little creative around here sometimes.Earlier this summer I started a weekly series called “We Ask You Wednesdays,” that brought in some great responses from many readers via Twitter.

Each week, the question will change and we will hit on a variety of topics, mostly UK-related… but you never know. Each week the best responses will make it on to the website.  This week’s twenty ninth volume of the “We Ask You Wednesday” allowed Kentucky fans to answer the following question via Twitter in 140 characters or less:  IF YOU COULD PICK ONE TEAM TO AVOID IN THE NCAA TOURNAMENT, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY?




A lot of people chose Louisville for a variety of reasons…… Unless they somehow become a team with offensive ability, I am not too concerned.

…. But I do agree that there is NO JOY in the lead up to playing them in the NCAA tournament… especially when we have everything to lose. 

They are due to hit a 3 pointer, but I don’t think they are due to beat us. 

Now this one, I can get behind. 

I honestly just don’t want to look at Frank Kaminsky for 40 minutes. 

Our. Kryptonite. 

I wouldn’t love this match-up either. 

I don’t really want any part of Jahlil OKafor. But I do think we are the better team. 

I want to play Virginia and beat them by double digits just to shut everyone up. 

Although I do admit that I would be slightly nervous. 

I turned on their game the other day assuming they had to be overrated. They are better than I thought but I’m not scared of the turtleneck. 

Sooooooooo how is that gonna work exactly?



The second most popular answer of the week

Somehow we are actually still 3 inches taller than them and every NBA team except for one… if you hadn’t heard that stat yet. The Trailblazers I believe. 

The most popular answer of the week…


He is just upset that you spelled his name wrong. 

He is the worst. 

I like the confidence. 

I think you just wanted to get on KSR….


Duke lost.